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Published on September 29th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


How posh! The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Look

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is Samsung’s first metal framed Smartphone. The thin frame (of 6.7mm) beats both the sister phone Galaxy S5 (8.1mm) and the iPhone 5S (7.6mm), providing a comfortable feel in hand. The metal-plastic combo provides a first-class, luxury feel to the phone that doesn’t come from use of a unibody plastic phone. It weighs only 115g, much lighter than that of the iPhone 6 (129g). An exciting new aspect of this phone, introduced by the ever increasing technology available, is the new fingerprint scanner made available by Samsung. It allows the user to secure and unlock the Galaxy Alpha with just the swipe of a forefinger. Although incredibly useful for phone security it can take some time to get used to due to the accuracy needed, therefore can be frustrating.

The Performance

There has been concern about the display offered by the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. With a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a pixel density of 313ppi lower than that of the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5. What is therefore being debated is the high price when there seems to be minimal change to the new Samsung phone, other than the metal frame and small shape. The display is of good quality using bright and rich colours, but for the price it is not as high as expected. The aspects of the phone can all be tweaked, however this provides an incredibly large settings menu that can be very difficult to navigate and understand.
The battery usage is marginally above that of the sister phones. Compared to others the software introduced on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is incredibly high quality, providing users with no noticeable lag. It is able to function well when playing games or opening apps and does not struggle with a large amount. The camera only has 12-megapixels in comparison to the 16-megapixels on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but still maintains the HDR feature taken from the S5.


Overall the phone provides a look and feel unlike any other Samsung phone and is extremely light and easy to hold. In terms of development and technological aspects of the phone it provides little improvement to the sister phone, suggesting it’s not worth the high price; but if available for a good deal and the user is more concerned with the feel of the phone itself, then it is worth buying.

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