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22801   Erkältungs-Kompass Erkältungs-Kompass Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Erkältungs-Kompass Der Erkältungs-Kompass zeigt in Echtzeit wo eine Ansteckungsgefahr mit Grippe und Erkältungen lauert. Einmalig! Der Erkältungs-Kompass nutzt mit Social-Media-Monitoring eine Technik die Meldungen über Krankheiten und Symptome in sozialen Netzwerken erfas... Free 11/2015
22802   Train Passenger Driving Sim Train Passenger Driving Sim Games Games Apps like Train Passenger Driving Sim Its driving time!!! Get all geared up in a brilliant subway train simulator experience. With such realistic train simulator controls and an incredible gameplay, put your subway train driver skills on display, carrying passengers from different stations ... Free 11/2015
22803   潍坊生活圈 潍坊生活圈 Business Business Apps like 潍坊生活圈 潍坊生活圈 是一款集走进潍坊、热点关注、美食荟萃、酒店住宿、购物中心、畅游潍坊、休闲娱乐、家政服务、房产楼市、招聘公告、教育培训、便民查询等为一体的手机客户端。全面展示潍坊当地的走进潍坊、热点关注、美食荟萃、酒店住宿、购物中心、畅游潍坊、休闲娱乐、家政服务、房产楼市、招聘公告、教育培训、便民查询等相关城市信息。 应用特色 1.内容全面丰富,涵盖潍坊吃、住、游、购、娱等信息。 2.界面颜色清新,给用户一种清爽舒适之感! 整洁:排版先后有序,分布简洁明了; 专业:定位潍坊,信息服务全面; -免费下载应用程... Free 11/2015
22804   云南特产商城网 云南特产商城网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 云南特产商城网 云南特产商城 是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括商城、新闻 一目了然,下载完全免费。... Free 11/2015
22805   店小二在线 店小二在线 Business Business Apps like 店小二在线 店小二在线迎合襄阳市农村网格化项目的总体规划,计划投入并建设的襄阳地区本地化电子商务平台。 经营思路:以优品优购、惠农服务、便民服务为主营方向,建立O公里优质服务直供体系,打造本地化优势电子商务服务平台! 平台定位:建立0公里优质服务直供圈,打造本地化优质电子商务服务平台。 平台愿景:惠农便民! 服务理念:优质的本地化服务,创造无限价值! 经营理念:生活有需要,店小二马上到!... Free 11/2015
22806   com.aticonsulting.allavant com.aticonsulting.allavant Business Business Apps like com.aticonsulting.allavant Allavant is a software platform that can be easily customized for many industries such as retail, wellness, and manufacturing. Our application enhances customer loyalty for companies. The customers of the companies that use Allavant will enjoy a combina... Free 11/2015
22807   Plow Truck Domineer Plow Truck Domineer Games Games Apps like Plow Truck Domineer Car Crushing Lovers are invited in this amazing car crushing game.Control your 4 wheeled Plow Truck and trample over cars, rocks, steep hills and trucks, without smashing your truck in this thrilling off-road Car Crushing experience. If you have ever b... $0.99 11/2015
22808   COQON Smart Home COQON Smart Home Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like COQON Smart Home So einfach kann intelligentes Wohnen sein! Steuern Sie COQON einfach über Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet – mit unserer App für iOS. All Ihre smarten Geräte werden in dieser einen App zusammengeführt und können bequem gesteuert werden. Kinderleicht können Sie... Free 11/2015
22809   Psoda Psoda Business Business Apps like Psoda Psoda is a set of online modules that help professionals manage programs, projects, requirements, testing and product development. Psoda modules are easy to use, secure and make managing work simple. Just pick the Psoda flavour that best suits you, ... Free 11/2015
22810   识字魔盒 识字魔盒 Education Education Apps like 识字魔盒 养儿童的七大能力 判断力逻辑分析能力 2空间认知启蒙增强记忆能力 协调能力培养 4、创造力培养 5、情商培养 6世界观培养 特色功能 三维立体动物 标准中英发音 3、中英双语功能 语音动物百科。 动物全视角360观看 动物多种动作模式 动物任意放大缩小 360度互动立体识物 中英文双运识字 互动语音百科讲解 兼容升级中国现有传统识字卡,让传统书能看到3D动画,能语音讲解小百科... Free 11/2015
22811   Ugo - Convenience Delivery Ugo - Convenience Delivery Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Ugo - Convenience Delivery Finally, a convenience store in the palm of your hands. Ugo is a convenience delivery service currently operating in Tuscaloosa, AL. Never make another time consuming trip to the store when you're up late at night working, studying, or partying. Yo... Free 11/2015
22812   Keno University - Learn How To Play Keno with the Best Video Keno Game Simulator Keno University - Learn How To Play Keno with the Best Video Keno Game Simulator Games Games Apps like Keno University - Learn How To Play Keno with the Best Video Keno Game Simulator KENO UNIVERSITY - BECOME A PROFESSIONAL KENO PLAYER! REALISTIC VIDEO KENO GAME! BEAT THE ODDS! It's finally here, the world wide phenomena: KENO UNIVERSITY! With this realistic KENO game you have the possibility to become a REAL KENO PROFESSIONAL! Bea... Free 11/2015
22813   The Bedroom Store The Bedroom Store Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Bedroom Store The Bedroom Store proudly offers 14 locations in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area to serve all of your sleep and bedroom needs.... Free 11/2015
22814   幸福乐清网 幸福乐清网 Business Business Apps like 幸福乐清网 乐清市位于浙江省东南部,属于温州市管辖区内,东至东海之乐清湾,与玉环县相望,东北至湖雾镇北面的羊角洞,与温岭市为界,隔瓯江,与温州市区相望,西达北白象镇琯头西北的乌牛码道附近,与永嘉县接壤,北到智仁乡赵家辽村,与台州市相邻。乐清市被命名为国家火炬计划智能电器产业基地、中华全国钻头(建工)产业基地和中国电器之都、 “中国电子元器件产业基地”、“中国精密模具生产基地” 、“中国断路器产业基地”、“中国防爆电器生产基地”、“中国泥蚶之乡”、“中国鲨鱼加工基地”、“中国牡蛎之乡”、“中国民间文化艺术之乡”。 幸福... Free 11/2015
22815   Event Event Music Music Apps like Event This app was developed on BEPiD in Universidades Católica de Brasília Find events near to you or from your favourites artists.... Free 11/2015
22816   War Strategy War Strategy Games Games Apps like War Strategy Play the best digital version of the classic strategy board game! MAIN FEATURES: * ON-LINE MULTIPLAYER FEATURE! Play against thousands of players, regardless of the iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) *Local Multiplayer vs A.I.: play alone against... Free 11/2015
22817   Friends With Fashion Friends With Fashion Games Games Apps like Friends With Fashion The two school girls are best friends and sisters. They are so beautiful! Let's dress up them! Players need to collect coins first, then they can go to the shop to buy their favorite clothes and other accessories. After that they can dress up the doll!... Free 11/2015
