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2401   善思明移动OA 善思明移动OA Productivity Productivity Apps like 善思明移动OA 善思明移动办公系统,实现任务提交,请假管理,工资管理等功能... Free 11/2015
2402   InfoBurst Mobile InfoBurst Mobile Business Business Apps like InfoBurst Mobile Connect to the InfoBurst Enterprise Platform and run your HTML5 apps and dashboards with ease. Share insight with your co-workers using the annotation tools where you can highlight areas of the screen and send the results via Email. Multiple Server Co... Free 11/2015
2403   Bibliorossica Bibliorossica Books Books Apps like Bibliorossica Bibliorossica - современная электронно-библиотечная система, содержащая более 16000 полнотекстовых учебников, учебных пособий, монографий и журналов в электронном виде по различным отраслям технического, естественнонаучного и гуманитарного знания.... Free 11/2015
2404   E7 Slant E7 Slant Games Games Apps like E7 Slant Do you have what it takes to solve these complex, maze like puzzles? Just make sure you don't get too dizzy while trying to solve them. Slant is a logic puzzle game played on a grid of square cells. On this grid there are also circles containing numbe... Free 11/2015
2405   fish-tek fish-tek Sports Sports Apps like fish-tek All Australian Developed Technological Marvel! This is so much more than a map with markers, stay up to date with the latest fishing reports or make use of the augmented reality feature allowing you to see your favourite fishing spots on the map. A rev... $0.99 11/2015
2406   VoiceTour VoiceTour Utilities Utilities Apps like VoiceTour 一款包含多种语言电台的收音机。致力于帮助那些想学习语言的人。... Free 11/2015
2407   Cascade Blast & Clash Mania Games for Free Cascade Blast & Clash Mania Games for Free Games Games Apps like Cascade Blast & Clash Mania Games for Free Welcome to Cascade Blast & Clash with Toy Empire Mania Games. Download NOW and see how long you can last. ***WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE*** Download today to beat your friends, while its still 100% free! ***CONSTANT CHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN***... Free 11/2015
2408   Suborbital Suborbital Games Games Apps like Suborbital SUBORBITAL Battle through waves of asteroids and beat your friends’ high scores in the online leaderboards! Can you survive? The odds are 3, 720 to 1! FEATURES -Unlock 9 different space fighters! -Discover unique special weapons! -Beautiful manga-l... Free 11/2015
2409   CrunchTime! Reconciler CrunchTime! Reconciler Business Business Apps like CrunchTime! Reconciler Receive your food, beverage, and paper inventory as soon as it’s delivered using your mobile device! CrunchTime! Reconciler™ eliminates supplier overcharges and improves order accuracy from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Save time and c... Free 11/2015
2410   Hoop - Find Great Things to Do with Your Kids Hoop - Find Great Things to Do with Your Kids Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hoop - Find Great Things to Do with Your Kids Hoop is for Islington families with kids under twelve who are looking for fun things to do together. Open the app and instantly find all the things to do nearby including thousands of activities that are completely free. Everything on Hoop comes with a r... Free 11/2015
2411   经典世界钢琴名曲100首大合辑免费在线HD版 经典世界钢琴名曲100首大合辑免费在线HD版 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 经典世界钢琴名曲100首大合辑免费在线HD版 《经典世界钢琴名曲100首 》高品质音质享受, 强大流畅的播放功能和使用体验, 绝对会成为您欣赏钢琴曲爱不释手的最佳软件! 由于软件体积较大, 请在wifi环境中下载安装, 一次下载, 后续无需再消耗网络流量! * 支持后台播放模式 * 支持顺序播放、随机播放等模式 * 支持定时休眠功能 睡觉前听也不用担心睡着的问题了 * 自动定位最近一次的播放记录, 省去查找的烦恼 目录: 平缓钢琴前奏曲; A大调钢琴奏鸣曲; G大调爱之梦; D大调雨滴前奏曲; D小调奏鸣曲曲快板; 月光曲; 夜... Free 11/2015
2412   Quick Option Mobile Trading Quick Option Mobile Trading Finance Finance Apps like Quick Option Mobile Trading QuickOption FREE Mobile Trading – Trade on Stocks, Indices, Forex, ETFs, Gold, Oil and Silver. Anytime, anywhere and Max Your Profits Now with Binary Options! QuickOption offers the easiest way to trade Binary Option online, with an intuitive and ... Free 11/2015
2413   Kwizzid - voice and choice quizzes Kwizzid - voice and choice quizzes Education Education Apps like Kwizzid - voice and choice quizzes Kwizzids are mini-quizzes consisting of one to ten questions, with up to four possible answers. They are fun to play because they take little time to answer, because they can be sent as a quiz or a conversation training. With that, you can let players ... Free 11/2015
2414   TatilBudur TatilBudur Travel Travel Apps like TatilBudur TatilBudur.com mobil uygulaması ile; - Otel, yurt dışı turlar, gemi turları ve kültür turları rezervasyonları yapabilir, - Otel rezervasyonlarınızda gideceğiniz tesise kadar varabileceğiniz otobüs bileti satın alabilir, - Rezervasyonlarınıza sigorta ... Free 11/2015
2415   好付钱包 好付钱包 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 好付钱包 好付钱包,是一款专业的移动金融助手,更是聪明又体贴的移动生活利器,一款服务大众的移动端“随身”钱包。全面集成了支付、理财、信贷的贴心钱包!助您实现“所需支付、优越理财、轻松贷款”的综合需求。... Free 11/2015
2416   Big Bird-Fun Free Games Big Bird-Fun Free Games Games Games Apps like Big Bird-Fun Free Games Flap your wings to fly! > Collect coins to be reborn. > Avoid pipes. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard) > Compete with your friends Features: - Game Center Support. - Simple Controls.... Free 11/2015
2417   MTrade Plus Global MTrade Plus Global Finance Finance Apps like MTrade Plus Global MTrade Plus Global is a cutting edge trading app that will simply keep the diligent and mobile trader, in touch with the ever changing financial markets. The real-time quotes feature comes with buy and sell stocks on the go option. News, announcements, ... Free 11/2015
2418   星座喵喵消 星座喵喵消 Games Games Apps like 星座喵喵消 《星座喵喵消》是一款来自中国的消除类休闲益智游戏,在中国及海外游戏榜广受到玩家的喜爱,是2015年全球最受欢迎的消除手游大作之一。可爱精美的画面,为玩家着想的难易关卡,萌爆的星座喵星人与你对抗,还有与潘多拉妹子的并肩作战无时无刻不给你带来极致的体验和消除的快感,绝对是一款集休闲娱乐,消遣时间的精品游戏。 如果你是萌妹子,你一定要玩喵喵消,绝对是提升幸福感的必备休闲游戏。 如果你是帅小伙,你一定要玩喵喵消,绝对是你接触心中女神的必备利器。... Free 11/2015
2419   Gap Solitaire Gap Solitaire Games Games Apps like Gap Solitaire In this classic solitaire game you must rearrange the cards in order of rank by moving cards to fill the gaps. When you run out of moves you can shuffle the unordered cards. All four variations are free to play, no in-app purchases. GAP 2 - Two shuffles... Free 11/2015
2420   Dronify Dronify Games Games Apps like Dronify Game description Dronify is an interactive game of strategic genre. The user’s mission is to save planets from the enemies through the drones by catching and destroying fallen enemies. User should develop strategy and configure drones by selecting profes... Free 11/2015
2421   Bingo Lucky 8 PRO - Play the most Famous Card Game in the Casino for FREE ! Bingo Lucky 8 PRO - Play the most Famous Card Game in the Casino for FREE ! Games Games Apps like Bingo Lucky 8 PRO - Play the most Famous Card Game in the Casino for FREE ! ** Let’s Play Bingo & Hit It Rich! Stop wondering and start playing ** ~ FREE TO DOWNLOAD ON LAUNCH WEEK! ~ ** Listed as best free download game ~ AppReviewme ** ** Over 300K players worldwide ** ** Top 10 in 10 countries! ** *** ADDICTIVE GAME FEA... Free 11/2015
2422   Loops - by BrainTap Games Loops - by BrainTap Games Games Games Apps like Loops - by BrainTap Games What happens when a brain teaser meets an endless runner? Guide the ball through the loops of the opposite color, but the twist is that you will change into that color! How long will you last as the speed keeps increasing? Jump and swap your way onto the... Free 11/2015
2423   Tok3n Tok3n Utilities Utilities Apps like Tok3n Tok3n is an authentication Platform-as-a-Service providing a password replacement and a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution to developers and businesses to build highly secure apps with seamless user experience. After a user links their account with ... Free 11/2015
2424   WettParty WettParty Entertainment Entertainment Apps like WettParty WETTPARTY - Faszinierende Wetten aus aller Welt! Jetzt kostenlos teilnehmen und Amazon, Spotify und iTunes Gutscheine gewinnen! Täglich veröffentlicht unsere Redaktion faszinierende Wetten aus aller Welt. Wette auf reale Ereignisse aus dem Leben! HIGH... Free 11/2015
2425   Forsan Live Forsan Live Catalogs Catalogs Apps like Forsan Live Experience the Forsan Ceramics' 3D sanitary ware models in real time! See the individual item (Products feature) or predefined presets (Presets feature). Download the marker from the URL mentioned below and experience the app. Don't forget to rate the app... Free 11/2015
2426   combyne – die Fashion App für Modetrends und Shopping-Inspiration combyne – die Fashion App für Modetrends und Shopping-Inspiration Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like combyne – die Fashion App für Modetrends und Shopping-Inspiration Voller Kleiderschrank, aber nichts zum Anziehen? Mit combyne ist dein Problem gelöst! Swipe dich durch unsere aktuellen Trends und kuratierten Style-Listen und kombiniere dein Lieblingsoutfit aus über 800 Designerbrands! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––... Free 11/2015
2427   Cushion Ball Cushion Ball Games Games Apps like Cushion Ball Ever been told you don’t know you’re own strength? Well prove them wrong with Cushion Ball - an addictive, physics-based game. Plot your trajectory and, with precise force, bounce the ball against a target number of cushions to progress. How far will y... Free 11/2015
