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18401   Bible Crossword FREE Bible Crossword FREE Games Games Apps like Bible Crossword FREE Christian game, fun for the family. Challenge your brain with Biblical words. Fun crossword puzzle game with many levels. Choose from very easy to very hard. Ad supported.... Free 11/2015
18402   Praxis Dr Pannier Hamburg Praxis Dr Pannier Hamburg Medical Medical Apps like Praxis Dr Pannier Hamburg Ihre Praxis - immer aktuell auf Ihrem iPhone Die Praxis App bietet Ihnen als Patient neue und sehr nützliche mobile Services. Die App ist leicht zu bedienen und garantiert ein Höchstmaß an Datensicherheit. - Benachrichtigungen zu Ihren vereinbarten Term... Free 11/2015
18403   Deal or No Money Flow Deal or No Money Flow Games Games Apps like Deal or No Money Flow BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Deal or No Money Flow TODAY! Deal or No Money Flow has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of a Vegas Casino right ... Free 11/2015
18404   DIEZE EVENT DIEZE EVENT Entertainment Entertainment Apps like DIEZE EVENT Dieze Event, lieu unique dans la zone industrielle du Marché Gare à Montpellier. Une salle de 1000 m2, style New-yorkais, ancienne usine, verrière à 10 mètres du sol, parterre look béton ciré... Vous apprécierez les volumes, la beauté du site. Un Es... Free 11/2015
18405   LumpApp LumpApp Business Business Apps like LumpApp Encuentra servicios cerca de ti y reserva tu cita online. En LumpApp podrás encontrar una gran cantidad de servicios de: peluquería, estética, belleza, salud, fisioterapia, comida a domicilio, etc... en los que de una forma rápida y sencilla, tend... Free 11/2015
18406   Lashious Ealing Lashious Ealing Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Lashious Ealing Lashious Ealing provides a great customer experience for it’s clients with this simple and interactive app, helping them feel beautiful and look Great. App Features * Book an appointment 24/7 * Meet our team * Keep a record of your service history * Re... Free 11/2015
18407   LYS Soru Tipleri LYS Soru Tipleri Education Education Apps like LYS Soru Tipleri LYS Matematik SoruTipleri uygulaması ile LYS konularına ait farklı soru tiplerini cebinize getiriyoruz. Çalışmanı pratik ve hızlı bir hale getirmek için LYS Matematik konularının tüm farklı SoruTiplerini çıkardık ve her biri için bir görev oluşturduk. ... Free 11/2015
18408   商务文档表格制作排版技巧 - 行政文秘职场高效办公日常工作必备Word version 商务文档表格制作排版技巧 - 行政文秘职场高效办公日常工作必备Word version Reference Reference Apps like 商务文档表格制作排版技巧 - 行政文秘职场高效办公日常工作必备Word version Word作为 Office 套件的核心程序, Word 提供了许多易于使用的文档创建工具,同时也提供了丰富的功能集供创建复杂的文档使用。哪怕只使用 Word 应用一点文本格式化操作或图片处理,也可以使简单的文档变得比只使用纯文本更具吸引力。 Word能够给我们办公带来非常大的便捷,有了Word,我们可以轻松完成各种文档的制作。 当然,前提必须是我们要熟练的掌握Word,如果您对Word不熟或者想进一步学习实战操作方面的技巧,“Word实战技巧教程”收集了许多Word的实用技巧大全, 在此分享给大家学习... Free 11/2015
18409   Examen Nacionalidad Española Examen Nacionalidad Española Education Education Apps like Examen Nacionalidad Española Acredita con nuestra app la integración en territorio español del ciudadano extranjero y prepárate la prueba de Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España (CCSE) del Instituto Cervantes o Test de Españolidad: - Las 300 preguntas oficiales... Free 11/2015
18410   To Do List - Easy Task Arrangement To Do List - Easy Task Arrangement Utilities Utilities Apps like To Do List - Easy Task Arrangement Make your personal timetable on your device. To Do List app is suitable for business as tasks are divided by priority - you can always see was is urgent and what can be done later. It will help you to increase your effectiveness and organization of work. ... Free 11/2015
18411   Sniper Commando School Rescue Sniper Commando School Rescue Games Games Apps like Sniper Commando School Rescue Enemies has entered in School and occupy all the School Area.You are assumed as Sniper. Your task is to clear the School Area and Rescue the Children as well as School Staf . You have MK11 with you.take your Gun and Rescue the Children...... Best Sniper ... Free 11/2015
18412   MarateApp MarateApp Travel Travel Apps like MarateApp Applicazione per iPhone e iPad di VisitMaratea.it... Free 11/2015
18413   Aorta Tevar Indicator Aorta Tevar Indicator Medical Medical Apps like Aorta Tevar Indicator Aorta TEVAR Indicator is an application created for the planning of endoprosthetic corrective treatment for thoracic aorta pathology, and this application, which is based on well-defined parameters, automatically calculates: - Body Surface Area (BSA) w... Free 11/2015
18414   Appointment House Appointment House Business Business Apps like Appointment House In today’s fast growing world all of us are racing with time. All of us want to win this race so that we could give maximum time and devotion to our work. The first step of any business is to make themselves available to their prospective customers, at t... $1.99 11/2015
18415   SchoolPraat De Parasol SchoolPraat De Parasol Education Education Apps like SchoolPraat De Parasol Met deze eigen app kan de school sneller en gerichter communiceren met ouders d.m.v. nieuwsberichten en pushberichten. De school kan kiezen om de pushberichten naar de ouders van de gehele school te sturen, maar kan ook kiezen om dit te doen naar een afz... Free 11/2015
18416   Projet DUBARRY Projet DUBARRY Finance Finance Apps like Projet DUBARRY A Toulouse, quartier de la Cartoucherie, découvrez l'opération de bureaux DUBARRY 1 (5.000 m2) et DUBARRY 2 (4.000 m2) du Groupe CARLE. Le menu à gauche vous permet de découvrir le projet de diverses manières : 1. "Réalité Augmentée sur marqueur" Pour... Free 11/2015
18417   Ekonomik Solar Ekonomik Solar Business Business Apps like Ekonomik Solar Firmamızın mobil uygulamasıdır. Uygulama sayesinde hızlı bir şekilde ürünlere göz atabilir, dilerseniz güvenli bağlantılar üzerinden ödemenizi yapıp alışverişinizi tamamlayabilirsiniz.... Free 11/2015
18418   Amazing Aristocrat Deal Big Casino Amazing Aristocrat Deal Big Casino Games Games Apps like Amazing Aristocrat Deal Big Casino BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Amazing Aristocrat Deal Big Casino TODAY! Amazing Aristocrat Deal Big Casino has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and styl... Free 11/2015
18419   Cake Pop Pies Sweet Link Soda Cake Pop Pies Sweet Link Soda Games Games Apps like Cake Pop Pies Sweet Link Soda Cake Pop Pies Sweet Link Soda This game is a very addictive and best match-three casual game in the apple store! How to play: 1. Connect three or more same happy sugar splash to score points. 2. Archive the target points to level up. 3. Eliminate the mor... Free 11/2015
18420   Slap Bass Expert Slap Bass Expert Music Music Apps like Slap Bass Expert If you want to be a "Slap Bass" player then this collection of 137 How To Play Slap Bass Guitar Videos is for you. These lessons will quickly walk you through the first basic steps and then progress to the serious business! Tutorials include: How To Pla... $4.99 11/2015
18421   Tableau HQ Tableau HQ Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Tableau HQ Tableau HQ gives Tableau fans the opportunity to connect, stay up to date and share with Tableau users worldwide.... Free 11/2015