22818   商品バーコードで賞味期限管理 limiter2 (リミッター) 商品バーコードで賞味期限管理 limiter2 (リミッター) Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 商品バーコードで賞味期限管理 limiter2 (リミッター) 新しく生まれ変わった Limiter2 新しい機能は ・オリジナルバーコード機能 ・メモ機能 ・数量の管理 今まで課金頂いたユーザーはお問い合わせ下さい。コードを発行します。 Limiter(リミッター)は商品のバーコードを読み取り、自分で設定した賞味期限を通知してくれるアプリです。 うっかり賞味期限を逃し食べ物を捨ててしまった経験はありませんか? 商品をバーコードで読み取る事で自分が保持している食べ物の管理も簡単にできます。 ■Limiter(リミッター)は色んなシーンで活躍します。 ・震災... Free 11/2015
22819   Dittach Dittach Productivity Productivity Apps like Dittach It's hard to find email attachments. Dittach makes it easy. Every attachment you send or receive appears in your Dittach feed. Browse your attachments and search their contents. Features: - Access the files stored in your email - View and read attachm... Free 11/2015
22820   Chart-ly Chart-ly Productivity Productivity Apps like Chart-ly Quickly create elegant charts to drive decisions in the boardroom--or settle bets in the bar room. Chart-ly is a simple but powerful graphing tool for displaying data in charts using bar, line and pie formats. With Chart-ly, you can create and display c... Free 11/2015
22821   Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call - A Holiday Hidden Object Adventure (Full) Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call - A Holiday Hidden Object Adventure (Full) Games Games Apps like Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call - A Holiday Hidden Object Adventure (Full) Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases! Snow Hill is a magical town that preserves the Spirit of Christmas for the whole world. But now an evil sorceress threatens to plunge Snow Hill into eternal darkness! Do you have what it takes to save Christm... $2.99 11/2015
22822   Aerotaxi Aerotaxi Utilities Utilities Apps like Aerotaxi Bem-Vindo a Aerotaxi! • Melhor frota de táxi do país Como funciona o aplicativo Aerotaxi? Nós encontramos o táxi mais perto e você ainda pode acompanhar a chegada do táxi pelo mapa do aplicativo em tempo real. Serviço totalmente gratuito 1- Marque... Free 11/2015
22823   全部で何個?(らくらく脳トレ!シリーズ) 全部で何個?(らくらく脳トレ!シリーズ) Games Games Apps like 全部で何個?(らくらく脳トレ!シリーズ) らくらく脳トレ!シリーズの「全部で何個?」です。 表示されたボックスが全部で何個あるか、計算して回答するアプリです。 1分間でどれだけ問題を解答できるか、レッツチャレンジ! ランキングで競争したり、毎日の成績をグラフで確認できます。 伝言板でユーザー同士の交流も可能です。 らくらく脳トレシリーズは、短い時間で頭の体操ができます。... Free 11/2015
22824   Dish It Dish It Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Dish It Diversify your palate! Document and track what your eating and drinking. Then add filters to discover what you will eat next.... Free 11/2015
22825   Magic-Poker Magic-Poker Games Games Apps like Magic-Poker Magic-Poker! It is classical Texas Hold'em card game! Play, compete, learn and win anytime and wherever you want! Don't forget to invite friends from face book, to see who is a poker player in our Free Poker. Do you love texas poker? Did you ever wa... Free 11/2015
22826   SOUPTheater SOUPTheater Entertainment Entertainment Apps like SOUPTheater SOUPTheaterは、プロダクトレーベル「SOUP」が製作したオリジナルショートムービーを鑑賞するためのアプリです。 アプリ内ではショートムービーが3つのチャプターに分かれおり、お好きなチャプターからムービーを楽しむことができます。 また、SOUPTheater専用の映写機プロダクトを使えば、まるでミニシアターで鑑賞しているかのような 体験ができます。この専用プロダクトにはチャプター毎にフィルムが付属されていますので、上映したいフィルムを映写機にセットしてください。スクリーンに映写機を向けると、セッ... Free 11/2015
22827   Who Will Pay? Who Will Pay? Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Who Will Pay? Includes six interesting games which will help you to decide who will pay for your meal! Just click on one of them and enjoy it!... Free 11/2015
22828   Quixet Quixet Games Games Apps like Quixet Improve your attention and have fun! Play alone or with your friends. Your goal is to find combinations of three cards. Elements on the cards have 4 properties: color, form, quantity and filling. A combination is right, if each property of three card... Free 11/2015
22829   WA State Child Support WA State Child Support Reference Reference Apps like WA State Child Support Washington State Division of Child Support Get answers to the most common questions about child support in Washington. Learn more about: • Starting a child support case • Modifying or stopping child support payments • Collecting and paying child support f... Free 11/2015
22830   Pocket Jurídico Pocket Jurídico Productivity Productivity Apps like Pocket Jurídico Serviço de acompanhamento de publicações oficiais voltado para advogados, pessoas jurídicas, ainda que já possuam outros sistemas de acompanhamento, e também pessoas comuns que queiram acompanhar as publicações dos processos em seu nome, ou mesmo de t... Free 11/2015
22831   Bingo Of Las Vegas Pro Bingo Of Las Vegas Pro Games Games Apps like Bingo Of Las Vegas Pro AN EXCITING BINGO GAME Bingo Of Las Vegas mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay like power-ups, XP and coins more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience. The hit Bingo game that took Facebook by storm is now in t... $0.99 11/2015
22832   上名校 上名校 Education Education Apps like 上名校 这里不是中小学辅导课堂,这里是全球国际高中的体验平台。逗趣、寓教、新奇的视频课程,让教育随时与世界接轨,轻松玩转三维学习模式。 “上名校”不仅是拓展更多国内外的学科知识,更是优化了全球教育资源,让中国学生走出激烈的高考竞争,选择最适合的学习方式、国际课程、升学途径,解放40%的学习时间,省下三分之二的留学费用,顺利获得中外名校offer。... Free 11/2015
22833   窝里快购-网上超市 免费配送,新鲜到家! 窝里快购-网上超市 免费配送,新鲜到家! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 窝里快购-网上超市 免费配送,新鲜到家! 浙江物联电子商务有限公司旗下的B2C电子商务平台 “窝里快购-钱江晚报生活网(www.wlkgo.com)”是一个区域性网上生活购物平台。 在快节奏的都市生活中,拥挤的交通、漫长的结账队伍、大大小小的购物袋使面临工作、生活压力的上班族越来越不愿意去超市和各类卖场,他们需要一种更加可靠、更为便捷的购物和生活方式。由此“窝里快购”应运而生,只要点点鼠标或者拿起电话,我们就���以将日常所需送到您的手中。 窝里快购以“轻松购物,乐享生活”的理念,为顾客提供优质可信的商品和送货上门的服务。其中,网上超市是整个生活... Free 11/2015
22834   Hyphen - eBook Reader for ePub Hyphen - eBook Reader for ePub Books Books Apps like Hyphen - eBook Reader for ePub ** Hyphen is 50% off for a limited time! ** Take your library wherever you go with Hyphen Reader! Hyphen is a powerful, feature-packed ePub reader designed from the ground up to give you the best experience. PERSONALIZE YOUR READING EXPERIENCE Take c... $2.99 11/2015
