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New Free Game: High Burger // for Android, iPhone and iPad



Restaurant and burger games might be its genre nowadays. But even if you think you´ve seen them all, High Burger is certainly worth your time. You start as a small time booth owner who serves the simplest burgers possible but with time and the increasing number of successfully served orders you turn into a wealthy burger master. The goal of the game is rather simple and this is one of the reasons that makes this game so much fun – follow the order, stack all the necessary ingredients, finish with a bun, serve the customer and get the money for yourself! Things are not so easy though – every gamer needs a challenge and High Burger does deliver. You must strictly follow the orders or you will incur a financial penalty. In case you put the final bun on top of the burger before stacking all the ingredients ordered the game is over and you must start all over again. So be careful with this one! Another challenge is the increasing complexity of the burger orders – the first ones are rather small and simple but wait a little – down the road you will build monster burgers that become increasingly difficult to manage, not to mention the obnoxious bird that gets in the way of your precious ingredients and burgers knocking them down. The folks at Zariba have also added funny elements to the game – thus once you build a really high burger you get into space where you see astronauts floating around as well as aliens that somehow still plan to ruin your burger kingdom.

High Burger


– Goals system that will test your burger making skills and show your friends who is the king

– Cash tips multiplier (so you can grow your shop into a full-sized chain restaurant faster)

– Google Play Game Services leader board /Game center

– Unique and challenging game-play


– New Bad ingredients and funny elements

– Increasing difficulty

– Cool graphics and crystal clear sounds

– New translations for the following languages: Deutsche, French, Russian

Apart from the great gameplay the thing that strikes the most when you open this application is the great graphics – it is very colorful, detailed and rich and is simply better when compared to other games of this genre. The nice graphics adds to the overall feeling of playing a great game and certainly helps in bringing you back and back to High Burger. Music is not an exception – while with time it becomes repetitive, it adds to the overall gameplay by being funny, easy on the ear and nice to listen to. It also helps – you get a distinctive sound when you reach a goal and you can hear the bird cawing right before it is about to knock an ingredient down.




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