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Published on September 26th, 2014 | by Thomas Jung


The 5 best iPhone games which are worth their money


With the continuous updates available for the iPhone, more and more games are becoming available. Games are using this new technology in innovative ways, increasing the players enjoyment. Of these some are definitely worth the money.

Device 6

Available for £2.49, Device 6 is a text based game focusing on a girl called Anna and her escape from an unknown location. The mystery fiction game for the iPhone is enticing and challenging. With a great storyline, this game really challenges the players mind and is definitely worth the money.

Monument Valley

Currently bought at £2.49, players guide the silent princess round beautiful architecture and multiple worlds. With a loose storyline, and calming music, the endearing worlds are fun to explore and can provide hours of entertainment. It does not offer much in terms of competitiveness but it is a perfect game to play when relaxing, due to the minimalist aspect of the game. It is simple to understand and easy to pick up.

Impossible Road

Available for £1.19, this game is great for competitive players. The minimalistic design makes this game incredible simple to understand but quite hard to play. The challenging nature of the game and the ability to constantly increase the high score makes the game incredibly addictive. Although slightly frustrating this game is definitely worth trying.


Having been around for around 4 years for iPhone, this game is well reviewed and respected. For £2.99 this tense and engrossing game can be quite gruesome at times, but is definitely worth a try. With no storyline, cut screens or instructions, the game requires the player to explore the surroundings and try and survive; allowing them to get lost in the game for hours. Although not provided with instructions it is very simple to understand.

Cut The Rope

It is unlikely that any keen game players have not heard of this classic app. It may not be new, but it had to be included in this list due to the incredibly large fan base it has built up. Available for £1.99 this BAFTA award winning game is definitely worth its money, providing hours of game play across many levels. Each level is challenging in different ways so it never gets boring.


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