22835   proteGeo proteGeo Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like proteGeo O proteGEO busca formar comunidades de compartilhamento de informações sobre ocorrências em de segurança baseando-se no princípio de comunidades seguras.... Free 11/2015
22836   DR.ZOOM W DR.ZOOM W Games Games Apps like DR.ZOOM W 1.it can control a tanks via WIFI 2.play video via tanks 3.play video in full-screen 4.get a snapshot from video and save it into the album 5. it can record, display record time and save it into the album 6. it can browse the pictures and play record ... Free 11/2015
22837   EMS Training Lincoln MKS EMS Training Lincoln MKS Reference Reference Apps like EMS Training Lincoln MKS Access product information quickly and supplement your product knowledge. View videos and be reminded of key product features.... Free 11/2015
22838   AD Parnamirim AD Parnamirim Entertainment Entertainment Apps like AD Parnamirim Aplicativo da TV da Igreja Evangélica Assembleia de Deus em Parnamirim - RN.... Free 11/2015
22839   Belote Multiplayer - Belote & Coinche Belote Multiplayer - Belote & Coinche Games Games Apps like Belote Multiplayer - Belote & Coinche The #1 Belote game is finally mobile, with over 200, 000 fans connecting each day. Join the largest Belote and Coinche community online and play with your friends! Discover or rediscover the renown French card game! On the subway, tucked in at home, s... Free 11/2015
22840   LUFTMED DE LUFTMED DE Utilities Utilities Apps like LUFTMED DE Eine eigene kostenlose APP “Luftmed - gesund atmen” für anhaltend gesunde Luft in Ihren 4 Wänden. Die APP „Luftmed - gesund atmen“ ist eine Anwendung, mit der Sie Ihren Luftreiniger von unterwegs aus steuern und Ihre Luftqualität live überprüfen können.... Free 11/2015
22841   Finding Missing Number In Multiplication Finding Missing Number In Multiplication Education Education Apps like Finding Missing Number In Multiplication In this program there is a multiplication problem at the top of the screen with the second number blank. The program voice says (for instance) “Two times what number makes eight? Click the correct answer." There are four numbers at the bottom of the scree... Free 11/2015
22842   TopKarma TopKarma Entertainment Entertainment Apps like TopKarma Top Karma application enriches the depersonalised world of the Internet with striking positive emotions. It is about the most significant and bright human emotion — a feeling of gratitude. Say Thank you to your friends, companies, acquaintances and str... Free 11/2015
22843   Ris Og Ruller Ris Og Ruller Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Ris Og Ruller Ris Og Ruller allows user view Menus and order food at "Ris Og Ruller" store.... Free 11/2015
22844   金融保险 金融保险 Business Business Apps like 金融保险 金融保险是一款手机APP, 客户端聚集了集保险、理财、投资为一体的专业知识。为广大保险、理财、投资三大金融行业需求提供最新的国内和国际资讯的手机应用程序。... Free 11/2015
22845   Dodgy Ball Dodgy Ball Games Games Apps like Dodgy Ball Download Dodgy Ball and see how long you can last! Touch and hold to drag the green character and avoid hitting the red characters for as long as you can. Compete with friends and see who can get the highest score!... Free 11/2015
22846   Eurêkoi - il suffit de demander Eurêkoi - il suffit de demander Education Education Apps like Eurêkoi - il suffit de demander QUI PEUT POSER UNE QUESTION ? Tout le monde! Eurêkoi est un service public gratuit et ouvert à tous. COMMENT POSER UNE QUESTION ? En postant un message dans cette application, dans notre groupe Facebook ou sur le site d’une des bibliothèques du réseau... Free 11/2015
22847   SmartSolve Mobile Audit SmartSolve Mobile Audit Business Business Apps like SmartSolve Mobile Audit SmartSolve® Mobile Audit integrates with SmartSolve®, Pilgrim’s enterprise quality management solution and improves auditor productivity and flexibility. Mobile Audit gives auditors the ability to access important audit information and perform critical ... Free 11/2015
22848   OK! Fun Bingo with Joey Essex | Free Bingo App OK! Fun Bingo with Joey Essex | Free Bingo App Games Games Apps like OK! Fun Bingo with Joey Essex | Free Bingo App OK! Fun Bingo brings you a real-life bingo dabbing experience FOR FREE. Former TOWIE star, Joey Essex, is your host and bingo caller, and you’ll be competing against your friends on dabbing speed and accuracy. Play for free and get unique collectibles ... Free 11/2015
22849   Kopfsache Kopfsache Utilities Utilities Apps like Kopfsache Die Smarte App für Leute mit Köpfchen. Hier können Sie sich bereits von zu Hause aus auf unsere Warteliste setzen, unterwegs Ihren Fortschritt LIVE mitverfolgen, oder auch einfach wie gehabt vor Ort erscheinen. Die App bietet zudem eine automatische B... Free 11/2015
22850   Financial Ratio Flashcards,  Analysis,  and Accounting Financial Ratio Flashcards, Analysis, and Accounting Business Business Apps like Financial Ratio Flashcards, Analysis, and Accounting Learn about finance and accounting with over 100 flashcards coordinated with video, audio, and traditional lessons. Covering the following ratio types: liquidity, profitability, debt, solvency, operating performance, cash flow, and valuation. All... Free 11/2015
22851   MSA Pay MSA Pay Finance Finance Apps like MSA Pay U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation customers, get fast and free* access to review and approve your MSA transactions right from your mobile device! Save time and keep your focus on your customer. U.S. Bank MSA Pay mobile app is a secure, easy-to-use app ... Free 11/2015
22852   SERVICE-CHECK-APP SERVICE-CHECK-APP Business Business Apps like SERVICE-CHECK-APP SERVICE-CHECK– Professionelle KUNDENBEFRAGUNG an allen Touchpoints! Warum werden Interessenten Kunden? -Oder eben nicht? Vermutungen bringen Sie hier nicht weiter. Die SERVICE-CHECK-APP sorgt für Fakten. Einfach APP auf Ihrem iPad installieren und los ... Free 11/2015
