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7401   SetBoss - Manage,  share,  and print your band’s Setlist and Demos. SetBoss - Manage, share, and print your band’s Setlist and Demos. Music Music Apps like SetBoss - Manage, share, and print your band’s Setlist and Demos. SetBoss Your Set, like a Boss The Practice Room is a battle ground. Sometimes it’s a sweaty, creative and free flowing party-space, and other days it’s cold, frozen, headlock of nothing happening, but when those ideas flow you need to make sure you... Free 11/2015
7402   Sorting Syllables Sorting Syllables Education Education Apps like Sorting Syllables "Order the syllables" is an educational game allowing children to practise word building based on their syllables. The application helps them understand the concept of syllables and stimulates the development of their phonological consciousness. Especia... $0.99 11/2015
7403   Busca de Imóveis Busca de Imóveis Business Business Apps like Busca de Imóveis Tenha a certeza de estar sendo atendido por um profissional corretor(a) de imóveis devidamente credenciado, habilitado a conduzir da melhor forma possível o processo de compra, venda e aluguel de seu imóvel.... Free 11/2015
7404   GuiaMobi Tatuape GuiaMobi Tatuape Entertainment Entertainment Apps like GuiaMobi Tatuape Guia Comercial com anúncios interativos das empresas comerciais, de negócios, profissionais liberais e prestadores de serviço da região do bairro do TATUAPÉ que dispõe suas informações, telefone, horários de atendimento e endereço de localização para ... Free 11/2015
7405   Old Vegas Slot Machines - The Strip Old Vegas Slot Machines - The Strip Games Games Apps like Old Vegas Slot Machines - The Strip Old Vegas is calling your name. Come enjoy the best old vegas slot machines on the Appstore! Huge chip bonuses!... Free 11/2015
7406   WTaxi WTaxi Travel Travel Apps like WTaxi Whistle makes arranging transportation reliable, personal, safe and convenient. Whistle is a Taxi booking service that is connecting the people travel around town with Taxi Drivers. Our customers can order a car using our mobile app, track their rides ... Free 11/2015
7407   农场微管家 农场微管家 Utilities Utilities Apps like 农场微管家 引通通讯科技(上海)有限公司是中国领先的物联网设备和解决方案提供商,基于客户需求持续创新。 我们努力以科技和信息为载体,将农业与物联网结合,以技术推动产业升级,以信息化带动产业转型,让人们能够享受到“物联网+”带来的好处,推动现代化农业的发展。 我们致力于打造一个物联网平台,以让人们感知真实的世界为愿景,运用各类传感器,帮助不同地区不同行业的人们能够直接、自由、平等、快速地获取信息,推动创新,鼓励创新。... Free 11/2015
7408   Music Academy Music Academy Games Games Apps like Music Academy Together, they compose a love song of youth. Let's help them dress up! How to play: Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other accessories. After that they can dress up the doll! Remember y... Free 11/2015
7409   Telegram Media Player - Video & Movie Player for Telegram Messenger Telegram Media Player - Video & Movie Player for Telegram Messenger Photography Photography Apps like Telegram Media Player - Video & Movie Player for Telegram Messenger Telegram Media Player app is a media player that can Play unsupported video formats that your iPhone or iPad device can't Play. Unsupported formats that the app can Play include: avi, asf, divx, flv, m2ts, mpeg, mpg, mkv, mov, mp4, mp3, mss2, ... Free 11/2015
7410   林德e本通——全信息 一掌控 林德e本通——全信息 一掌控 Business Business Apps like 林德e本通——全信息 一掌控 信息电子化,离你有多近? 样本数量繁多,哪里去找到和自己业务相关的? 样本多,拿着沉甸甸的,多不环保啊! 林德e本通打造一个直观、互动且易用的数字化销售工具,为销售和客户创造更好的使用体验。优化的用户界面、强大搜索功能、内容及时更新,打造随身的信息百科。 强大的功能: 详细的分类,让您更便捷地找到有用的资料 快速搜索,即时快速地显示搜索结果 灵活的浏览方式,可随时在线浏览,也能一键下载至本地,或发送至邮箱 一键实现收藏、下载、点评反馈、发送名片、分享好友... Free 11/2015
7411   Funky Monkey & Friends Funky Monkey & Friends Games Games Apps like Funky Monkey & Friends Welcome to the delightful world of Funky monkey and friends 3D! This game is not only for Kids, but for people of all ages. Apart from all the exciting features of dancing, talking, bathing, playing, gyming, the one feature that stands out and woul... Free 11/2015
7412   KK Magazine KK Magazine Entertainment Entertainment Apps like KK Magazine Журнал "KK Magazine" расскажет вам о жизни обычно-необычного подростка. Секреты, любимые вещи и места, заметки о том, что круто и актуально — обо всём этом и многом другом с душой и любовью вам расскажет наша команда во главе с Главным редактором Карин... $2.99 11/2015
7413   Hittower-FM Hittower-FM Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hittower-FM Hittower.FM - Dein Webradio - Charts - Dance - House - Black Mit unserer Smartphone App bist du immer Informiert und bekommst alle wichtigen Informationen. Hier findest du auch die Bilder und Videos von deinem Partywochenende. Gleich jetzt Herunterladen.... Free 11/2015
7414   小雷智家(L-Home) 小雷智家(L-Home) Utilities Utilities Apps like 小雷智家(L-Home) L-Home is a brand-new home control management platform. By means of WiFi, all operations are accomplished wirelessly. Working with our pixel strips, smart lamps, smart sockets and smart remotes, lighting control devices can be controlled through wirel... Free 11/2015
7415   IntelliStock IntelliStock Utilities Utilities Apps like IntelliStock With IntelliStock you can stock take your entire store quickly, easily and accurately! Completely integrated with SwiftPOS so you don't need to manage multiple sets of products. Automatically populate a stock take from a SwiftPOS stock group. With your... Free 11/2015
7416   Cards Scoreboards Cards Scoreboards Utilities Utilities Apps like Cards Scoreboards Ever wanted to play a card game with your friends but couldn't find a pen and a paper, and got stuck writing scores on the native Notes app ? Cards Scoreboards can do that for you with ease. Cards Scoreboards lets you: • Count scores for several card ... Free 11/2015
7417   Superstar Soccer Perfect Save Showdown: Penalty Kick Big Shootout Pro Superstar Soccer Perfect Save Showdown: Penalty Kick Big Shootout Pro Games Games Apps like Superstar Soccer Perfect Save Showdown: Penalty Kick Big Shootout Pro Do you love soccer? Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Become the world's number one player with the game sports fans just can't put down! How many soccer balls can you save? Are you the player you thought you were? Now you'll know for sure! ... $2.99 11/2015
7418   郁金香挂号-免费医院挂号预约,寻医问药找好大夫;健康问题三甲公立医院网上预约问医生 郁金香挂号-免费医院挂号预约,寻医问药找好大夫;健康问题三甲公立医院网上预约问医生 Medical Medical Apps like 郁金香挂号-免费医院挂号预约,寻医问药找好大夫;健康问题三甲公立医院网上预约问医生 郁金香挂号,全国公立医院医生免费预约挂号,郁金香手机挂号,免费寻找三甲医院好大夫,帮您寻医问药不在发愁连夜排队。目前支持北京协和,北医三院,解放军总医院301医院,北京大学第一医院等三甲医院的挂号预约 。郁金香挂号,帮您一分钟挂到号!... Free 11/2015
7419   Crossfit Unafraid Crossfit Unafraid Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Crossfit Unafraid Somos un Box de CrossFit que se especializa en proveer una metodología de Ejercicios Funcionales para el Mejoramiento de la Condición Física de todo Tipo de Persona. CrossFit Unafraid tiene un programa de Fuerza y Acondicionamiento Físico total, que se b... Free 11/2015
7420   科立售后 科立售后 Utilities Utilities Apps like 科立售后 本软件用于对净水器的安装、维护、和收据手机分析等功能,提供消耗品的更换查询功能。... Free 11/2015
7421   아이코젠 아이코젠 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 아이코젠 아이코젠(iKozen)은 골프 멤버쉽 클럽으로서 대한민국 국민 누구나, 보다 더 저렴한 금액으로 골프를 즐길 수 있는 기회를 제공합니다. 전국의 골프장 뿐만 아니라 실내.외 골프 연습장 및 스크린 골프까지 아이코젠과 함께 차별화된 서비스를 경험해 보세요.... Free 11/2015
7422   DepiWax - Body Waxing Studio DepiWax - Body Waxing Studio Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like DepiWax - Body Waxing Studio Ofrece servicios de depilación para damas y caballeros y a través de la aplicación pretendemos mejorar la comunicación con nuestros clientes, así como mantenerles informados sobre las novedades de nuestros servicios y hacer encuestas para tener Feedback ... Free 11/2015
7423   蓝鼎云 蓝鼎云 Business Business Apps like 蓝鼎云 提供客户通过移动设备,进行订单的跟踪和实时报工。... Free 11/2015
7424   Triple Double Slots Jackpot - Free Slot Machine Games Triple Double Slots Jackpot - Free Slot Machine Games Games Games Apps like Triple Double Slots Jackpot - Free Slot Machine Games Old Vegas is calling your name. Come enjoy the best old vegas slot machines on the Appstore! Huge chip bonuses!... Free 11/2015
7425   爱车易行 爱车易行 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 爱车易行 爱车易行APP是专注于汽车后市场服务的互联网产品, 通过线上预约、线下养护以及先体验后付款的模式,极大地提升了车主的服务体验。... Free 11/2015
7426   BILTON BILTON Utilities Utilities Apps like BILTON Die BILTON LC (Lightcontrol) App ermöglicht ein einfaches und vollständiges Licht-und Jalousie-Management mit wenigen Komponenten. Die Verbindung zur BILTON LC App wird über WLAN hergestellt und bietet neben Touch-Control mittels iPhone/iPad auch die Mög... Free 11/2015
