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Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


Ignore No More – The Perfect App For Parents?

What is it?

Ignore No More is an android app that allows parents to remotely lock their children’s phones until they call the parents back. The app was designed by a disgruntled Texas mother, frustrated by her son constantly ignoring her calls. She created Ignore No More so that he would no longer have a choice.
Parents must install the Ignore No More app on their child’s phone and their own. They can then choose to remotely lock their child’s phone at any time. While it is locked, the child will only be able to call a certain list of contacts chosen by the parents and will not have access to any other features of the phone. They will only be able to unlock the phone with a 4 or more digit code, which is chosen by the parents. The principle is that until they call mom or dad and get the code, their phone stays unusable.
Obviously no child or teen would want to keep this app on their phone. Removing is, however, very difficult. If the child attempts to disable the device administrator setting and uninstall the app, their phone will automatically be locked and an email will be sent to the parents informing them that the child is tampering with the app. The parents then can unlock the phone by themselves and restore the device administrator setting.
Ignore No More exclusively supports android phones. It is currently available for $0.99, though it must be separately purchased for every parents and child’s phone.

But is it too controlling?

Ignore No More has generated a fair bit of controversy and opinions on the app are divided. Some people are lauding it as a brilliant solution to the troubles of unresponsive teenagers. Others say that the app is too totalitarian in its enabling parents to completely control their child’s communication with other people. Certainly it raises some questions about the personal property of teens. If a child gets a Smartphone paid by their parents’ money, do they really own it, or do the parents still have executive control over the device? Regardless of one’s opinion on the app, however, it is certainly an ingenious way to ensure that a child’s days of brushing off their parents are over.

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