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31401   HUND HUND Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like HUND HÜND pet sitting service is a unique alternative to pet boarding! Instead of taking your pet out of their familiar environment, we come to YOU, in your home, to care for your pet. The benefits of in-home pet care, as opposed to boarding your pet, are... Free 11/2015
31402   PerfecTan PerfecTan Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like PerfecTan PerfecTan - Mankato, Minnesota. This app provides online booking, business information, special offers and more. Keep up to date with all the latest business information and news. Find out about offers and promotions. Receive exclusive discounts and... Free 11/2015
31403   Managers Conference 2015 Managers Conference 2015 Business Business Apps like Managers Conference 2015 In this app you can find: Agenda, Locations, Contact Us, Stay Updated, Travel & Survival, Japanese Lessons, Live Album, Scratch Card... Free 11/2015
31404   Game Pro Guru - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Version Game Pro Guru - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Version Games Games Apps like Game Pro Guru - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Version Summary: As a new student of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, follow an ancient tradition and learn the powers - and dangers - of the Force. The Force is a powerful ally; use it wisely. Immerse yourself in the classic Star Wars universe as you take on the ... $4.99 11/2015
31405   WWDF BIG WWDF BIG Business Business Apps like WWDF BIG WWDF-BIG - This Brand Information Guide provides useful information about the JTI Worldwide Duty Free Brand portfolio that is available to travelling smokers around the globe. With a streamlined design and intuitive navigation, you can access the packsh... Free 11/2015
31406   DolBees Light DolBees Light Social Networking Social Networking Apps like DolBees Light “Connecting with friends & family – has never been easier” – Introducing the all NEW DOLBEES MESSENGER…. Stay Connected with your loved one’s and Friends with our Lowest calling Rates and Best Quality System in the Market!!!! We make international calls... Free 11/2015
31407   Absolute Color Sense Absolute Color Sense Games Games Apps like Absolute Color Sense This app tells your absolute color sense. Only, you select color that is like displayed color.... Free 11/2015
31408   悦心 悦心 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 悦心 有没有某个时刻,某句台词触动了你的心…… 悦心是一款只为你定做的治愈App;一句话,不足以讲述一个故事,却能够唤起我们心灵深处的声音;一张图片,不足以展现一个画面,却足以让我们回味那些动人的瞬间。... Free 11/2015
31409   Watty Watty Utilities Utilities Apps like Watty Figure how to save money and live a more sustainable life at home! Watty breaks down your energy use and help you find the culprit behind high electricity bills. Watty also give you peace of mind. Check the Appliance activity timeline to see what is happ... Free 11/2015
31410   互联茶陵 互联茶陵 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 互联茶陵 互联茶陵聚集了所有茶陵资讯、同城活动、全城商家、商家优惠、分类信息、本地贴吧等一站式信息平台,专注为茶陵人民服务!打造本地最高端的地方门户平台,给大家提供一个便捷的掌上生活,一起开启全新互联网时代。... Free 11/2015
31411   武汉科技大学掌上校园 武汉科技大学掌上校园 Education Education Apps like 武汉科技大学掌上校园 智慧校园移动客户端。... Free 11/2015
31412   武汉工商学院掌上校园 武汉工商学院掌上校园 Education Education Apps like 武汉工商学院掌上校园 智慧校园移动客户端。... Free 11/2015
31413   Aizek Aizek Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Aizek Aizek is a digital photoprint of your life. Take a photo of yourself every day and track how your mood and appearance change across the time. Rate every photo in two scales - appearance and mood, then see what Aizek itself thinks about you. How a robot t... Free 11/2015
31414   荆州社区 荆州社区 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 荆州社区 荆州社区是荆州地区最具影响力的网络论坛社区之一,聚焦地方资讯 体恤百姓生活,荆州地区最具人气的网络社区,以社交、资讯、活动、论坛、微博交流为主的综合性网站,致力打造荆州本土第一品牌门户社区。... Free 11/2015
31415   Spooky Hill: Fast-paced arcade game Spooky Hill: Fast-paced arcade game Games Games Apps like Spooky Hill: Fast-paced arcade game Spooky Hill is a fast-paced arcade game that is impossible to put down. This endless hop game is super fun, very hard and extremely addictive. You will have to hop down the graveyard and avoid funny obstacles such as zombies, saws and graves. Collect co... Free 11/2015
31416   Zap Alive Zap Alive Education Education Apps like Zap Alive The free download of Zap Alive makes magic happen right before your eyes. The flashcards must be PURCHASED to watch the animals come alive. Visit www.u2canlearn.com to purchase the flashcards and a coloring book that is part of the package. As you scan th... Free 11/2015
31417   掌上LED户外灯商城 掌上LED户外灯商城 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 掌上LED户外灯商城 掌上LED户外灯商城是一家是LED行业门户平台,汇集了特色产品、经典产品、工程案例等各种类型产品,提供丰富的LED资源, 包括洗墙灯系列、 投光灯系列、铝线灯系列、点光源系列、超声波防水型护栏管系列、 软灯带系列、 路灯系列等全方位的LED信息;整合LED的行业资源,提供一站式服务。欢迎关注掌上LED户外灯商城!... Free 11/2015