7427   Elephant's Bath&Pet Wash Elephant's Bath&Pet Wash Games Games Apps like Elephant's Bath&Pet Wash Elephant Bathing is a super cut elephant bath & dress-up game. This cute elephant needs your help because he wants to take a bath but can't do it alone. The elephant is very sensible and big animal so try to treat him as good as possible. Start the game a... Free 11/2015
7428   Mili 2016 for Who Whats to Be a Millionaire Mili 2016 for Who Whats to Be a Millionaire Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Mili 2016 for Who Whats to Be a Millionaire Millionaire allow you to feel the intrigue, as never before, as you take on the ultimate objective of general knowledge! Just as you would expect in a millionaire you have to answer questions and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate v... Free 11/2015
7429   4096 - 休闲免费的数字合成游戏 4096 - 休闲免费的数字合成游戏 Games Games Apps like 4096 - 休闲免费的数字合成游戏 一上手就根本停不下来的益智游戏。手指轻划,相同数字合并生成新的数字,直到合成传奇中的4096! 在游戏中可以保存游戏进度,合理使用道具可得到能高的分数!... Free 11/2015
7430   Aeroporto Porto Flight Status Aeroporto Porto Flight Status Travel Travel Apps like Aeroporto Porto Flight Status Kids are waiting for YOU at home. Your honey wants to have a sweet talk with YOU. Spend time chatting with them INSTEAD OF wasting time on flight search!! Download the app and start enjoying the quality time with your beloved ones. Flight Status @ 【Ae... Free 11/2015
7431   晨钥物联网 晨钥物联网 Navigation Navigation Apps like 晨钥物联网 本app是一款爱车人士必不可少的优秀app, 它具有多种实用而且新颖的功能,包括车辆位置查询,车辆健康检测,车辆控制,自动报警,违章查询,以及导航和车辆历史轨迹查询,附件4s店查询等功能,另外,本app运行效率高,系统资源占用少,是一款帮车主保养和维护爱车必不可少的高性能app。... Free 11/2015
7432   Best Shopping List Best Shopping List key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Best Shopping List Do you go grocery shopping at multiple different stores? Maybe a Ralphs, Safeway, or Albertsons for your normal groceries. For those bulk items you would head to a Costco, Walmart, or Sam's Club. And for those speciality items you go to a Trader Joes ... Free 11/2015
7433   21 Red Gameshow Slots Machines -  FREE Las Vegas Casino Games 21 Red Gameshow Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Games Games Apps like 21 Red Gameshow Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY 21 Red Gameshow Slots Machines TODAY! 21 Red Gameshow Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of a ... Free 11/2015
7434   Production Boy Challenge Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Production Boy Challenge Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Games Games Apps like Production Boy Challenge Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Production Boy Challenge Slots Machines TODAY! Production Boy Challenge Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxu... Free 11/2015
7435   90 Allin Million Slots Machines -  FREE Las Vegas Casino Games 90 Allin Million Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Games Games Apps like 90 Allin Million Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games BIG WIN JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY 90 Allin Million Slots Machines TODAY! 90 Allin Million Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of ... Free 11/2015
7436   Vampire Slot - The Scary Gamble Vampire Slot - The Scary Gamble Games Games Apps like Vampire Slot - The Scary Gamble Slot Machine is waiting for Spin Let's start with a1, 00, 000 Coins and Check You Luck. Try and You will feel the addiction with Slot Machine. No Limit 20 Line , Unlimited Bonus. Download and Have Fun........... Free 11/2015
7437   Levels! Levels! Games Games Apps like Levels! Run and jump your way through endless amount of levels! Watch out for the game ending spikes! Collect the diamonds to unlock cool new characters. How long can you survive?... Free 11/2015
7438   Austin Clinic Austin Clinic Medical Medical Apps like Austin Clinic The Austin Clinic is located in Balgowlah, Sydney, New South Wales. Our clinic’s focus is on skin care and treatment including skin cancer, skin conditions and cosmetic medicine. We've provided this App for all of our valued customers and people who a... Free 11/2015
7439   梅州圈子 梅州圈子 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 梅州圈子 梅州人、梅州事、梅州圈子 梅州圈子app是梅州信息港推出的一款专为梅州人设计的手机论坛客户端,您可以方便的使用它随时随地的逛梅州信息港论坛。梅州圈子app汇集了梅州的城市资讯、社会生活、便民服务、休闲娱乐等地方资讯信息。梅州信息港是梅州地区代表性的地方门户网站,经过多年的发展,已经被梅州地区的广大网民所熟知及接受,为顺应信息资讯“口袋化”的社会需求,我们制作了梅州圈子app,让广大网友能够更方便的浏览梅州信息港。... Free 11/2015
7440   GuiboTalk GuiboTalk Utilities Utilities Apps like GuiboTalk GuiboTalk is an intuitive mobile Softphone Designed to provide mobile users with the possibility to make VoIP calling on cell phones. This unique product line allows for SIP-based calls to be made. Using softphones GuiboTalkô mobile, users of smart pho... Free 11/2015
7441   Taxmate Taxmate Finance Finance Apps like Taxmate Introducing our new mobile app designed to make tracking of your expenses and earnings extra easy. It is packed with awesome and user-friendly features. It is absolutely secured and we can store all your data for you. If you need it, it's readily availab... Free 11/2015
7442   Carrozzeria Merighetti Carrozzeria Merighetti Business Business Apps like Carrozzeria Merighetti Questa è l’app ufficiale della carrozzeria Merighetti di Nave (BS). Tramite questa App potrai essere a contatto diretto con la nostra carrozzeria ricevere notifiche riguardanti le promozioni, le news, richiedere un preventivo per gli interventi della tu... Free 11/2015
7443   Knights and Dragons Slots Casino Knights and Dragons Slots Casino Games Games Apps like Knights and Dragons Slots Casino Stunning graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospheric sounds guarantee a premium slot experience. Download the best Slot Machine experience! Featuring: Eye-popping HD graphics! Ear-pleasing audio! Play offline, no data required! Earn... Free 11/2015
7444   Hochzeitsstadt Lüneburg Hochzeitsstadt Lüneburg Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hochzeitsstadt Lüneburg Warum Lüneburg bei Hochzeitspaaren so beliebt ist, wird spätestens dann deutlich, wenn man bei einem Stadtbummel auf frisch getraute Ehepaare stößt, die sich mit ihrer Hochzeitsgesellschaft strahlend vor dem historischen Heinrich-Heine-Haus am Marktpla... Free 11/2015
7445   Wakefield Golf Wakefield Golf Sports Sports Apps like Wakefield Golf Welcome to Wakefield Golf Club, one of the oldest private members clubs in Yorkshire, established in 1891. As a visitor or a member you are assured a friendly welcome. The course, designed by Sandy Herd and bunkered by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, is a ch... Free 11/2015
7446   奇幻拼拼乐 奇幻拼拼乐 Games Games Apps like 奇幻拼拼乐 奇幻拼拼乐是一系列儿童AR益智拼图。通过与AR(增强现实)联动,可体验拼图之外的另一番乐趣。孩子需要自己动手拼图,当拼成完整图画的时候,只需启动事先下载在手机或平板上的APP“奇幻拼拼乐”(免费)来读取拼图,即可在屏幕上显示出拼图上的实际风景,获得独特的虚拟体验。... Free 11/2015
7447   车信帮商户版 车信帮商户版 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 车信帮商户版 车信帮商户平台管理软件。加入重庆市诚信联盟的汽车服务商可以在这里处理维修,保养,救援订单。... Free 11/2015
7448   國道路況即時通 國道路況即時通 Travel Travel Apps like 國道路況即時通 「國道即時通」即時呈現全台國道高速公路、以及橫向快速道路路況資訊 是用路人出遊、通勤的好幫手 【產品特色】 「即時影像」可查看道路沿線監視器(CCTV)即時、動態的影像 「行車速率」提供各交流道間的預估時速 「路況地圖」全台及北中南分區國、快速道路行車速度,一目了然 「道路事件」提供道路施工、壅塞、濃霧、散落物等路況事件... Free 11/2015
7449   SunShineBaby SunShineBaby Education Education Apps like SunShineBaby “阳光宝贝”产品是一款家园共育、实时视频平台的名称。由幼儿园园区软件、家长手机客户端软件、 幼儿园管理平台、幼儿园监控核心运营服务器集群组成,共同完成家长与园区的视频、信息的实时交流。幼儿园监控的一切设计理念皆是为 了更好实现增进交流,家园共育的目标,是园方与家长阳光的交流沟通窗口。行业化、易用性是幼儿园监控的显著特色。家长使用的时候, 在手机APP客户端上就可完成所有功能,无需下载安装任何插件,不会在家长手机上做任何标记,保证家长手机的安全性及保障家长隐私。 ... Free 11/2015
7450   内蒙足球 内蒙足球 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 内蒙足球 本网站本着“简、快、新”的原则,实时追踪内蒙古自治区各盟市关于足球运动的动态信息,方便广大足球爱好者在第一时间了解和掌握各盟市之间的足球运动态势。作为联系各盟市间足球俱乐部的纽带,致力于加强区内足球爱好者间的学习与交流,丰富和完善内蒙古足球运动网站信息建设,促进自治区足球运动的快速发展。... Free 11/2015
7451   Snappy Bird: Save Coins Snappy Bird: Save Coins Games Games Apps like Snappy Bird: Save Coins Your goal is to save the coins that the cat has taken from the friend's chicken. Drag the Snappy Bird to catch the coins but to also avoid the bombs. -Simple and fun gameplay... Free 11/2015