18422   RetailDetail RetailDetail Business Business Apps like RetailDetail This app provides information about Retail Detail events. Information about the speakers and keynote schedules are offered next to location and parking information. Login with your RetailDetail account and see who of your LinkedIn contacts is joining you... Free 11/2015
18423   Pic Combo ~ Guess the Word Pic Combo ~ Guess the Word Games Games Apps like Pic Combo ~ Guess the Word ◉ Can you guess the word? Each puzzle consists of two pictures depicting two different words. Just combine them to solve the puzzle. ◉ Pic Combo is everyone’s new favorite game. Find out why? ◉ No registration, no tutorial, no complicated rules. Just ju... Free 11/2015
18424   Knight Jump - Conquer All Blocks Knight Jump - Conquer All Blocks Games Games Apps like Knight Jump - Conquer All Blocks Knight Jump is a free online board game for iPhone/iPad. Knight (horse) has to jump all over the chess board to cover all 64 blocks. The knight will always move forward or backward two and a half steps in the shape of 'L'. Choose a targeted block to make ... Free 11/2015
18425   Brain Dots - Draw and solve! Brain Training Game! Brain Dots - Draw and solve! Brain Training Game! Games Games Apps like Brain Dots - Draw and solve! Brain Training Game! Simply move your finger to match the balls with the correct color. How long can you last out? Challenge the Impossible!... Free 11/2015
18426   Taxi Tien Sa Taxi Tien Sa Travel Travel Apps like Taxi Tien Sa - Taxi Tiên Sa là ứng dụng gọi taxi được phát triển bởi sự kết hợp giữa công ty Công nghệ VinDotCom và Công ty Cổ phần dịch vụ Phú Hoàng. Ứng dụng này giúp người dùng Smartphone nhanh chóng gọi xe taxi. - Đội ngũ lái xe của chúng tôi gồm các bác tài nhiều... Free 11/2015
18427   Vetcare Vetcare Medical Medical Apps like Vetcare Sovelluksen kautta saat uusinta tietoa tuotteistamme ja pääset mukaan vaikuttamaan tuotteidemme kehittämiseen ja markkinointiin. Mielipiteesi on meille tärkeä ja toivoimme sinun innostuvan aktiiviseen vuoropuheluun kanssamme. Vastaustesi avulla kehitämme... Free 11/2015
18428   网上湖南特产 网上湖南特产 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 网上湖南特产 湖南特产有哪些?网上湖南特产app专业提供湖南特产,包含多种湖南特产小吃、特色食品等湖南特产食品,最正宗的湖南特产欢迎选购!... Free 11/2015
18429   TankWar2015 TankWar2015 Games Games Apps like TankWar2015 Tank war is game action. It is very funny, your eyes, hand very fast in this game... Free 11/2015
18430   AcademieDeVoyage.ca AcademieDeVoyage.ca Travel Travel Apps like AcademieDeVoyage.ca Être payé pour voyager! Devenez conseiller en voyages externe sans quitter votre emploi ! *L'AcademieDeVoyage.ca est la seule école à poceder une application mobile de son école. EN QUOI CONSISTE LE TRAVAIL DE CONSEILLER EXTERNE? Un agent (conseiller) ... Free 11/2015
18431   鑫杰安代驾 鑫杰安代驾 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 鑫杰安代驾 鑫杰安代驾(简称A代驾)是一款酒后代驾必备APP, 使用手机客户端,所在位置自动定位,显示离您最近的司机,平均10分钟之内到达,无需拨打400热线,不用等待,直接呼叫司机!秒秒钟成功下单,为您开启安全、专业、舒心的代驾之旅! 鑫杰安代驾提供的服务包括: 1、酒后代驾 2、疲劳代驾 3、代驾接送人 4、“您的专属司机”:您能想到的,鑫杰安代驾都能做到!... Free 11/2015
18432   EasyAnatomyReview EasyAnatomyReview Education Education Apps like EasyAnatomyReview The goal of our application is to enhance learning and increase both learning and academic achievements of our users in fields using the app. Our product is designed to be understood by both students and professionals from all levels and works of life. Ea... Free 11/2015
18433   Absolute Beauty-Merry Christmas Slots: Funny Casino Sloto Absolute Beauty-Merry Christmas Slots: Funny Casino Sloto Games Games Apps like Absolute Beauty-Merry Christmas Slots: Funny Casino Sloto Win $1, 000, 000! Fun slot games Vegas style! Easiest way to enjoy slots on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hours of fun with lots of slots machines to play. - Unlocked great new slot machines - Classic slot machines - Fun themes like Classic Slot... Free 11/2015
18434   Systems Of Equations Systems Of Equations Education Education Apps like Systems Of Equations App to solve 2x2 and 3x3 Systems of linear Equations. The App also GENERATES 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 random systems and shows the solution !!! The ideal tool for students who must exercise systems of equations and also for teachers who need to "invent" exerci... $0.99 11/2015
18435   Orthopädiepraxis Hohe Bleichen Orthopädiepraxis Hohe Bleichen Medical Medical Apps like Orthopädiepraxis Hohe Bleichen Ihre Praxis - immer aktuell auf Ihrem iPhone Die Praxis App bietet Ihnen als Patient neue und sehr nützliche mobile Services. Die App ist leicht zu bedienen und garantiert ein Höchstmaß an Datensicherheit. - Benachrichtigungen zu Ihren vereinbarten Term... Free 11/2015
18436   MySportal MySportal Sports Sports Apps like MySportal Your Sports Training Tool. For Athlete. For Team. For Club.... Free 11/2015
18437   桂林旅游门户 桂林旅游门户 Business Business Apps like 桂林旅游门户 桂林旅游门户平台上,用户可以了解到桂林旅游行业最新的行业资讯、互动产品服务信息,并可以提供商户、行业渠道商、行业客户、终端用户等互动交流信息。桂林旅游客户端对现有商务平台平滑扩展,无缝衔接,为客户和商家打造完美、多元化的产品体验的同时,也能及时地与客户互动交流,合作会员还可以通过供求商机来展示自己的特色产品,拓展营销渠道,随时随地把握互联网商机。真实、高效地让您生活更简单!... Free 11/2015
18438   网上无钢圈内衣 网上无钢圈内衣 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 网上无钢圈内衣 网上无钢圈内衣app客户端提供无钢圈内衣产品报价、图片、产品参数、功能介绍、无钢圈内衣评论讨论,寻找无钢圈内衣就在网上无钢圈内衣app!!!... Free 11/2015
18439   Fruit Basket  Dressup 透 Fruit Basket Dressup 透 Games Games Apps like Fruit Basket Dressup 透 Description Tohru wants to look great for a fun day under the cherry blossoms. What should she wear?... Free 11/2015
18440   Magnolia Oakland Magnolia Oakland Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Magnolia Oakland An application detailing the services and offerings of Magnolia Wellness in Oakland. Our application includes a link to our updated menu, listings for our complimentary services, social media links, and information on our organization. You will also fi... Free 11/2015
18441   广西诊所 广西诊所 Catalogs Catalogs Apps like 广西诊所 广西诊所是由中国APP服务中心开发的标准版应用。中国APP服务中心(www.appzhuce.org) 旨在向中国的中小企业提供全程的移动互联网服务移动应用, 其中移动应用是全程服务的核心.为客户提供全程的移动应用开发服务, 并联合多种渠道进行应用的推广和下载。 广西诊所: 提供行业动态、地方诊所、健康常识、诊所风采、健康热线, 让您更了解广西诊所最新信息. 微商圈商家、简介、商圈、资讯, 让您更了解商家信息. 快速浏览广西诊所相册. 关于我们是让您更深入了解我们. 留言板是让您留下宝贵的意见以及提议... Free 11/2015
18442   秀一个 秀一个 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 秀一个 秀一个一款展示现在生活时尚类的APP, 它主要介绍现在最新的时尚新闻和一些时尚达人推荐的物品.可以进行对自己喜欢的物品进行关注.... Free 11/2015
18443   SBX 12 Spirit Box PRO SBX 12 Spirit Box PRO Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SBX 12 Spirit Box PRO The SBX 12 Spirit Box PRO is a brand new tool for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, and is the most advanced "Spirit Box" on the market We have taken the best from TX1 and added a whole new range of Sweeping Speeds and algorithms. This time, ... $3.99 11/2015
18444   丽江货物运输信息网 丽江货物运输信息网 Catalogs Catalogs Apps like 丽江货物运输信息网 丽江货物运输信息网是由中国APP服务中心开发的标准版应用。中国APP服务中心(www.appzhuce.org) 旨在向中国的中小企业提供全程的移动互联网服务移动应用, 其中移动应用是全程服务的核心.为客户提供全程的移动应用开发服务, 并联合多种渠道进行应用的推广和下载。 丽江货物运输信息网: 提供运输专线、商家、车源信息、行业新闻、物流运输知识、咨询, 让您更了解丽江货物运输信息网最新信息. 微商圈商家、简介、商圈、资讯, 让您更了解商家信息. 快速浏览丽江货物运输信息网相册. 关于我们是让您更深入... Free 11/2015
18445   Halloween Skins for Minecraft PE & PC Halloween Skins for Minecraft PE & PC Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Halloween Skins for Minecraft PE & PC Special and unique hand picked Halloween skins designed for PE and PC Edition for Minecraft!! Choose from the tons of different skins and set them as your own skin. Features : 1. Best Hand Picked Halloween skins 2. Virtual 3D Preview 3. View your Skins... $0.99 11/2015