2428   Oinky Boinky Oinky Boinky Games Games Apps like Oinky Boinky How high can you bounce? Get hooked on the most challenging laugh-out-loud animal game you'll ever play. Help Oinky bounce his pals all the way off the farm to exotic lands like the Pig Apple and Hamsterdam. Oinky Boinky’s spilt second, arcade action bo... Free 11/2015
2429   E7 Nurikabe E7 Nurikabe Games Games Apps like E7 Nurikabe Loved Sudoku and looking for something similar to play? Well then, here's the perfect game for you! Much like Sudoku, the beloved puzzle game that captured the hearts of people all over the world, Nurikabe challenges you to find the correct solution ... Free 11/2015
2430   Facehole Facehole Photography Photography Apps like Facehole Facehole is a great app for having fun with photos. Place yourself in different scenes with this free, fun app! Put your face in the hole in dozens of different scenarios. Use pictures of others to prank your friends and family. Add unique filters, f... Free 11/2015
2431   Staff Portal Staff Portal Business Business Apps like Staff Portal In this app you can find: All staff information... Free 11/2015
2432   浙大儿院 浙大儿院 Medical Medical Apps like 浙大儿院 “浙大儿院”是浙江省儿童医院以移动互联网、云计算、物联网、大数据等为特点的“智慧化”信息革命,目前已实现科室医生、取报告单、医院导航、实时叫号、智能导诊、费用查询等功能。... Free 11/2015
2433   Word Search Puzzle King - best mind training word game Word Search Puzzle King - best mind training word game Games Games Apps like Word Search Puzzle King - best mind training word game *** Be a word royalty! *** Word Search Puzzle King features the all time favorite word search game. With this app, you can play word search anywhere, anytime. It has the most attractive display and coolest sound effects to lighten up your gaming exper... Free 11/2015
2434   Eye Catching Photo Effect - cool picture plus editor Eye Catching Photo Effect - cool picture plus editor Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Eye Catching Photo Effect - cool picture plus editor *** Make your profile picture an eye catcher in social media! *** Eye Catching Photo Effect is a super easy-to-use editing app. It features selective coloring of specific parts in the photo to make it more attractive and more eye catching. Help section i... Free 11/2015
2435   nAble Assist nAble Assist Medical Medical Apps like nAble Assist nAble Assist is your personal iPhone and Apple Watch assistant to help save you time and manage your practice both in and out of the office. Fully integrated with nAble EHR and Practice Management, you can use nAble Assist to check your daily schedule, ... Free 11/2015
2436   LAST GUN SUPER EDITION LAST GUN SUPER EDITION Games Games Apps like LAST GUN SUPER EDITION Carnage is waiting! Choose your warrior, powerups & weapons and battle against all challengers to become the ultimate warrior - the Last Gun! A visually stunning kick-ass gun brawler, Last Gun Super Edition is a fun 1 and 2 player gaming experience on y... Free 11/2015
2437   Aaron Doty4 Aaron Doty4 Games Games Apps like Aaron Doty4 Test yourself in this game of relax and concentration. Swipe Up, Left and Right the center Dot to match the color of the falling dots.... Free 11/2015
2438   国家公务员考试砖题库-公务员申论行测大全 事业单位公务员真题 国家公务员考试砖题库-公务员申论行测大全 事业单位公务员真题 Reference Reference Apps like 国家公务员考试砖题库-公务员申论行测大全 事业单位公务员真题 智能题库、详细解析、个人能力评估预测 题库在手,通关我有! 公务员考试通关必备神器 功能: 1、模拟真题 高质量历年真题,最全的考试题库 2、每日一练 精选100道练习题,随时随地想做就做 3、能力评估 智能评估成绩,精确预测考分 4、详细解析 错题解析,哪里错了点哪里... Free 11/2015
2439   أدعية و أذكار | حصن المسلم أدعية و أذكار | حصن المسلم Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like أدعية و أذكار | حصن المسلم تطبيق رائع جدا يذكرك بالاذكار اليوميه و الادعيه التي تساعدك في زيادة ميزان حسناتك -دعاء الكرب -صلاة الاستخاره -فزع النوم -الهم و الحزن -السفر -السوق -الرقيه الشرعيه - السحر - العين - المسجد - الصباح - المساء و الكثير الكثير قم بتحميله الان ولى تنسانى من... Free 11/2015
2440   Nice Shot Golf Nice Shot Golf Games Games Apps like Nice Shot Golf Nice Shot Golf Enjoy the most exciting round of golf with golfers from all over the world! 1. Take over the world with golf by competing against other countries for ranks! - More than 100 countries compete for the Global Ranking System 2. World’s ... Free 11/2015
2441   FoodEnak FoodEnak Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like FoodEnak FoodEnak helps you find your next meal destination by giving you popular restaurants and options to find food places the way you want it. Don't know where to eat near you? Only want to eat cheap with promotions? Or wonder what menu you should order? Try ... Free 11/2015
2442   Battle Copters Battle Copters Games Games Apps like Battle Copters Compete in the most action packed multiplayer airborne battles, with easy controls and awesome dogfighting action! Take control of a mighty Battle Copter and immediately plunge into 8 player battles to the death over 4 dangerous locations. Lock on your ... Free 11/2015
2443   EpiLab EpiLab Medical Medical Apps like EpiLab Центр эпилептологии и неврологии им. А.А. Казаряна создан в 2011 году с целью внедрения и развития современных доказательных подходов к диагностике и лечению неврологических заболеваний и в частности, эпилепсии у детей. Практическая деятельность клиники... Free 11/2015
2444   ビーナスイレブンびびっど!【美少女育成サッカーゲーム】 ビーナスイレブンびびっど!【美少女育成サッカーゲーム】 Games Games Apps like ビーナスイレブンびびっど!【美少女育成サッカーゲーム】 ~ ねぇ、美少女チームのオーナーやろうよ! ~ シリーズ累計120万人がプレイしたビーナスシリーズ最新作! 豪華声優とシナリオ、デフォルメキャラがダイナミックに動く試合シーンなど見どころ盛り沢山! 美しくて個性的な女神たちと勝利を目指せ! ◎今なら「リセマラ不要ガチャ」でレアリティレベル4のレアキャラクターが当たる! ◎臨場感あふれる実況やスピーディーな試合展開! ◎キャラ独自の必殺技など、試合シーンを盛り上げます! ◎その他にも豪華声優やシナリオなど内容盛りだくさん! ◆あの豪華声優陣がビーナス... Free 11/2015
2445   Accu-Chek® Connect Diabetes Management App Accu-Chek® Connect Diabetes Management App Medical Medical Apps like Accu-Chek® Connect Diabetes Management App The ACCU-CHEK Connect diabetes management app provides easy tracking of your diabetes data. A choice of reports helps you identify trends and patterns in your blood sugar levels to support better management of your diabetes: • Auto-transfer of bloo... Free 11/2015
2446   Sky Metal Space Shooting Battle: Galaxy Defender Fighting an Alien Force Sky Metal Space Shooting Battle: Galaxy Defender Fighting an Alien Force Games Games Apps like Sky Metal Space Shooting Battle: Galaxy Defender Fighting an Alien Force Awesome, intense gameplay intended for the very best players! The Very Best Top-Down Shoot'Em Up Game in the Universe! SkyMetal Features: * 14 Great Missions * 12 Unique Spaceships * 14 Huge End Level Bosses * 26 Different Enemy Types * 28 Original Weap... Free 11/2015
2447   Momento — Diary / Journal Momento — Diary / Journal Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Momento — Diary / Journal Introducing the all new Momento — the smart private journal that helps you capture and collect memories to explore, relive and share your life story. Keeping a journal with Momento is easy; capture moments manually and let Momento automatically collect ... $1.99 11/2015
2448   珠峰JS学堂  珠峰教育 珠峰JS学堂 珠峰教育 Education Education Apps like 珠峰JS学堂 珠峰教育 “珠峰JS课堂”是一款基于移动终端的课程学习产品(视频课程为主),主要内容包括原生javaScript、算法及编程思想、设计模式、Ajax后台技术, HTML5+CSS3移动端客户端开发,Node.js、jQuery、AngularJS、Backbone.js框架等强悍课程,均由知名公司的前端技术大牛讲解,紧扣技术前沿,持久更新,能帮助学员充分利用零碎时间学习,提升技术,赢得未来。... Free 11/2015
2449   GetHappy GetHappy Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like GetHappy GetHappy: Die App für Entdecker, Genießer und Sammler Du bist unterwegs und suchst einen Kiosk oder möchtest neue Bars, Restaurants oder Geschäfte in deiner Nähe entdecken? Egal, wo du dich befindest, mit der GetHappy App kannst du neue GetHappy Lie... Free 11/2015
2450   Polytherm Calculator Polytherm Calculator Business Business Apps like Polytherm Calculator The Polytherm Calculator and Information App gives a comprehensive overview on many products including Underfloor heating. Providing detailed price lists, brochures, schematics, information manuals and installation instructions. Covering Presstitle, S... Free 11/2015
2451   One Love: heart beating for your babe One Love: heart beating for your babe Entertainment Entertainment Apps like One Love: heart beating for your babe Love a different way. This app will tell your boo: You're THE ONE. One love is a new way of love. This app will tell your boo: You're THE ONE. Just click on Onelove icon in your phone, draw a heart and send it to your crush. Are you still thinking about... Free 11/2015
2452   American Police Car Highway Racer Pro - awesome speed racing arcade game American Police Car Highway Racer Pro - awesome speed racing arcade game Games Games Apps like American Police Car Highway Racer Pro - awesome speed racing arcade game *** Freeze! You 're under arrest! *** American Police Car Highway Racer highlights fast police cars chasing overspeeding drivers. Race your way through over 50 challenging levels and finish the game to see what will happen to the American Police Car. ... Free 11/2015
2453   饰袋-你的专属私人配饰间,  时尚饰品穿衣搭配试戴体验神器 饰袋-你的专属私人配饰间, 时尚饰品穿衣搭配试戴体验神器 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 饰袋-你的专属私人配饰间, 时尚饰品穿衣搭配试戴体验神器 最得女生欢心的流行饰品穿衣搭配试戴体验应用,让每个女生尖叫的专属VIP私人配饰间! 完美超爽的试戴体验,时尚超“嗨”的个性美拍,快捷惬意的时尚分享。 每日新款饰品限时免费送,每周数百款欧美最新潮流饰品上线,每月国际顶级设计师时尚新品实时发布。 【应用特点】 ● 强大功能:饰袋采用现实增强技术,分分钟完成最新款流行饰品的试戴体验,动动手指即可实现服装饰品的完美搭配,达人自拍搭配美图随手分享朋友圈。 ● 同步时尚:饰袋凝聚着一批国内外顶级的流行饰品设计师,包括ZARA、H&M专属设计师在内的众多大咖不定期... Free 11/2015