7452   DISTROFIapp DISTROFIapp Medical Medical Apps like DISTROFIapp Esta App, desarrollada para Oftalmólogos y Residentes, es una herramienta diagnóstica magnífica para el estudio de casos de Distrofias Corneales. Provee además información completa sobre estas patologías poco frecuentes y contiene imágenes de alta calid... Free 11/2015
7453   U Music TV U Music TV Music Music Apps like U Music TV U Music TV has been created for mums, by mums, and our mission is to provide a safe way for children to enjoy music videos. Having children ourselves, we were alarmed at the content of many music videos, and our vision was to to find a solution to hel... Free 11/2015
7454   Pocket Animal Alphabet Pocket Animal Alphabet Education Education Apps like Pocket Animal Alphabet Join little Albert on a pocket-sized journey through the alphabet with help from his friends the Alphabetimals - cartoon animals shaped like the alphabet to make learning the ABCs easier and more fun. Touch each letter and watch it turn into the Alphabet... Free 11/2015
7455   游戏大师 for 列王的纷争 游戏大师 for 列王的纷争 Reference Reference Apps like 游戏大师 for 列王的纷争 目前功能包括: 1、建筑升级表:又详细又全面的建筑查询表,随时可以查询想要升级建筑所需要的花费,方便全面快捷。 2、资讯攻略:最全面的玩家攻略,最新鲜的新闻资讯,全部一把抓。 3、新手发展:刚接触游戏一头雾水?不要怕,看过来,新人问题通通解答。 4、活动大全:近期热门活动绝对不能错过,活动就意味有福利。 5、攻城技巧:明明很有实力,却要花费更多的财力才能打败敌人,说明你的技巧很有问题啊~ -更多功能正在开发中哦~~~... Free 11/2015
7456   GYM Trainer - workout and exercise journal + sync with athletes + fitness tracker GYM Trainer - workout and exercise journal + sync with athletes + fitness tracker Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like GYM Trainer - workout and exercise journal + sync with athletes + fitness tracker GYM-trainer is the first app in the world created specially for professional gym trainers. - Work together with the GYM-athlete app and synchronize workout data and its results. - Now you always have a journal with the whole workout history in your pocke... Free 11/2015
7457   Sweet Frozen Treats Rainbow : Juicy & Frozen Snow Cone Sweet Frozen Treats Rainbow : Juicy & Frozen Snow Cone Games Games Apps like Sweet Frozen Treats Rainbow : Juicy & Frozen Snow Cone Its time to know how to beat the summer heat! Frozen treats like juicy frozen snow cones can bring delight during hot days, so enjoy this refreshing game. In Sweet Frozen Treats Rainbow - Snow Cone Maker you really enjoy crush the ice in shaky and funky... Free 11/2015
7458   辅助战歌 for 部落战歌 辅助战歌 for 部落战歌 Reference Reference Apps like 辅助战歌 for 部落战歌 辅助工具for部落战歌是一款针对热门手游部落战歌开发的辅助类APP 辅助工具for部落战歌提供了针对部落战歌游戏的大量优质攻略, 细分的每个游戏点都有相对应的详解说明, 还有高手玩家和新手入门的视频攻略, 帮助玩家更好的体验游戏. 强大的社区平台让大量玩家能够互相交流游戏经验和周边. 辅助工具for部落战歌, 游戏的最好辅助助手, 赶快下载吧... Free 11/2015
7459   Slots •◦•◦•◦ Slots •◦•◦•◦ Games Games Apps like Slots •◦•◦•◦ Old Vegas is calling your name. Come enjoy the best old vegas slot machines on the Appstore! Huge chip bonuses!... Free 11/2015
7460   小步乐园 小步乐园 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 小步乐园 小步乐园APP是由杭州小步科技有限公司开发的一款生活类手机软件,致力于搭建品牌商与消费者间的桥梁,也是优质产品与消费者的直通车。商品涵盖了海外商品,时令农特产品,高品质生活用品等。并不断的根据目标受众的独特性做调整,成为消费者高性价比购物渠道的不二选择。... Free 11/2015
7461   Art Young Lovers Art Young Lovers Games Games Apps like Art Young Lovers The girl and the boy are cute lovers of Art School. They all love art and fashion. Do you like them? Do you want to dress up them? How to play: Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other acc... Free 11/2015
7462   portal.chat portal.chat Business Business Apps like portal.chat Portal.chat is dedicated to enterprise class web portals. portal.chat is a real time live chat communication platform for web portals allowing the web portal visitor to engage the listing owner/advertiser in real time via the portal.chat chat box display... Free 11/2015
7463   Sabelo - Newsan Sabelo - Newsan Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Sabelo - Newsan SABELO es un juego de preguntas y respuestas, desarrollado exclusivamente para empleados del Grupo Newsan, dentro de su Plan de Responsabilidad Social Empresaria. Éste juego pondrá a prueba tus conocimientos de Educación General, Fauna y Flora, Histo... Free 11/2015
7464   广汉全媒体 广汉全媒体 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 广汉全媒体 “广汉全媒体”APP是由广汉市新闻传媒中心、广汉市广播电视台联合研发建设的“智慧广汉”的一个综合性信息发布平台。该客户端主要定位于为广汉百姓、企业提供全方位的新闻、生活和商务服务,专注于广汉人的“衣、食、住、行、乐、游、购、社交”,其宗旨是打造一个真实温暖的广汉网上城市,实现“同城、同知、同乐、同享、同购”的服务目标。其栏目主要有:新闻、视频、微信、微博、手机报、电台、美食、商务活动等,它将成为未来广汉的一张网络名片。... Free 11/2015
7465   华达永磁 华达永磁 Utilities Utilities Apps like 华达永磁 可以用于华达永磁节能空调的省电计算,具有计算功能和存储功能,可以存储计算过的数值... Free 11/2015
7466   vTiger mobile client (VMC) vTiger mobile client (VMC) Business Business Apps like vTiger mobile client (VMC) vTiger CRM mobile is a native application that lets you access your CRM data anywhere, anytime from your iPhone. A quick and easy to use mobile interface combines the CRM data with the capabilities of your iPhone. Your iPhone may login into multiple CR... $9.99 11/2015
7467   مصحف الملك فهد مصحف الملك فهد Books Books Apps like مصحف الملك فهد مصحف الفهد: تطبيق معتمد من مجمع الملك فهد لطباعة المصحف الشريف. مميزات التطبيق: ١- تفسير للقرآن الكريم. ٢- تلاوة بجودة عالية بصوت أشهر القرّاء (عبدالباسط عبدالصمد، محمد صديق المنشاوي، عبدالرحمن السديس، أحمد العجمي، عبدالرحمن الحذيفي، ناصر القطامي، سعود ... Free 11/2015
7468   Dead Weapon: Zombie Dead Weapon: Zombie Games Games Apps like Dead Weapon: Zombie The dead are walking again. You are member of the police department, your side has been chosen and you must press the trigger to survive. Something strange is happening, and it’s getting worse. Features: - 3D Animated characters, zombies and mutant zo... Free 11/2015
7469   ILoveYou ILoveYou Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like ILoveYou ILoveYou是国内首家珠宝类资讯应用,专门针对珠宝市场,为广大民众提供了全新的珠宝消费、投资、交易等相关技巧和技术指导,让更多的消费者学会并精通珠宝行业。... Free 11/2015
7470   قناة الأقصى الفضائية قناة الأقصى الفضائية News News Apps like قناة الأقصى الفضائية التطبيق الاخباري الموسع لقناة الأقصى الفضائية - فلسطين الأخبار والأخبار العاجلة البرامج المسجلة البث المباشر جدول البرامج وخدمات اخرى متعددة --------------------- Expanded news application channel Al-Aqsa TV - Palestine News + breaking news Recorded prog... Free 11/2015
7471   Footyard Goal Footyard Goal Games Games Apps like Footyard Goal You have a minute? These crazy critters need a hand to improve their football skills ...... Free 11/2015
7472   Through The Cave Magic Match Through The Cave Magic Match Games Games Apps like Through The Cave Magic Match Join the magician into another magical adventure through a cave chock full of creepy monsters.... Free 11/2015
7473   创客IP 创客IP Utilities Utilities Apps like 创客IP "创客IP"移动客户端 是" 创客IP "平台重磅推出的手机APP软件 。 用户只需下载 APP ,便可方便的在手机上面使用创客圈子功能,也可以查看作品公示中的已有作品,并可随时随地通过手机对存证证据进行查阅和管理。... Free 11/2015
7474   Easter Pets Easter Pets Games Games Apps like Easter Pets The Easter bunny is the one you will be choosing clothes for in this dress-up game. If you have dyed the eggs now it is time to make him look really great for this very special holiday. Happy Easter! How to play: Players need to collect coins first, the... Free 11/2015
7475   漂亮公主木偶剧 漂亮公主木偶剧 Games Games Apps like 漂亮公主木偶剧 喜欢木偶吗?小时候看过木偶戏吗?尽是满满的回忆,现在让你亲自设计一个人物形象让你拥有属于自己的木偶,发挥你的想象吧!!! 游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好! 游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!... Free 11/2015
7476   Booklist Publications Booklist Publications Reference Reference Apps like Booklist Publications Booklist is the book review magazine of the American Library Association and the go-to source for librarians, teachers, and bibliophiles. With more than 8, 000 annual reviews of children, teen, and adult books and media, Booklist is a key resource f... Free 11/2015
7477   Sum Flow - Connect Numbers Sum Flow - Connect Numbers Games Games Apps like Sum Flow - Connect Numbers [Hardest game ever]Unlock your skills in calculating with Sum Flow - How to play Sum Tracks: + Drag square sum-tiles through sequence of round num-tiles so sum-tile at the and of track is equal to zero. + With some special cells, you must move enough tim... Free 11/2015
7478   RV & Boat Towing Parking Simulator Real Road Car Racing Driving RV & Boat Towing Parking Simulator Real Road Car Racing Driving Games Games Apps like RV & Boat Towing Parking Simulator Real Road Car Racing Driving Time to catch some rays! Prove your Parking and Towing Prowess in all-new exciting missions at the beautiful Beach Resort. Drive Camper Vans and Tow Trailers, Boats and Caravans. Even drive a large coach full of tourists on their vacation! Each vehicle w... Free 11/2015
