The orée trackpad is beautiful example of how things made out of wood can be a natural part of your office. Made from a single piece of of premium maple or walnut wood, the orée trackpad supports a full set of simple and advanced multi touch gestures to interact naturally with your computer screen.

It can be used instead of a mouse and with a simple gesture, it can be also transformed into a numerical keypad. It works with any Mac (OS X or later) or Windows 7 or 8 computer equipped with Bluetooth.Many gestures are supported such as

1 finger drag

Mouse cursor movement

1 finger tap

Left button click

1 finger double tap

Left button double click

1 finger double tap and drag

Click and select text/Click and drag file or folder

1 finger edge top swipe

Show Charms (or application bar) on Windows 7/8

2 finger tap

Right button click

2 finger vertical/horizontal drag

Vertical/horizontal scroll

2 finger pinch in/out

Active windows zoom in/out

3 finger pinch in

Show desktop

3 finger pinch out

Show Launchpad (Mac OS)

Show Windows 3D flip (Win 7/8)

3 finger double tap

Switch from trackpad to numerical keypad mode (and vice versa)

3 finger left/right edge swipe

Next/previous track/page

3 finger up edge swipe

Active Mission Control (Mac OS)

Show Windows 3D flip (Win 7)

Show Windows Home screen (Win8)

3 finger down edge swipe

Show/hide desktop

4 finger left/right swipe

Switch between applications

The only downside is the fact that the initial batch of slabs has been sold. The next batch will ship in early January 2014.

Look behind the scenes of the manufacturer.

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