2454   Mahony and Sons Mahony and Sons Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Mahony and Sons The Mahony and Sons App is a FREE mobile rewards program that gives you real money benefits and perks when you pay with your phone. How it works: 1. Download the app and sign up 2. Link your card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or select debit ca... Free 11/2015
2455   Maharaja Palace Nuernberg Maharaja Palace Nuernberg Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Maharaja Palace Nuernberg Description Der Name stammt von dem früheren Herrschers des Punjabs (Nord-Indien), Maharaja Rajit Singh, auch Sher-i Punjap (Löwe des Punjabs) genannt, der ein hervorragender Staatsmann und Militärführer des Sikhs gewesen ist. Unter Mahraja Ranjit Sing... Free 11/2015
2456   La Marca Labeler La Marca Labeler Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like La Marca Labeler The La Marca Labeler app for iOS provides the ability to design custom bottle labels with personalized text messages, which can be printed from an iPhone or iPad via Apple AirPrint, onto specialized bottle label sticker media for application onto La Mar... Free 11/2015
2457   Online Offer Online Offer Business Business Apps like Online Offer Get access to some of Sandvik Coromants on-line applications directly on your smartphone Quick Order Create an order using manual input or by scanning product bar codes Product Information Get fast product information and start values for your Sandvik C... Free 11/2015
2458   Watergate Watergate Games Games Apps like Watergate Hey, listen. History's super boring, I know. But despite being about history, Watergate is a fun, cool game! You control the legendary reporters Woodward and Bernstein at the same time and it's going to break your brain how fun it is! I'm going to say... Free 11/2015
2459   Junction Motor Speedway Junction Motor Speedway Sports Sports Apps like Junction Motor Speedway The Junction Motor Speedway App is Here! This gives our fans the ability to view our race schedule, receive notifications specifically for the mobile app users, watch videos from our track, get updates and share from our Facebook, directions to and fr... Free 11/2015
2460   Katalog Herbst/Winter 2015/2016 Katalog Herbst/Winter 2015/2016 Catalogs Catalogs Apps like Katalog Herbst/Winter 2015/2016 Die Tupperware Katalog-App beinhaltet zusätzliche Produktbilder, Filme sowie Rezepte und lädt jeden zum Entdecken der Tupperware-Welt ein. Mit der neuen Katalog-App für unterwegs, auf der Party und zu Hause ist der aktuelle Katalog zukünftig überall zu... Free 11/2015
2461   Consynki Consynki Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Consynki Consynki is a contact management application that lets you connect with friends, family and co-workers to provide an easier means of managing contact information. Consynki takes the hassle out of managing contacts. It lets you connect with your friends,... Free 11/2015
2462   Mesher Mesher Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Mesher O Mesher é um App com um conceito inovador: uma rede social de Grupos. O App permite que você crie um grupo, convide seus amigos e compartilhe seus melhores momentos, e também que siga seus grupos favoritos de maneira simples e intuitiva. Funcionalidad... Free 11/2015
2463   Nürnberg Airport Flight Status Live Nürnberg Airport Flight Status Live Travel Travel Apps like Nürnberg Airport Flight Status Live Kids are waiting for YOU at home. Your honey wants to have a sweet talk with YOU. Spend time chating with them INSTEAD OF wasting time on flight search!! Download the app and start enjoying the quality time with your beloved ones. Live Flight Status @... Free 11/2015
2464   Grantland Reader Grantland Reader Sports Sports Apps like Grantland Reader Typing URLs into mobile browsers is for suckers, now you can read Grantland with ease right from your phone. I know, I know, this too little too late, but hey, it is better than nothing. As long as the RSS feed works, so will this app. So hurry ... Free 11/2015
2465   Syska Gadget Secure Syska Gadget Secure Utilities Utilities Apps like Syska Gadget Secure SYSKA Gadget Secure offers Gadget assurance. Moreover with SYSKA Gadget Secure, users will have exclusive access to exciting discounts and offers available across India with authorized dealers. Mobile Assurance: Complete assurance for your phone agains... Free 11/2015
2466   Kenwood International Recipe App Kenwood International Recipe App Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Kenwood International Recipe App A collection of recipes to help you create more using your Kenwood products. Browse through easy-to- follow recipes, collate your favourites and learn about your Kenwood kitchen machine. Supported products: - kCook... Free 11/2015
2467   香腸世家 香腸世家 Business Business Apps like 香腸世家 香腸世家源於西元1985年創立的國榮佐料,致力於台灣香腸的研發,不管香味、咬感、外觀及健康等訴求都有相當深入的展獲,香腸也廣受歐、美、日、澳等華人的支持及愛用 安德魯紳成立於1985年,我們擁有專業秘方研發中心、生產製造中央工廠,以及大陸加盟連鎖餐廳。可說是縱向食品連鎖體系。從原料秘方研發到生產,乃至於銷售都有一套規劃與實做經驗。讓我們在開發產品及市場需求一直保持一定的敏感度,時時刻刻在求新求變。在台灣一新致力於專業調未料的開發,近20年來產品眾多,輔導過續許許多多的食品工廠及各類型餐飲店。食品業重點在... Free 11/2015
2468   Juke — A fairly shared music stream for nearby listeners. Juke — A fairly shared music stream for nearby listeners. Music Music Apps like Juke — A fairly shared music stream for nearby listeners. Juke uses your phone's Bluetooth to compose a music stream, tailored to users nearby. Juke both broadcasts and finds the music tastes of its users. This allows Juke to play music that keeps everyone's ears happy. Note: You will need a Spotify Premium a... Free 11/2015
2469   Radio Impana Radio Impana Music Music Apps like Radio Impana A free radio app exclusively live streaming Kannada radio stations for all the Kannada music lovers! A choice of online radio stations and FM radio channels broadcast in Karnataka, especially from Bengaluru! Features: + Listen to wonderful songs 24/7 +... Free 11/2015
2470   Rotko Rotko Games Games Apps like Rotko Rotko is a brand new puzzle game ready to make your brain sweat! Rotate circles, one at a time, to combine and place elements to the right positions. Train your brain and keep it in shape with this unique, easy to learn - hard to master puzzle game. F... $2.99 11/2015
2471   Cape View Clifton Cape View Clifton Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Cape View Clifton Enhance your stay, and let us guide you. Download the Cape View Clifton app to your iPhone and get all the information you need while staying with us. You'll find information about new places and old favourites with detailed contact information and map... Free 11/2015
2472   GOLFR (NRW) GOLFR (NRW) Sports Sports Apps like GOLFR (NRW) GOLFR enthält aktuell nur Golfclubs in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wir werden nach und nach weitere Regionen integrieren und die App per Updates ausbauen. Stay tuned! --------------- Wir lieben Golf und wollen dieser Sportart den Sprung in das Zeitalter der APP... Free 11/2015
2473   YO! - Chat & Share over WiFi YO! - Chat & Share over WiFi Social Networking Social Networking Apps like YO! - Chat & Share over WiFi Share and connect instantly with the people around you without ever accessing the Internet. YO! is the fastest new tool for content sharing, immediate file transfer, and instant messaging. Stay connected without the internet and send photos, videos, ... Free 11/2015
2474   15SOF 15SOF Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 15SOF 15 Seconds of Fame ("15SOF") delivers never before available personalized video moments from live events directly to your smartphone. Have you ever wanted your epic moment captured on the Jumbotron? Have you ever wondered if you were caught on camera at a... Free 11/2015
2475   ISMMMO Cep ISMMMO Cep Finance Finance Apps like ISMMMO Cep İstanbul SMMM Odası üye ve stajyerlerine yönelik güncel mevzuat, eğitim ve sosyal duyurularına ulaşabilirsiniz. Ayrıca Oda danışmanlarına sorunuzu yöneltebilir, hesaplama araçlarını kullanabilir, eğitim videolarını izleyebilir, mali rehberine erişebil... Free 11/2015
2476   Heathrow Airport Flight Status Live London Heathrow Airport Flight Status Live London Travel Travel Apps like Heathrow Airport Flight Status Live London Kids are waiting for YOU at home. Your honey wants to have a sweet talk with YOU. Spend time chating with them INSTEAD OF wasting time on flight search!! Download the app and start enjoying the quality time with your beloved ones. Live Flight Status @... Free 11/2015
2477   MedicalCore MedicalCore Medical Medical Apps like MedicalCore MedicalCore es un servicio cloud para médico, con acceso desde cualquier lugar del mundo. Los doctores pueden acceder a su consultorio incluso desde tabletas o teléfonos inteligentes. ES REQUERIDO REGISTRARSE MEDIANTE NUESTRO PORTAL MedicalCore surge ... Free 11/2015
2478   Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge - An Epic Hidden Object Adventure Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge - An Epic Hidden Object Adventure Games Games Apps like Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge - An Epic Hidden Object Adventure Play a FREE trial of this immersive, high-quality game! Then pay once & play forever offline! A powerful Titan has been released, bent on destroying the gods that had imprisoned him and Earth in the midst. Can you save the world with the help of gods ... Free 11/2015
