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Addathon game review

Are you looking forward to play exciting puzzle games over the iPhone series? Addathon is one of the leading puzzle games that offer an experience of a lifetime. The challenging and swift game functions become a doorstep towards the enhancement and improvement of mathematical skills using reasoning tactics. The strategic game offers exciting variations and varied modes of play. It starts from the intermediate level and moves forward to advanced or expert levels as soon as you pass diverse challenges in the game.

The game has become one of the favorite recreation activities among the users, who want to refresh their mind after a hectic schedule.

Addathon::By Jari Pihlajamäki

It tends to have three modes covering Marathon unlimited, time mode and others depending upon the versatility of the user. Besides this, it has an easy mode of puzzle game giving relaxation to exercise your brain and to get accustomed to different levels of playing.

Addathon works on the layout of Math and Strategic abilities that fully adhere to the user’s abilities to make special arrangements to the game with a difference. The game challenges a user to build powers to collect additional figures and life saving icons that will help in reaching higher level of game play. Specific phases of Marathon and challenges mode set an individual to add a number of blocks together in a total strength giving a sum of the particular numerics. Once the respective sum up amount for the blocks, an individual needs to destroy them by merely clicking on them as fast as possible, in order to gain numerous points over the head.

One should never forget to use additional tactics or techniques to erase the unwanted or additional blocks to have higher concentration on the varied twists and turns. However if you want to seek more information about the game playing scenarios for the addathon, feel free to browse the website. Surprisingly, Addathon is a free to download application which is compatible with iOS.

It includes important features like, marathon lite, which is limited to 30 rows, one power free as soon as you clear one row, customization to 1 figure that unleashes the application, a challenging mode for free and 14 stages for puzzle solving including few difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 5. The complete version of the game is accessed to have wide number of features, which include:

100% Ad free game playing version

Complete accessibility to Elite and local scoring mode:

* Relaxation to provide 16 powers with 12 talents

* 11 stages of challenge with Math Master instruction

* Unlocking ability to Marathon power to unlimited mode

* 60 puzzle solving stages

* Mini pyramid gaming software

* 100% more gold level

* Extra gems to add more life powers to the game can be done

* Complete detailed access to statistical track record for the game

* Analysis of the game history from the futuristic perspective is allowed





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