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Published on July 17th, 2013 | by knicket



How can a few dots make someone so happy? Betaworks new game hit the charts (1 mil downloads in the first week) for a reason: It’s simple, colourful, friendly, has great sounds and great physics. It’s the sophisticated version of bejeweled. So to all fathers and hipsters: This your game. Lines of dots have to be connected, its best to make a square and you have one minute to collect as many dots as possible. After playing it for  a week my highscore is 318, but it seems I am doing something wrong when I look at other highscores like the one of Matt Burns of Techcrunch.

Anyway it’s great fun and another great thing is: You get hours and hours of gameplay value for …nothing. People can play that game almost infintitely, in-app-purchases are almost not necessary. If you pay you get  a few functions that are helpful, but which can also be bought with the dots you are gathering through gaming. Speaking for myself I play faster on the iPad, the phone version is just too small too be quick, or maybe it’s my fingers;)

I also have to admit this game shows great User Interface Design. It has a slight retro touch in terms of fonts and colours in a flat design, just as webbies like it nowadays. So I guess it will get fans throughout all scenes and genders. It’s good for kids, adults and maybe even musicians: The chords being played sound to me like minor Jazz guitar chords, so warm and fuzzy that even listening to that drags you further into the game. Once you make a square of dots, a little bit of reverb is added to the chord and however it feels like a great reward to player.

I never throught that taking this kind of game to a next level could lead to something addictive, which dots is definitely for me.

KNICKET SAYS: Maybe the best iOS game in 2013 so far. 10/10.

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