2479   MOOMIN -Welcome to Moominvalley- MOOMIN -Welcome to Moominvalley- Games Games Apps like MOOMIN -Welcome to Moominvalley- Moomin, now on the App Store! A heart warming game starring all your favorite Moomin characters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game Summary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A farming simulation game based on the world of the Moomins. Hang out with Moomin and his friends and build... Free 11/2015
2480   Smokerlyzer Smokerlyzer Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Smokerlyzer The Smokerlyzer® app is an aid to help people stop smoking, one breath at a time. Stopping smoking is hard and due to withdrawal from nicotine you can often feel less healthy during your attempt, but with Smokerlyzer you can instantly see the level of... Free 11/2015
2481   Mein Urlaub Mein Urlaub Travel Travel Apps like Mein Urlaub Mein Urlaub ist der ideale Reisebegleiter von Ihrem Reiseland Reisebüro und OTTO Reisen. Direkt nach der Buchung bietet Ihnen die App einen Vorgeschmack auf Ihre persönliche Reise und viele nützliche Informationen. Sie haben immer und überall Zugriff auf ... Free 11/2015
2482   Paris Turf ePaper.de Paris Turf ePaper.de Sports Sports Apps like Paris Turf ePaper.de Paris-Turf in Deutsch Die On-line-Zeitung mit den Tipps zu den PREMIUM-Rennen Beschreibung: Sie bekommen den vollständigen Inhalt unserer Zeitung PARIS-TURF DEUTSCH mit ausführlichen Informationen zum täglichen Hauptrennen Quinté+, wo es mindestens 2 Mio... Free 11/2015
2483   Rect Defense Rect Defense Games Games Apps like Rect Defense Rect Defense is a fast-paced space shooter where your goal is to destroy the geometrical enemy ships. The enemies come in waves, and some enemies are stronger than others. Tap the screen to shoot, and see how many waves of enemies you can defeat. Compet... $0.99 11/2015
2484   我爱大明星(掌上娱乐圈) 我爱大明星(掌上娱乐圈) Games Games Apps like 我爱大明星(掌上娱乐圈) 《我爱大明星》首款全民级娱乐圈题材手游!掌上娱乐圈, 明星大乱斗! 成为娱乐界大亨, 拍电影, 录唱片, 亲手打造明星成名之路, 体验掌控明星争霸娱乐圈的巅峰之战. 【最明星 开启娱乐第一盛典】 上百名人气巨星集结于此,全球华人娱乐圈巨星闪亮登场……不管是帅哥还是美女,御姐还是萌弟,只要你叫的出名字的我们都为您一一呈现! 【最玩法 卡牌大富翁模式启动】 独特的卡牌收集元素,全明星经纪、养成、选秀……星内幕由你掌控!游戏开启全新的大富翁闯荡模式,集结了上十种小游戏,各种另类新兴玩法,让你high不停! ... $0.99 11/2015
2485   Pocket Mum – Dein persönlicher Ratgeber Pocket Mum – Dein persönlicher Ratgeber Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pocket Mum – Dein persönlicher Ratgeber Es ist ganz natürlich, in der Schwangerschaft oder später als Mutter jede Menge Fragen zu haben. Im Chat mit den erfahrenen Mamas von Pocket Mum bekommst Du Tipps zu allen Deinen Fragen - in privatem Rahmen, zu jeder Zeit und überall. Wie die Pocket... Free 11/2015
2486   Club BR Club BR Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Club BR Med Club BR-appen kan du administrere både dit eget og din families Club BR-medlemskaber. Du har altid Club BR-medlemskortene lige ved hånden og kan holde styr på familiens ønsker.  FORDELE  √ Tilmeld dig Club BR, og få sparemærker, når du handler √... Free 11/2015
2487   Chrom & Flammen – epaper ist das Magazin für den American Way of Drive von der PubliKom Z Verlagsgesellschaft für Zielgruppen-Publizistik und Kommunikation mbH Chrom & Flammen – epaper ist das Magazin für den American Way of Drive von der PubliKom Z Verlagsgesellschaft für Zielgruppen-Publizistik und Kommunikation mbH Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Chrom & Flammen – epaper ist das Magazin für den American Way of Drive von der PubliKom Z Verlagsgesellschaft für Zielgruppen-Publizistik und Kommunikation mbH American Car Scene live: Chrom & Flammen - epaper aus der PubliKom Z Verlagsgesellschaft für Zielgruppen-Publizistik und Kommunikation mbH begeistert Liebhaber von US-Fahrzeugen und erzählt die Geschichte der individuell gestylten oder originalrestauriert... Free 11/2015
2488   Regenradar Deutschland Regenradar Deutschland Weather Weather Apps like Regenradar Deutschland Regenradar Deutschland bietet Dir ausgefeilte und animierte Wetter-Darstellungen - damit kannst Du: - Regen und Stürme live per Wetterradar auf Deinem iPhone & iPad verfolgen - auf Wettervorhersagen für ganz Deutschland und den Rest der Welt zugreifen AB... Free 11/2015
2489   Christmas Elf Shave Me Santa Hair Beauty Salon Pro Christmas Elf Shave Me Santa Hair Beauty Salon Pro Games Games Apps like Christmas Elf Shave Me Santa Hair Beauty Salon Pro The Christmas Elf has been so busy this season with no time to shave, now its time to clean him up!... Free 11/2015
2490   Free The Jam - Puzzle on the road Free The Jam - Puzzle on the road Games Games Apps like Free The Jam - Puzzle on the road Enjoy solving traffic jam puzzles with your fingertip. Experience a variety of missions that you can play without boredom. In Free The Jam, players help Sophia the traffic officer solve the ever-too-common problem of traffic jams during rush hour. To he... Free 11/2015
2491   Christmas & New Year Wallpapers: Background of Merry X Mas and happy New Year home & lock screen pictures Christmas & New Year Wallpapers: Background of Merry X Mas and happy New Year home & lock screen pictures Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Christmas & New Year Wallpapers: Background of Merry X Mas and happy New Year home & lock screen pictures Get cool Christmas and New year wallpapers for your mobile screen. This awesome christmas and New Year 2016 app can be used by any one. Enjoy this Christmas by various of xmas themes for tab christmas wallpaper lockscreens christmas backgrounds free and x... Free 11/2015
2492   Tappy Horse Tappy Horse Games Games Apps like Tappy Horse Get ready because its time to get tapping! How far can you run Tappy the horse? In this fun and exhilarating game it is your job to guide Tappy over all sorts of jumps and objects as he makes a run for it! Make sure you have good timing skills and reflexe... $0.99 11/2015
2493   Weihnachtsmannvideo - Ihre Kinder in der Hauptrolle eines magischen Weihnachts Videos Weihnachtsmannvideo - Ihre Kinder in der Hauptrolle eines magischen Weihnachts Videos Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Weihnachtsmannvideo - Ihre Kinder in der Hauptrolle eines magischen Weihnachts Videos Weihnachtsmannvideo ist die weltweit beste Möglichkeit Ihre Kinder dieses Weihnachten zu überraschen. Der Weihnachtsmann und sein lustiges Rentier Junior werden Sie auf eine zauberhafte Reise in ihre Spielfabrik mitnehmen. Sie zeigen Ihnen, wo die Gesche... Free 11/2015
2494   Live Santa Camera Live Santa Camera Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Live Santa Camera Live camera of Santa's work shop. Also call Santa! Fun for all ages!!... $0.99 11/2015
2495   可艾婚禮 可艾婚禮 Utilities Utilities Apps like 可艾婚禮 可艾結婚事務所主要販售囍帖及婚禮周邊商品 2016將加值提供將結婚的準新人,購買囍帖搭配電子婚紗相本服務,準新人製作完成後,可將QRcode印製在喜帖上送印。 可艾的電子婚紗相本每款都有不同的版型與風格,準新人可在線編排,讓所有賓客收到喜帖後可透過掃描QR code下載全本觀賞! 讓賓客一收到喜帖,就能掃描下載新人製做的電子婚紗相本,及時欣賞婚紗照! WEB | http://www.kute.com.tw/product/index.php?bid=3314... Free 11/2015
2496   家具信息客户端 家具信息客户端 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 家具信息客户端 家具信息客户端提供家具信息相关的最新资讯、供求行情、企业招聘、产品展示等实用功能。家具信息客户端同时提供行业百科、专家博客、知道问答等常识类信息。另外家具信息客户端还提供一键呼叫、发送短信等手机直连功能,方便用户咨询。... Free 11/2015
2497   军师救我 军师救我 Games Games Apps like 军师救我 超耐玩三国卡牌手游《军师救我》2015年震撼来袭!全景3D演绎古沙场冷兵器千人军团对战,让你梦回光荣热血三国时代,展示自己的用兵之道! 【抛弃撞卡,再现千人军团对战】一呼百应军团对擂,全视角3D再现三国古战场冷兵器千军万马近战厮杀。 【究极策略,以智取胜坐拥天下】拒绝卡牌烧钱玩法,头脑对擂头脑!料敌先机,四两拨千斤!不同锦囊传妙计 、布阵排位定策略,兵种升级相克制,各种奇谋妙计,观者惊心动魄! 【张飞也玩绣花针,主公说啥就是啥】数百卡牌包罗三国历史人物,不论阵营皆可投效麾下!被动技 能洗炼、情缘副将系统、... Free 11/2015
2498   Rubik's Uncubed Rubik's Uncubed Games Games Apps like Rubik's Uncubed Introducing a brand new Match 3 Rubik’s Cube adventure! Oh no! The Cubic Galaxy has been Un-Cubed! The Cublings need your help to restore order and save their galaxy! Travel to different worlds and put them back together. Slide to match 3 and solve each... Free 11/2015
2499   Инструменты Инструменты Catalogs Catalogs Apps like Инструменты Каталог различных типов инструмента (электроинструмент, бензо-инструмент, столярный, слесарный, шлифовальный, авто, малярный, штукатурный, садово-огородный, крепежные изделия и т.д.) отечественных и импортных производителей, расходных материало... Free 11/2015
2500   21 A  Cleopatra Blackjack Pontoon - Spades  myVegas Casino 21 A Cleopatra Blackjack Pontoon - Spades myVegas Casino Games Games Apps like 21 A Cleopatra Blackjack Pontoon - Spades myVegas Casino Welcome to the Ancient Casino! Come win the Blackjack Jackpot with Cleopatra!... Free 11/2015
2501   Shurricane Shurricane Games Games Apps like Shurricane Ninja sneak your way through corridors, crawling with Samurai guards and tough Sumo bosses! It’s your shuriken and dodging skills against theirs. Finish all 16 levels and become a Master Ninja! You need some guidance? Here are some hints: - Build you... Free 11/2015
2502   CASA DECO – epaper ist das Magazin für Wohnen,  Design,  Lifestyle und Leben vom ipm magazin verlag GmbH CASA DECO – epaper ist das Magazin für Wohnen, Design, Lifestyle und Leben vom ipm magazin verlag GmbH Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like CASA DECO – epaper ist das Magazin für Wohnen, Design, Lifestyle und Leben vom ipm magazin verlag GmbH Inspirierende Häuser: Als Magazin für modernes Wohnen und Lifestyle stellt CASA DECO aktuelle Trends, Messeneuheiten, Häuser und Wohnungen rund um den Globus vor. CASA DECO - epaper ist das internationale Wohn- und Lifestylemagazin für weltoffene Genieß... Free 11/2015
