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7601   Video Merger Editor - Crop,  Trim,  Edit & Merge Multiple Videos Video Merger Editor - Crop, Trim, Edit & Merge Multiple Videos Photography Photography Apps like Video Merger Editor - Crop, Trim, Edit & Merge Multiple Videos Merge multiple videos into a single video & share with friends via Facebook & Instagram. - Resize & Crop videos. - Trim video clips precisely! - Square videos for Instagram & Vine! So, what are you waiting for?Download while its free!... Free 11/2015
7602   KeeBoard Keyboard KeeBoard Keyboard Utilities Utilities Apps like KeeBoard Keyboard KeeBoard Keyboard is a keyboard extension for iPhone that strongly focus on customization. KeeBoard allows you to freely customize the color of the keyboard buttons, keyboard body, buttons font, typing sound, and etc. KeeBoard also equipped with "pers... Free 11/2015
7603   辅助工具 for 奇迹暖暖 辅助工具 for 奇迹暖暖 Reference Reference Apps like 辅助工具 for 奇迹暖暖 辅助工具for奇迹暖暖是一款针对热门手游奇迹暖暖开发的辅助类APP 辅助工具for奇迹暖暖提供了针对奇迹暖暖游戏的大量优质攻略, 细分的每个游戏点都有相对应的详解说明, 还有高手玩家和新手入门的视频攻略, 帮助玩家更好的体验游戏. 强大的社区平台让大量玩家能够互相交流游戏经验和周边. 辅助工具for奇迹暖暖, 游戏的最好辅助助手, 赶快下载吧... Free 11/2015
7604   Tawasol -  تواصل Tawasol - تواصل Business Business Apps like Tawasol - تواصل تماشياً مع توجهات الوزارة في توفير قنوات تواصل مع المواطنين تهدف هذه الخدمة التواصل مع المواطنين بوسيلة متطورة وفعّالة وسريعة لضمان متابعة طلباتهم واستفساراتهم بكل دقة وشفافية حيث أنها تتيح للأفراد (مواطنين و موظفين حكوميين) من تقديم طلبات استفسار أو شكوى... Free 11/2015
7605   Sharetea Sharetea Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Sharetea All your Sharetea locations will show in one place, with nice pictures of menu. So you can easily find and order what you want. Best of all, you can save money with coupon or promotion from this app. Highlights: - Store menu for each store - Store ... Free 11/2015
7606   School Dismissal Automation School Dismissal Automation Utilities Utilities Apps like School Dismissal Automation School Dismissal Automation (SDA) is a system created to improve the School Dismissal Procedures. SDA focus on Carpooling, Bus Tracking, Extracurricular Activities, and Parent’s Permission for early releases and absences. Continued use of GPS running ... Free 11/2015
7607   Jazz Studies Saxophones English Version Jazz Studies Saxophones English Version Music Music Apps like Jazz Studies Saxophones English Version Optimal use with iPad. (File size iPad 348mb, iPhone apr. 220mb) "Jazz-Studies" opens the gate to the world of Jazz for the student. From general tips, over the explanation of style features that make Jazz become Jazz to samples and playalongs for one... $24.99 11/2015
7608   spotlight(スポットライト) spotlight(スポットライト) Entertainment Entertainment Apps like spotlight(スポットライト) spotlightでは参加モデルが投稿する写真がたくさん流れてきます。 お気に入りの写真を見つけた場合はspot(応援)ボタンを押すことでモデルを応援することが出来ます。 1.お気に入りの女の子を見つけよう モデルを夢見る女の子や、今以上にもっと有名になりたい モデルの写真が日々、続々投稿されます! あなたのお気に入りの女の子を見つけましょう! プロフィール画面では自己紹介動画も放送中!! 2.お気に入りの女の子を応援しよう 気になった女の子を応援してSPOTLIGHTを当てましょう! 応援はS... Free 11/2015
7609   DON Brakebook DON Brakebook Catalogs Catalogs Apps like DON Brakebook Your personal Don Catalogue App The catalogue App exclusively developed for the Don brand uses the very latest catalogue data and offers user-friendly search options (Don Article No., KBA No., OE No., Reference No.). The App targets the requirements n... Free 11/2015
7610   Tradersday- Daily Magazine for Investors and Traders Tradersday- Daily Magazine for Investors and Traders Finance Finance Apps like Tradersday- Daily Magazine for Investors and Traders Tradersday is daily magazine for traders and investors in US Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. The purpose of the magazine is to provide traders and investors with short term trading ideas, not recommendation, which they can go out and perform further ... $0.99 11/2015
7611   watch winder watch winder Utilities Utilities Apps like watch winder 打开APP软件同时自动打开手机蓝牙功能,然后自动扫描附近的蓝牙设备,同时显示最近位置的10个蓝牙设备,以在手机下拉菜单方式显示、选择。通过选中10个蓝牙设备中某一个做为连接设备,然后可以通过手机APP控制连接设备,并且从下位机接收到下位机要控制的马达数(MOTOR)和马达转动圈数(TPD)。... Free 11/2015
7612   Macho3 Macho3 Games Games Apps like Macho3 Move machos, and open the road! Find keys, and get out of the labyrinth! Here comes the next gen "Match 3" game!... Free 11/2015
7613   ROTA - A Minimalist Puzzle Game ROTA - A Minimalist Puzzle Game Games Games Apps like ROTA - A Minimalist Puzzle Game In ROTA you activate the moment when geometric objects align and trigger a chain reaction. ROTA is a minimalist puzzle game featuring 40 levels, each containing various geometric objects interacting causing chain reactions. Discover the correct timing ... Free 11/2015