7479   SaveCos SaveCos Business Business Apps like SaveCos Most of the things we own, from books to mobile phones, from watches to sunglasses, we rarely or never use. Everyone has something in their houses sitting unused or underused, and "Savecos" is on a mission to make the resale value of anything you own ... Free 11/2015
7480   A Big Party Slots Vacation FREE - Big Bonus 777 Jackpot Casino A Big Party Slots Vacation FREE - Big Bonus 777 Jackpot Casino Games Games Apps like A Big Party Slots Vacation FREE - Big Bonus 777 Jackpot Casino ► Download and Play the MOST EXCITING Slots Machine App for Your iOS Device! ► AWESOME Animations and HUGE Bonuses ► SIMPLE Interface and AMAZING Hands-on Experience This Game is the cool place to play real slots with no real wagering. It is a unique s... Free 11/2015
7481   Amazing Lucky Win Slots HD - Best Double-down Vegas Casino Amazing Lucky Win Slots HD - Best Double-down Vegas Casino Games Games Apps like Amazing Lucky Win Slots HD - Best Double-down Vegas Casino "This one is for you casino lovers! Welcome to this awesome Slots experience! Here’s what you’ll get: - Gorgeous retina graphics - Fantastic bonuses - Atmospheric sounds - Premium Slots experience - State of the art math/game design ... Free 11/2015
7482   Gurkha Channel Gurkha Channel News News Apps like Gurkha Channel Gurkha channel is the sister company of Gurkha TV and the first 24-hour Nepali channel operating from the international capital of the world, London, United Kingdom. Gurkha Channels believes in honesty, respect, and unity. We belong to the land of Lor... Free 11/2015
7483   Locast Workout Locast Workout Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Locast Workout Post or search in less than a minute and find the perfect workout partner. Specify or search for a specific type of workout (running, yoga, cycling, and so on) Only see posts within your specified radius (1 mile or 10 miles) Workouts closest to you aut... Free 11/2015
7484   Zombie Ninja vs Mummy Zombie Ninja vs Mummy Games Games Apps like Zombie Ninja vs Mummy In post-apocalypse time. A ninja turned into a zombie and keep finishing his mission he couldn't finish a long time ago - assassinate the Egyptian royals. But now they all became mummies. So, the battle now is between the walking dead. Then this game is ... Free 11/2015
7485   Ace Of Speed Racers - Virtual Battle Race Ace Of Speed Racers - Virtual Battle Race Games Games Apps like Ace Of Speed Racers - Virtual Battle Race Get your fix for racing overload anytime, anywhere with this stunning new racing game! If you think you have what it takes to speed through the highway and win past your enemies, this is the game for you! “Lots of racing action with challenging levels ... Free 11/2015
7486   Tap and Swipe Line Tap and Swipe Line Games Games Apps like Tap and Swipe Line Tap - delete point. Swipe - delete line. Enjoy)... Free 11/2015
7487   Quiet Girl Quiet Girl Games Games Apps like Quiet Girl The little girl is quiet, but she has the interesting expressions. Let's help her dress up! How to play: Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other accessories. After that they can dress up... Free 11/2015
7488   Find Halloween 2015 Find Halloween 2015 Games Games Apps like Find Halloween 2015 Find Halloween 2015 is a mini game with colorful photo. You will open a photo behind the question box and then you must find the other photo that same with photo you opened. Welcome and enjoy the Find Halloween 2015 game, thank you !... Free 11/2015
7489   Superpoderes Superpoderes Books Books Apps like Superpoderes Esta App es el complemento perfecto para el libro "Superpoderes del éxito para gente normal". ¿Estas harto de usar diferentes Apps de productividad?. Con la App "superpoderes" tienes todas aquellas herramientas que necesitas para poner tu vida en orden. ... Free 11/2015
7490   Music Quizz Music Quizz Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Music Quizz Comeback of the famous music game in this special and single version with music of any style and all generations. More than 230 levels that will test your musicals skills. Prove to your friends that you are the best and share your scores on social netwo... Free 11/2015
7491   passauf! passauf! Utilities Utilities Apps like passauf! What is „passauf“? „passauf“ is a so-called danger alert app. The basic idea of this app is to provide the user the opportunity to report conspicuousness and threats in their vicinity and so alert other users and provide corresponding information. Some a... Free 11/2015
7492   locateU locateU Sports Sports Apps like locateU locateU es una herramienta de seguridad para los amantes de las actividades al aire libre: ciclismo, running, senderismo, snowboard... Esta aplicación está dirigida a aquellos usuarios que realizan actividades al aire libre ofreciendo la posibilidad d... Free 11/2015
7493   Stack Number Stack Number Games Games Apps like Stack Number stack number block to get high score! tap anywhere to let the block fall down, blocks in the top screen is the blocks will be fallen. you can merge 2 adjacent blocks if they have the same value and get a bigger number, hope you get a high score.... Free 11/2015
7494   宮崎紙工印刷株式会社 宮崎紙工印刷株式会社 Books Books Apps like 宮崎紙工印刷株式会社 宮崎市で約10000部発行している無料学習ノートkidsdo宮崎市版のアプリです。 [注意事項] 本アプリの利用には、モバイルネットワーク、またはWi-Fiが必要です。... Free 11/2015
7495   MOZZARELLA - SALON DE EVENTOS MOZZARELLA - SALON DE EVENTOS Catalogs Catalogs Apps like MOZZARELLA - SALON DE EVENTOS Mozzarella Salón de Eventos, es una de esas empresas especialistas en organizar y desarrollar eventos tan importantes como el de su matrimonio. Esta compañía les ofrece un amplio abanico de servicios, con el que podrán organizar con lujo de detalles la ... Free 11/2015
7496   AllStores AllStores Catalogs Catalogs Apps like AllStores Первый, не имеющий аналогов в республике интернет продукт, призван сделать ваш шопинг по любимым магазинам нашего города более комфортным и разумным, существенно облегчающим поход по магазинам. В нем есть вся полная и свежая информация об ассортименте ... Free 11/2015
7497   Escaping Mars Escaping Mars Games Games Apps like Escaping Mars You are stranded on Mars. Your only hope for survival is to bring your lander into orbit, where you will be picked up by a rescue shuttle. But flying that lander is not a piece of cake... Escape Mars is a fun to play arcade game that will put your react... Free 11/2015
7498   Candy Sweet Smash - 3 match puzzle blast mania game Candy Sweet Smash - 3 match puzzle blast mania game Games Games Apps like Candy Sweet Smash - 3 match puzzle blast mania game Candy Sweet Smash is a simple, elegant games .You'll enjoy a beautiful and highly frame Discovery of music in this fun match-3 game. Switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure.You'll encounter a virtual world ... Free 11/2015
7499   趣搜 趣搜 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 趣搜 趣搜,生活的好帮手!趣搜在手,需啥都有!永久免费享用结伴拼车、征婚信息、二手汽车、房屋买卖、旧物交易、货物速递、绿色健康生活、路况信息、趣益活动、���婚启示、人间美食、身边美景、医疗保健、外出住宿、兴趣聚点、绿色生活、地方特产、房屋租售、汽车服务、生活微服、维修服务、装修服务、家政服务、现代农业、红白喜事、物流配送、图文广告、日用百货、装修材料、幼儿托管、课外补习、兴趣培训、旧物处置、寻失找主、求职招聘、经营转让、有偿求助、才艺秀场、公共设施、公益事业和其它等等与生活息息相关的海量信息。... Free 11/2015
7500   ST Intelligent IoT Gateway ST Intelligent IoT Gateway Productivity Productivity Apps like ST Intelligent IoT Gateway The Dweet Sensor Gateway app provides a link between the sensors on the NUCLEO-F401RE+X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1+X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 development system (running stock ST BlueMS1 firmware) and the BugLabs dweet.io cloud.... Free 11/2015
7501   FitnessMetrica FitnessMetrica Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like FitnessMetrica Simple and easy to use calculator for sports performance. Includes: - The calculation of the maximum weight per repetition of a known working weight. - Calculation of working weight with a certain maximum weight per repetition. - The calculation of the nu... Free 11/2015
7502   Flying with Aliens Flying with Aliens Games Games Apps like Flying with Aliens Aliens are taking over the world. Guide the alien through the space avoiding the extraterrestrial poles to move on to the next level. Easy to learn, hard to master. Many levels to play. Share with your friends and compete with each other on Game Center. ... Free 11/2015
