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Published on September 4th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


Smart Jewellery the new trend to hit jewellers’ shops around the world

As quoted within Huffington post, “Diamonds and Tech is the new girl’s best friend.” After going through page after page and web page after webpage I am inclined to agree. This Smart Jewellery is the latest niche in the market and I expect to see a great deal more to hit the United Kingdom in the next few months. Due to the volumes of inventors it seems that not all these jewellery-like gadgets can be successful so it will be interesting to see which ones will even make it to stores near you.
Smart Jewellery emerged in a basic form such as pedometers and other fitness ‘wearable categories largely focused on health-tracking. With apps developed by sport companies such as Nike+, the device could track the app and deem how hard the user was or was not working out. A new form of Smart Jewellery has however stolen the limelight off the bulky plastic bands. This Smart Jewellery made out of expensive stones and metals makes the wearing look sophisticated keeping up with current trends in fashion as well as notifications with vibrations for latest Facebook posts, calls and texts. But do not worry – you can select which cherished contacts can access your bracelet to avoid unwanted phone calls and distractions.

The Memi

• iPhone connected ‘Smartbracelet’
• Alerts the wearer to texts, incoming phone calls and calendar events with a small pulsating vibration
• Retailing price at $150 throughout America
• Taking orders from the beginning of August 2014
• Website:

Cuff Jewellery

• Protective Jewellery to be used in emergency situations and can be used to contact police, ICE Contact or you can programme it to contact your other half, just by pressing a button
• Low end ‘sporty cuffs’ for $49 to the higher end ‘metal cuffs’ for $150
• Website:
The Smart Jewellery brings together the aesthetic part of this technology and when properly connected with the fitness capabilities, Smart Jewellery will have created the perfect product for chic sporty men and women worldwide.

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