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Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


Laserbreak – What is the new Android game capable of?


The new and innovative puzzle game LASERBREAK, made for android, offers challenging and fun levels to test the player’s mind. By using many different objects and techniques players are able to direct the laser beam towards the target using elevators, TNT, balls, wormholes and more. The objective of the game is simple; in each level the player must hit the target with the laser beam and cause an explosion. The intelligent use of the touch screen allows the player to manipulate and activate the lazer beam, rotating the angle to defeat the level. By collecting coins it is possible to skip complicated levels, meaning that frustration will be very unlikely in this game.

What does the free option have to offer players?

If paid for, the game offers 60 levels; it is available free however this version only offers 15 levels. If all coins are collected this unlocks 15 new levels on the free version. There are no ads and so game play is quick and uncomplicated For a free game it offers a lot to its players and is definitely worth downloading and giving a go. For those who are interested in frustratingly challenging games this might not be the best game, as the puzzles tend to be simple enough, but it’s definitely still worth a try.

How is Laserbreak different to other puzzle games?

Making use of the new technology available on the ever evolving smartphones, Laserbreak uses intense and stunning graphics, captivating and entertaining their players. The simple to learn game means that players don’t have to spend hours learning the specific techniques and skill involved. It also allows players to enjoy multiple levels with the possibility to skip when it gets too hard. The incredibly responsive controls give players the opportunity to blast their way through difficult levels and is great for long journeys. The simple and uncomplicated game play also ensures that it is perfect for all ages to play. Based on a simple physics concept, the makers have a created a game where the ability to bounce a laser beam off reflective surfaces becomes an addictive puzzle that you can’t put down.


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