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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Thomas Jung


Tally Ho – See More Of Your Friends And Family

New Tally Ho is a social events iOS app that helps you see more of your friends and family.  The app provides a simple, low-effort experience and uses your existing calendar, phonebook and text messaging to coordinate the people you want to see. You get great response and buy-in for your events because Tally Ho sends out your event invites via personalized text messages, without forcing an app download. You can efficiently find what time works best for your group by proposing multiple days and times to get together and having Tally Ho collect votes. You can create a fun event with just a few taps of the app and sit back while Tally Ho automatically collects interest, follows up with non-responders, and helps your invitees add the event to their personal calendars. We think it’s better than Evite, Facebook Events, and group emails for rallying your friends and family to get together. Tally Ho’s mission is to help people more easily get together with friends and family, by taking the hassle out of planning for a wide array of in-person activities.

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Launch date: first half of September.


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