7503   畅听音乐盒 畅听音乐盒 Music Music Apps like 畅听音乐盒 畅听音乐盒是一款功能强大, 无需注册的音乐播放软件, 美观的页面, 简洁人性化的操作, 给软件使用者带来了手机听歌的全新体验! 它是一款免费的手机音乐播放器, 具有较好的音质音效, 支持播放歌曲, 搜索歌曲, 播放MV等, 它的出现, 可以让你的工作学习之余不再枯燥, 可以让你的休闲娱乐时间充满趣味, 可以让你的生活品质得到提升. 畅听音乐盒支持多种音乐格式的播放, 为你带来美妙的音乐体验.会让你爱不释手!... Free 11/2015
7504   Soundify Player - MP3 Music & Audio Tracks Streaming and Playlist Manager Soundify Player - MP3 Music & Audio Tracks Streaming and Playlist Manager Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Soundify Player - MP3 Music & Audio Tracks Streaming and Playlist Manager Soundify Player - Unlimited Free MP3 Music and Audio Songs Player and Playlist Manager App Enjoy your favorite songs and listen to unlimited mp3 and play musics for FREE! Soundify Player provides you a collection of millions songs and audios from all ki... Free 11/2015
7505   GoodBye Message GoodBye Message Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GoodBye Message Record a personal video message for your friends or family. When you pass away, they can unlock and view it. How does it work? 1. Record your message 2. Lock your message 3. Unlock the Message How does the unlocking procedure works? During the unlock... Free 11/2015
7506   Place Property - Find a PLACE to Rent Place Property - Find a PLACE to Rent Utilities Utilities Apps like Place Property - Find a PLACE to Rent A PLACE to Live PLACE is the revolutionary App that finds you a place to live. With Place in the time it takes you to take your commute home you can find the right property for you that is available when you need it and with a shorter commute, have text... Free 11/2015
7507   Palm Care Pharmacy Palm Care Pharmacy Medical Medical Apps like Palm Care Pharmacy Palm Care Pharmacy is an easy-to-use app that allows pharmacy customers to manage their entire family’s prescriptions, order refills, set medication reminders, and find pharmacy location information. Creating an account is easy. Just enter your last ... Free 11/2015
7508   Wow and Surprised Faces Emoji: Keyboard Stickers and Chat Icons Wow and Surprised Faces Emoji: Keyboard Stickers and Chat Icons Utilities Utilities Apps like Wow and Surprised Faces Emoji: Keyboard Stickers and Chat Icons The Best Wow and Surprised Faces Emoji in the AppStore! We know sometimes simple Emoji is not enough. This customize keyboard is for all who are interested to chat with fun icons. This customised keyboard has many fun stickers to chat with your friends,... $2.99 11/2015
7509   urangle urangle Entertainment Entertainment Apps like urangle urangle brings you videos actually worth watching... Free 11/2015
7510   Coloring Book Kids Stories Coloring Book Kids Stories Games Games Apps like Coloring Book Kids Stories Amusement for adults and boys: Play with so many images and paint them with different color and pencils. Improve the skills motorboats of your children with kids stories To Paint a great set of images to color and to be able to play! Your Children will ... Free 11/2015
7511   Dorfjungs Methler Dorfjungs Methler Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Dorfjungs Methler Die Dorfjung's Methler gibt es schon seit 1997. Wo immer Hilfe notwendig ist, es etwas zu feiern gibt, findest Du uns in Methler. Damit Du auch alle Aktionen von uns live mitverfolgen kannst, haben wir diese App erstellt. Wann immer etwas los ist, mit... Free 11/2015
7512   My Little Dungeon My Little Dungeon Games Games Apps like My Little Dungeon Global Mobile Vision 2015 - Exhibited Game My Little Dungeon is a retro RPG with full of fascinating items and skills. You can now earn gold while fighting against monsters. There are a variety of weapons and special items. World's ancient treasures got... Free 11/2015
7513   Impossible Escape Challenge - Multi Heist Run Impossible Escape Challenge - Multi Heist Run Games Games Apps like Impossible Escape Challenge - Multi Heist Run You need super thief reflexes to beat this game! You have two hands but only one brain. Can you beat two simple endless racing/jumping games at the same time? It's a heart-pounding test of reflexes as you try to make both of your thieves jump over obst... Free 11/2015
7514   Stream Map USA - Southeast Stream Map USA - Southeast Sports Sports Apps like Stream Map USA - Southeast Find and view any river, lakes or stream. Check current water conditions. Touch "Go" for instant driving directions. Travel along the stream with GPS tracking on topographic maps. Mark your favorite spots for your next trip. Stream Map USA is a complete... $8.99 11/2015
7515   找我-无限交易可能 找我-无限交易可能 Productivity Productivity Apps like 找我-无限交易可能 找我是一个为周围的人提供任意交易机会的app,可以直接雇佣牛人做任何事情,只要双方愿意,合法。... Free 11/2015
7516   Bodacious Advocate's Diary Bodacious Advocate's Diary Utilities Utilities Apps like Bodacious Advocate's Diary Bodacious Advocate's Diary is an application for lawyers to manage case details. It is a very easy to use app, which stores information about an advocate's Clients, Case Numbers, Previous Dates, Next Dates, Court Name etc. Main features of the appl... Free 11/2015
7517   Basic Space Basic Space Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Basic Space Basic Space is a place where curation matters. Through photos posted on Instagram and songs liked via SoundCloud, one's perspective and sensibility are communicated organically. Whenever you browse on Basic Space, you'll see and hear something that im... Free 11/2015
7518   RTC ePay RTC ePay Utilities Utilities Apps like RTC ePay Quick and easy access to ePay from RTC. Pay your bill on the go using the RTC ePay app.... Free 11/2015
7519   KydRides KydRides Travel Travel Apps like KydRides Know Your Driver... KydRides is the SAFEST and most SECURE ride share solution available throughout the United States. KydRides gives parents the power to decide who drives their children. Don't let someone else decide! Use KydRides to build your Trusted ... Free 11/2015
7520   Blocky Racer: Smashy Traffic Blocky Racer: Smashy Traffic Games Games Apps like Blocky Racer: Smashy Traffic Be a daredevil driver making his way through crowded street in this voxel graghics, fun and crazy mobile game. Drive as fast as you can, collect coins as much as you please, and unlock as many blocky cars as you desire. Enjoy countless hours of fun an... Free 11/2015
7521   Pol Ball Slots - The Ball gamble match Pol Ball Slots - The Ball gamble match Games Games Apps like Pol Ball Slots - The Ball gamble match Play slots – Enjoy the multi slot fun and amazing experience wherever you are at any time. You don’t have to think and go to the place to play, just download and enjoy the amazing slot game with great wins, bonuses and jackpots with high graphics an... Free 11/2015
7522   Sick Sammi Sick Sammi Games Games Apps like Sick Sammi Oh no - Sammi's Sick! Keep her alive as long as possible - just keep tapping! FEATURES: • One Tap Controls. • Endless Arcade Game. • Pixel Art. • Compete with Friends and Family with Game Center Leaderboards HOW TO PLAY: • Jump by tapping the screen. •... Free 11/2015
7523   Spiritual Connect Radio.com Spiritual Connect Radio.com Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Spiritual Connect Radio.com Spiritual Connect Radio online radio stations that plays inspirational gospel music. Listen online 24/7... Free 11/2015
7524   天宫赛车3D跑车版-真实免费的单机赛车游戏 天宫赛车3D跑车版-真实免费的单机赛车游戏 Games Games Apps like 天宫赛车3D跑车版-真实免费的单机赛车游戏 联网实时排名、实时交流, 区别于单机游戏, 你的游戏过程不再枯燥无味; 游戏中随机出现减速、转向炸弹, 中了减速炸弹会在一定时间内无法加速;中了转向炸弹会在一定时间内左右转向键互换; 每日排名奖励元宝, 元宝可用于每局游戏的复活, 一局游戏复活次数越高, 所消耗的元宝越多; 天宫赛车3D跑车版独有白色豪华赛车, 实现你的豪车梦... Free 11/2015
7525   Kiwi Transit - Auckland Public Transport Realtime Schedule Kiwi Transit - Auckland Public Transport Realtime Schedule Travel Travel Apps like Kiwi Transit - Auckland Public Transport Realtime Schedule Track your bus or train in real time. Upcoming departure times for all Auckland Transport routes. Favourite your most used stops and order them for the quick access. - Live departure information for any Auckland bus or train stops. - Realtime schedule au... Free 11/2015
7526   Real Property Alliance Real Property Alliance Business Business Apps like Real Property Alliance Real Property Alliance is a non-profit, educational organization that provides insight and analysis for Illinois property owners. We seek to provide a voice for establishing sound real estate policy that promotes growth and seeks to limit taxes and regul... Free 11/2015
