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Great App (7)

  • "App is great. Good idea that they made this app in the first place. My math teacher recommends it as well!"

Rating green

Doing Bedtime Math (6)

  • "Doing math at bedtime with children is a wonderful way to wind down and to increase interest in math! Bedtime Math's approach with creative problem sets and levels is ideal. We all owe this team of developers for bringing this innovative method to the masses! Thank you Bedtime Math!! : ) Now, when will the international versions be ready? Best regards, -Remi (Chicago, IL)"

Rating green

Bedtime Routine (4)

  • "My kids love doing just a nugget every night. Fun facts, links and math"

Rating green

Year Old (4)

  • "Bedtime Math has made such a positive impact on our 7 year old! He LOVES Bedtime Math and has made a huge improvement in his math in school. It is so fun to watch how excited he gets about math. Thank you for putting out this app! We will continue to use Bedtime Math every night!"

Rating green

Really Like (3)

  • "We've been fans of Bedtime Math for quite a while, and I was excited to see the new app. My 6yo spent some time playing with it this evening--she really liked being able to tap to read the different questions and then check the answers herself."

Rating green

Daily Emails (2)

  • "...and interesting topics), critical thinking and , of course, math skill practice. It is more of a cooperative activity for the whole family, although older kids could do it on their own. We had been receiving daily emails or going to the website. Just downloaded the new app- wow! Loved it , very easy to use. Really like the way the different problems and answers are organized. Also easy to..."

Rating green

Good Idea (2)

  • "App is great. Good idea that they made this app in the first place. My math teacher recommends it as well!"


Parents know to read to their kids at night, but what about math? Our mission is simple: to make math a fun part of kids' everyday lives, as beloved as the bedtime story. Choose the Math Problem of the Day, or explore over 400 additional math problems with various zany…

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