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ACOMPLI Wants To Help You Combining Your iPhone Mail, Calendar, Contacts in One

While turning our mobile phones into small offices for many hours every day we´ve got used to the fact that we have different apps for mailing, calendar and contacts.

Acompli wants to save s precious time by combining these task into just one solution. We spoke to founder Javier Soltero about his groundbreaking iPhone app.


What does the app and what makes it special?

Acompli is a mobile email app that lets professionals handle emails on the go, rather than just defer them until the desktop. It combines email, file sharing, contacts and scheduling in one simple app, ending the need for app switching and making better use of the unique interface and features of the iPhone.

How did you come up with the idea to create this app?

We saw three major frustrations with mobile email: typing, finding messages, and switching between apps. We saw that mobile usage was expanding and knew mobile email would only become more of a problem for more professionals. So we set out to solve it.

What were the main obstacles technically and how did you solve them?

Email is a much more difficult problem than most people realize. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to sync your messages smoothly across servers and devices. And calendaring is even more complicated. Creating events that recur regularly but can also be canceled on a one-off basis is really tough. But we knew the problem was significant, so we worked hard to solve it by digging deep into the protocols and creating some clever solutions to scheduling and email integration.

What is your target group?

We’re aimed at business professionals who use Microsoft Exchange and iPhones, and we also work with Gmail. Now that the BYOD trend is expanding to bring-your-own app, we saw it was important to let professionals choose the email app that worked best for them, rather than default to the app they were being required to use. At the same time, I come from an IT infrastructure background so I know how important it is to work with the IT team. Acompli is a solution that individuals can use without compromising security for their organization in any way, and when IT comes on board with it, they will have access to the security controls they need.

What are the future plans for updates and new features?

We plan iPad and Android versions later this year.



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