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Great Music App (9)

  • "This is a great music app!!"

Rating green

New Music (3)

  • "Love its new design. Top music! Offline playback. Playlists updated frequently overnight."

Rating green

Really Good (3)

  • "This app is good if you like to listen to the most recent songs, but the downside is there is a limited by selection of songs and the app is only free for 15 days.... But apart from that this app is really good!"

Rating green

MTV Trax (2)

  • "I haven't used the app in a while but went back in after this update. MTV Trax had gone through a major visual update and it looks amazing. You can still listen to the latest music for fee although there are some restrictions."

Rating green

Quite Good (2)

  • "I love that there are different sections but I think it should be completely free."

Rating red

Day free Trial (2)

  • "Compleat pants! All I wanted was music. And you took it away!! ;-; 14 day free trial... What a waste of time."


Wake up to the best new music every day. With MTV Trax, the biggest hits and exclusive playlists are just a tap away. The Best Bits:- Refreshed overnight while you sleep – it’s the no hassle mobile music app- Listen offline, with no interruptions, buffering or big data…

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