2503   Classic Cake Recipes - Rum Cake Recipe Using Cake Mix Classic Cake Recipes - Rum Cake Recipe Using Cake Mix Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Classic Cake Recipes - Rum Cake Recipe Using Cake Mix Wondering why Classic Cake Recipes has 1 million readers and its apps have over 3 million downloads? Classic Cake Recipes is a app that includes some very helpful information for Crab Cake Recipes Using Canned Crab !! Classic Cake Recipes includes ... $0.99 11/2015
2504   eGrab eGrab Business Business Apps like eGrab eGrab is a powerful and scalable software tool for managing your complete supply chain with RFID technology. The system can be embedded into existing accounting package structures or be used as a standalone product. No matter where you choose to implement... Free 11/2015
2505   TicketOne TicketOne Business Business Apps like TicketOne CONTROLE OS SEUS EVENTOS. A TicketOne é uma aplicação que serve para controlar as entradas e saídas num determinado evento. CONVIDE QUEM QUISER. Depois de criar o evento num backoffice simples e intuitivo, pode convidar quem desejar para os seus even... Free 11/2015
2506   gibgas CNG-App gibgas CNG-App Navigation Navigation Apps like gibgas CNG-App gibgas proudly presents: The new App for europe-wide mobility with CNG - Compressed Natural Gas. A MUST for every CNG motorist: Always up-to-date and therefore driving safe! This service is unique in Europe. The data has all important information about ad... Free 11/2015
2507   Lust auf LandKüche – epaper – das Magazin rund um hausgemachte Schätze aus dem Naturgarten von Teichmann Verlag Lust auf LandKüche – epaper – das Magazin rund um hausgemachte Schätze aus dem Naturgarten von Teichmann Verlag Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Lust auf LandKüche – epaper – das Magazin rund um hausgemachte Schätze aus dem Naturgarten von Teichmann Verlag Die Zeitschrift Lust auf LandKüche - epaper widmet sich dem guten Essen auf dem Lande. Landküche ist beides: bodenständig und modern. Frische und saisonale Zutaten aus der Region, schonendes Garen und praktische Küchenhelfer passen die Rezepte unserer Gr... Free 11/2015
2508   BMW i Wallbox Remote BMW i Wallbox Remote Productivity Productivity Apps like BMW i Wallbox Remote The BMW i Wallbox Remote App gives you remote control of your BMW i Wallbox Pro via wireless network. The complete display of your Wallbox Pro is mirrored on your smartphone or tablet, so you can easily and conveniently operate your Wallbox Pro from you... Free 11/2015
2509   Dosis Notify Dosis Notify Business Business Apps like Dosis Notify Introducing peace of mind. DOSIS Notify installs on your phone or mobile device to provide instant notifications and live monitoring of multiple robot’s status. Receive alerts when cards, labels or pills run out. Stay productive with DOSIS Notify. Is... Free 11/2015
2510   Archäologie in Deutschland - epaper - das Magazin über aktuelle Grabungen,  neueste Entdeckungen und Forschungen von der Wissenschaftlichen Buchgesellschaft WBG Archäologie in Deutschland - epaper - das Magazin über aktuelle Grabungen, neueste Entdeckungen und Forschungen von der Wissenschaftlichen Buchgesellschaft WBG Education Education Apps like Archäologie in Deutschland - epaper - das Magazin über aktuelle Grabungen, neueste Entdeckungen und Forschungen von der Wissenschaftlichen Buchgesellschaft WBG Archäologie in Deutschland - epaper berichtet über aktuelle Grabungen, neueste Entdeckungen und Forschungen von der Urzeit bis heute. In jedem Heft: Neue Funde und archäologische Informationen aus allen Bundesländern. Jede Ausgabe hat einen inhaltlichen ... Free 11/2015
2511   Super Jump Boy Adventures Super Jump Boy Adventures Games Games Apps like Super Jump Boy Adventures Super Jump Boy can run, jump, wall slide, ledge hang and fall from the sky! But can you help him collect all the stars and escape? Super Jump Boy Adventures is a retro arcade platform with 40 increasingly challenging levels. If you can complete the l... Free 11/2015
2512   CITROËN CONNECT CITROËN CONNECT Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like CITROËN CONNECT CITROËN CONNECT 手机客户端介绍 CITROËN CONNECT 手机客户端是东风雪铁龙为用户定制的车辆互联手机端应用,让您可以享受端到端的导航体验,随时随地的CITROËN CONNECT 服务,是您身边必不可少的行车助理。 从启用CITROËN CONNECT 客户端开始,您只需通过触摸与轻按功能性按钮就可以享有离车导航、一键服务、违章查询、路书查询、系统信息、地图服务、车况检测报告、维护保养预约和保险信息9项服务查询。 轻松开始 Easy Start l 离车导航--可将未完成的... Free 11/2015
2513   Queen City Comic Books Queen City Comic Books Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Queen City Comic Books Your weekly NEW RELEASE COMIC BOOK app. MOBILE CUSTOMER PERKS: - Order weekly new release comics. - Receive bag and boards with order option. - Avoid waiting in long lines. - One day only super-specials. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: - Bi-weekly specials coupon. ... Free 11/2015
2514   Capitan's Housewarming Party Capitan's Housewarming Party Books Books Apps like Capitan's Housewarming Party Get ready for a funny story about a hardy sea captain and his new friends! The captain found the recipe for a magical potion on one of his long sea voyages, and he just bought a house so he can test it out. But what the old sea dog doesn’t realize is tha... Free 11/2015
2515   Aces Cribbage Aces Cribbage Games Games Apps like Aces Cribbage This smooth playing, beautiful game of Cribbage will keep you coming back for more! Play as one of 10 characters, use auto or manual counting, and adjust game speed and difficulty to customize this card game to your liking! Great for beginners and lo... Free 11/2015
2516   Dark Origin Dark Origin Games Games Apps like Dark Origin The most orthodox ARPG in the mobile platform, not to be missed in this year! Brilliant skills, smooth operation, enjoy incredible game experience! Powered by Unreal engine, exquisite scenes and details! Ladder, Survival Tourney, Demon Vault, Secre... $0.99 11/2015
2517   등마루교회 등마루교회 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 등마루교회 등마루 교회 홈페이지를 방문해 주신 모든 분들께 하나님의 은혜와 평강이 충만 하시기를 소원합니다. 등마루 교회는 하나님의 말씀을 따라 살아 가려고 몸부림치는 요한 웨슬레의 신앙 전통을 이어가는 복음주의의 건전한 공동체입니다. 등마루 교회가 이곳 등마루 언덕에 창립(1974년 3월 14일)된 이래 지금까지 어두운 세상에 하나님의 작은 등대의 역할을 감당하려고 애쓰고 있습니다. 이미 등마루 교회의 가족이 되신 모든 분들을 축복하고 앞으로 저희와 함... Free 11/2015
2518   NENX - Easy Binary Trading for Stocks and Forex NENX - Easy Binary Trading for Stocks and Forex Finance Finance Apps like NENX - Easy Binary Trading for Stocks and Forex Welcome to Nenx - a revolution in fast paced, binary betting on the global markets. With Nenx you can make fixed odd bets on markets going up or down over periods as short as 10 seconds with up to 97% payouts. With a very low minimum bet of just £1 you ... Free 11/2015
2519   Vegetarisch Fit – epaper – das gesunde Magazin für Kochen und Genießen ohne Fleisch von Marken Verlag Vegetarisch Fit – epaper – das gesunde Magazin für Kochen und Genießen ohne Fleisch von Marken Verlag Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Vegetarisch Fit – epaper – das gesunde Magazin für Kochen und Genießen ohne Fleisch von Marken Verlag Vegetarisch Fit - epaper bietet abwechslungsreichen Lesestoff über die Vielfalt vegetarischer Ernährung und Lebensweise. Im Mittelpunkt stehen raffinierte Rezepte zu den unterschiedlichsten Themen und Anlässen, die einfach gelingen und garantiert schmeck... Free 11/2015
2520   Wandermagazin – epaper – das Magazin für alle Outdoorbegeisterten von W&A Marketing und Verlag Wandermagazin – epaper – das Magazin für alle Outdoorbegeisterten von W&A Marketing und Verlag Travel Travel Apps like Wandermagazin – epaper – das Magazin für alle Outdoorbegeisterten von W&A Marketing und Verlag Seit über 30 Jahren das führende Magazin für alle Outdoorbegeisterten: Wandermagazin - epaper weckt mit hochwertigen Bild- und Textstrecken Sehnsüchte und informiert Sie aktuell über Ein- und Mehrtagestouren mit regionalen und internationalen Schwerpunkte... Free 11/2015
2521   面包树上的女人-现代言情小说免费看 面包树上的女人-现代言情小说免费看 Books Books Apps like 面包树上的女人-现代言情小说免费看 面包树的确存在,它是产于亚、美两洲的乔木。有人说,女人的幸福是丝萝找到可托之乔木,也有人说,女人最艰难的问题便是面包与爱情之间的抉择。小说里的三个好朋友程韵、朱迪之、沈光蕙各自寻找属于自己的面包树。面包可能是物质、可能是虚荣、也可能并不真实。她们在十三岁认识,友谊从排球队开始,一同经历成长的欢笑、初恋的迷惘、爱与恨、哀与痛。女人做得最好也最失败的事便是爱男人。朱迪之说,如果她死了,她的挽歌便是一个女人不断遇上坏男人的故事。沈光蕙说,嫁去屯门太不光彩了,至少也要嫁去跑马地。程韵说,能令对方伤心的,才是两人之... Free 11/2015
2522   Pintiplan - Tus sitios,  tus planes...tus amigos Pintiplan - Tus sitios, tus planes...tus amigos Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Pintiplan - Tus sitios, tus planes...tus amigos Tus sitios, tus planes... tus amigos. Pintiplan es una app para crear, guardar y compartir tus propios planes de ocio. Con la garantía de que únicamente tus amigos y tú sois los creadores de dichos planes. PIN: un lugar especial que te gusta. TIP: un ... Free 11/2015
2523   pTouch pTouch Business Business Apps like pTouch pTouch is a personal and powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, update your set of skills. Carry your relationship history with you, wherever you go! Available on iPhone. - Contacts... $0.99 11/2015
2524   BP Truck Plus BP Truck Plus Travel Travel Apps like BP Truck Plus At BP, we understand the challenges that commercial drivers face every day. We want to make things a little easier with BP Truck Plus. Find your nearest BP at a glance, listen to our transport podcasts and get the latest traffic alerts. Features inclu... Free 11/2015
2525   糖果萌萌消-不用流量也能玩 糖果萌萌消-不用流量也能玩 Games Games Apps like 糖果萌萌消-不用流量也能玩 The wiggliest match-3 game ever is now available on the App Store! Join Lily and Mr. Hare in their jiggly adventure around fantastic Jelly Kingdom! Collect magic jellies to defeat the Evil Witch and rescue jelly residents from her terrorizing! ==Featu... Free 11/2015
