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Nice App (8)

  • "This is a great app for children, is a very funny game, all the features make this game more interesting, and teach more to the children. Highly recomended."

Rating green

Game for Kids (8)

  • "I love this app the in game purchases are a good deal also"

Rating green

Collection of Apps for Kids (7)

  • "This is a great collection of educational apps for kids and toddlers. The content is very well produced, with amazing illustrations and sounds. Kids will just love it! You can unlock all the content within the app with a single purchase."

Rating green

Awesome App for any Kid (4)

  • "kids should learn and have fun witht this app, awesome app for any kid, nice to have this app. will recommend to my friend and family."

Rating green

Educational Entertainment (3)

  • "SAMI Apps is a proposal generated by specialised educators (for Kids between 0-6 years) for the development of your child’s learning skills while playing and having fun. It is not only to entertain your child, but also to increase their cognitive skills, as well as its emotional development, to ensure the success of its future education."

Rating green

New Set (3)

  • "A great collections of games for todds to help them develop and learn. Interface very easy to use and attractive for kids. updat efix some bugs and bring new set of flascards."

Rating green

Cute and Friendly Looking (2)

  • "Very nice for kids since there are flash cards and story time. Kids really enjoy this app and it is very cute and friendly looking."

Rating green

Know about the Kids but I'm Playing (2)

  • "Don't know about the kids but I'm playing this app myself really good."


For parents that worry about their child’s educationSami Apps is an educational App that consists in 15 different Apps that help the cognitive development and learning processes of children in their early years. An age when they absorb and learn everything we teach them…

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