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Published on June 26th, 2013 | by knicket


TINY WINGS: The best game for iPhone and iPad

Why tiny wings is the best game for iPhone and iPad…

It was a hot summer on a greek island and I couldn’t stop playing Tiny Wings. During my stay it got clear that for me this is the best IOS Game, and it still is (the holiday was back in 2011). The gameplay is stunningly simple, the graphic design is awesome, the music fits perfectly, everything is just seamlessly great concepted and designed. Hard to believe, that just one single guy in Kiel, Germany, created this game. Working in the app industry myself I know how difficult it is to come up with a great idea and don’t mess it up in the execution. So for me it’s clear: Tiny wings is the best mobile game for iPad and iPhone.

It even has a couple of human messages:

You can enjoy your life, even if you are not perfect! Help the overweight bird to have some fun, although his wings are too small to fly. Who never felt like this?

Live the moment! The game takes place just on one day.

Every day is different! The colors and designs of the levels change. But the algorythm let’s them look always perfect.

Stick to your playful mind! Keep exploring the world and enjoy every single moment.

Technically the game is great because it has challenging levelling concept, every stage gets harder in a linear way although the level designs change randomly. That is supersmart and perfectly executed.

The physics of the game feel perfect, the weight of the little bird is just right.

Not to forget this can be played with just one hand like big competitor angry birds. So it has this similarity but afterall it is just the opposite: Be friendly and help someone instead of destroying stuff!

For kids it looks colourful and cute, for grown ups it might feel like created in a drug cloud, it has a feeling of forbidden substances (for the ones who want to see that;)

Anyway, for me it’s just perfect!

KNICKET says: The best game on iOS! 10/10

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