7527   Business Card Designs -  creative business card catelog Business Card Designs - creative business card catelog Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Business Card Designs - creative business card catelog Grab your own business card design Today. Are you Looking for Eye Catchy Business or Visiting card for your Business? Browse thousands of Creative Business Cards Designs today. Creative and Inspiring Business Visiting Cards Designs gives wonderful expe... Free 11/2015
7528   Birthday Cards - HQ Printable birthday Cards Design Catelogs Birthday Cards - HQ Printable birthday Cards Design Catelogs Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Birthday Cards - HQ Printable birthday Cards Design Catelogs Right Time to say Happy birthday in Style!!! Never miss a birthday again of your loved one without surprising Birthday Cards! Well we'll help your loved one to feel special on coming birthday!! Here We go with the wide range of birthday cards based on di... Free 11/2015
7529   Magical Mediterranean Home Design Plans : Ultimate Collection of Home design Layout Magical Mediterranean Home Design Plans : Ultimate Collection of Home design Layout Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Magical Mediterranean Home Design Plans : Ultimate Collection of Home design Layout Greetings! Wanted to suggest design of your Dream house to the Architect? Here we come with bunch of options for you guys :-) What we have for you? 1) Choose among various categories of plans. 2) High Quality images for plans. 3) Compare your favourit... Free 11/2015
7530   My Princess Ponys Puzzles Slide My Princess Ponys Puzzles Slide Games Games Apps like My Princess Ponys Puzzles Slide My Princess Ponys Puzzles Slide children were waiting. the puzzle for kids is simple and fun, ideal for your children, because exercise your brain, imagination and creativity as well as entertain. Reach achieved score, the score and the number of mov... Free 11/2015
7531   Corneta Corneta Sports Sports Apps like Corneta O Corneta App é um aplicativo feito por torcedores para torcedores que tem como objetivo aumentar a sua interação com o futebol brasileiro! Nessa versão do Corneta você avalia os jogadores do futebol brasileiro por meio de atributos específicos para cada... Free 11/2015
7532   车信帮 车信帮 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 车信帮 车信帮是重庆市唯一官方指定汽车服务维权平台,车主可以通过车信帮预约修车,救援,免费检测,维权。通过车信帮下单支付购买服务的车主,服务过程中,如有偷工减料、暗箱操作,小病大修,以次充好等,给予双倍金额先行赔付,并安排企业重新服务,保障每一个消费者的消费权益,让车主放心修车,放心养车!那些年在4S店吃过的亏您还记得吗?出现的以下状况:偷工减料、暗箱操作、偷梁换柱、趁火打劫、投诉无门,去外面综合维修厂又没熟人怕被坑,还担心脱保。 车信帮,用心改变车生活。... Free 11/2015
7533   HAY TACO HAY TACO Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like HAY TACO ¿Cuantas veces se te han antojado unos tacos y no sabes a cuales ir? Hay Taco es la primera y única app que te permite localizar las mejores taquerias cerca de ti. Desde el puesto de la esquina hasta el restaurante mas “nice”. Así de sencillo. CARACTERI... Free 11/2015
7534   American Caregiver Association American Caregiver Association Education Education Apps like American Caregiver Association Users will find our blog, videos, Facebook, about us and call button and link to our website.... Free 11/2015
7535   Mi Seguro Mi Seguro Finance Finance Apps like Mi Seguro Mi Seguro es una aplicación diseñada para resolver las distintas necesidades relacionadas con productos de seguros, dirigida a clientes del Banco de Chile, Banco Edwards | Citi y Banco CrediChile. Con Mi Seguro podrás solicitar servicios de Asistencia ... Free 11/2015
7536   Arrow In Your Knee Arrow In Your Knee Games Games Apps like Arrow In Your Knee If you don't want to get arrows in your knee, just keep away from them then you will get higher score.... Free 11/2015
7537   Empire Bingo - Ace Las Vegas Big Win Fortune Bonanza Pro Empire Bingo - Ace Las Vegas Big Win Fortune Bonanza Pro Games Games Apps like Empire Bingo - Ace Las Vegas Big Win Fortune Bonanza Pro The ultimate Bingo game that will take your world with a storm is now at the palm of your hand! Play this smash-hit Bingo game on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch today and collect insane powerups that can help you, help your team, or even stop your ... Free 11/2015
7538   Joked! Joked! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Joked! It's the best way to to defuse the situation! Application contains universal humor sounds!... Free 11/2015
7539   天天看-超快手机看片高清影视 天天看-超快手机看片高清影视 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 天天看-超快手机看片高清影视 文艺女青年喜欢,荷尔蒙宅男最爱! 追美剧的、找福利的、爱动漫的、看综艺的,迷韩剧的、盯国剧的、品电影的、唱大戏的,这个软件都适合你。 拥有全网最新、最热的海量高清影视库,它利用先进搜索引擎技术聚合了当前互联网大多数视频,同步更新来自优酷、搜狐、PPTV、乐视、土豆、风行、网易、新浪、M1905电影网、CNTV、腾讯等众多高清视频播放器的电视剧、电影、综艺、动漫、美剧、韩剧、搞笑、娱乐、资讯、音乐、微电影、纪录片、体育等影视资源。 每日同步更新大量影视资源,为用户提供稳定、清晰、快速的视频服务。 ... Free 11/2015
7540   World Clock: Multiple Alarm,  Stopwatch,  Timer World Clock: Multiple Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like World Clock: Multiple Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer Get Multiple cities times at one place with features like Alarm, Weather, Stopwatch & Timer. World clock app gives all things in a single app. Easy to manage different city time zones in one place. App Features: * World Cities clock with country flags.... Free 11/2015
7541   Calculadora 2.0 Calculadora 2.0 Education Education Apps like Calculadora 2.0 Una calculadora cientifica muy completa, personalizada para trabajar con una gran variedad de operaciones, guardar calculos y volver a trabajar con ellos, al igual que la posibilidad de guardar tus propias constantes para trabajar con ellas en el dia a... Free 11/2015
7542   Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Music Music Apps like Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Tamil Devotional Songs on Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Sung by P.Susheela, Meerakrishna, Mahanadhi Shobana Music by Manikkavinayagam, Veeramanisomu and lyrics by Traditional, Veeramanisomu.Songs from Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi album produced by Sruthilaya Media... Free 11/2015
7543   小优健康 小优健康 Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like 小优健康 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-7天无油、无糖、无淀粉的洁净饮食以及适量的运动,你敢来挑战吗? 健康生活喊了很多年,怎么管理自己的健康,你知道吗? 如果还是不知道的话就来体验下小优吧。 小优推行以体验为基础的生活方式管理以及整体的健康解决方案。 小优健康是微康公司推出的第一个肠道健康的体验型产品,通过3-7天无油、无糖、无淀粉的洁净饮食以及适量的运动来清肠排毒。 通过七天低糖压饮食,... Free 11/2015
7544   フライスピード フライスピード Games Games Apps like フライスピード 冒険を体験フライスピード、障害物を避けで世界を通じ。 フライスピードレトロピクセルアートスタイルのプラットフォームのゲームです。 鳥必見を制御しているプレイヤーは、最高のスコアを獲得するために、空の隙間を経てすべての列をかわします。 今再生を開始し、最高のスコアを獲得。... $2.99 11/2015
7545   vcantx vcantx Games Games Apps like vcantx 第一款支持移动编谱的音游 - 下个版本会连接上服务器(筹集资金中)... Free 11/2015
7546   The Headlines The Headlines Entertainment Entertainment Apps like The Headlines The app that helps you create your own funny and reliable headlines. You can now create your own headlines with the Headlines app! It's easy and you can let your creative side flow. Create your Headlines and share it with your friends and family. We can ... Free 11/2015
7547   Best Roma Stores Best Roma Stores Travel Travel Apps like Best Roma Stores Best City Stores is all you need to shop away when visiting the European fashion capitals. Create your personal tour before your trip so you don´t miss any luxury hotspots, use the offline map during your stay and share your best finds with your friends!... Free 11/2015
7548   Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Maala Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Maala Music Music Apps like Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Maala Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Maala Sung by Veeramaniraju consists of divine songs.This is produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp, Chennai.All Devotional Songs are available in Audio Mp3 cds and VCDs and DVDs in all leading outlets and online store www.sruthilaya.in... Free 11/2015
7549   见见吧-同城约饭、唱歌、看电影的社交圈 见见吧-同城约饭、唱歌、看电影的社交圈 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 见见吧-同城约饭、唱歌、看电影的社交圈 此APP一个通过吃饭、唱歌、看电影等娱乐活动进行快速线下交友的移动应用,使用该APP,可以花费信用发布约会,也可以报名别人发起的约会;同时可以将自己擅长的技能出售,如家教,主持,演唱等。既能实现自己的兴趣爱好,又能通过自己的技能获得一定的收入。项目将线上交友转移到线下,安全快速交友。... Free 11/2015
