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Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Alphadigits


Musthaver – Learn More about the Items You Want // for iPhone

With the constant flood of items storming the stores and filling the pages of online marketing, it has become extremely tempting to buy things you may or may not need. Sometimes it helps to get feedback from people who actually have the item. It may or may not be the thing for you, but you will never know unless you find out what others think of it. Often, we refer to reviews we see online as we peruse the plethora of products that are placed before us, thanks to the Internet. However, those reviews oftentimes cannot be trusted, as many are artificially fashioned by ghost writers who have simply reworded another’s opinions.

Yeah, people actually do that! Ok, so now you are thinking, how am I supposed to know if something I really want is worth buying? How am I going to find someone who has it and loves it, or maybe hates it?Musthaver is an app that has recently been updated to feature a really easy to use interface and access to multitudes of consumers looking to share their hidden finds and comment on them. They have even listed their Musthaves so you can learn more about them, how good they are and whether or not they are worth the purchase.


Musthaver is a social networking app that lets you login via your Facebook or Twitter account, explore the community of current users who have posted their HAVEs and WANTs enhanced with comments offered by the owner or by fellow users. Items posted can be anything that the user wishes to share. We all have things that we love, and sharing that can help others. Then there are the things we are dying to have – our WANTS. You can post those items you wish you could have, and see what happens. Users may offer up comments helping you determine if it’s worth the purchase or not.


The app can easily morph into a game when you challenge your friends to guess your HAVEs. Earn points for guessing the most and learn about your friends in a new way. Be a consumer advocate and provide tips and reviews as you navigate the app and find items you know are a great find. Sharing earns points, as well as posting photos of your items. Learn about items you might never have discovered. The community is full of wonder with a variety of users who have shared what they love, helping others in their own individual quests.

The app could fill a few gaps by allowing for account creation via email, instead of requiring a Facebook or Twitter account. Although it is hard believe, there are those who may not have either of those accounts, and opening up the app to as many users as possible widens the offerings and presents many more consumer commentaries.

The app is free to download, so there is no risk. It gives you an easy way to check out items and share what you think about things you have and things you really want. It’s a social app with a great purpose.





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