7614   Willow Ridge Civic Association Willow Ridge Civic Association Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Willow Ridge Civic Association A app makes Willow Ridge, Amherst NY residents' life easier. It now connects to WRCA main webpage, we will keep working on it to give a better user experience.... Free 11/2015
7615   Twisted Golf - Miniature Medal Tournament Twisted Golf - Miniature Medal Tournament Games Games Apps like Twisted Golf - Miniature Medal Tournament +++ 48-hour discount! 100% FREE! Be a Golf Pro Champion!! +++ “Addictive Game” “Striking Graphics” “Challenge your friends ” _____________________ How much you can focus? The game of the ball is here. The Unique new style to play golf on your iPhone. ... Free 11/2015
7616   ````````` 777 ````````` A Abbies San Francisco Executive Slots Casino ````````` 777 ````````` A Abbies San Francisco Executive Slots Casino Games Games Apps like ````````` 777 ````````` A Abbies San Francisco Executive Slots Casino Download the best Slot experience for free today! Fun, excitement and entertainment! These slots play just like a dream - exciting to play and easy to understand! Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sou... Free 11/2015
7617   Emberlight Emberlight Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Emberlight Order your Emberlights here: http://emberlight.co The emberlight socket turns any bulb into a smart light. You simply screw in a bulb and that's it. No complicated hub to install and then configure. Our iOS app guides you through the simple process (seri... Free 11/2015
7618   辅助工具 for 焚天之怒 辅助工具 for 焚天之怒 Reference Reference Apps like 辅助工具 for 焚天之怒 辅助工具for焚天之怒是一款针对热门手游焚天之怒开发的辅助类APP 辅助工具for焚天之怒提供了针对焚天之怒游戏的大量优质攻略, 细分的每个游戏点都有相对应的详解说明, 还有高手玩家和新手入门的视频攻略, 帮助玩家更好的体验游戏. 强大的社区平台让大量玩家能够互相交流游戏经验和周边. 辅助工具for焚天之怒, 游戏的最好辅助助手, 赶快下载吧... Free 11/2015
7619   Hot Hoops Revolution Hot Hoops Revolution Games Games Apps like Hot Hoops Revolution Welcome to Hot Hoops Revolution, the most innovative basketball game on the market. Start from the bottom, and shift, alley-oop, dribble, and power-up your way to the top! Start as the blue-haired player named Clyde, and ball your way to each court ... Free 11/2015
7620   NIC Events NIC Events Business Business Apps like NIC Events The official app for NIC Events.... Free 11/2015
7621   ExecVision ExecVision Business Business Apps like ExecVision The ExecVision App provides a medium for Executives & Reps to utilize the ExecVision platform from any mobile device without any comprise to the features & functionality achieved through your browser. The app also unlocks a suite of enhanced functionalit... Free 11/2015
7622   App4 zone C App4 zone C Entertainment Entertainment Apps like App4 zone C Appetite4 zone C geeft een overzicht van alle activiteiten van de Cultuur Centra van Berlare, Buggenhout, Dendermonde, Lebbeke, en Wetteren. Deze APP bevat detail informatie van activiteiten en uitvoerders, foto en video materiaal, en nieuwsberic... Free 11/2015
7623   空之翼 空之翼 Games Games Apps like 空之翼 空之翼作为一款与VR眼镜结合的多功能平台,一直致力于提升用户在虚拟现实方面的体验! 在里面,你可以: ●找到最新最热的动漫方面的视频; ●带上VR眼镜跟自己喜欢的动漫角色坐在一起观看3D电影; ●通过激活喜欢的AVR同人卡把角色显示到现实中来,然后跟其进行相应的互动;... Free 11/2015
7624   Nandalala Nandalala Music Music Apps like Nandalala Nandalala sung by Piththukkuli Murugadas consists of 9 divine songs.This is produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp, Chennai.All Devotional Songs are available in Audio Mp3 cds and VCDs and DVDs in all leading outlets and online store www.sruthilaya.in... Free 11/2015
7625   A.M. Best Company  - Best's Credit Ratings A.M. Best Company - Best's Credit Ratings Finance Finance Apps like A.M. Best Company - Best's Credit Ratings For more than a century A.M. Best has provided its customers with the highest quality insurance industry ratings and research. Today Best's Credit Ratings are available on your mobile device. With this app you can: - Search over 3, 500 rated insurers... Free 11/2015
7626   中华杞乡中宁 中华杞乡中宁 News News Apps like 中华杞乡中宁 “中华杞乡中宁”是中宁县委和新华社宁夏分社共同打造的一款手机客户端应用程序。涵盖了中宁县各项政务公开和便民服务内容,以及新华社的文字、图片、视频等资讯,同时提供便民信息、美食餐饮、休闲娱乐等生活资讯,嵌入微博、微信等交互模块及多项网络政务平台,以最便捷的方式,为本地市民和外地游客提供全方位的信息资讯和政务服务。... Free 11/2015
7627   Daughters of the Creator Devotional Daughters of the Creator Devotional Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Daughters of the Creator Devotional 'Daughters of the Creator' provides a daily Bible verse with a devotional from a woman's perspective. Each devotional is intended for a short one-sit reading and is written by Crystal McDowell. Crystal does an excellent job writing a devotional that wome... Free 11/2015
7628   TocView2(톡뷰2) - IP 카메라,  개인용 CCTV TocView2(톡뷰2) - IP 카메라, 개인용 CCTV Photography Photography Apps like TocView2(톡뷰2) - IP 카메라, 개인용 CCTV 톡뷰(TocView)는 이렇게 활