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Great Game (8)

  • "Great game Been playing for a while. Not a great fan of ingame payments but this game can be played without making purchases."

Rating green

Like the Game (5)

  • "Fun & good but .. !! The game is gd i like it but it,s waste a lot of stamina :("

Rating green

Play this Game (5)

  • "All I want to do is play this game. Every day I log on to play this game because I love it so much!! But so little to do, obviously so many rewards each day but then what do I do with the rest of my day? Lol you guys are awesome keep up the amazing work."

Rating green

Bf's Guild (2)

  • "Phenomenal Keeps me busy for hours, no glitches that I have encountered. Love the different heroes. Makes me want them all and try different teams. Great game guys. Also to the girl who previously commented not being able to see her bf's guild. Make sure you are on the same server! Cheers!"


The best and latest action RPG multiplayer online battle game.

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