31418   A Big Rich Casino FREE: Huge Bonuses Slot Machines A Big Rich Casino FREE: Huge Bonuses Slot Machines Games Games Apps like A Big Rich Casino FREE: Huge Bonuses Slot Machines ► Download and Play the MOST EXCITING Slots Machine App for Your iOS Device! ► AWESOME Animations and HUGE Bonuses ► SIMPLE Interface and AMAZING Hands-on Experience This Game is the cool place to play real slots with no real wagering. It is a unique s... Free 11/2015
31419   中国体育用品门户综合平台 中国体育用品门户综合平台 Business Business Apps like 中国体育用品门户综合平台 中国体育用品门户综合平台是通过移动互联网平台为体育用品搭建的专业化行业资讯交易平台,这里拥有大量新鲜资讯,各式各样的产品,低廉的价格、精准的供求信息,是消费者了解行业资讯、市场动态、咨询选购权威的行业平台,是商家扩大品牌营销、宣传推广、加强企业对外交流、开展电子商务、寻求合作商机理想的一站式的行业交易平台,中国体育用品门户综合平台以便捷的浏览方式、强大的应用功能、权威的市场动态导向为消费者和商家提供精准的优质营销,满足个性化服务,彰显品位生活,让您爱不释手。欢迎广大业商户消费者的加入,因为有你们所以更精彩!... Free 11/2015
31420   Queen Blackjack Poker - FREE Card,  Video Poker & Bonus Chips! Queen Blackjack Poker - FREE Card, Video Poker & Bonus Chips! Games Games Apps like Queen Blackjack Poker - FREE Card, Video Poker & Bonus Chips! ***** Play Queen Poker with the Best! Get 1, 000, 000, 000 FREE chips on install. Highest DAILY BONUS chips giveaways on mobile. Get BILLIONS of FREE chips just for playing. So pull up a seat and enjoy the company of friends from around the world today.... Free 11/2015
31421   IndustryUS IndustryUS Business Business Apps like IndustryUS The Indiana CPA Society IndustryUs App is design for CPAs looking for offerings that will help enhance the value of their CPA designation. Always on the cutting edge, the Society’s IndustryUs app will offer a rotating selection of beneficial courses, we... Free 11/2015
31422   Qube Party Qube Party Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Qube Party Qube - wszystkie kluby w jednej aplikacji! Qube to aplikacja mobilna informująca o najlepszych wydarzeniach klubowych. Ustaw datę i miasto, a wszystkie wydarzenia zobaczysz na mapie lub liście. - Sprawdź na mapie wydarzeń, które imprezy zlokalizowane ... Free 11/2015
31423   CUBO Eventos CUBO Eventos Business Business Apps like CUBO Eventos O app do CUBO Eventos é a melhor forma de tornar seu evento mais interativo! Cada participante de seu evento será acompanhado durante todo seus dias, usando informações, notícias, promoções e muito mais. Tudo em um único app! O app funciona OFFLINE! I... Free 11/2015
31424   Deep Deuce Grill Deep Deuce Grill Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Deep Deuce Grill The Bevchek Client application is designed to display the draft menu at Deep Deuce Grill. This information is updated in real-time and accessible 24 hours a day as it occurs.... Free 11/2015
31425   Sumo Japanese Takeaway Sumo Japanese Takeaway Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Sumo Japanese Takeaway Order food online in Hull! It's so easy to use, fast and convenient. Try our new, online website which contains our entire takeaway menu. The Sumo Japanese Takeaway is located in Hull, Hull. You can now order online, all your favourite dishes and man... Free 11/2015
31426   Diego magic show Diego magic show Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Diego magic show "Si prega di notare che quest'app permette: il consulto offline del contenuto / la condivisione dei contenuti sui social / Salvare contenuti nella sezione segnalibri / ricevere notifiche push." Diego Magic Show è un illusionista professionista che si o... Free 11/2015
31427   AMEN 2015 AMEN 2015 Reference Reference Apps like AMEN 2015 Access to all important AMEN Conference information. Adventist Medical Evangelism Network is an independent ministry that supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. It's AMEN’s mission to motivate, train, and equip Seventh-day Adventist... Free 11/2015
31428   Nantucket Insider Nantucket Insider Travel Travel Apps like Nantucket Insider The Nantucket Insider app brings you the inside track to Nantucket's best hotels, spas, restaurants, beaches and unique island events. Create and plan your unforgettable Nantucket experiences with one convenient resource.... Free 11/2015
31429   Fallout Pip-Boy Fallout Pip-Boy Games Games Apps like Fallout Pip-Boy From Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries comes the Pip-Boy: America’s finest, easiest-to-use personal information processor. CREATING AN ELECTRONIC BOND! This app lets your portable device interact with Fallout 4 on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Awa... Free 11/2015
31430   Thunder Plus Thunder Plus Sports Sports Apps like Thunder Plus Thunder Plus gives you the backstage access to your favorite Oklahoma City players. Get stories and info about each player, news about upcoming games and stories about the team. No