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Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


It is this easy to find parking with the Parking App

Finding a parking spot is an ordeal that every driver goes through in every major city. It is common to circle the area a couple of times before a spot opens. Things do not end at this point. There is constant threat of expired parking and parking violation fines. Smartphone users have long used their phones as navigation aids. The navigation apps could not pinpoint available parking nor could remember the position of the parked car. However, the appearance of reliable parking apps now means that drivers could have a fair chance of finding a spot to park their vehicles with a lot less worry. For many people a parking app is a lifesaver and eases one of the major commuting worries to some extent. Here are three recommendations for parking apps that would help drivers in all traffic-ridden cities.

Parking Mate

Parking Mate is an iOS exclusive app that keeps track of all the previous parking locations used. This is a great feature for people who have a regular route. Once the app detects a particular location, it highlights the best parking spots in the neighborhood. The app keeps constant track of the available parking time and generates an alert right before expiration. Using built-in and user generate rules, the app will inform drivers whether they could park at a given spot.


Using real time GPS, the app highlights the closest parking positions at the user’s current location. The driver gets a list of open air and garage parking spots almost instantly. The best feature of the app is that the garages could use the app to notify nearby users of their open spots. Using this list, users are able to reserve parking space in advance.


iSpotSwap works on a slightly different model using crowd sourcing techniques:

• It alerts drivers the nearby spots that will soon become vacant.
• When a user parks in a particular spot, they could tag the spot with an approximate parking duration.
• This allows the app to keep track of available and soon to be available parking spots in the vicinity.
• The handy ‘meter minder’ feature keeps track of the remaining parking time on the meter and generates alerts about expired parking.

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