22853   Humanicons Humanicons Utilities Utilities Apps like Humanicons Tired of the usual emoji? Have you ever thought of becoming an emoji? Now you can do it with Humanicons! Have fun creating endless new emojis and customize your experience of writing. Made a selfie, perfect the position of the eyes and mouth using the ... Free 11/2015
22854   象册-家庭回忆录,最私密的相册 象册-家庭回忆录,最私密的相册 Photography Photography Apps like 象册-家庭回忆录,最私密的相册 象册是一款适合家庭成员储存、分享照片的手机应用产品,是家人、情侣必备的私密图片分享相册。 主要特点: 【家庭影集】:全家照片保存在一起,一本完整的家庭影集。 【私密分享】:记录值得记忆的时光,与亲密的人私密分享。 【永久储存】:无限空间、永久免费储存。... Free 11/2015
22855   Haysnapo Haysnapo Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Haysnapo haysnapo.com is an application that objective to add more geo-filters and funny stickers to your photos and videos that will be shared with other social application or saved to your gallery.... Free 11/2015
22856   Mininon Masters Mininon Masters Games Games Apps like Mininon Masters An epic adventure with 80 types of Heroes and 240 types of cute Minimons! ▶ Features ◀ 1. A new world where you can prove your power, World Class RPG! Global Ranking system available 2. Spectacular Graphics Experience the spectacular skill effects and... Free 11/2015
22857   Аркадий Паровозов Аркадий Паровозов Games Games Apps like Аркадий Паровозов Телеканал "МУЛЬТ" с гордостью представляет любимого героя всех детей "Аркадия Паровозова" в интерактивном исполнении! Игра “Аркадий Паровозов” придется по душе и детям, и родителям. УЧИТЕСЬ ИГРАЯ Ваш ребенок сможет с пользой провести время в веселых об... Free 11/2015
22858   Figures2.0 Figures2.0 Games Games Apps like Figures2.0 Figures is a fun and addictive game that will test your reflexes by giving you you a select amount of time to choose the right shape and gain the highest score, and reaching to the top of the leader boards. This game comes with many sharing options such ... Free 11/2015
22859   铸造-门户 铸造-门户 News News Apps like 铸造-门户 国内专业的铸造行业APP,致力于建设功能强大、信息丰富的的网上贸易平台。... Free 11/2015
22860   1st Cast L.E. 1st Cast L.E. News News Apps like 1st Cast L.E. 1st Cast L.E. enables law enforcement to cast real time alert notifications directly from the scene of the crime to other law enforcement agencies and the news media.This application will cut the time it takes to disperse important information with the go... Free 11/2015
22861   Kalkulator wynagrodzeń Sedlak Kalkulator wynagrodzeń Sedlak Finance Finance Apps like Kalkulator wynagrodzeń Sedlak Kalkulator wynagrodzeń pomoże Ci odpowiedzieć na pytanie ile wyniesie twoje wynagrodzenie netto. Oprócz przeliczenia brutto-netto oraz netto-brutto kalkulator wyliczy zaliczki na PIT, składki, ZUS oraz koszty pracodawcy związane z zatrudnieniem. Kalkula... Free 11/2015
22862   好知 好知 Education Education Apps like 好知 好知网是一个知识分享社区,在这里你可以学习生活、兴趣、职业技能、公开课等各种知识。 好知网现在拥有九大分类课程: 摄影——包括摄影入门、人像摄影、风光摄影、产品摄影、旅游摄影、摄影后期等专业教程。 编程——包括移动端开发、PHP开发、JAVA开发、C语言等编程相关课程。 兴趣——包括手工制作、运动健身、乐器、舞蹈、书法、绘画等兴趣相关知识。 电脑——包括办公软件、操作系统、设计软件、视频处理软件、音频处理软件等的使用教程。 语言——包括英语、日语、德语、法语、普通话等各国语言教学。 生活——包括美食、化... Free 11/2015
22863   SeePoint SeePoint Travel Travel Apps like SeePoint SeePoint is a App which can share of the tourism attractions, food, shopping, accommodation, etc. Anywhere in the world, it can help you to find the information that you need during your travel quickly. Do not need a tour guide anymore, you also c... Free 11/2015
22864   Sổ Tay Mẹ - Lưu lượng sữa bú,  chiều cao,  cân nặng theo chuẩn WHO Sổ Tay Mẹ - Lưu lượng sữa bú, chiều cao, cân nặng theo chuẩn WHO Utilities Utilities Apps like Sổ Tay Mẹ - Lưu lượng sữa bú, chiều cao, cân nặng theo chuẩn WHO Bạn có thể lưu trữ lượng sữa và thời gian bú của việc bú bình hoặc bú mẹ, đồng thời lưu trữ chiều cao và cân nặng của bé. Những thông số này cho chúng ta nắm bắt được quá trình phát triển của bé tốt thế nào. Chúng tôi thiết kế app này không nhằm mục đích... Free 11/2015
22865   Lovingdays Lovingdays Games Games Apps like Lovingdays To solve a difficult problem, settled a business, complete a task... But this is far from enough, still have to deal with annoying boss, pay in rent, life difficulties to follow... Fortunately, we have a love of company. Come on! Take out your passi... $0.99 11/2015
22866   Waho Waho Travel Travel Apps like Waho Vencedor do prêmio de "Projeto Mais Inovador" na Campus Party Recife 2015! Conheça estabelecimentos locais através das histórias das pessoas por trás deles! No Waho você explora a cidade de uma maneira diferente, descobrindo a trajetória e as história... Free 11/2015
22867   Mountain Horse Ride ( 3D Game) Mountain Horse Ride ( 3D Game) Games Games Apps like Mountain Horse Ride ( 3D Game) Mountain Horse Ride is a fun yet challenging.This is an ultimate Adventure game.This game really keeps you busy and develop your skills as there are so many levels to complete.... $0.99 11/2015
22868   Slowpost Slowpost Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Slowpost Slowpost is a messaging app that mimics a postcard - think of a person (or group) to write to, choose a photo, and compose your note. Messages are delivered randomly in 1 to 2 days, or can be scheduled for arrival at a later date. By adding a time dela... Free 11/2015
22869   Fusion Dot Fusion Dot Games Games Apps like Fusion Dot Test your fusion skill with a brand new, addictive, free, puzzle game! Fusion two of the same dots for a new one, navigate though a variety of challenging stages, and use eccentric boosters to help you pass insurmountable difficulties. Sharpen your ... Free 11/2015
22870   Arab Banks Directory Arab Banks Directory Reference Reference Apps like Arab Banks Directory The Arab Banks and Financial Institutions Directory includes complete and detailed identification cards for all Arab banking and financial institutions, as well as Arab-foreign joint banks. The Directory presents Information about addresses, type of act... $14.99 11/2015