2526   Localway путеводитель и гид по городам России Localway путеводитель и гид по городам России Travel Travel Apps like Localway путеводитель и гид по городам России Самые необычные достопримечательности в городах России, лучшие кафе и рестораны в Москве, популярные туристические места в Питере, развлечения для детей, путеводители в парках, интересные маршруты и прогулки по городу, – вся эта информация теперь до... Free 11/2015
2527   PokerStars Poker - Play Free Texas Hold'em Games - BG PokerStars Poker - Play Free Texas Hold'em Games - BG Games Games Apps like PokerStars Poker - Play Free Texas Hold'em Games - BG PokerStars is the world’s largest poker site. Come play with us today to challenge for the biggest real money prizes in poker, or just play for fun. Get $20 worth of free play when you download our poker app and make your first deposit now! The app giv... Free 11/2015
2528   MobilePoint (gym80-Software) MobilePoint (gym80-Software) Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like MobilePoint (gym80-Software) Der MobilePoint ist die mobile Managementzentrale für die Nutzer der gym80-Software. Durch ihn ist der Trainer jederzeit für den Kunden mittels Trainerruf-Funktion erreichbar. Der Trainer hat über ein mobiles Gerät (Smartphone, Tablet etc.) von überall d... Free 11/2015
2529   电机维修网 电机维修网 Business Business Apps like 电机维修网 电机维修网客户端是基于互联网平台而研发的手机客户端,在此平台上,用户可以了解到电机维修网最新的行业资讯、互动产品服务信息,并可以提供商户、行业渠道商、行业客户、终端用户等互动交流信息。电机维修网客户端对现有商务平台平滑扩展,无缝衔接,为客户和商家打造完美、多元化的产品体验的同时,也能及时地与客户互动交流,合作会员还可以通过供求商机来展示自己的特色产品,拓展营销渠道,随时随地把握互联网商机。真实、高效地让您生活更简单!... Free 11/2015
2530   Muncher Jr. Muncher Jr. Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Muncher Jr. Muncher Jr. is a fun free app to help kids and parents on their wellness journey! Kids can track their servings of various food groups, water, and mood throughout the day. In today's fast-paced world it's important to make sure we take the time to stay ... Free 11/2015
2531   Jeeeni Jeeeni Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Jeeeni Why download a different app for every single organisation? Let's make our life easier. Jeeeni is a multidimensional lifestyle service that connects you with thousands of businesses, services and communities within one single easy-to-use app. You can... Free 11/2015
2532   Fritidsresor / Finnmatkat / Star Tour Fritidsresor / Finnmatkat / Star Tour Travel Travel Apps like Fritidsresor / Finnmatkat / Star Tour This app is designed for customers who have booked a holiday with Fritidsresor, Star Tour or Finnmatkat. Log in using your booking reference and you’ll find all the information you need about your holiday. Flight times, weather and facts about destinati... Free 11/2015
2533   강남선한목자교회 강남선한목자교회 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 강남선한목자교회 강남선한목자교회는 2013년 8월 선한목자교회(담임 유기성 목사)에서 분립개척한 교회입니다. 한국교회가 어렵고 힘들 때에 개척교회를 시작한다는 것은 큰 믿음의 도전이고 실험입니다. 저와 함께한 성도들에게는 멈출 수 없는 하나님이 주신 사명과 비젼이 있습니다. 한국사회가 경제뿐만 아니라 영적으로 매우 어렵고 힘든 때에 예수그리스도의 십자가 복음의 능력으로 사랑하고 섬기라는 사명을 주셨습니다. 교회와 성도들이 복음의 분명한 증인으로 서는 것과, 전도된... Free 11/2015
2534   LAP-BAND Connect® LAP-BAND Connect® Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like LAP-BAND Connect® Description: LAP-BAND Connect® is designed to provide post-operative support to patients who have had the LAP-BAND® System procedure at a recognized LAP-BAND® System clinic or hospital program in Canada. Features: • Access all of your Registered Acc... Free 11/2015
2535   Betstar Betstar Sports Sports Apps like Betstar Bet on the go at Betstar with the new app for iPhone and iPad. Betstar offers you all the best odds on a wide variety of racing and sporting events, now all with the added benefit of mobile wagering. This user-friendly app allows you to make the most of ... Free 11/2015
2536   GoGoVan Driver Version GoGoVan Driver Version Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like GoGoVan Driver Version GoGoVan Driver Version An app get you more business! Start taking delivery orders with your vehicle today with your mobile phone! - Orders are published real time - You can choose the ones you want to take - Client information are displayed and recorded... Free 11/2015
2537   Cafetaria de Uitdaging BestelApp Cafetaria de Uitdaging BestelApp Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Cafetaria de Uitdaging BestelApp Bestel eenvoudig en snel bij Cafetaria de Uitdaging via onze BestelApp! Ook kunt u gemakkelijk en geheel veilig betalen via iDEAL zodat u geen last heeft van wachtrijen bij het afhalen van uw bestelling.... Free 11/2015
2538   Trapoca"Postkarten App um eigene individuelle Ansichtskarten & Grußkarten zu erstellen und zu versenden" Trapoca"Postkarten App um eigene individuelle Ansichtskarten & Grußkarten zu erstellen und zu versenden" Photography Photography Apps like Trapoca"Postkarten App um eigene individuelle Ansichtskarten & Grußkarten zu erstellen und zu versenden" Mit der Trapoca Postkarten App kannst Du schnell und einfach, individuelle Grußkarten erstellen und in die ganze Welt verschicken. ---So einfach geht es--- Nutze einfach einen vorhandenen Schnappschuss als Vorlage für die Vorderseite. Veredle diesen o... Free 11/2015
2539   ポコロンダンジョンズ ポコロンダンジョンズ Games Games Apps like ポコロンダンジョンズ 400万DL突破記念キャンペーン開催中! 触れば誰もがクセになる!なぞるパズルRPG「ポコロンダンジョンズ」がくる! スマホ・タブレットのために生み出された超直感的ゲームを体感しよう! 動く個性豊かなモンスターたち、仕掛け満載の多彩なダンジョン、カンタン操作! 配信前から話題を呼んでいる「ポコロンダンジョンズ」はダウンロード無料でお楽しみいただけます。 ▼基本ルールは簡単なぞるパズル! 同じ色のパズルブロック「ポコロン」をなぞって主人公キャラクターを動かすだけ! 「ポコロン」をうまく... Free 11/2015
2540   Storia. Ultimate story sharing Storia. Ultimate story sharing Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Storia. Ultimate story sharing Get a new look on the idea of blogging, storytelling and reading! Take a photo or a video, create and read stories, share your impressions and opinions on current things like a professional blogger (posting about technology, cooking, cats and owls, ... Free 11/2015
2541   uP!!! -アップエンタメ- エンタメ検索・チケット情報 uP!!! -アップエンタメ- エンタメ検索・チケット情報 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like uP!!! -アップエンタメ- エンタメ検索・チケット情報 ■音楽公演や試写会その他特別イベントへのご招待 ■チケットの先行予約 ■ライブレポート配信  など・・ 音楽、映画に関する最新情報を取得しよう! 【注目機能】 ■FEATURED 気になるアーティストの最新情報をタイムリーに発信 チケットの先行予約や試写会ご招待など 特典も盛りだくさん。 ※本キャンペーンは、Apple Inc.とは一切関係ございません。 ■Now!Here!! 今いる「現在地」×「時間」の組み合わせで、近くで 開催されるイベントの情報を直感的に探す ことができます。... Free 11/2015
2542   Chicfy - Compra y Vende Moda Chicfy - Compra y Vende Moda Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Chicfy - Compra y Vende Moda Chicfy es el paraíso para comprar y vender moda. Sólo para chic chic chicas. ¿Tienes prendas en tu armario que no vas a usar más? CÓMO VENDER EN CHICFY Subir tus prendas a Chicfy es muy fácil, sólo necesitas 60 segundos para convertir tu armario en di... Free 11/2015
2543   SignOnSite SignOnSite Utilities Utilities Apps like SignOnSite SignOnSite revolutionises worksite safety by allowing you to SignOn from anywhere on site - directly from your smartphone. No longer will you need to visit every site office to fill out a legacy paper-based sign in book. Using location services, SignOnSi... Free 11/2015
2544   Tanzschule Darf ich bitten? Tanzschule Darf ich bitten? Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Tanzschule Darf ich bitten? Dies ist die offizielle Tanzschule Darf ich bitten?App. Die Tanzschule in Steinhagen ( Kreis Gütersloh) Tanz und Fitnesskurse für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene.... Free 11/2015
2545   Kitty Puzzles Slide Kitty Puzzles Slide Games Games Apps like Kitty Puzzles Slide Kitty Puzzles Slide children were waiting. the puzzle for kids is simple and fun, ideal for your children, because exercise your brain, imagination and creativity as well as entertain. Reach achieved score, the score and the number of movements is sh... Free 11/2015
2546   KODAK Create Lite App KODAK Create Lite App Photography Photography Apps like KODAK Create Lite App Use KODAK Create App to print your fun, spontaneous everyday moments directly from your APPLE iOS Device in store and share your memories with creative photo products made in an instant. It’s cool, easy and fast! (This is a new service available in few... Free 11/2015
2547   Consommation Mobile Consommation Mobile Utilities Utilities Apps like Consommation Mobile With the Videotron Mobile Usage app, you can track your residential and business mobile Internet usage on your iPhone phone. Tracking your mobile Internet usage with Videotron's official app means: You get detailed overviews of your day-to-day data usage... Free 11/2015
2548   Football Betting App - all-in-one tool for live bet365 odds and premier stats for football league Football Betting App - all-in-one tool for live bet365 odds and premier stats for football league Sports Sports Apps like Football Betting App - all-in-one tool for live bet365 odds and premier stats for football league "Football Betting App" has all you need to win football bets. Discover the hottest betting trends and do your acca anytime, anywhere with "Football Betting App". What you will get for free... - Match predictions and bet suggestions - Secret trends on p... Free 11/2015
