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Published on September 11th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


‘Yes, I most certainly want to be able to pay using my smartphone’ (a reply to the critical review)

Since the technological revolution consuming the decade and a half since the late nineties, technologically has rapidly improved to reach the level where we can make payments wherever and whenever we like, through the medium of our smartphone.

Benefits of smartphone payments

• Payments can be made anywhere due to ‘mobile’ nature of Smartphones, reducing wasted time.
• Payments can be made more quickly.
• Banks have apps which target Smartphones enabling users to quickly check their balance, making it easy to check whether a payment made by smartphone has gone through.

paying with smartphone

Smartphone banking

All major banks now provide easy to use banking apps for their customers. This enables them to make and receive payments easily and without having to be near a computer. This greatly reduces the time somebody needs to be, either in the office, or at a desk, freeing them up for more business or leisure time. These easy to use apps also provide clarity that all payments made through them will be safe and secure, due to the fact that they are provided by the banks themselves. It is clear, owing to this new innovation, that Smartphone banking will be the banking of the future.

Smartphone online shopping

Similarly to online banking, with the new technological era comes an app for the vast majority of shops. This does not only apply to chain stores and supermarkets, but also independent shops. Business men and women have realised that the easily accessible nature of shopping via your smartphone means that by providing an app, they are likely to incur more business, and this is successful. As well as shops, restaurants now provide apps as a simple way for their customers to order takeaway, this is especially successful as those people ordering takeaway are normally those with little time to cook. Therefore, a mobile app is perfect for them to make an order whilst on the move. In terms of security, most apps and sites provide the tool PayPal to ensure the safe and very secure payment, as well as links to the customer’s banks safe payment page, which is password protected [1].

[1] More benefits of online shopping

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