22871   Zoombie Zoombie Games Games Apps like Zoombie Survival Zombies Sniper 3D shooting games. Plays as ZOOM Master (Sniper) and has a mission to save Survivors. Zoom, Aim and kill all zombies accurately and save the Survivors before the days is over. As the game progress, zombies will get stronger, buy... Free 11/2015
22872   Linccup Linccup Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Linccup Linccup is a free location based business and social networking and messaging app that helps bring people together in the real world. We believe that relationships are stronger when people meet face to face, and Linccup’s aim is to help you do this. Sea... Free 11/2015
22873   教育培训 教育培训 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 教育培训 教育培训是一款最新的手机移动客户端,里面包含了十分全面具体的学科分类;早教幼教、文化培训、艺术特长(声乐、钢琴、扬琴、架子鼓、古筝、拉丁舞、美术、书法、主持人、篮球等)课外辅导、潜能开发、职业教育、出国留学、企业培训、教辅资料等等全方面具体全面的教育资讯;一定会给您带来满意的体验,我们竭诚做的更好,欢迎下载!!... Free 11/2015
22874   在承德 在承德 News News Apps like 在承德 “在承德”是河北省第一家综合门户客户端,由河北日报报业集团主管、河北新闻网主办。“在河北”客户端将为您提供权威资讯、投诉报料、便民服务、手机团购、网上商城等一系列河北生活解决方案... Free 11/2015
22875   Litany Litany Education Education Apps like Litany Do you need to remember a wedding speech or perhaps your favorite song lyrics? Litany is a fun way to learn your favorite poems, speeches, or song lyrics. It is really easy! Capture documents by using the simple search and capture feature or simply ent... $0.99 11/2015
22876   Queue+ Mobile Queue+ Mobile Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Queue+ Mobile Queue+ is the fastest way to keep your Tumblr blog active. Just swipe right on a post, and it will automatically be scheduled for later! Receive notifications when your posts are running out and gain followers like never before!... Free 11/2015
22877   The Winery at Elk Manor The Winery at Elk Manor Business Business Apps like The Winery at Elk Manor Elk Manor is a 163 acre premier event venue located conveniently off of Interstate 95 only an hour away from both Baltimore and Philadelphia. Our waterfront views are what dream weddings are made of! The Winery at Elk Manor app provides a real-time 3D v... Free 11/2015
22878   Coordinador de tareas Coordinador de tareas Productivity Productivity Apps like Coordinador de tareas Aplicación para generar alertas y sucesos en el área de trademarketing Electrolux Chile.... Free 11/2015
22879   Rollcall - Screenshot & Shop Rollcall - Screenshot & Shop key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like Rollcall - Screenshot & Shop Rollcall finds all the coolest stuff in your screenshots. Just screenshot anything from a supported brand's Instagram feed, and open Rollcall to bring up more information. Eligible items can be purchased with Credit Card or Apple Pay.... Free 11/2015
22880   Sakar iZone Sakar iZone Photography Photography Apps like Sakar iZone Sakar iZone app allows you to use the Sakar Action cam with your iPhone or iPad. Once paired you can control the record function along with the ability to playback video and share it all from the palm of your hand.... Free 11/2015
22881   YetInTime YetInTime Entertainment Entertainment Apps like YetInTime After the first start, you must give your date of birth and sex, and the city where you live, and an optional your height and weight. Then the application show you how long you live yet, in In Time design. The time is based on statistical foundations... $0.99 11/2015
22882   Video Smith - A Powerful video editing tool set Video Smith - A Powerful video editing tool set Photography Photography Apps like Video Smith - A Powerful video editing tool set Video Smith is a video editing tool that allows you to process video effects such as rotating, square cropping, entering text, and audio dubbing with a single app. The processed video can be saved in the Camera Roll, so you can use it for little touch... Free 11/2015
22883   MHD Reminder MHD Reminder Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like MHD Reminder MHD Reminder ist der beste Weg, um deine Lebensmittel zu verwalten. Barcode scannen, Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum angeben und rechtzeitig vor Ablauf informiert werden - somit können zukünftig Lebensmittelabfälle reduziert werden. Nach dem Scan eines Barc... Free 11/2015
22884   LoveNotes Encrypted Messenger LoveNotes Encrypted Messenger Social Networking Social Networking Apps like LoveNotes Encrypted Messenger LoveNotes is a secure messenger app that lets you exchange messages of love and joy with your friends, family and loved ones. COMING SOON: Create beautiful E-Cards that can be sent securely to your friends, family and loved ones, using one of our hun... Free 11/2015
22885   高卒認定 ワークブック 日本史【改訂版】 高卒認定 ワークブック 日本史【改訂版】 Education Education Apps like 高卒認定 ワークブック 日本史【改訂版】 「高卒認定ワークブック[改訂版]」(J-出版)に完全準拠 基礎学習スタートに最適の科目別シリーズ 高等学校卒業程度認定試験の受験対策書です。また、基礎学習を行う際の基本テキストとして活用できる「参考書+問題集」となっており、以下のように構成されています。 ・重要事項・・・・・・・・・・・・単元の重要事項をわかりやすく説明 ・基礎問題・・・・・・・・・・・・重要事項の理解度をチェックするための問題 ・レベルアップ問題(応用問題)・・・実力をアップするための発展問題 ・章末問題・・・・・・・・・・・・章のま... Free 11/2015
22886   Soshalife Soshalife Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Soshalife Soshalife helps regular users and event promoters plan.promote and host social events from small events such as School projects and one on one dates, to events as big as major concerts. It can be considered a CRM that helps users get through their Socia... Free 11/2015
22887   Clash of Lords 2: Ehrenkampf Clash of Lords 2: Ehrenkampf Games Games Apps like Clash of Lords 2: Ehrenkampf Sammle deine Kräfte und mache dich bereit für die Kämpfe in Clash of Lords 2! Du kannst der Entwicklung der Welt, so wie du sie kennst eine völlig neue Wendung geben! Clash of Lords 2 liefert dir Strategie, wie du sie zuvor noch nie erlebt hast! Sp... Free 11/2015
22888   MusicCast CONTROLLER MusicCast CONTROLLER Music Music Apps like MusicCast CONTROLLER MusicCast is a brand new multiroom solution from Yamaha, share music between all of your rooms with a variety of devices with one easy to use app. Requirements - iOS7.1 or higher - A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and a compatible Yamaha Network prod... Free 11/2015
