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APP REVIEW: KAMI, a beautiful but challenging puzzle

Kami is an elegant puzzle game, with beautiful Japanese design, simple rules but quite challenging.
The concept is easy to understand. You pick colours and then fill the fragmented spaces in a certain amount of moves to create a plain, monochrome colourfield. One could think it is easy but it’s quite more difficult from what it sounds.
Kami in Japanese stands for Spirit and this is truly what you have to put into this game. After a few levels it already get´s pretty hard and you need a few tries to fill up the space. The good thing is that you have unlimited tries to finish the level. Turns out it is a great party game. The beauty of the design easily attracted my friends to watch and help solving the puzzles. Expect one of your friends to be the surprise genius, bringing up solutions to any difficult looking challenge in no time. So the game sometimes looks harder as it is for the one that understands the logical impact intuitively. For all the others: It might feel a bit tough after a few stages. There is no time limit and no other limits apart from the moves, so it is completely up to your patience and focus. Kami offers also 3 free hints which seems to come down to one hint when you use the first. This seems like a bug but of course would be an easy fix. More hints can be bought as in app purchases.
The beautiful papers and overall design makes the game an outstanding puzzle. Once you see the colours unfolding, guided by the lovely music into those gorgeous patterns it is bliss. You will not be disappointed, your spirit will come out more relaxed, concentrated and strong – as long as you have the patience to challenge yourself. Kami is out for iPhone and iPad.

APP REVIEW: KAMI, a beautiful but challenging puzzle Christina

Summary: Enjoyable and challenging brain teaser with great design.


beautiful but challenging

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