7550   Catheria Catheria Photography Photography Apps like Catheria A magical way to create beautiful images. Feature : Enhance - enhance image with Magic, Scene, Food and Night Effect - enhance image with some effect Chrome - enhance image with some color Light - adjust saturation, brightness and contrast Temp - ad... Free 11/2015
7551   七彩阳光-有声读物 七彩阳光-有声读物 Books Books Apps like 七彩阳光-有声读物 【七彩阳光数字图书馆】 既可在线收听,亦能离线下载,方便省流量 内容丰富,您一定能找到您想要的 支持后台播放... Free 11/2015
7552   蜡笔小新漫画高清珍藏版 蜡笔小新漫画高清珍藏版 Books Books Apps like 蜡笔小新漫画高清珍藏版 蜡笔小新受欢迎程度,可以由故事发生地埼玉县春日市采纳了他作为宣传人物而得知,内容是平实地描写一户核心家庭日常生活的写照,而笑点多半是小新总是搞不清楚状况而出的差错或是惹人发怒的情形。在日本,动画版收视率常高居前10名。[1] 本作品原本定位为成人漫画,因为在早期有许多关于性暗示的描述,然而在动画化后,受到影响逐渐转变为适合全家观赏的作品,而排除了性暗示的表现。漫画方面,虽然仍算做成人漫画,但内容变成为男女共赏的家庭喜剧。 这是一个只有五岁的小孩子,但他那好食懒做、颠三倒四、自以为是的性格,引发了一箩箩令... Free 11/2015
7553   Reverse Video Creater Reverse Video Creater Photography Photography Apps like Reverse Video Creater - A amazing app to create/play video in Reverse. Many people want to create videos that plays in reverse. This is the app which provides you to create video in Reverse. You can either use Camera to take fresh video or use Library to create Video in Revers... Free 11/2015
7554   Radios 974 Radios 974 Music Music Apps like Radios 974 Retrouvez toutes les radios de la Réunion dans une appli. Vous avez la possibilité d'écouter en Wifi et en 3G, ... Free 11/2015
7555   Scoop by Tickld Scoop by Tickld Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Scoop by Tickld Scoop by Tickld is Tickld's new app, allowing you to access Tickld editorial content in a quick, clean and user-friendly fashion. New stories appear daily. Be sure to open your Scoop by Tickld app regularly to catch up on Tickld! If you have any trou... Free 11/2015
7556   SpringTime SpringTime Utilities Utilities Apps like SpringTime SpringTime is the first app of FlexiForce Group, worldwide specialist in components for sectional overhead doors. SpringTime provides on-site (at the door) support for garage door mechanics and industrial door service teams. Identification/recognition of... Free 11/2015
7557   MyQuickReport Pro MyQuickReport Pro Productivity Productivity Apps like MyQuickReport Pro Experience a revolutionary way of creating and sending reports within minutes with MyQuickReport. No need to take notes of the incident, no need to take pictures from your camera or cell phone which you later on have to insert into the report you had to ... $3.99 11/2015
7558   Sommarbarn Sommarbarn Books Books Apps like Sommarbarn Fun and exciting picture / audio book with notes . Suitable for both older and younger children. The app is a complement to the book.... Free 11/2015
7559   Traditional Costume Show Traditional Costume Show Games Games Apps like Traditional Costume Show Do you like traditional costume? They are unique and fun. How to play: Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other accessories. After that they can dress up the doll! Remember you just need t... Free 11/2015
7560   لغت نامه دهخدا لغت نامه دهخدا Reference Reference Apps like لغت نامه دهخدا لغت‌نامه دهخدا بزرگترین فرهنگ زبان فارسی شامل بیش از ۳۰۰ هزار مدخل است. سعی کرده‌ایم کامل‌ترین نسخه دیجیتال لغت‌نامه را به همراه امکانات و طراحی خوب برای استفاده شما فراهم کنیم. این برنامه امکان نمایش لغت‌ها و اعلام به صورت جداگانه جستجوی بسیار سریع در ل... Free 11/2015
7561   Journey In Journey In Travel Travel Apps like Journey In Journey In’s app is a didactic support feature of our tours. This app also contains added information on directions, with detailed offline maps, as well as popular attractions and local tips for an amazing experience. You can also book your Journey thro... Free 11/2015
7562   一起签 一起签 Business Business Apps like 一起签 应用介绍:电子合同手机签署专家:在手机上创建、签订合同,跨国、异地一分钟搞定合同!无需起草合同,大量模板任您选。可以上传您电脑或手机中的合同、可以在手机上修改合同、可以盖章、可以发送邮箱、可以下载打印。 版本介绍:当前为1.1.0版,具有自动定制功能,注册后自动匹配、生成您单位(或您个人)专属的电子合同手机签署APP,各单位都无需再开发,服务于全国5000万家中小企业和个人手机签合同的需要。... Free 11/2015
7563   ÖSKG ÖSKG Productivity Productivity Apps like ÖSKG Detta är den officiella appen för ÖSKG - Östra Skånes Konstnärsgrupp. Appen innehåller information om Konstrundan och våra konstnärer som är aktiva och boende i Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Tomelilla, Ystad och Kristianstad.... Free 11/2015
7564   游戏大师 for 英雄团 游戏大师 for 英雄团 Reference Reference Apps like 游戏大师 for 英雄团 《游戏大师 for 英雄团》是游戏大师专门为英雄团玩家们制作的攻略APP。我们只做专业、精品的辅助攻略APP! 目前功能包括: 【周免攻略】最快速、及时的周免英雄攻略,别到处找了,都在这儿呢! 【海量礼包】最新最全的礼包这里全!部!都!有!持续更新发放哦…… 【英雄大全】隐藏英雄提前放出哟,嘘,别说出去 ——更多功能,开发中……... Free 11/2015
7565   Real Find Words Real Find Words Games Games Apps like Real Find Words Find Words is a word game to challenge your vocabulary. On each free board a large grid of letters will be presented where you have to find as many words as possible, taking as long as you want - there's no time limit! Simply drag your finger on a letter... Free 11/2015
7566   菓菓达 菓菓达 Business Business Apps like 菓菓达 菓菓达, 客户端以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能为广大客户展示一个丰富多样的水果商城,在此平台上,用户可以了解到水果行业的新闻资讯、产品信息,水果百科、鲜果供求、招商加盟等信息。该客户端面向全国招商,各大企业可在该客户端上发布供求信息,发布广告,让各大企业以及广大客户更为便捷。真实、高效地让您生活更简单!... Free 11/2015
7567   WaterAid Emoji Creator WaterAid Emoji Creator Utilities Utilities Apps like WaterAid Emoji Creator Create hilarious poop emojis while supporting a good cause. Choose facial features and accessories, then share your creations with friends, or add them to your keyboard. Every share unlocks new accessories, and helps spread the word about WaterAid, a... Free 11/2015
7568   Thirupathi Perumai Thirupathi Perumai Music Music Apps like Thirupathi Perumai Tamil Devotional Songs on Thirupathi Perumal Sung by Prabhakar, Thilaka, Music by Anburaja, and lyrics by Jeevanprabakar. Songs from Thirupathi perumai album produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp.... Free 11/2015
7569   ThucTamGia ThucTamGia Books Books Apps like ThucTamGia Tác phẩm: Thực tâm giả Tác giả: Tân Di Ổ Thể loại: Ngôn tình Bất cứ người nào trong lòng đều có một ánh trăng sáng tỏ. Người ta xem nó như là thánh kinh, mỗi một bước đi đều cung kính sùng bái. Đối với cô gái Phương Đăng mà nói, thế giới của cô không... Free 11/2015
7570   HoaRaAnhVanODay HoaRaAnhVanODay Books Books Apps like HoaRaAnhVanODay Tác phẩm: Hóa ra anh vẫn ở đây Tác giả: Tân Di Ổ Thể loại: Ngôn tình Trình Tranh và Vận Cẩm là đôi bạn học cùng lớp cấp 3. Hai người chẳng những chưa bao giờ là một đôi thanh mai trúc mã mà còn là một cặp khác xa nhau về mọi mặt. Anh chàng Trình Tranh ... Free 11/2015
7571   NTOGPS NTOGPS Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like NTOGPS APP 是专门为我司GPS 定位器产品设计。通过手机APP可以向GPS定位器发送相应的功能指令对GPS设备进行操作控制。同时,可以通过手机APP查看GPS定位器当前的位置,以及历史移动的轨迹。 The APP is specially decided for GPS tracker. User can sent operation command from the APP to the GPS tracker to control it. At the same time, user can monit... Free 11/2015
7572   Advent Custom Headrest Advent Custom Headrest Business Business Apps like Advent Custom Headrest The Advent Headrest app will allow you to choose and order the vehicle specific headrest system for your car. Its as simple as choosing your make, model and year with material and grain / trim.... Free 11/2015
7573   时光相片 时光相片 Photography Photography Apps like 时光相片 小时候的胶卷相机拍出来的照片右下角都有一个时间戳,怕忘了照片的拍摄日期?没关系 时光相片拍出来的照片都带了时间戳,也可以对已经拍好的照片进行编辑,添加时间戳,编辑好的照片会保存到相册里。 -用时光相片拍出来的照片自带时间戳 -已有的照片添加时间戳 -自定义时间戳样式 -自定义时间戳位置 -自定义时间戳颜色... $0.99 11/2015
7574   Tumpang Tumpang Travel Travel Apps like Tumpang Tumpang is Malaysia’s first flat-rate ride sharing service for the last mile. We provide on-demand door-to-door short distance rides within designated zones from the comfort of your mobile device for a flat rate of RM5 per passenger. Our app allows you ... Free 11/2015
7575   iStorage Link iStorage Link Utilities Utilities Apps like iStorage Link The iStorage Link is the memory expansion on your iOS device. Provides two-way storage between iOS and MAC/PC without the need for Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power. Compatible with virtually all iDevices featuring a Lightning connector, this ult... Free 11/2015
7576   LOVE 100: A Beautiful Collection Of 100 Loving Quotes & Original Uplifting Phrases LOVE 100: A Beautiful Collection Of 100 Loving Quotes & Original Uplifting Phrases Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like LOVE 100: A Beautiful Collection Of 100 Loving Quotes & Original Uplifting Phrases Original quotes about love, delivered to your mobile once a day for 100 days. ORIGINAL WRITING, NO CELEBRITY QUOTES Other quotes apps about loving and being in love simply rehash old phrases and sayings from famous people past and present — but Love 10... Free 11/2015