22889   奇鱼考勤(管理员版) 奇鱼考勤(管理员版) Productivity Productivity Apps like 奇鱼考勤(管理员版) 奇鱼考勤管理 1,设置排班 2,手机打卡 3,打卡记录汇总 4,多公司切换... Free 11/2015
22890   BotherMe&U Encrypted Messenger BotherMe&U Encrypted Messenger Social Networking Social Networking Apps like BotherMe&U Encrypted Messenger BotherMe&U is a highly secure messenger app that gives users complete privacy whilst chatting. Available for iPhone and iPad, it even functions without a SIM-Card. COMING SOON: Over the next releases, you will discover the possibility to create Bother... Free 11/2015
22891   Life Sequences Life Sequences Games Games Apps like Life Sequences Life Sequences is a fun storybook based adventure packed with exciting mini-games. Follow three exciting story paths and discover the value of knowledge, wealth and wisdom as you traverse through the depths of the jungle kingdom. Will you achieve the bal... Free 11/2015
22892   Clean & Remove & Merge Duplicate Contact For CCleaner Clean & Remove & Merge Duplicate Contact For CCleaner Utilities Utilities Apps like Clean & Remove & Merge Duplicate Contact For CCleaner MAIN FEATURES ○ Find & Merge duplicate contacts! ○ Remove contacts without name or phone number ○ One tap to backup your contacts! ○ Quickly find the contacts you need Your contacts are the most important data in your phone which easily becomes messy if n... $2.99 11/2015
22893   CUBE Data Management System CUBE Data Management System Business Business Apps like CUBE Data Management System The CUBE Data Management System app was developed to provide Cube subscribers access to their subscription's custom processes in an offline environment. ~ Offline Mode ~ Offline mode allows Cube users to complete forms even when no Internet connection ... Free 11/2015
22894   AppSCREEN AppSCREEN Entertainment Entertainment Apps like AppSCREEN -Was ist AppSCREEN®? Der AppSCREEN® ist das erste voll funktionsfähige und um 90° drehbare 46“ Riesen-Tablet-System. -Interactive Digital Signage: Typische Anwendungen sind die Nutzung als Informations- und Präsentatios-system auf Messen, Events, an... Free 11/2015
22895   beToned - Lose weight & get toned in 8 weeks beToned - Lose weight & get toned in 8 weeks Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like beToned - Lose weight & get toned in 8 weeks Want to get fit, lose weight and beToned in 8 weeks? Get in the best shape of your life with the beToned program! beToned was designed by personal trainers for women like YOU! + Train along our personal trainers in your customised workout videos. + No ... Free 11/2015
22896   Puffy Ninja Marshmallow Hero Game With A Stick - Fun Hero Platform Game For Girls & Boys Puffy Ninja Marshmallow Hero Game With A Stick - Fun Hero Platform Game For Girls & Boys Games Games Apps like Puffy Ninja Marshmallow Hero Game With A Stick - Fun Hero Platform Game For Girls & Boys Puffy Ninja Marshmallow Hero needs help to reach and walk to the next platform. Stretch a stick to help your marshmallow ninja across the platform. Look out! If the stick is too short you will fall. Test ninja reflexes to grab coins. Features: - Adorable... Free 11/2015
22897   GlobalSistemi GlobalSistemi Utilities Utilities Apps like GlobalSistemi Globalsistemi è un'applicazione che consente il controllo domotico di casa e ufficio in cui è presente un dispositivo hardware Globalsistemi. L'app può comunque funzionare in modalità demo (attiva di default) per consentirne la valutazione e mostrare le ... Free 11/2015
22898   VidWars VidWars Photography Photography Apps like VidWars Video VS video. 20 seconds. 1 winner, 1 loser. 13 categories. Countries in video war to stake their flag beside categories. Also practical uses: make a free video commercial to promote your business/website/charity to app users! Welcome to the only app t... Free 11/2015
22899   Biblia Paralela Biblia Paralela Books Books Apps like Biblia Paralela Biblia Paralela permite al usuario acceder a tres revisiones de las escrituras al momento de navegar por un capítulo de las escrituras, estas versiones son: Reina Valera 1960, Dios Habla Hoy, Nueva Versión Internacional... Free 11/2015
22900   ITT Formax ITT Formax Business Business Apps like ITT Formax “iTT Formax” es una herramienta enfocada a la elaboración de formularios, recolección de datos en campo, visualización de resultados en tiempo real, así como muchos otras características auténticas y únicas para proporcionar información cualitativa y c... Free 11/2015
22901   Cornered by zombies Cornered by zombies Games Games Apps like Cornered by zombies Zombie on your left! Zombie on your right! Zombie over! Zombie under! HELP!!! You're stuck in the middle of a zombie invasion and all you can do is fight for your life until the end. Be careful, each move and each attack counts! How long will you s... Free 11/2015
22902   Werewolf Night Hunting: Spirit Animal Forest Attack PRO Werewolf Night Hunting: Spirit Animal Forest Attack PRO Games Games Apps like Werewolf Night Hunting: Spirit Animal Forest Attack PRO Hello Hunters! Welcome to the werewolf hunting. Werewolf is a myth, on the night of full moon they say some human can transform themselves into the werewolves. They might do it on a purpose or it could be a curse. It’s a full moon night in the jungle an... $2.99 11/2015
22903   防盗日记 防盗日记 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 防盗日记 【产品简介】 防盗日记是皇冠集团专为iPhone手机用户推出的智能蓝牙防丢软件。本软件搭配CROWN小魔兽和蓝牙智能行李箱使用,通过软硬件结合,帮助用户管理重要物品,防丢,查找一键轻松搞定! 【主要功能】 1、寻物:当物品超出设定范围,即会警报。多种寻物方式,出行无忧。 2、开锁:蓝牙锁特有功能,只需在APP上点击开锁,装有蓝牙锁的旅行箱即会开锁。 3、拍照:CROWN小魔兽特有功能,只要与手机连接上,即可一键拍照。 4、寻宝图:皇冠会随时随地发布新的寻宝图,只要到指定地点并搜寻到CROWN小魔兽,即可... Free 11/2015
