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Tale of Tales

Tale of Tales game review

Tale of Tales is a wonderful and fun app for children.

The app has been specially designed to boost the creative playing within the children. This kind of app is something which is very much required in today’s digital world where children are spending more and more times on the smart devices. The concept of this app is super amazing.

It basically acts like a story maker where children can play with characters like fairies, gnomes, pirates and create a new story by blending all the characters together.

Tale of Tales::By Silvia Carbotti - navediclo

When I checked out this app so as to introduce it to my own son, I found it very much similar to the one I used to play with fake dolls, etc. the only difference is that the Tale of Tales allows your kid to climb one step ahead into the world of creativeness.

There are more than 2000 possible combinations of stories which according to me, would be loved by all children. My son did! The environment of the game is kid friendly filled with colors, sounds and much more which binds the interest of the children in the app.

Using this app is also very easy and your child will get hold of it very easily. One has to choose a colored button and the story begins. We, the parents can encourage children to go further into the creative world by imagining and inventing new and different stories.

This would also have a positive effect on the overall development of the child. Fairly tales are proven to support the problem handling ability of the child and Tale of Tales helps us to do that in a fun manner.

The app has some very nice and much needed features. The app is available in two languages – English and Italian and can be downloaded from the iTunes store. The text used is highly readable and would be easily understood by the children.

You won’t need to tell them what’s written. It’s so simple that your kids would be able to operate the app all by themselves. Every page in the app consists of sophisticated animations which would be loved by one and all, yes even by grownups like us.

There are lots of funny surprises which would make your kid burst out laughing and of course, it would make you happy too. There are 25 interactive pages in the app which are beautifully presented. Even there are gestures like tap, blow, float and drag.

All the characters which are available in the Tale of Tales are illustrated exceptionally well. All of them are funny and colorful. Obviously, they would be loved by your children. In case you download it, be ready to see your kid happy and hear him talking about his imaginative world where he created some awesome fairy tales all by himself.

I really got amazed by the kind of imagination my son possesses. A parent needs to give a big boost to the creativity of his child for it’s very much necessary for his overall development process and Tale of Tales is going to help you a lot in that.





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