2549   Flatastic - die WG App Flatastic - die WG App Productivity Productivity Apps like Flatastic - die WG App Flatastic - the app for you and your flatmates Organising a shared flat can be fun, but tough. Flatastic makes life easier by organising and making living together more enjoyable. > Expenses Making tallying up expenses less awkward, adding items to... Free 11/2015
2550   Musicality Remote Musicality Remote Music Music Apps like Musicality Remote Take control of Musicality for Mac OS X from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Musicality for Mac OS X adds AirPlay audio streaming for any website, built-in controls for over a dozen of the most popular music services, keyboard shortcuts, media key... Free 11/2015
2551   SCCBlueNose SCCBlueNose Sports Sports Apps like SCCBlueNose Under Scotiabank’s philanthropic Bright Future program, this Scotiabank Charity Challenge app allows you to harness the power of online fundraising over the mobile web. Participants in the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon Charity Challenge can use this app... Free 11/2015
2552   Mosquito Tracker SG Mosquito Tracker SG Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Mosquito Tracker SG Recently there has been a surge in the mosquito population in many areas of Singapore. These mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to our lifestyle but may also cause health issues like dengue fever. This app helps to create awareness by allowing you to rep... Free 11/2015
2553   AXA Drive AXA Drive Navigation Navigation Apps like AXA Drive Mit der App Drive von AXA ist es leicht, Ihren Fahrstil zu analysieren und zu verbessern: Ihre Fahrten werden aufgezeichnet und drei Kriterien analysiert: Beschleunigungs-, Brems- und Kurvenverhalten. Die App gibt am Ende der Fahrt das Ergebnis auf Basi... Free 11/2015
2554   Easy Telefoni Easy Telefoni Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Easy Telefoni Easy Telefoni ger dig som användare enkel kontroll över din hänvisning och dina inställningar i företagets telefonväxel. Kontakta oss via www.easytelefoni.se för att komma igång med denna app."... Free 11/2015
2555   myOrgan myOrgan Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like myOrgan myOrgan ist der unverzichtbare Begleiter für alle Menschen, die regelmäßig Medikamente einnehmen müssen – insbesondere für Menschen nach einer Organtransplantation. myOrgan trägt zur Verbesserung der Therapie bei und stellt somit eine wahre Erleichterung... Free 11/2015
2556   My Vauxhall My Vauxhall Utilities Utilities Apps like My Vauxhall My Vauxhall now includes the added benefit of connectivity for vehicles equipped with OnStar. There are many more practical and user-friendly features which will allow you to enjoy your Vauxhall even more. Features available for vehicles equipped with On... Free 11/2015
2557   Roland Schuhe Roland Schuhe Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Roland Schuhe Die Schuhwelt von Roland auf Ihrem iPhone Erleben Sie mit der Roland-App die faszinierende Schuhwelt sowie alle Vorteile des Shopping für Damen, Herren und Kinder auf Ihrem iPhone. Kaufen Sie Ihre Lieblingsschuhe von überall und wann immer Sie möchten. ... Free 11/2015
2558   Weer & Zo Nederland Weer & Zo Nederland Weather Weather Apps like Weer & Zo Nederland Meest complete weer app voor Nederland. Via de (i) knop links bovenin, heeft u de mogelijkheid om tegen een kleine vergoeding de reclame uit de app te verwijderen. Deze weer app is zonder ingewikkelde menu opties en/of keuze mogelijkheden, zoals je he... Free 11/2015
2559   SAINT SEIYA COSMO SLOTTLE Slot Battle SAINT SEIYA COSMO SLOTTLE Slot Battle Games Games Apps like SAINT SEIYA COSMO SLOTTLE Slot Battle Saint Seiya as a Slot Battle RPG game! Saint Seiya Cosmo Slottle Train your Saints and build your own combination! Defeat towering foes and aim for the top! ----------------------------------- *For App compatibility issues, refer here http://bnfaq.chan... Free 11/2015
2560   TonyBet Poker TonyBet Poker Games Games Apps like TonyBet Poker The unique game of Open Face Chinese Poker is highly popular amongst the ranks of poker elite and with TonyBet's mobile app, every poker player can now enjoy it.... Free 11/2015
2561   Club Baloncesto CEI TOLEDO Club Baloncesto CEI TOLEDO News News Apps like Club Baloncesto CEI TOLEDO Information app for Club Baloncesto CEI TOLEDO players, supporters and friends. it contains: Galery, maps, social networks , downloads, links, news and everything you need to know about toledo and Castilla La Mancha, s (Spain) Basketball. CEI TOLED... Free 11/2015
2562   Reckon Reckon Business Business Apps like Reckon Reckon One mobile gives you live access to your business data. Gain access to the rich dashboard showcasing your current business performance. Manage customers and suppliers, send invoices and more. This intelligent and intuitive cloud accounting solut... Free 11/2015
2563   JOEY PAY JOEY PAY Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like JOEY PAY JOEY PAY for iPhone is a quick and secure way to pay your bill at select JOEY Restaurant locations using your iPhone by simply entering the 4-digit code on the bottom of your receipt. Additional features of this app include the ability to retrieve a copy... Free 11/2015
2564   Leclerc Heyo Leclerc Heyo Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Leclerc Heyo L'application E.Leclerc Heyo est votre assistant d'achats en magasin : consultation prix des produits en rayons, bons de réductions, jeu … Découvrez vite ses services ! Avec Leclerc Heyo : Plus besoin de vous déplacer aux bornes prix en magasin. Scann... Free 11/2015
2565   Glowfeed Glowfeed Business Business Apps like Glowfeed Glow makes it easy for you to give instant and direct feedback to any business from one simple app. We do the hard work for you - working behind the scenes to get your feedback heard. Glow is free for businesses too, making feedback easier for everyone. ... Free 11/2015
2566   Tax Stamp Tax Stamp Utilities Utilities Apps like Tax Stamp Tax Stamp is the first anti-counterfeiting solution designed for identifying, reporting and combatting counterfeits in the Republic of Armenia. Counterfeit products are a threat to consumer safety and pose serious risks to public health. It is almost imp... Free 11/2015
2567   LOVEThESIGN LOVEThESIGN Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like LOVEThESIGN LOVEThESIGN è il primo shop online interamente dedicato al Design per la csa, con una selezione dei migliori brand Made in Italy e delle eccellenze internazionali. Più di 1.200 brand e 15.000 prodotti sempre presenti a catalogo, a cui si affiancano ogni... Free 11/2015
2568   AussieCommerce Vendors AussieCommerce Vendors Business Business Apps like AussieCommerce Vendors Scan coupons for your offers quickly and easily with our streamlined vendor app.... Free 11/2015
2569   FizzUp personal workout trainer – Get in shape with the App that will keep you motivate FizzUp personal workout trainer – Get in shape with the App that will keep you motivate Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like FizzUp personal workout trainer – Get in shape with the App that will keep you motivate Do you hardly have the time, the motivation, or the equipment to work out and stay in shape? Then FizzUp is the personal trainer for you: FizzUp is a real fitness coach that fits in your pocket allowing you to work out where ever you want, in little ti... Free 11/2015
2570   Club Bioderma Club Bioderma Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Club Bioderma Rejoignez le Club BIODERMA et accédez à votre compte depuis l’application mobile. Profitez de récompenses Fidélité en déclarant vos achats rapidement grâce à cette application. Accédez aux détails d’un produit simplement en scannant son code barre et lo... Free 11/2015
2571   Julesange & Hygge - Juleappen Julesange & Hygge - Juleappen Music Music Apps like Julesange & Hygge - Juleappen Juleappen er en gratis app, som gør dig klar til juleaften. Vi har samlet alle de bedste danske julesange til dig når der skal danses rundt om juletræet. Udover et vælg af traditionelle julesalmer har vi også lagt en liste over de opdaterede danske julek... Free 11/2015
2572   dヒッツ dヒッツ Music Music Apps like dヒッツ 最新J-POPから懐かしの名曲まで、ヒット曲満載の約2000プログラムが聴き放題!好きな曲を選んで好きなときに視聴できる「myヒッツ」や歌詞も楽 しめます。 ●ご利用上の注意 ・ご登録内容の確認・変更については「dヒッツ」サイトよりお願いいたします。 ・本アプリはプレイヤーアプリです。 ・海外からはご利用になれません。 ・別途パケット通信料がかかります。 ・初回7日間無料は、契約1回線につき1回のみ適用。お申込みの詳細はdヒッツへ。 ●dヒッツへのアクセス Safariを立ち上げて「dヒ... Free 11/2015
2573   sayHEY - verschlüsselter Messenger und SMS in einem,  auch als Web-App. Sicherheit TÜV geprüft. sayHEY - verschlüsselter Messenger und SMS in einem, auch als Web-App. Sicherheit TÜV geprüft. Social Networking Social Networking Apps like sayHEY - verschlüsselter Messenger und SMS in einem, auch als Web-App. Sicherheit TÜV geprüft. Kostenlos verschlüsselt Nachrichten schreiben und empfangen? Jetzt kostenlos ALLE Freunde und Kontakte zu sayHEY einladen und sicher über den Gruppenchat kommunizieren, egal ob mit iPhone oder im Web mit iPad oder Mac/PC. sayHEY, der sichere Messenger ... Free 11/2015
2574   Ladbrokes Ladbrokes Sports Sports Apps like Ladbrokes Ladbrokes.com.au – Bet Better Betting just got better – Get Ladbrokes’ already unbeatable odds with the added bonus of withdrawing your winnings as cash within seconds from any ATM. Now with improved usability and performance, Ladbrokes.com.au invites ... Free 11/2015