18446   Praxis Dr Saleh Hamburg Praxis Dr Saleh Hamburg Medical Medical Apps like Praxis Dr Saleh Hamburg Ihre Praxis - immer aktuell auf Ihrem iPhone Die Praxis App bietet Ihnen als Patient neue und sehr nützliche mobile Services. Die App ist leicht zu bedienen und garantiert ein Höchstmaß an Datensicherheit. - Benachrichtigungen zu Ihren vereinbarten Term... Free 11/2015
18447   在线汽车客户端 在线汽车客户端 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 在线汽车客户端 在线汽车手机APP是一款专门针对汽车行业打造的手机应用!里面涵盖了丰富的汽车资讯、二手车市场、新车上市、汽车商城、汽车维修保养、汽车配件、汽车报价等,还提供了许多优秀的汽车企业商家,满足供求需要。是汽车行业商家寻求电子商务贸易的首选平台!... Free 11/2015
18448   Relations : learning Education games for kids Add to child development - free!! Relations : learning Education games for kids Add to child development - free!! Education Education Apps like Relations : learning Education games for kids Add to child development - free!! The game learning.The image matching related.The picture below matching with the picture above right. Correct answer will get a star and sound.... Free 11/2015
18449   7 Slots Casino 7 Slots Casino Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 7 Slots Casino Download 7 Slots Online Casino to your mobile for excellent game variety – FREE! Playing your favourite online casino games on your mobile has multiple advantages: the games are easily accessible, at any time of the day, absolutely anywhere you choose ... Free 11/2015
18450   建材企业直通车 建材企业直通车 Business Business Apps like 建材企业直通车 建材企业直通车是一款定制开发的掌上APP客户端软件,提供相关资讯及产品信息。APP主要包括:新闻资讯,企业会员,产品中心,产品商城等模块。... Free 11/2015
18451   Rep. Triston Cole Rep. Triston Cole News News Apps like Rep. Triston Cole Download the Rep. Triston Cole app for iPhone today to stay informed about, and contribute to, the Michigan political landscape. The simple and easy to use layout is perfect for remaining in touch with breaking news and events as they happen. And unli... Free 11/2015
18452   Grace In Your Pocket Grace In Your Pocket Reference Reference Apps like Grace In Your Pocket Pick up your phone, kick-back, and change your life with Grace’s amazing hypnosis that you will now be able to listen on-the-go! These are what I call “pick-me-up” recordings. Anytime you want a boost in an area of your life you can just choose your top... Free 11/2015
18453   Ride Redding Ride Redding Utilities Utilities Apps like Ride Redding In this app you can find: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, About Us, RoadReport, Events, News, ... Free 11/2015
18454   planetphoto planetphoto Photography Photography Apps like planetphoto This app is a genuine photo retouching tool by simple operation. It is carried out in the following three steps. i) Shooting or loading an image that becomes base image. ii) Specifying a sky area in the image. It can be a simple operation by tapping. iii... $0.99 11/2015
18455   Diamond Blast Mania. Diamond Blast Mania. Games Games Apps like Diamond Blast Mania. Diamond Blast Mania a classic match 3 game filled with icy jewels that fall! Diamond Blast welcomes you to an era of magical journey of ice world in which all the falling jewels are frozen. Collect those precious jewels, gems and diamonds in this magical... Free 11/2015
18456   나원장 나원장 Business Business Apps like 나원장 한국을 대표하는 전문 원장님의 전문앱! 현업에서 활동하는 원장님을 위한 전문 앱! 나원장 마케팅에는 아이디어가 있습니다. - 시장과 소비자를 즉각적으로 움직일 수 있는 실전 솔루션의 출발점으로서, 원장님들을 성공으로 이끌고, 실소비자의 구매행동에 최적화된 새롭고 독창적인 문제 해결 아이디어를 제시하겠습니다. 나원장 경영지원에는 솔루션이 있습니다. - 원장님들의 경영지원, 세금, 세무, 노무, 법무의 각 분야의 나원장 전문가들... Free 11/2015
18457   Teen Patti Party - Indian Poker Teen Patti Party - Indian Poker Games Games Apps like Teen Patti Party - Indian Poker #1 Teen Patti Game now available on Appstore. Built by a team of Professionals with years of Gaming Experience! Teen Patti Party is only RNG Certified Game available on the Appstore today! Great Features : - Works amazingly smooth on all old and new gen... Free 11/2015
18458   Bibble Studio Bibble Studio Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bibble Studio Bibble Studio - Long Lane, Odiham. This app provides online booking, business information, special offers and more. Keep up to date with all the latest business information and news. Find out about offers and promotions. Receive exclusive discounts ... Free 11/2015
18459   Doctor Accounts Doctor Accounts Business Business Apps like Doctor Accounts Easy to use, quick and convenient way to check your accounts in the hospital you work for. This highly secured application helps you check your accounts by patients or by coverage. It shows what has been invoiced, collected by your hospital or paid t... Free 11/2015
18460   SUNLUXY SUNLUXY Photography Photography Apps like SUNLUXY SUNLUXY is a free App which is customized for IP camera. It applies advanced network transmission technology Cloudlink P2P, which makes remote monitor and video call easier than ever before, and offers you a best choice to keep an eye on your family and... Free 11/2015
18461   惠买网—引爆闺蜜圈的实惠购物app,每日红包领不停 惠买网—引爆闺蜜圈的实惠购物app,每日红包领不停 key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like 惠买网—引爆闺蜜圈的实惠购物app,每日红包领不停 惠买网,真正的实惠靠谱的购物平台。 * 千万款商品,给你最透明的折扣,完爆其他比价软件。 * 最给力的闪购,直达淘宝天猫,最快捷买买买。 * 超值好物精选,数十名小编帮你精挑细选。 * 每天更新,天天有的刷,满足你的一切购物需求。 手机必备APP: * 这个双11最不可错过的,都在这里。 * 价格低,价格透明,折上折,小编为你寻找性价比最高的好物。 * 收藏好物,随时买。... Free 11/2015
18462   Maze 11 Maze 11 Games Games Apps like Maze 11 Brain stimulation puzzle game! The goal is to put the number stipulated the blue block numbers in red tile. - Block, to move and to move to the end, it will stop if there is a wall or block. - Which disappears when the number and the tile numbers bloc... $0.99 11/2015
18463   我的美食 我的美食 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 我的美食 1.我的美食是一款根据食物名称和城市进行搜索的一款app,另外还有一个外出的天气查询 2.该app运用到很多框架,同时也用到如:MJRefresh,Additions,RDVTabBarController,SCNavigation,SDWebImage等其他一些开源库,同时也调用了系统的库,实现地图功能... Free 11/2015
18464   Boom Sticker Boom Sticker Games Games Apps like Boom Sticker This is a small game. The game include a boom boxes matrix and players must open every boxes that does not contain a boom.... Free 11/2015
18465   Praxis Dr Rubach München Praxis Dr Rubach München Medical Medical Apps like Praxis Dr Rubach München Ihre Praxis - immer aktuell auf Ihrem iPhone Die Praxis App bietet Ihnen als Patient neue und sehr nützliche mobile Services. Die App ist leicht zu bedienen und garantiert ein Höchstmaß an Datensicherheit. - Benachrichtigungen zu Ihren vereinbarten Term... Free 11/2015
18466   医疗 医疗 Utilities Utilities Apps like 医疗 医疗是整合互联网在线病患资源和线下医疗服务资源,利用先进的网络平台为患者的就医提供便捷优质的医疗资讯,在自身成长的同时作为医疗资讯,医疗资讯将不断创新,为病患网民提供更全面的在线服务,为健康企业提供更有效的营销平台。... Free 11/2015
18467   SchoolPraat OBS Pluspunt SchoolPraat OBS Pluspunt Education Education Apps like SchoolPraat OBS Pluspunt Met deze eigen app kan de school sneller en gerichter communiceren met ouders d.m.v. nieuwsberichten en pushberichten. De school kan kiezen om de pushberichten naar de ouders van de gehele school te sturen, maar kan ook kiezen om dit te doen naar een afz... Free 11/2015
