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Rolto is the Innovative New Portable iPhone Printer

King Jim saw the issue with not being able to print what was on an iPhone screen and solved the problem by creating the Rolto. It retails for $261 on Japan Trend Shop with $19 worldwide shipping and sales began on 1 August, 2014. The portable printer really comes in handy when a physical printout of a recipe, directions, schedule, or screen shot of an iPhone is needed. The small printer is light weight and runs using only a Wi-Fi connection to an iPhone and the Rolto app. It uses special long-shaped paper to mimic an iPhone screen and prints black and white photos in a matter of seconds. This invention allows us to take one step back from the digital age and admit that sometimes a hard-copy is really necessary.

This Portable Printer is User Friendly

The Rolto is designed with the customer in mind by being very simple to use. The printer comes with an AC power adapter and one roll of paper, so it’s ready to be used upon purchase. There is an associated app available in the App Store that allows for quick printing from an iPhone. The printer enables the user to print either the current screen shot of the iPhone or the entire webpage. Some important facts about this portable printer are:
• Use the printer with the free Rolto app in App Store
• Black and white printing
• Sticker paper that is the exact size of an iPhone screen
• Compatible with OS operating system and the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, and iPod touch 5G
• Uses a stable Wi-Fi connection
• Japanese instructions – but very easy to use
• Size: 75 x 84 x 49mm
• Weight: 150g

The iPhone is Becoming More and More Convenient with New Inventions Everyday

With inventions like the Rolto, it’s hard not to want to be an iPhone user. The iPhone is easily one of the most convenient pieces of technology on the market, as now it’s possible to do basically anything from the small device. It’s easy for communication, social media, mobile banking, and gaming. Now, even printing is possible thanks to King Jim! It’s hard to imagine what else inventors will be able to dream up to make the iPhone experience even better.

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