7577   SMP Fertility SMP Fertility Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like SMP Fertility With the official SMP Fertility iPhone app, you can order your refill prescriptions from your Apple iPhone. Simply enter your prescription number, first and last name, and phone number - then click the refill button. And to save your personal informati... Free 11/2015
7578   Tequilapp Tequilapp Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Tequilapp Discover the world of Tequilas, there is a great variety aromas and taste waiting for you. Be a part of the growing trend and become a Tequila connoisseur. Whether you want to do shots with pals, buy a nice bottle of Tequila for your boss or make an aw... Free 11/2015
7579   DONMARIO Semillas DONMARIO Semillas Productivity Productivity Apps like DONMARIO Semillas DONMARIO semillas, líder en el cultivo de soja, les acerca una herramienta digital a todos los productores y técnicos para que puedan mejorar la productividad de sus cultivos. Con esta aplicación usted podrá conocer todas las características de nuestra... Free 11/2015
7580   宝安办事大厅 宝安办事大厅 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 宝安办事大厅 宝安网上办事大厅移动办事,提供比较便捷的网上办事功能,随时随地申请办理行政审批业务。包括如下主要功能: 1.网上办事:个人办事,企业办事,部门服务,可申报事项服务。 2.政务公开。 3.政民互动。 4.便民服务。... Free 11/2015
7581   Sikh World Sikh World Reference Reference Apps like Sikh World "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh" We have created this Application to make people aware about Sikhs and Sikhism. Our aim is to spread Sikhism Teachings and Educate the people on Sikhism. Features of the Sikh World App : 1) Read about Sikhis... Free 11/2015
7582   A Jungle Rush Casino Slots A Jungle Rush Casino Slots Games Games Apps like A Jungle Rush Casino Slots Do you love Slots? Do you want to win Big? Enjoy both worlds with this brand new game! Beginner or pro, you’ll experience different slots with A Jungle Rush Casino Slots! This is so easy to play. Just spin to win. Practice, level up and unlock more slo... Free 11/2015
7583   Truck Legends Pro Truck Legends Pro Games Games Apps like Truck Legends Pro Welcome to the most exciting Car Race in 2015! Pick one of 10 awesome Cars ! Let's go and Ride your super Car on the super challenge. Get Miles of extreme speed adrenaline. Race, jump, and crash your way through a variety of treacherous terrain in th... Free 11/2015
7584   Cube 3D Kit Cube 3D Kit Games Games Apps like Cube 3D Kit Rubik's Cube game, including 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5. Touch blank screen to rotate the cube. Enjoy it!... Free 11/2015
7585   Amazing Jigsaw Match Legend Amazing Jigsaw Match Legend Books Books Apps like Amazing Jigsaw Match Legend Actually, this is a jigsaw game, and you could upload your local images to play jigsaw. Please enjoy it! * To celebrate Christmas as well as the launch of “Amazing - Puzzles”, the third sequel to the best-selling puzzle game for young learners, this C... $1.99 11/2015
7586   The Southern Coterie The Southern Coterie Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Southern Coterie Online resource for the entrepreneurial South. Designed to offer a community of passionate business owners the opportunity to connect, collaborate and create, the “Southern C” is capturing the South’s entrepreneurial renaissance one post at a time from ... Free 11/2015
7587   Mobile University - Students Mobile University - Students Education Education Apps like Mobile University - Students Mobile University is an App that provides educational services for IAUM's students. This App is developed by Information & Communication Center of IAUM.... Free 11/2015
7588   Brilliant!! Brilliant!! Business Business Apps like Brilliant!! The Brilliant App is the fastest idea entry and sharing tool on the market. Capture your brilliant ideas, rate them, share them with your friends, co-workers, investors, and co-inventors. Export your ideas to email, PDF, and share them during your ... Free 11/2015
7589   Quality Tones Quality Tones Music Music Apps like Quality Tones Quality Tones train brass musicians to learn how to play any note, in any range, in any dynamic, beautifully and consistently. This method has been proven to dramatically help brass musicians of all levels develop a more beautiful sound, and a more co... $3.99 11/2015
7590   Booth Share Booth Share Photography Photography Apps like Booth Share The Booth Share app is a free, fun and simple way to share your Super Booth pictures. Transform your memories into gorgeous images and instantly email text and share on Face book and Twitter. Make that PERFECT POST by choosing from several filters, fr... Free 11/2015
7591   Mon-Avenir.fr - Voyance & Tirage de cartes Mon-Avenir.fr - Voyance & Tirage de cartes Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Mon-Avenir.fr - Voyance & Tirage de cartes Tirez gratuitement 4 cartes de tarot et posez votre question à Myriam, voyante et tarologue depuis plus de 22 ans. *Recevez votre Horoscope gratuitement chaque semaine en activant les notifications Push !* Mon-Avenir.fr est la première application de Vo... Free 11/2015
7592   天天消除星星:全民最热休闲智力游戏 天天消除星星:全民最热休闲智力游戏 Games Games Apps like 天天消除星星:全民最热休闲智力游戏 《天天消除星星》火热上线啦! 在游戏中自由探索无穷幻想,充满童趣的世界。给予您全新的游戏体验! 《天天消除星星》是一款来自韩国的消除类休闲益智游戏,在韩国kakao游戏榜上一直深受喜爱, 是2016全球最受欢迎的消除手游大作。可爱的爆萌画面、爽快的指尖微操、奇妙的关卡设计、Q萌可爱的小动物养成无时无刻不给你带来极致的体验与消除的魅力,绝对是一款休闲娱乐、打发时间的精品游戏。 如果你是萌妹子,你一定要玩这款消灭星星,消除和收集可爱萌宠的必备休闲游戏。 如果你是男孩子,那你也一定要玩这款消灭星星,在你喜欢... Free 11/2015
7593   NaijaEForum NaijaEForum Reference Reference Apps like NaijaEForum An online forum for Nigerians in diaspora and those living back home. NaijaEforum strives to bridge the gap by bringing Nigerians together irrespective of where they live; we do this by keeping Nigerians and friends of Nigeria informed on the latest happe... Free 11/2015
7594   BOOKY - Book a party BOOKY - Book a party Entertainment Entertainment Apps like BOOKY - Book a party Booky is a social application to book club tables Book the best parties around and invite people you like ! 1- Find parties Booky helps you to find parties around you through a unique interface. 2- Book Book tables in parties. 3- Invite Invite people... Free 11/2015
7595   ZUSSO KIDS ZUSSO KIDS Entertainment Entertainment Apps like ZUSSO KIDS ZUSSO KIDS(ズッソキッズ)のオリジナルサロンアプリへようこそ! いつも通っているサロンから、うれしい情報をアプリでお届けします! クーポンが届いたり、楽しいニュースが飛び込んできたり通っている サロンと楽しく“つながる”アプリです。 ** お得なスクラッチクーポンが届きます ** あなた好みのクーポンをお届け。お得で使えるクーポンは、いつも通っているから 届く最高のおもてなし! 来店の際にクーポンの画面を提示するだけで、お得なサービスを受けられます。... Free 11/2015
7596   Sir Jump Fun Sir Jump Fun Games Games Apps like Sir Jump Fun This Is Jump Game... Tap the screen for normal Jump and Hold it for Long Jump to complete the levels.. This strange guy loves bouncing. Up to the top of the mountains! You have to believe.... Free 11/2015
7597   TRIUVA Mietkostenrechner TRIUVA Mietkostenrechner Business Business Apps like TRIUVA Mietkostenrechner You are a professional prospective tenant, property consultant, or just curious about how much your effective rent or the total load of your tenancy is actually? Then the TRIUVA rental cost calculator is just the thing for you! With the TRIUVA rental c... Free 11/2015
7598   完美女神 - 换装养成,女生游戏,免费小游戏 完美女神 - 换装养成,女生游戏,免费小游戏 Games Games Apps like 完美女神 - 换装养成,女生游戏,免费小游戏 From the beautiful goddess of the wardrobe choices of beautiful clothes and cosmetics, make-up to the beautiful goddess dress up bar! How to play: Touch the screen to enter the main interface, you will find gift boxes through the upper left button. Cli... Free 11/2015
7599   Fouganza Fouganza Sports Sports Apps like Fouganza Through the Fouganza application , monitor the well-being of your horses by checking if they are not too hot, too cold, or even if they did not sweat under their Fouganza connected blanket. Follow temperature and moisture under the blanket and receive... Free 11/2015
7600   ezigreen ezigreen Utilities Utilities Apps like ezigreen Toutes les fonctions de votre tondeuse robot ezigreen EVO depuis votre smartphone. Un confort que vous apprécierez au jour le jour !... Free 11/2015

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