18468   免费书旗小说-读书看书听书追书下载电子书阅读神器 免费书旗小说-读书看书听书追书下载电子书阅读神器 Books Books Apps like 免费书旗小说-读书看书听书追书下载电子书阅读神器 本应用支持智能更换小说书源,保证可用性,保证舒适性!vip章节破解,免费奉送!书源经过重新排版,无杂乱广告!自动更新最新章节!没有您找不到的书!翻页方式可换,背景可换,字体可换!给您最好的阅读体验! 8大特点: 1、智能换源:根据书源可用性以及用户评分,用户可以选择最好的书源。 2、免费会员:最新小说vip章节免费抓取给大家,让我们轻松享受阅读的快乐。 3、实时监测:强大的智能监测引擎,为您实时监测关注小说动态,让您第一时间得到最新小说更新章节提醒。 4、简单易用: 改进了传统小说阅读器中... Free 11/2015
18469   TeleFinder Lephalale/Ellisras TeleFinder Lephalale/Ellisras Business Business Apps like TeleFinder Lephalale/Ellisras Telefinder ® Lephalale/Ellisras is a up to date Business, Telephone and Information directory that consist of telephone numbers, cell phone numbers and addresses of available businesses and originations in and around this region. An alphabetical and cl... Free 11/2015
18470   汽车查询 汽车查询 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 汽车查询 提供各类汽车价格查询,涵盖了全国354各城市20000多家经销商,囊括了9000多款车型,每天更新最新汽车报价信息,为广大车友提供了一个快速了解汽车最新资讯的平台。... Free 11/2015
18471   Camping Guide and Advice For a More Enjoyable Outdoor Adventure Camping Guide and Advice For a More Enjoyable Outdoor Adventure Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Camping Guide and Advice For a More Enjoyable Outdoor Adventure This camping app is loaded with useful information and tips, whether you're planning a family camping trip or hiking. Discover the camping tips that can really improve your outdoor adventure. Step-by-step instructions on Camping Guide and Advice: How ... $0.99 11/2015
18472   Ealaniah  الإعلانية Ealaniah الإعلانية Reference Reference Apps like Ealaniah الإعلانية A weekly magazine and advertising, including all events in the UAE market also Classifieds of «Real Estate, Jobs, engines, Misc», , published in Arabic two versions different, the first of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second for Al Ain are rotat... Free 11/2015
18473   Winter Christmas Photo Frames Winter Christmas Photo Frames Photography Photography Apps like Winter Christmas Photo Frames Winter Christmas Photo Frames consist of different themes of custom designs of beautiful and special Christmas photo frames. Winter Christmas Photo Frames is specially design for everyone who celebrate Christmas and like to share their happy and wonderfu... Free 11/2015
18474   广州悦驾族车务 广州悦驾族车务 Business Business Apps like 广州悦驾族车务 广州悦驾族车务是一款定制开发的掌上APP客户端软件,提供相关资讯及产品信息。APP主要包括:公司简介,文章模块,违章查询等模块。... Free 11/2015
18475   Rat 3D Rat 3D Education Education Apps like Rat 3D DOWNLOAD MARKER FROM THIS LINK : http://www.augmenterapp.com/marker.jpg Features of the Rat 3D App: 1) Educators can Zoom and Rotate the 3d model of Rat. 2) Students can teachers can Take apart . 3) Each layer or object can be made Glassy to see through... Free 11/2015
18476   Mitochondrion 3D Mitochondrion 3D Education Education Apps like Mitochondrion 3D DOWNLOAD MARKER FROM THIS LINK : http://www.augmenterapp.com/marker.jpg Features of the Mitochondrion 3D App: 1) Educators can Zoom and Rotate the 3d model of Mitochondrion . 2) Students can teachers can Take apart . 3) Each layer or object can be made ... Free 11/2015
18477   出租屋视频端 出租屋视频端 Utilities Utilities Apps like 出租屋视频端 远程监控系统移动互联网视频远程监管平台, 超长免费试用30天远程监控系统全新VsaaS云架构, 稳定安全, 易用便捷.远程监控系统企业动态, 随机掌控。... Free 11/2015
18478   若宠 若宠 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 若宠 一款宠物社交类的APP,可以查看网友分享的各种宠物的生活点滴,带给你欢乐。... Free 11/2015
18479   Русские Американцы Русские Американцы Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Русские Американцы Первый мобильный справочник всех русскоговорящих жителей Соединенных Штатов Америки: бизнесы, мероприятия, знакомства, объявления, друзья, магазины, и многое другое! Ставьте бесплатно объявления, читайте газеты и журналы, слушайте радио, знакомьт... Free 11/2015
18480   Dịch with Google Translate - Tu Dien Anh Viet & Hoc tieng anh  với 1500 từ phổ biến Dịch with Google Translate - Tu Dien Anh Viet & Hoc tieng anh với 1500 từ phổ biến Education Education Apps like Dịch with Google Translate - Tu Dien Anh Viet & Hoc tieng anh với 1500 từ phổ biến Tại sao bạn cần phải học những từ vựng mà thực tế không sử dụng nhiều trong cuộc sống hay công việc ? Hãy dừng việc sử dụng thời gian không hiệu quả và đầu tư cho những thứ cần thiết hơn. Điểm khác biết của Từ Điển Anh VIệt này ở chổ chỉ có 1500 từ. Nhưn... Free 11/2015
18481   书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器 书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器 Books Books Apps like 书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器 书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器功能简介 1:书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器加入精编推荐专题版块,编辑哥哥的用心只为你省心,再也不用担心读什么书的问题了。 2:书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器书城建设竣工,更精准的小说版块分类汇集喜马拉雅、百度小说、掌阅、微博读书等小说网站精髓,喜欢的小说看到停不下来。 3:书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器更为简介细致的界面让阅读成为享受,美工哥哥带你阅读带你飞。 4:书旗小说-免费小说下载阅读器app更多的口袋体验等待你去感受。 书旗小说QQ交流群:458502882 书旗小说公共... Free 11/2015
18482   体育宁波 体育宁波 Sports Sports Apps like 体育宁波 “体育宁波”是在一般的健身设施场所的基础上,附加了网络信息的覆盖。在如今电子科技发达和全民网络普及的时代,为市民提供网络信息能够进一步推进全民健身的普及率,提高“体育宁波”的实用性。 创建“体育宁波”的重点在于搭建相应的便民网络平台。该平台能够在第一时间给予使用者大量的运动健身信息,如健身场所地点的指示、前往健身地点的参考路线、参与健身类型的建议等。使之成为居民享受公共体育服务的主要场所,从而全面提升群众的生活质量。... Free 11/2015
18483   会计出纳财务知识实用宝典 - 财务管理一学就会,轻松做会计 会计出纳财务知识实用宝典 - 财务管理一学就会,轻松做会计 Reference Reference Apps like 会计出纳财务知识实用宝典 - 财务管理一学就会,轻松做会计 我们服务中国会计行业,“把经验传递给有梦想的人”! 我们为众多财税人员提供着绵绵不断、细水长流式的会计知识、财税法律、审计实务等等干货资料。 我们希望通过我们更大的努力,让更多锐意进取的财务人员,都能轻松享受绵绵不断、细水长流式的企业财税实务高端知识!... Free 11/2015
18484   康之道 康之道 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 康之道 这是一款可以教会您如何健康生活的APP。打开它您就会看到生活中我们所忽略的影响身体健康的小知识,更是从我们的日常饮食中发现问题所在,帮助您改变错误的饮食习惯。 同时还提供各种药物,以供参考。还可以检索到您附近的药店之类的,为你出行提供方便。 如果您想要了解一些医学方面的知识,这里更是有一些健康类书籍供您选择和阅读。当然,如果看累了,我们更是有不定时更新的让人忍俊不禁的小段子和图片,供您欣赏。 总之,身体是革命的本钱,没有了健康,一切都好似没有意义。我们... Free 11/2015
18485   家用电器 家用电器 Business Business Apps like 家用电器 家用电器客户端是基于移动互联网平台而研发的手机客户端,在此平台上,用户可以了解到家用电器行业最新的行业资讯、互动产品服务信息,并可以提供商户、行业渠道商、行业客户、终端用户等互动交流信息。家用电器客户端对现有商务平台平滑扩展,无缝衔接,为客户和商家打造完美、多元化的产品体验的同时,也能及时地与客户互动交流,合作会员还可以通过供求商机来展示自己的特色产品,拓展移动营销渠道,随时随地把握移动互联网商机。真实、高效地让您生活更简单!... Free 11/2015
18486   FITIPS app FITIPS app Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like FITIPS app FITIPS is a fast and simple booking app that is right at your fingertips.... Free 11/2015
18487   P2P理财门户 P2P理财门户 Business Business Apps like P2P理财门户 P2P理财门户是最具商业价值和最具发展潜力的专业网络媒体。该客户端面向全国招商,各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业以及广大客户更为便捷。该客户端向广大客户展示了一个大型的互联网门户平台,以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户提供了一个丰富的信息平台。... Free 11/2015
18488   衡阳旅游 衡阳旅游 Business Business Apps like 衡阳旅游 衡阳旅游 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18489   保护膜网 保护膜网 Business Business Apps like 保护膜网 保护膜网是一款很全面很方便使用的客户端。该客户端面向全国招商,各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业以及广大客户更为便捷。保护膜网有大量的关于保护膜方面方面的领先资讯,会员注册,便捷查看联系方式等功能。以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能,最新的资讯信息,为广大客户展现一个丰富的行业平台。... Free 11/2015
18490   UAE Sports Map UAE Sports Map Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like UAE Sports Map To implement the objectives of the General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare related to disseminating sports culture, i.e. "sports lifestyle" in UAE, the Department of Sports Affairs took the initiative and articulate UAE sports map to serve UAE re... Free 11/2015
