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Trend reversal – large displays are in demand again


Retailers are finding that consumer demand for displays with large screens has risen again, after a drop in sales of products like LED TVs when the market became flooded with them. Now, because HD screens in larger size offer the viewer a more enjoyable experience, sales of larger displays are on the rise again. The trend also extends to phones and tablets, where consumers are seeking out larger displays on their products to enable a more versatile use. These products are not necessarily cheaper than they used to be, although prices have fallen by around 10% in the last two years, but the rise of luxury brands like Apple has also meant that customers are willing to pay more for a product better suited to their needs, and that means going big and reversing the trend for miniaturisation.

Bigger is better: what is on offer in large displays?

Large displays work when visual technology enables clearer imaging: with developments in HD technology, larger displays can offer a more detailed experience, rather than losing clarity. With the rise of 3D technology, they can also offer a more immersive experience, which appeals to a range of users from gamers to avid movie-watchers. Whereas displays from 22-24 inches may be considered standard, it’s not unusual to see displays measuring over 30 inches on sale, such as this offering from Apple.

Mobile technology with larger displays

Mobiles and tablets are also part of the growing trend: from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to the new Apple iPhone 6, display size is growing as customers seek the right balance between portability and practical use. Larger screens offer more opportunities for viewing video content, and make typing easier, making a “phablet” a realistic alternative to a laptop or full size tablet. This comparison shows what manufacturers are offering for those seeking a bigger display:

• The HTC One Max sports 5.9 inch display, compared to the standard HTC One’s 4.7 inches
• The Samsung Galaxy Mega has a whopping 6.3 inch display, whilst the hitherto popular Galaxy SIII displays only 4.8 inches of screen
• The new iPhone 6 offers up to 5.5 inches of screen, leaving its predecessor’s 4 inches looking small

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