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App Review: Dragon City for iOS

Dragon City is a hit iOS game coming from developer Social Point, Spain.

In Dragon City players have to populate areas (habitats) with dragons. These dragons can be used to fight other players or also bred together and create new dragon types: Check out this breeding guide if you´d like to know more about it. The goal of the game in general is to collect as many of the 150 dragons possible.

It´s based on the company’s popular Facebook game and it´s freemium, that means free to download, but with in-app purchases. Players can sync their accounts with their facebook version and keep playing from the point where they were in FB. Despite a few flaws compared with the FB version the main attraction of the iOS game are the well-animated and designed gamevisuals.

The social aspect is to visit and help friends and to fight other players. Although it´s not totally clear how the help works sometimes, it´s enough to get a feeling of meeting and lifting up each other. Players can start a battle whenever they think they have a good dragon on hand.

The Combat World is divided into “leagues” in which players must win against opponents in order to progress. It´s possible to start three combats every six hours. If you want to avoid in-app purchases these combats will be worth it since they pay off in “hard currency”, from which also dragons can be aquired and raised. The battles are turn-based and it´s not necessary to have the opponent be online at the same time — the computer takes control of the opposing dragon. Every dragon has its own weaknesses and strengths. If the player has the right dragons in his team, battles are won pretty easily, the computer doesn´t act too smart in that respect. Too bad players can´t find out upfront about the strength of their competitors. It´s pretty much luck after all and up to the potential of your dragon. Good thing is that players can only loose time when they loose the combat, the dragon itself can´t die.

It´s a pretty fun game if you accept that it is a freemium title like a few others out there like the Hobbit, Kingdoms of Middle-earth, that are driven by the soft “game internal” currency more than through goals reached through pure gameplay. Dragon City though is one of the most succesfull games on facebook and it is certainly worth a look on your iphone.


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