18491   好贷征信管家 好贷征信管家 Business Business Apps like 好贷征信管家 信用管家-查询征信报告个人信用记录, 小额P2P贷款借贷借款借钱包, 信用卡办理提额理财记账车贷助手... Free 11/2015
18492   Offroad Mountain Bus sim 2016 Offroad Mountain Bus sim 2016 Games Games Apps like Offroad Mountain Bus sim 2016 It's time to drive various buses all over the world. Offroad Mountain Bus sim 2016 game World Tour is very enjoyable driving bus game.When you unlock next levels , you will see amazing environments. Offroad Mountain Bus sim 2016 is the latest simulatio... Free 11/2015
18493   房产 房产 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 房产 此款App是一款信息量大,使用便捷的买房、租房、卖房、查找二手房的生活类应用, 可以随时随地查房价,更有画圈找房、找房雷达、业主圈等亮点功能,目前国内生活类房地产App下载量排名第一;目前覆盖了全国300多个主要城市,是国内房源信息最全、更新最快的手机App;专业精准查房价功能,让你秒懂房价升降,掌握同城房价走势,买房卖房不再犹豫。... Free 11/2015
18494   百家装修 百家装修 Business Business Apps like 百家装修 润百家是“一个”团队为您服务,您只需面对“一个”客服,“一个”设计师…在这里,您不用当“总设计师”、“总调度员”、“总协调员”面对陌生的“各行各业”!您只需当好“贵客”即可,一切由我们代劳... Free 11/2015
18495   Kilogramm Kilogramm Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Kilogramm Приложение Килограмм (Kilogramm) для покупателей сети Гастроном Ижевск. Просмотр акций, поиск товаров, составление списка покупок, просмотр информации по карте Гастроном, список магазинов. The application Kilogramm was developed for customers of Ga... Free 11/2015
18496   Free Logo Maker - DesignMantic Free Logo Maker - DesignMantic Business Business Apps like Free Logo Maker - DesignMantic From the company which has brought to you the Logo Maker and Business Card Maker apps, DesignMantic now brings to you the Free Logo Maker app which is completely FREE. With our Free Logo Maker you can: 1. Use our DIY Free Logo Maker to design your logo... Free 11/2015
18497   社区商城-轻装版 社区商城-轻装版 Business Business Apps like 社区商城-轻装版 "商城(轻装版)"是"O2O社区商城"的简化版, 该版本去除繁杂的操作, 让用户更好更快捷的体验到在家或在公司就可以轻松购买日常用品的方便.... Free 11/2015
18498   信笔涂鸦 信笔涂鸦 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 信笔涂鸦 信笔涂鸦是一款以涂鸦, 分享为主的应用,为用户提供一个涂鸦,分享的自由平台。 功能介绍:用户使用本应用可以涂鸦自己喜欢的图片并可以选择配上精美文字,可以保存在本地也可以通过登录分享到自己的微博,和本应用的分享平台。... Free 11/2015
18499   湖南宾馆. 湖南宾馆. Business Business Apps like 湖南宾馆. 湖南宾馆 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18500   Taxi Minerva Taxi Minerva Travel Travel Apps like Taxi Minerva Tu destino está a solo un click de distancia!. Taxi Minerva te brinda una experiencia fácil, segura, divertida y cómoda para viajar en taxi. Con el más avanzado y preciso GPS en el mercado y tecnología de primer nivel. Con Taxi Minerva: Asegurarte de... Free 11/2015
18501   Gadget Pulse Gadget Pulse key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Gadget Pulse Gadget research made easy! Pulse helps you find the right product in a few minutes without doing any research. Just tell Pulse what you need the product to do and be good at…... Free 11/2015
18502   我爱吃零食 我爱吃零食 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 我爱吃零食 吃货不是因为饿,而是嘴巴太寂寞了!“我爱吃零食”为你推荐最美味,最有特色,最实惠的零食小吃。... Free 11/2015
18503   北邮国昊会签系统 北邮国昊会签系统 Business Business Apps like 北邮国昊会签系统 网上会签系统是一款移动办公产品,为用户提供申请,审批,传阅等功能服务。 可供申请事项,在线审批事项,传阅事项,让您随时随地网上办公,便捷操作。 1.我提交的申请,可查看自己的申请状态,内容一目了然 2,带我审批的事项,可在线审批,简单方便 3,传阅给我的事项,可随时了解事项的审批状态。... Free 11/2015
18504   World Memon Organisation World Memon Organisation Education Education Apps like World Memon Organisation The World Memon Organisation (“the WMO”) has been formed as an international umbrella organisation in order to unite Memon organisations, institutions, corporate bodies, associations, jamaats and individuals. The purpose of the WMO is to act as the ... Free 11/2015
18505   重庆火锅-火锅盛宴 重庆火锅-火锅盛宴 Business Business Apps like 重庆火锅-火锅盛宴 重庆火锅是一款定制开发的掌上APP客户端软件,提供相关资讯及产品信息。APP主要包括:商家店铺,新闻资讯,最新优惠等模块。... Free 11/2015
18506   物流信息网在线 物流信息网在线 Business Business Apps like 物流信息网在线 物流信息网客户端提供相关的最新资讯、供求行情、企业招聘、产品展示等实用功能。物流信息网客户端同时提供行业百科、专家博客、知道问答等常识类信息。另外物流信息网客户端还提供一键分享等手机直连功能,方便用户咨询。... Free 11/2015
18507   免费小说网-热门看书听书追书神器 免费小说网-热门看书听书追书神器 Productivity Productivity Apps like 免费小说网-热门看书听书追书神器 简洁的设计风格,经典不腻的小说,用心的专题书籍添加,完本小说免费下载,一切都为用户着想! 特色说明: *涵盖玄幻、穿越、总裁、言情、宫斗、官场、励志、恐怖、名著等分类全本小说排行榜。 *内置书库,支持删除旧书和下载新书。 *全屏阅读、书签收藏、智能记忆上次阅读位置、白天/夜间/养眼模式等最符合书友阅读习惯的贴心设计。 *完美适应所有版本的iphone/ipod touch/ipad设备。 *专注精品图书阅读服务,您绝对可以信赖的品质。 这不仅仅是一个软件,更是你坐车时,闲暇时,睡觉... Free 11/2015
18508   watchMoive watchMoive Entertainment Entertainment Apps like watchMoive 1、电影简介(剧情、导演、主演) 2、电影海报 3、选影院 看排期 4、80个城市,百余家影院放映信息,电影排期与影院同步更新,精确到开场时间、版本、影厅,随时了解场次,合理安排观赏时间。 5、本地收藏关注影院、电影信息 6、高德地图显示影院位置 7、实时分享影院信息与电影信息... Free 11/2015
18509   楼掌柜商家 楼掌柜商家 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 楼掌柜商家 楼掌柜商家管理端,楼掌柜”邻居家的综合便利店,吃的、喝的、用的应有尽有。下载楼掌柜App,更有超级跑腿功能,任何需要,招呼一声,掌柜秒送到您身边。... Free 11/2015
18510   Calvary Wesleyan Church Calvary Wesleyan Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Calvary Wesleyan Church Worship should help you sense God's nearness and let you express yourself to Him. That's why, as we worship together, our services are life-oriented and centered on Jesus Christ. We enjoy uplifting music. Often you will hear testimonies from people wh... Free 11/2015
18511   Santa Claus Maker - Christmas Special 2016 Santa Claus Maker - Christmas Special 2016 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Santa Claus Maker - Christmas Special 2016 Are you fan of santa claus and you like to make your own santa then try this application. This app is best for fun and you can make your fully customize santa and christmas invitation card. you can also share your santa in social network.... Free 11/2015
18512   友盟 友盟 Games Games Apps like 友盟 可供用户查询英雄联盟资讯, 查找各个英雄的技能背景故事, 使用技巧以及对抗技巧, 还提供了查询英雄的价格包括了点券和金币... Free 11/2015
18513   Ver Mx Ver Mx Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Ver Mx Multiplataforma informativa de interacción que conjunta el impacto de la televisión con la credibilidad de las redes sociales, lo que la hace una alternativa única en Chiapas. Para estar al día, con información al momento de sucesos relevantes, tráfico... Free 11/2015
18514   小芳健康 小芳健康 Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like 小芳健康 拥有会员信息、专家信息添加、查询、修改的功能,实现会员、专家信息全面掌握,信息查询更加有效,信息管理更加方便快捷。... Free 11/2015
18515   湖南二手房 湖南二手房 Business Business Apps like 湖南二手房 湖南二手房 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18516   Pregnant Mommy Fashion Design—Beautiful Princess Pregnant Mommy Fashion Design—Beautiful Princess Games Games Apps like Pregnant Mommy Fashion Design—Beautiful Princess Pregnant Mommy Fashion Design is a fun-filled dress up game. Beautiful princess is pregnant, but today she needs to take part in a evening party. The pregnant feels so excited because she hasn’t outside for so long time since she gets her baby. This ti... Free 11/2015
18517   Voices 4 Children Voices 4 Children Education Education Apps like Voices 4 Children Voices for Children is a volunteer organization that supports critical physical and psychological needs of children who have a Guardian ad Litem assigned to them. It supports recruitment, training, and retention of the volunteers who advocate for these ... Free 11/2015
18518   Top Bowman Top Bowman Games Games Apps like Top Bowman Help the Top Bowman to work his way through these lands using his archery skills to score enough points on each level by shooting various items to unlock his pathway as he continues on his journey. How to play: Fire your arrows and hit enough high value ... Free 11/2015
