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APP REVIEW: Flight GYM // iPhone & iPad

Flight GYM


Flight GYM game review

Flight GYM is an amazing and effective utility app that would be loved by people who are currently worried about their health.

Are you like me who has to sit for long hours on his desk and keep on working? Do you travel too much and spend hours sitting in one position in train, airplane seat or a bus?

If you’re in the category of those people who have to sit for long hours, you would be very much familiar with the kind of pain and bad effect you get through that and I know each one of us look for a solution.

Flight GYM::By Apps4fit

But the only solution for that is to exercise which seems to be too impractical in case you’re travelling in an airplane or nonstop bus. But having used Flight GYM, I can vow for the fact that you can still do exercise and make your body feel better (read healthy).

This is what Flight GYM is made for. Flight GYM is a utility app in health and fitness category available on iTunes. By using this app, you can easily stimulate your body without producing sweat. Now, that’s the best part.

You can efficiently stimulate your body and yet don’t need to feel the unrest because of sweat. The app works on the principle of stimulating our neuromuscular system which eventually feels collapsed when we sit in the same posture for a long time.

I really got surprised about how I felt after doing these simple exercises using this app. The exercises are too simple and don’t involve any cumbersome technique which is the best feature according to me.

The exercises in the app work on muscle stimulus, respiratory and pastoral areas and reduce the fatigue caused due to prolonged sitting hours. The exercises are designed to be easily understood by anyone and everyone.

Performing each one of them is too easy. Moreover, the exercises in the app are suitable for people of all kinds of age groups. Even the physical condition doesn’t affect the app’s efficiency much. To use the app you need just to connect earphones or play the app on loudspeakers and concentrate.

The fact that I can use even my earphones really pleased me since I don’t have to disturb people sitting around me and still, I can do the workout I need. It does feel like I have a personal trainer who keeps guiding me about each movement.

Only a 10 minute practice is enough to make you feel better. There are dozens of sessions of exercises which you can choose from. Each session is about 9 minutes. And trust me, it’s better than those apps which provide hundreds of exercises to choose, but most of them seem to be too difficult to perform or are simply not possible to do because of the surroundings we’re in.

Flight GYM is wonderful app which is a must in everyone’s phone. You can need it anytime and you can use it anywhere. All you need is ten minutes and you can feel fresh and energetic once again.





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