2575   Ruhr Nachrichten Exklusiv Ruhr Nachrichten Exklusiv Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Ruhr Nachrichten Exklusiv RN Exklusiv bietet mobile Rabatt-Coupons – exklusiv für Abonnenten der Ruhr Nachrichten, Dorstener Zeitung und Halterner Zeitung. Mit diesen Rabatt-Coupons sparen Sie für vielfältige Freizeitangebote in Ihrer Region und bei jedem Einkauf bares Geld. Nat... Free 11/2015
2576   Qrescue Qrescue Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Qrescue Available in London only Whether you're on your work break or just in a hurry, time is too precious to spend queuing! Beat the lunchtime rush with Qrescue, the ultimate FREE queue-busting app. Simply locate your London-based outlet of choice, place y... Free 11/2015
2577   Tunnel Trafic Tunnel Trafic Navigation Navigation Apps like Tunnel Trafic Avec le tunnel Prado Carénage, gagnez du temps ! L’application Tunnel Prado Info Trafic vous offre la possibilité de consulter l’état du trafic en temps réel dans le Tunnel Prado Carénage et de paramétrer des alertes pour anticiper vos déplacements. Dès... Free 11/2015
2578   Vectis Discount Card Vectis Discount Card Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Vectis Discount Card The home of big savings throughout the UK – all on just one card. The Vectis Discount Card can save you money in big name brands and independent retailers giving you access to over 2800 outlets in the UK. By downloading the Vectis Discount Card app, yo... Free 11/2015
2579   CC iPhone版 CC iPhone版 Business Business Apps like CC iPhone版 联友沟通协同管理应用平台CC(CC:Communication沟通+Collaboration协同,Control管理与控制)是联友科技有限公司基于移动互联网推出的一款即时通信软件,用户可以通过CC与好友进行在线文字、语音、视频沟通,同时支持文件传输、群发邮件、群发短信、电子白板、远程控制、IP电话等多种功能,志在为用户打造一款可管理、可控制的即时通信软件。 CC iPhone版 必须配合联友企业协同平台共同使用,支持文本个人沟通、文本群组沟通、文件传输等功能。... Free 11/2015
2580   Bookmaker.com.au Sports Betting Bookmaker.com.au Sports Betting Sports Sports Apps like Bookmaker.com.au Sports Betting Bookmaker.com.au – Place Your Bets Bookmaker.com.au, Australia’s most innovative sportsbetting company, delivers you a fantastic betting app offering fixed and tote odds on racing and the full suite of fixed odds on a wide range of sports. Bet on the g... Free 11/2015
2581   Sage Point and Claim Sage Point and Claim Finance Finance Apps like Sage Point and Claim Sage Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses,  deductions,  reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your tax agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, safely... Free 11/2015
2582   goHenry goHenry Finance Finance Apps like goHenry goHenry helps young people between the ages of eight and 18 save, spend and learn about money. It combines web and mobile apps with a pre-paid debit card with parental controls. Parents set rules and limits, can allocate pocket money and allowances auto... Free 11/2015
2583   localeye localeye Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like localeye localeye has been developed to assist the community in accessing public amenities, facilities and events in their local areas as well as report maintenance issues. Developed on behalf of local councils in Western Australia, localeye is intended to enabl... Free 11/2015
2584   LISMO - 無料で再生!!歌詞表示、カラオケ機能付き LISMO - 無料で再生!!歌詞表示、カラオケ機能付き Music Music Apps like LISMO - 無料で再生!!歌詞表示、カラオケ機能付き auケータイ・auスマートフォンで買った楽曲※を無料でダウンロードして楽しむための音楽プレイヤー!しかも高音質の320kbps!もちろん、iTunesから取り込んだ楽曲も再生できる! <その他の特徴> ・歌にあわせて流れる歌詞が見られる!対応楽曲は100万曲以上! ・カラオケ機能を搭載!カラオケの練習ができ、カラオケクーポンも手に入れられる! ・最新の音楽情報やアーティスト情報、ライブ情報をチェックできる! ※ダウンロード対象楽曲について 1. auケータイで2005年11月1日以降に「レコチョク」で... Free 11/2015
2585   eToro - Social Trading eToro - Social Trading Finance Finance Apps like eToro - Social Trading eToro’s revolutionary and award-winning OpenBook is now available for iPhone & iPad! Invest in the markets including Stocks, Indices, Commodities and currencies. eToro OpenBook is the world’s largest social investment network. With OpenBook you can see... Free 11/2015
2586   BowserBuddy - Latest fuel prices at your fingertips! BowserBuddy - Latest fuel prices at your fingertips! Utilities Utilities Apps like BowserBuddy - Latest fuel prices at your fingertips! ** FULL UNLIMITED USE NOW COMPLETELY FREE ** Bowserbuddy is an Australian community based fuel saving application designed to keep you up to date with local petrol prices. Simply select your petrol type, touch the current location button or type a sub... Free 11/2015
2587   Country Grocer Country Grocer Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Country Grocer Fresh food deals delivered directly to your phone. Receive updates about bulk specials, discounts and events. Don't miss out on specials with this app.... Free 11/2015
2588   Media Markt Sverige Media Markt Sverige Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Media Markt Sverige Med Media Markts app kan du snabbt och enkelt handla hemelektronik, när och var som helst. - Kampanjerbjudanden direkt i din mobil. - Handla direkt – sök i hela vårt onlinesortiment. - Hämta din beställning i ett varuhus eller beställ bekväm leverans til... Free 11/2015
2589   Seven Time Seven Time Productivity Productivity Apps like Seven Time Smart tidsredovisning med mobil arbetsorder, offerter och fakturering för tjänste- och serviceföretag. * Använd timer, registrera tider manuellt eller genom att skanna en QR-kod * Stämpla: registrera arbetstid och frånvaro direkt i mobilen * Offerthant... Free 11/2015
2590   幻想英雄 幻想英雄 Games Games Apps like 幻想英雄 【客服信息】 如果您在遊戲過程中遇到任何問題,請發郵件至CS@punchbox.tw 【遊戲簡介】 《幻想英雄》是一款另類的西方魔幻卡牌遊戲,風格輕鬆休閒,遊戲裡不僅充滿了未知的驚喜和挑戰,還有大家熟悉的貓熊人、巨龍騎士等強悍英雄!《幻想英雄》的特色就是收集卡牌英雄,培養並強化他們,運用它們的技能和特性,策略佈局,打敗對手!成就最強的聖戰英雄。 【遊戲特色】 >>全新動態骨骼系統,全新戰鬥體驗 採用全新動態骨骼系統,每個角色在戰鬥過程中都有極具特色的打擊動作,同時還有獨有的必殺技能。... Free 11/2015
2591   Park Indigo Park Indigo Navigation Navigation Apps like Park Indigo VINCI Park has changed and we are now Indigo. Our new Park Indigo App comes with more locations and updated features (new maps, search and filter functions, improved account and payment flows). You can now use the App to search for over 4, 000 locat... Free 11/2015
2592   FOX - Bayer FOX - Bayer Business Business Apps like FOX - Bayer Deixe as doenças e as preocupações fora da sua lavoura, com o aplicativo Fox você fica por dentro de como utilizar corretamente o fungicida líder no mercado da Soja no Brasil. Ele traz informações sobre as doses adequadas e momentos corretos de aplicação... Free 11/2015
2593   SportTrainerBase SportTrainerBase Sports Sports Apps like SportTrainerBase Planen Sie Übungen für Ihre Sportart am iPad oder am Mac und PC über sporttrainerbase.de und synchronisieren Sie die Daten mit der App. Sie haben so ihre gesamten Übungen und Trainingspläne in der Hosentasche beim Training. SportTrainerBase unterstützt m... Free 11/2015
2594   Bingo Club Bingo Club Games Games Apps like Bingo Club Scarica l’ APP di Bingo Club di Lottomatica per giocare a bingo online ovunque ti trovi. Apri un conto gioco direttamente dal tuo iPhone e tenta la fortuna con i tuoi numeri preferiti senza perdere occasioni preziose. Scopri le Sale di Bingo Club e sele... Free 11/2015
2595   Nova Play Nova Play Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Nova Play Сега Nova Play е достъпна за вашия iPhone и iPad! С Nova Play може да гледате вашите любими предавания пo Нова ТВ напълно безплатно където и да сте. - Гледайте своите любими предавания където и да сте - Гледайте чрез 3G или WiFi - Чрез Airplay може д... Free 11/2015
2596   Vegas Casino by William Hill – Play Real Money Roulette,  Blackjack & Scratch Cards,  plus Bet on Slot Games Vegas Casino by William Hill – Play Real Money Roulette, Blackjack & Scratch Cards, plus Bet on Slot Games Games Games Apps like Vegas Casino by William Hill – Play Real Money Roulette, Blackjack & Scratch Cards, plus Bet on Slot Games **100% CASHBACK up to £20 for all New Players on William Hill Vegas** There’s more chances to win BIG at William Hill Vegas, with over £4Million in JACKPOTS to be won including our EXCLUSIVE Vegas Millions, Multiple, Progressive Jackpot Games: Genie Ja... Free 11/2015
2597   Wagawin Wagawin Games Games Apps like Wagawin Das großartigste Werbespiel aller Zeiten! Begib dich auf eine verrückte Reise! Helfe Winnie dabei, seine Freunde zu finden und sichere dir dabei die Chance auf jede Menge echte Geschenke! Durch ein geheimnisvolles Portal sind die Wagawins in unsere Wel... Free 11/2015
2598   MODOMOTO MODOMOTO Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like MODOMOTO Bequem und schnell gut gekleidet sein – mit der kostenlosen MODOMOTO App gehört Shopping-Stress ab sofort der Vergangenheit an! Über 200.000 Männer sind bereits begeistert von MODOMOTO, Deutschlands erstem und größten Curated Shopping Service. Ihr direk... Free 11/2015
2599   WFCU MOBILE WFCU MOBILE Finance Finance Apps like WFCU MOBILE Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU) Free Mobile Banking app lets you manage your finances with your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®! Access your account information, transfer money, pay bills and complete transactions securely… whenever wherever you wa... Free 11/2015
2600   EVENTIM UK EVENTIM UK Entertainment Entertainment Apps like EVENTIM UK The Eventim App allows you to order tickets on the go for thousands of concerts, festivals, theatre, comedy & sporting events. You can also choose your exact seat with our easy to use Seatmap. Features include: - Buy tickets quickly, easily and secu... Free 11/2015

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