18519   湖南服饰网 湖南服饰网 Business Business Apps like 湖南服饰网 湖南服饰网 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18520   微纱 微纱 Business Business Apps like 微纱 微纱是一款纱线原材料及相关设备配件的买卖机会对接软件, 能够帮助人们进行以事情为中心的组织沟通,并随时随地跟踪每件事情的进展。微纱提供灵活化的多团队沟通方式,支持图片、声音、地理位置功能、文件传输等多种形式,并可以设置各种自定义事情模板.... Free 11/2015
18521   Pure Elegance Pure Elegance Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pure Elegance A free hair salon app providing client loyalty scheme, online booking, last minute times and salon information.... Free 11/2015
18522   青酒集团 青酒集团 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 青酒集团 贵州青酒集团有限责任公司前身为“贵州青溪酒厂”,位于中国历史文化名城镇远,是1955 年在青溪几个较大的酒作坊上以公私合营成立,1956年转为国营企业,早期产品有“青溪大曲”、“泉酒”、“金樱大曲”等,并多次被评为贵州名酒,1997年“青酒”系列产品问世,以全新的经营理念,从传承了数千年“以酒会友”的中国酒文化中,挖掘出了通俗易懂、朗朗上口、极富音律美的“喝杯青酒,交个朋友”的绝妙广告语,全面诠释了白酒的社交功能,表达了人们喝酒交友会友的愿望和目的,以人性与个性的完美结合,升华了产品灵魂,将白酒的社交功能... Free 11/2015
18523   Phonics Chest Phonics Chest Education Education Apps like Phonics Chest Welcome to our first phonics app! Phonics Chest is full of teaching resources and games for parents, educators and children to use. It focuses on some of the most commonly occurring words, from the early years to KS1 curriculum This app covers a wide... $0.99 11/2015
18524   多听FM电台 多听FM电台 Music Music Apps like 多听FM电台 音乐不论在什么时候都是生活中很重要的元素,我们可以选择自己喜欢听的歌,可以去搜寻我们喜爱的歌手的新曲。但有的时候,比如读书、工作、或是一个充满阳光的下午茶时间,我们需要的更多是一个电台,让我们不用为选择音乐而分心。一款好的电台软件可以让你轻松愉快地去感受音乐的美妙,而一个好的适合自己的电台软件很重要。 多听FM电台将会带给你不一样的精彩~... Free 11/2015
18525   SwissCycles SwissCycles Sports Sports Apps like SwissCycles This is the official Swiss Cycles Mobile Application. We are located on 1 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. Thank you for downloading our app. Swiss Cycles is aimed at the serious cyclist looking for precision service, great adv... Free 11/2015
18526   奔泰全屋净水 奔泰全屋净水 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 奔泰全屋净水 奔泰家商两用厨房净水机系列产品采用开能独家研发的四重过滤技术和抑菌技术,深度净化提高口感,可有效去除自来水中的余氯,重金属、有机物、颗粒杂质等,保护全家用水健康。产品外形小巧安装方便,适用于厨下空间,并可采用多台并联或串联的方式来满足用水较大的一些上午办公场所,使其广泛应用于餐厅、茶楼、咖啡厅等商业场所。... Free 11/2015
18527   Lincoln Douglas Debate Timer Lincoln Douglas Debate Timer Utilities Utilities Apps like Lincoln Douglas Debate Timer In need of a pretty lincoln douglas debate timer? This is a pretty debate timer. Follows circuit high school format: AC -- 6:00 1AR -- 4:00 2AR -- 3:00 CX -- 3:00 NC -- 7:00 2NR -- 6:00 Prep -- 4:00 I want to thank Crossroads NS for making this possib... Free 11/2015
18528   欣欣农业 欣欣农业 Business Business Apps like 欣欣农业 欣欣农业是按照生态学原理和经济学原理,运用现代科学技术成果和现代管理手段,以及传统农业的有效经验建立起来的,能获得较高的经济效益、生态效益和社会效益的现代农业。... Free 11/2015
18529   劳防用品 劳防用品 Utilities Utilities Apps like 劳防用品 由于市场与顾客的好评,我公司不仅和众多企业建立了持久的合作伙伴关系,而且企业业绩已连续三年按35〜50%的速度递增。 生命最宝贵,安全最重要;安全找劳防用品,劳防用品保性命。我公司愿用开拓的创新机制、现代的制造工艺、精良的检测设备和完善的质量服务体系,为您提供百分之百的安全保护。... Free 11/2015
18530   吉林美食 吉林美食 Utilities Utilities Apps like 吉林美食 吉林美食要生存,也要发展、为了能更好的、长期的为各位商家服务,把这个免费的平台做好,也会推出一些商家服务,此app包含资讯、美食图库和公司地图的导航等功能。... Free 11/2015
18531   互联网加中国机电设备网 互联网加中国机电设备网 Utilities Utilities Apps like 互联网加中国机电设备网 互联网加机电设备网是专业服务于机电设备行业厂商的专业电子商务平台,是机电设备领域领先的网络媒体。一直致力于为机电设备行业客户提供信息与商务服务。互联网加机电设备网为机电设备行业企业进行更精准的网络宣传和推广,为广大企业搭建功能全面的网上营销平台,提供丰富、权威的行业资讯,促进行业人士之间的交流,使整个产业链的各个环节的沟通贸易简单,节省企业的营销和物流成本。... Free 11/2015
18532   Drake Inn Nashville TN Drake Inn Nashville TN Business Business Apps like Drake Inn Nashville TN Drake Inn Nashville TN hotel in Nashville TN is waiting for you! Book this hotel with greater ease and quicker than ever before. And do everything right from you phone! With this single property app brought to you by BingoTravel Apps you can examine hotel... Free 11/2015
18533   XTIVIA Developer News XTIVIA Developer News Business Business Apps like XTIVIA Developer News XTIVIA Developer News is designed as a resource to find the latest news and technical blogs around Liferay Portal, Javascript Application Development, Content Management Systems, Database Optimization, Salesforce Dev and more. Sign up within the app ... Free 11/2015
18534   Xmas Gift Shooting Xmas Gift Shooting Games Games Apps like Xmas Gift Shooting Xmas Gift Shooting is really simple and addictive, cool game! Make combinations of 3 or more gifts to make them burst. Blast all the fruits to level up. *How to play: 1. Touch on screen to shoot or use your finger to move a target for shoot. 2. Combina... Free 11/2015
18535   算24游戏 算24游戏 Games Games Apps like 算24游戏 一款计算24点的休闲小游戏,找回儿时的快乐!... Free 11/2015
18536   墩子 墩子 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 墩子 家庭做菜软件,在这里可以搜索常用菜谱... Free 11/2015
18537   QF好好吃 QF好好吃 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like QF好好吃 生活最最离不开的就是食物了,我们每天都必须吃饭,才有精神开始每天的生活。所以这款app提供了附近的食物,可以在忙碌下班之后进行选择吃什么,提供了附近的美食。当然在选择吃得同时,app也提供了健康食材,可以供用户参考,对于自己喜欢的可以进行收藏... Free 11/2015
18538   Tim Sheridan For Congress Tim Sheridan For Congress Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Tim Sheridan For Congress Connect with the Sheridan for Congress campaign, stay informed and spread the message! Share this app with family and friends. Stay updated on events, candidate appearances, new videos and other campaign-related news. With the Sheridan for Congress a... Free 11/2015
18539   Jumping Weasel-Tree Climbers Jumping Weasel-Tree Climbers Games Games Apps like Jumping Weasel-Tree Climbers A game where the Weasel will bounce and climbs up the tree. Jump the Weasel higher and higher by tapping the correct side of the branch and avoid the flood. Don't let the water reach the Weasel, or else the game is done!. Have fun and if you like the ... Free 11/2015
18540   HD Boy Skins Lite - Ultimate Skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition HD Boy Skins Lite - Ultimate Skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition Entertainment Entertainment Apps like HD Boy Skins Lite - Ultimate Skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition Change your skin with 2 easy steps! No need to look further to find the perfect skin! It works with Minecraft PE 0.11.0 and up! Choose from thousands of different skins and set them as your own skin in Minecraft PE. - Large collection of boys skins to ... Free 11/2015
18541   Seagorse Wrestling Club Seagorse Wrestling Club Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Seagorse Wrestling Club The Seahorse Wrestling Club Mobile app is for the students, families, coaches and fans of Seahorse Wrestling Club. Seahorse Wrestling Club was one of the first Kansas Wrestling clubs to launch a custom mobile app to manage their Wrestling Club. Follow t... Free 11/2015
18542   Pixduel Square Pixduel Square Games Games Apps like Pixduel Square This is one of arcade game which is based on a very addictive game. You’ll get a given color at the beginning of the game, touch the given color and tap to clear up the rest color. This is the core rule of this addivtive game. Sounds easy? Try it! Game ... Free 11/2015
18543   Sunshine穿搭 Sunshine穿搭 Catalogs Catalogs Apps like Sunshine穿搭 此软件功能强大,为广大学生在网上购衣提供方便... Free 11/2015
18544   Egg Shot Bunny Egg Shot Bunny Games Games Apps like Egg Shot Bunny Egg Shot Bunny have fun and addictive Egg Shooter game! Clear all the eggs on the screen and try to get 3 stars on each level. Game features: + Clear to top mode + Recuse a chicken mode + Bugs bonus scores + More eggs drop more scores + In app pu... Free 11/2015