22904   任务鱼 任务鱼 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 任务鱼 任务鱼是一个以发布任务和接受任务为主的真实可靠安全的微型兼职社区,为了确保交易过程中的安全性,用户只有在软件中进行实名身份认证后,才能获得相应的信用值,所以亲爱的用户们放心大胆的使用我们的平台吧,任务鱼会为你们的每一次交易保驾护航的。 任务鱼能为你们服务什么? 任务: ①发布任务:简单来说就是你在生活中有什么需要别人帮忙来解决的小需求可以在任务鱼上发布需求(比如说你正在寝室打游戏或者睡觉,然而这时你口渴了或者快递到了,你想要人帮你跑下腿,你可以在任务鱼上让发布你的需求,然后等人来接受你的任务。) ... Free 11/2015
22905   Body Studio Palestre Body Studio Palestre Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Body Studio Palestre L’app delle Palestre Body Studio di Palermo ti aiuterà a comunicare velocemente e in tempo reale con i nostri centri fitness. Guarda le foto, i video e le informazioni sulle nostre iniziative approfitta velocemente delle nostre promozioni. Inoltre scopri... Free 11/2015
22906   Super ASWB flashcards Super ASWB flashcards Education Education Apps like Super ASWB flashcards How to study effectively? Do you want to succeed in exams? Using Flashcard will help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time by showing flashcards just before you will forget them. ASWB Flashcards app has several learning modes: Study, Slid... Free 11/2015
22907   Zodiac Touch Zodiac Touch Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Zodiac Touch FREE Call/Chat with a Live Psychic Advisor. Get immediate answers about Love, Romance, Money, Health. Find out what’s in your future. Enjoy Psychic Readings, Love & Relationship Insights, Tarot Readings, Mediums, Occult, Angel connections, Spirit... Free 11/2015
22908   Faces Wars2 Faces Wars2 Games Games Apps like Faces Wars2 Expression of war is a fun game, the correct grouping of different expressions, challenge higher scores, like friends quickly to try it... Free 11/2015
22909   MedBridge MedBridge Education Education Apps like MedBridge Connect with your existing MedBridge account. MedBridge provides Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Athletic Trainers, and other clinicians with a comprehensive education platform to expand their knowledge, ... Free 11/2015
22910   English Norwegian Dictionary - 3000 Word List English Norwegian Dictionary - 3000 Word List Education Education Apps like English Norwegian Dictionary - 3000 Word List ----- THE BETTER WAY TO LEARNING ENGLISH ----- From 3000 classic vocabulary - including those from the most important and necessary for you to learn English easily. With only 3000 words you can understand 85% of the content of the English text. * Integr... Free 11/2015
22911   azap! azap! key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. key 'translation:categories.itunes. (en)' returned an object instead of string. Apps like azap! azap! lets you improve your experience in stores, restaurants and all kind of shopping venues. Connect with the store customer service, browse the shopping catalog and get instant response. It's easy and fun!... Free 11/2015
22912   MOONBlock DX MOONBlock DX Education Education Apps like MOONBlock DX MOONBlock DX MOONBlock DX(Deluxe) is a programming app that allows you to make games and apps on iOS with ease by combining MOONblocks. You can use your own puppets created by the built-in pixel graphics editor on your games and can easily make useful a... $6.99 11/2015
22913   Dog Survival Simulator – 3D Animal Simulation Game Dog Survival Simulator – 3D Animal Simulation Game Games Games Apps like Dog Survival Simulator – 3D Animal Simulation Game Snow Dog survival simulator 3D is a new snow stray dog simulator for dog games free lovers, it is all about surviving in cold snow wilderness where you have to dog fight with other animals like sheep, deer, goat & wolf and also have to save yourself f... Free 11/2015
22914   HopSync HealthPro HopSync HealthPro Medical Medical Apps like HopSync HealthPro E-PRESCRIBING Start collecting for those free prescriptions you give away to acquaintances at dinner parties. Use our convenient ePrescribing interface to route prescriptions to their favorite pharmacies. Your acquaintances/patients will be required to pa... Free 11/2015
22915   Moonlight Game Streaming Moonlight Game Streaming Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Moonlight Game Streaming This app streams games from a GameStream-compatible PC on your local network or the Internet. After an initial pairing process, Moonlight will show a list of apps to stream from your PC. You can add other apps to this list through GeForce Experience. Tou... Free 11/2015
22916   Time plan - keep track of your times Time plan - keep track of your times Productivity Productivity Apps like Time plan - keep track of your times Time Plan is the new app to keep in your pocket, all the opening and closing of shops, businesses and professionals and have under control all the schedules and availability of each activity. You will know, for example, when it is available to your d... Free 11/2015
22917   ZZ Pizza & Kabob ZZ Pizza & Kabob Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like ZZ Pizza & Kabob Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Free 11/2015
22918   Color Journey Color Journey Games Games Apps like Color Journey Color Journey is an incredible voyage into the world of colors! Test your reaction and relax your mind! Play Color Journey and find unforgettable experience: • Exciting arcade • Addictive gameplay • Colorful graphics • Relax music • Endless challenge • Re... Free 11/2015
22919   Stuck in the Dark Stuck in the Dark Games Games Apps like Stuck in the Dark Stuck in the Dark is a challenge to your skill, logic, reflexes and self-control. You have to find your best strategy to achieve the highest score and be able to survive. You're given only two controls: in fact you can only move and/or jump and you ha... Free 11/2015
22920   FATCA قاموس مصطلحات FATCA قاموس مصطلحات Reference Reference Apps like FATCA قاموس مصطلحات The Foreign Account Compliance Act (FATCA) Dictionary: As a result of its efforts to facilitate the imparting of knowledge to bankers and university students, the Union of Arab Banks has prepared a comprehensive Dictionary that is specific to terms and a... $0.99 11/2015