18545   Flappy Thoreau Flappy Thoreau Games Games Apps like Flappy Thoreau Flappy Thoreau chronicles Henry David Thoreau’s journey through the wilderness. He flies among the trees, seeking refuge from the distractions and troubles of urban life. He hops away from the worries that come with industry and jobs. Thoreau is on a jou... Free 11/2015
18546   巴蜀美食客户端 巴蜀美食客户端 Business Business Apps like 巴蜀美食客户端 巴蜀美食客户端提供相关的最新资讯、供求行情、企业招聘、产品展示等实用功能。巴蜀美食客户端同时提供行业百科、专家博客、知道问答等常识类信息。另外巴蜀美食客户端还提供一键分享等手机直连功能,方便用户咨询。... Free 11/2015
18547   哲学与人生自我完善调节指南 - 生活哲理治愈你的身体,做最好的自己 哲学与人生自我完善调节指南 - 生活哲理治愈你的身体,做最好的自己 Reference Reference Apps like 哲学与人生自我完善调节指南 - 生活哲理治愈你的身体,做最好的自己 打开心灵之门,让它充满爱的阳光。 生命需要鼓舞与希望,心灵需要温暖与滋养。 自私、贪婪、狭隘、虚荣……只会让心灵不堪重负。 多一点容智,人生将多一分从容; 多一些领悟,生活将多一分淡定。 点亮温暖的心灯,打开紧闭的心门,让光明充满你的整个心房,让幸福从此与你相伴。... Free 11/2015
18548   云南汽修-客户端 云南汽修-客户端 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 云南汽修-客户端 云南汽修移动客户端旨在打造云南最有价值的汽修社交平台,主要服务于专业从事汽修服务的各个商家,以及广大车主。本电子商务平台由平台拥有者管理运营,并由现代移动互联网研究院、广东掌商科技信息技术有限公司提供技术支持。咨询热线:0871-66377188/400-611-4918。... Free 11/2015
18549   沅江芦笋 沅江芦笋 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 沅江芦笋 沅江芦笋App提供全面的沅江芦笋信息,是用户了解沅江芦笋的重要手中信息。同时沅江芦笋带您搜罗大街小巷的各色美味,寻觅你所不知、你所未闻的特色美食,并和你分享体验沅江风情的全过程。 1、客户端免费,不会收取任何费用 2、客户端主要是展示特产与美食方面的基本信息 3、拥有最新沅江芦笋新闻及发展方面的资讯... Free 11/2015
18550   福娃童装 福娃童装 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 福娃童装 我们将以“一切为了孩子”,我们与你同行“为品牌理念”完全母婴产品,服务你我新生“为服务宗旨”,为各位父母提供畅销母婴产品... Free 11/2015
18551   Roomer - Find Empty Rooms on Campus Roomer - Find Empty Rooms on Campus Education Education Apps like Roomer - Find Empty Rooms on Campus Many students have experienced difficulty finding a good study space on campus. Libraries are often crowded, especially during exam period. Group study rooms are frequently in short supply. Roomer aims to solve this problem. Roomer shows you which lectur... Free 11/2015
18552   安徽酒水 安徽酒水 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 安徽酒水 安徽酒水客户端是一款实用信息平台,集今日热点、行业动态、政策法规、浏览关于我们联系人信息等功能于一体。... Free 11/2015
18553   盛彩文具 盛彩文具 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 盛彩文具 盛彩文具礼品有限公司,是一家集产品研发、生产和销售于一体的专业性文具公司。成立于2008年,现如今,公司的销售网络已经覆盖全国二三线城市。旗下拥有贝贝公主、功夫王、伊一等多个自有品牌,并拥有国内动漫品牌“铠甲勇士”的独家授权。... Free 11/2015
18554   Nellis Nellis Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Nellis Did you ever drive by an event on base and wonder what was going on? When you PCS'd to Nellis, did you wish you had a phone number and directions to all the spots on your checklist? How many times have you searched the web for an on-base phone number? ... Free 11/2015
18555   Kids Equestria Costumes—Fashion Show&Party Time Kids Equestria Costumes—Fashion Show&Party Time Games Games Apps like Kids Equestria Costumes—Fashion Show&Party Time I am sure you know by now that the gorgeous baby Lily loves costumes.She has tried on many gorgeous ones, she accessorized them and added fun jewels to create unique looks, and now it's finally time for her to try the equestrian ones.Sounds like fun righ... $0.99 11/2015
18556   Rosewood Family Restaurant Rosewood Family Restaurant Business Business Apps like Rosewood Family Restaurant Enjoy something new every day Spend your next meal with us Change up your meal every day with our daily specials. You'll receive the same great food that locals have enjoyed for over 35 years at a discounted price. We offer something for everyone, so br... Free 11/2015
18557   天天有食 天天有食 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 天天有食 天天有食,是一款健康美食,健康常识的App。用户可以收藏自己喜欢的菜谱,每一道菜都有它独特的健康价值,每一天我们都会有健康知识的推荐,多一道菜,多一点健康。... Free 11/2015
18558   湖南建筑. 湖南建筑. Business Business Apps like 湖南建筑. 湖南建筑 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18559   Gear challenge player Gear challenge player Games Games Apps like Gear challenge player Swipe your finger left of right to move the gear and avoid the obstacles.... Free 11/2015
18560   春风十里 春风十里 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 春风十里 春风十里免费网络旅游资讯平台,连同跨境合作商共同提供安心安全欧洲旅游服务,中欧文化交流... Free 11/2015
18561   装饰建材 装饰建材 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 装饰建材 这是关于装饰建材的一款全新的手机移动客户端,最新的装饰建材讯息一定会给您带来最全面的新体 验,不仅如此,我们还拥有全网最优惠的服务,让您第一时间选购到既经济又实惠的产品,一定会让您有完美满意的体验;此外,我们诚招加盟,期待您的加入;欢迎下载装饰建材手机移动客户端!!... Free 11/2015
18562   Roasters Deli Roasters Deli Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Roasters Deli Download your FREE Roasters Deli App today! Roasters is an American Inspired deli. It came about after owner Jamie had visited various parts of The States and fell in love with the style of deli's that America has that Scotland simply doesn't have. Hung... Free 11/2015
18563   易湛江 易湛江 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 易湛江 湛江最大的分类信息网站,海量生活信息免费查询。吃喝玩乐找打折,招聘求职、汽车租售。真实、高效、免费,让您的生活变得更简单!... Free 11/2015
18564   Shakti The Premium Sandwich Shop Shakti The Premium Sandwich Shop Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Shakti The Premium Sandwich Shop Shakti offers a great variety of lip-smacking and innovative sandwiches that you have never tasted before. The exclusive and unique flavour of each of our sandwiches defines our chef and dedication towards your satiation! We aim to provide the right food ... Free 11/2015
18565   伊露维塔 伊露维塔 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 伊露维塔 伊露维塔致力于玩家线下电竞娱乐,立足当下潮流的电竞娱乐需求,为用户提供电竞娱乐玩家的互动娱乐平台。内容涵盖英雄联盟、刀塔, 提供赛事资讯,积分兑换商品,玩家发布活动进行比赛、电竞比赛节目预告,支持收看直播,直播信号来自战旗TV,支持查看相关新闻,收录了主流电竞网站新闻,... Free 11/2015
18566   泉承·汇 泉承·汇 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 泉承·汇 泉承spa——我们坐落于东风中路的繁华商圈,全店面积1500平方,拥有7个独立美容房间,装修时尚高雅,配套齐全,同时设有户外花园环境优美,务求让每位到店的顾客都能享受到全身心的放松。这是一个魅力女人的天地,集美容、护肤、美体塑型、纤体、养生、健康饮食咨询于一体的健康管理中心,我们拥有一批高素质的美业团队,色彩咨询师,国际养生顾问;店内配有多台多台高端美容美体仪器,我们始终以缔造自信自强健康都市人”为己任,用心成就魅力女人,让她们完成剥茧成蝶的华丽蜕变!穿过繁华都市,有个宁静优质的环境永远为您守候,拂去忙绿... Free 11/2015
18567   Riverside Family Dining Riverside Family Dining Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Riverside Family Dining We are here to do everything in our power to make you 100% satisfied and we do this by a great staffs great restaurants, great chefs and best of all we keep our prices are reasonable We Are A family owned business with over 25 years in the restaurant bu... Free 11/2015
18568   金鲨海鲜自助 金鲨海鲜自助 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 金鲨海鲜自助 金鲨国际美食百汇是武汉市一家全新概念的国际复合式自助餐厅模式“全开放式厨房”,不但给饮食文化注入新的概念,也印证了武汉全新的自助餐厅百汇时代的来临。金鲨国际美食百汇聚集世界全国美食,开创了新鲜现炒烹调料理,百名厨师现场服务的盛大景象,星级的服务,合理的消费,使来宾感受无穷的惊艳与创意。作为武汉市一家国际海鲜主题自助餐厅,金鲨坚持精选高级食材,用超高成本的标准提供给顾客,随意取食,物超所值;推广时尚餐厅潮流,创造自助餐饮文化。... Free 11/2015
18569   Cheese N Mouse Cheese N Mouse Games Games Apps like Cheese N Mouse Get ready for the fun cheese-laden block removal game Cheese 'N' Mouse! Your object is simple: delete platforms to make the tiny cheese-lover flop on his target. Be careful not to let the mouse fall off the screen and try to clear each level as fast as ... Free 11/2015
18570   알라모렌터카 알라모렌터카 Travel Travel Apps like 알라모렌터카 Drive Happy! 전세계 해외 렌터카 1위 업체 알라모 렌터카에서 모바일 앱을 출시했습니다! 이제 모바일 앱으로 쉽고 빠르게 해외 렌터카를 예약하세요~ [알라모 렌터카는?] 1957년 설립된 세계 최대 렌터카 그룹 엔터프라이즈 홀딩스의 자회사로 전세계 8, 600여개의 지점과 150만 여대의 최신 차량을 보유하고 있습니다. 미국 미주리주 세인트 루이스에 본사를 두고 있으며 포브스지 선정 500대 기업중 20위에 오른 렌터카 산업의 리더 기... Free 11/2015
18571   Zoo Candy Zoo Candy Games Games Apps like Zoo Candy Zoo Candy Zoo Candy is a cool match 3 puzzle game with cats, dogs, frogs, bears and many more animals. Match groups of 3 or more pets to remove them. Create and match candy for spectacular effects. Enjoy the game!... Free 11/2015
18572   吃在綦江 吃在綦江 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 吃在綦江 吃在綦江充分体现吃在綦江网站的优势,提供吃在綦江的一个全方位移动客户端,可以看到最全的一站式移动营销服务体系,成为了用户方便快捷的生活 ,消费入口。 主要功能: 1、合作企业的最佳资讯,让您更方便了解吃在綦江方面的消息。 2、聚齐诸多商家产品,方便您更加全方位选择和服务。 3、招商加盟,客户端广泛招商,让您拥有生意商机汇招商信息平台。 4、一键拨打商家电话,更您和商家之间的沟通更方便。... Free 11/2015
18573   徐城乐购 徐城乐购 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 徐城乐购 徐城乐购,徐州人自己的APP。搭建徐州人自己的购物平台,实惠价格,质量上乘,售后保障,便民服务为一体的网络平台。... Free 11/2015
18574   住院宝APP_住院康复好帮手_病房护理和患者宣教必备APP 住院宝APP_住院康复好帮手_病房护理和患者宣教必备APP Medical Medical Apps like 住院宝APP_住院康复好帮手_病房护理和患者宣教必备APP 住院宝APP是患者住院康复必备的专业APP,用户可下载关注自己的治疗课程,包含专业全面的治疗指南、康复知识及住院提醒,还可以和自己的主治医生、责任护士无缝沟通。住院宝APP为患者及家属提供多方位、个性化、持续性的康复护理服务,同时帮助护士/医生有效提高患者宣教和患者随访的工作效率,是患者住院康复的必备好帮手! 住院宝APP覆盖了全国医院的病房、住院区,是护士/医生在临床一线的工作助手,帮助全国的患者早日出院康复!... Free 11/2015
18575   跑酷三国志 - 古典水墨风 跑酷三国志 - 古典水墨风 Games Games Apps like 跑酷三国志 - 古典水墨风 一款特幽默风趣的三国跑酷游戏,经典中又加入一些创新的元素;整体画面为独树一帜的水墨风格还加入了抽象的手法。 玩法:左下角的“攻”即进攻(只可对付没有拿盾牌的小兵);右下角的“跳”即跳跃(遇到手拿盾牌的小兵必须跳跃,否则over!) 亲爱的玩家,如果您对游戏有什么提议或者想参与我们的游戏策划,请加我们的官方QQ群:189662339 谢谢!... Free 11/2015
18576   電信研討會 電信研討會 Education Education Apps like 電信研討會 2015 全國電信研討會App.包含研討會相關資料,兩天議程細節,與對應論文內容.... Free 11/2015
18577   湖南教育网. 湖南教育网. Business Business Apps like 湖南教育网. 湖南教育网 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18578   Preferred Parking solutions Preferred Parking solutions Business Business Apps like Preferred Parking solutions Preferred Parking Solutions, LLC is the leading valet parking company servicing South Florida. Based in Jupiter, Florida, the company provides services to restaurants, country clubs, condominium buildings, and other facilities requiring dependable v... Free 11/2015
18579   PK's Fine Wine and Spirits PK's Fine Wine and Spirits Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like PK's Fine Wine and Spirits This app is for alcohol consumers of legal age. Download PK's mobile app for the fastest, most convenient way to get beer, wine and liquor delivered right to your front door. We Love A Good Party! PK’s has a full calendar of events year round. Receive... Free 11/2015
18580   English Vietnamese Dictionary Offline TF3000 Words English Vietnamese Dictionary Offline TF3000 Words Education Education Apps like English Vietnamese Dictionary Offline TF3000 Words Từ điển TF3000 có phát âm và nghe từ, dùng OFFLINE giao diện đơn giản dễ sử dụng. Hơn 3000 từ Anh Việt thông dụng nhất, rút ngắn thời gian học tập tiếng Anh cho người Việt, phát âm giọng Mỹ chuẩn, sử dụng OFFLINE (không cần có mạng Internet). GAME h... Free 11/2015
18581   亿乐享 亿乐享 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 亿乐享 亿乐享是汇集美食、电影、酒店、休闲娱乐、旅游、到家服务等众多生活服务的本地生活O2O平台,一站式解决吃喝玩乐购的问题,为消费者发现最值得信赖的商家,让消费者享受超低折扣的优质服务。... Free 11/2015
18582   女王的私人宴会 - 女孩女生换装养成小游戏免费 女王的私人宴会 - 女孩女生换装养成小游戏免费 Games Games Apps like 女王的私人宴会 - 女孩女生换装养成小游戏免费 漂亮的女孩今天晚上要去参加女王的私人宴会,现在我们就去为正在准备的她,好好的打扮一下吧! 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Free 11/2015
18583   Median Game Median Game Games Games Apps like Median Game Tap on a tile, then move to the tiles. When two tiles with even number touch or odd number touch, they change in the median of two tiles. All the tiles is equal to the median value, Level Cleared! The move is zero, Level Failed! Start play this Media... Free 11/2015
18584   蓓优宝宝 蓓优宝宝 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 蓓优宝宝 蓓优宝宝成立于2015年,是珠海万汇优赛电子商务有限公司旗下致力于创新跨境O2O经营模式的母婴品牌。我们将以“一切为了孩子”,我们与你同行“为品牌理念”完全母婴产品,服务你我新生“为服务宗旨”,为各位父母提供欧洲畅销母婴产品。 一句话描述:我们将以“一切为了孩子”,我们与你同行“为品牌理念”完全母婴产品... Free 11/2015
18585   无纺布. 无纺布. Business Business Apps like 无纺布. 无纺布手机APP客户端是一个以发布无纺布行业动态、无纺布产品等信息的移动平台,旨在为广大同行业相关人仕提供实时的行业新闻,包括新品发布、企业动态、政策发展及商家加盟等。此外,企业更可透过产品索引、品牌索引寻找供应商,而供应商又可透过采购信息及展览信息了解市场需求及动态。通过无纺布手机客户端能更有效继续为全球的无纺布企业服务。... Free 11/2015
18586   汾阳明 汾阳明 Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like 汾阳明 由复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院出品的眼科小手术后的术后宣教软件,患者能够通过该软件知道自己在术后所需要做的事情... Free 11/2015
18587   Nazareth Hall Nazareth Hall Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Nazareth Hall This app is designed to keep you updated on all the latest news at Nazareth Hall. It can also give your guests valuable information about your event such as ceremony time, reception time, menu, directions to our facility and local lodging information. Y... Free 11/2015
18588   上海激光切割加工 上海激光切割加工 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 上海激光切割加工 上海激光切割加工客户端是一家专业从事大型激光切割加工、大型模具设 计制造、机械零件加工、剪板折弯机及折弯成套产品的专家级服务信息平台。用户可在线拨打与企业联系。... Free 11/2015
18589   广西机电客户端 广西机电客户端 Business Business Apps like 广西机电客户端 广西机电是由广西南宁蓝珊瑚信息技术有限公司为广大手机用户提供的客户端。它其中包括新闻资讯、市场行情、企业会员、供应信息、求购信息、关于我们和一键地图等模块。... Free 11/2015
18590   掌上鄂大 掌上鄂大 Education Education Apps like 掌上鄂大 面向用户提供全面信息服务,满足用户对信息的随时获取,提高信息获取的便捷性。移动数字化校园可以涵盖高校各个业务领域,包括教学、管理、科研及文化,丰富多样的通讯手段,使高校广大学生、教师以及相关的校友或家长充分享受新型移动校园带来的全新应用体验。 特点: 1、运行稳定、操作简单方便、界面简洁流畅; 2、支持离线浏览,真正做到随时随地查阅信息,更加方便、快捷,更省流量; 3、个性化的角色授权,功能丰富多样,满足不同角色的需求 针对学生、老师、领导等不同用户群体设置不同使用权限,满足不同群体的需求,便于掌握实时详... Free 11/2015
18592   Arvaa Kuva! Arvaa Kuva! Games Games Apps like Arvaa Kuva! ◉ Arvaa zoomatun kuvan esine. ◉ Satoja tasoja ratkaistavaksesi. ◉ Yksinkertainen, hauska ja koukuttava peli. Pelaa nyt ilmaiseksi!... Free 11/2015
18593   模特衣架 模特衣架 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 模特衣架 走进商场里可以看到惟妙惟肖的模特穿着衣服,非常的漂亮,这样就引起了顾客的购买欲望。模特衣架就是集男模专区、女模专区、儿童 专区、孕妇专区、包布板房、衣架货架等为一体的信息平台。... Free 11/2015
18594   虹桥购 虹桥购 Business Business Apps like 虹桥购 虹桥购控股特大型企业集团始终坚持“购物,让生活更美好”的企业宗旨,做客户所想、为市场所需,通过产业经营与资本经营并举发展,已形成“房地产、汽车、生活快消品等相关产业并举发展”的产业布局... Free 11/2015
18595   在路上户外 在路上户外 Travel Travel Apps like 在路上户外 在路上,在路上户外,旅行,摄影,自驾,越野,休闲,自助,溯溪,登山... Free 11/2015
18596   上海物流 上海物流 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 上海物流 上海物流是上海物流行业门户平台,为你提供货物流通,包装,货运,仓储等全方面的服务。上海物流的宗旨是:一流的服务,专业的态度。... Free 11/2015
18597   四川超市. 四川超市. Business Business Apps like 四川超市. 四川超市 是一款电商服务于一体的手机门户APP客户端 。 该客户端不仅具备购物、查询订单、搜索商品、行业资讯和 产品评价等常用功能,而且还实现了手机版特有的会员注册 登录、广告位、招商开店等功能。目标是整合当地品牌商、 生产商、经销商,为商家和消费者之间提供一站式解决案。 欢迎下载使用!... Free 11/2015
18598   Cherise's Heavenly Fitness Cherise's Heavenly Fitness Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Cherise's Heavenly Fitness Welcome to Cherise’s latest venture, a boutique style Fitness Club in beautiful Daytona Beach Shores on beachside just across from the ocean and steps from Cherise’s Salon. Cherise and her brother Bobby own and manage the beautifully remodeled Club. Che... Free 11/2015
18599   Leavers Leavers Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Leavers “Leavers” is an Australian high-school graduation tradition that takes place following final exams in late November. During Leavers high-school graduates who have completed final exams take week-long holidays (typically unaccompanied by parents or guardia... Free 11/2015
18600   六沐金融 六沐金融 Finance Finance Apps like 六沐金融 六沐金融系东莞六沐资产管理有限公司(www.liumujr.com)旗下互联网金融品牌,致力于为广大个体工商户和小微型企业提供金融借贷信息、咨询服务。业务范围涵盖:代办贷款、理财推荐等,是一个专业的、透明的非银行民间金融咨询、服务平台。六沐金融目前在全国分布有10余家分支机构,拥有超过300人的专业团队,服务网络遍布全国主要地区。六沐金融咨询服务平台的使命:帮助更多人更富有,更健康,更快乐,助力社会和谐发展。 主营产品:各种抵押类、信用类等民间金融借贷信息搜索、调查核准、风险控制等。 其中包含:车贷(抵押... Free 11/2015

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