22921   Mindefy Mindefy Education Education Apps like Mindefy USE CODE = 111 TO JOIN OUR LIVE TOURNAMENT ================================================ Everyone is playing and socializing on their mobile devices, so why not provide them with a similar learning experience? Mindefy bridges the gap between conventi... Free 11/2015
22922   Dino Discovery: Dinosaur Fact Game Dino Discovery: Dinosaur Fact Game Games Games Apps like Dino Discovery: Dinosaur Fact Game From Raptors to Tyrannosaurs, Ankylosaurs to Titanosaurs - can you discover the 50 dinosaurs hiding in this game? You will learn what was the largest dinosaur ever to roam the Earth, how Stegosaurus got it's name and even find out which dinosaur went to... Free 11/2015
22923   Loggerhead Aquatics Loggerhead Aquatics Sports Sports Apps like Loggerhead Aquatics Loggerhead Aquatics is committed to excellence and dedicated to developing world class citizens and world class athletes. The Loggerhead Aquatic app uses IKKOS' technology, a brain-based accelerated learning technology for movement. With IKKOS, 'you c... Free 11/2015
22924   Mensis Mensis Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Mensis Mensis - a stylish woman calendar with a simple interface and various functionality. With an easy glide across the screen, you can switch between a circular representation of the cycle to the usual calendar or graphics mode. Now it’s easier to monitor ea... Free 11/2015
22925   Snail Clickers:  Ridiculous Tap Racing Game! Snail Clickers: Ridiculous Tap Racing Game! Games Games Apps like Snail Clickers: Ridiculous Tap Racing Game! Ready to race some snails? Let the clicker wars begin! Rapid-tap to the finish line in Snail Clickers, the frantic tap racing game for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Tap fastest, earn coins, upgrade your snail, and become the ultimate clicker champio... Free 11/2015
22926   BOO - Reveal the Fun behind Photos BOO - Reveal the Fun behind Photos Entertainment Entertainment Apps like BOO - Reveal the Fun behind Photos BOO is the most fun you will ever have messaging your friends. Take a photo, change the expression of the monster covering your face, add stickers and share! Only friends who you designate as your “BOO” will be able to reveal your photo behind all of th... Free 11/2015
22927   Ballet Dancer - Royal Competition Ballet Dancer - Royal Competition Games Games Apps like Ballet Dancer - Royal Competition ~~> Become the best Royal Ballet Dancer in the world! Dance your way to the top! ~~> Show off your ballet skills just like a real ballerina! Point, twirl, leap and so much more! ~~> Compete in dance competitions and win lead roles in the most famous bal... Free 11/2015
22928   My Journey MetLife Auto & Home My Journey MetLife Auto & Home Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like My Journey MetLife Auto & Home Disclaimer: To use the My Journey℠ mobile application, you need to be a MetLife customer with the My Journey discount. Enjoy the rewards of safe driving with My Journey by MetLife Auto & Home. We’ve packed My Journey with loads of features and services... Free 11/2015
22929   Equals X - Math Game Equals X - Math Game Games Games Apps like Equals X - Math Game In Equals X you solve math tasks with your finger tips and train your brain. Equals X is a game about solving math task with your handwriting. There are three different game modes in which the main goal is to solve “X”. The “Find X Mode” offers three di... Free 11/2015
22930   キャスタウン キャスタウン Social Networking Social Networking Apps like キャスタウン 「キャスタウン」はステッカーで楽しくコミュニケーションできて、 綺麗に“盛れる”生放送アプリです もちろん面倒な登録なく、すぐに人気の配信を見ることができます! お気に入りの配信者をたくさんフォローして、生放送をもっと身近に楽しみましょう。 そして多彩なフィルターとフレーム、美白・スリム調整がついたリッチな配信機能、他とは違う配信ができます! ◆視聴者のみなさんに + ステッカーで簡単コミュニケーション:ガチャでステッカーをゲットしてじゃんじゃん使おう + コメント:絵文字も使えるよ + ... Free 11/2015
22931   Oh Sky Oh Sky Games Games Apps like Oh Sky F - Freedom L - Luck Y - Yell **Freedom of flying, Luck of Transforming, Yell of Free Fall** Hello, I am Dice Man. I`m living in the Sky. I wonder how far I can go and how much further I can fly everyday. I am always looking for someone to fly... Free 11/2015
22932   Bingo Boov - Play no Deposit Bingo Game with Multiple Cards for FREE ! Bingo Boov - Play no Deposit Bingo Game with Multiple Cards for FREE ! Games Games Apps like Bingo Boov - Play no Deposit Bingo Game with Multiple Cards for FREE ! ** Want to play FREE Bingo? ** ~ FREE TO DOWNLOAD NOW! ~ ** Listed as best free download game ~ AppReviewme ** ** Over 100k players worldwide ** ** Top 10 in 10 countries! ** *** ADDICTIVE GAME FEATURES *** - BEAUTIFUL Hi-Res graphic & tons of le... Free 11/2015
22933   Keeper - Matchmaking Keeper - Matchmaking Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Keeper - Matchmaking Keeper is where friends play matchmaker. We capture matchmaking that already exists between friends offline to bring authenticity and fun to mobile dating. You take the driver seat here, playing matchmaker by swiping through profiles and finding compat... Free 11/2015
22934   Airplane Wallpapers Airplane Wallpapers Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Airplane Wallpapers Calling all pilots and lovers of flight - these wallpapers are just for you! There is something amazing about the ability of humans to defy gravity and take flight! We've come a long way since the Wright brothers' first flight in 1903. Air travel today h... Free 11/2015
22935   La Guia Free La Guia Free Education Education Apps like La Guia Free Aplicativo que ofrece el más completo banco de preguntas para la preparación del examen de admisión a la UNAM. La Guía cuenta con reactivos, referencias bibliográficas y un examen orientado a las diferentes áreas brindando a los estudiantes una herramien... Free 11/2015
22936   Игры Маша и Медведь - развивающие,  веселые,  сказочный мир для детей! Игры Маша и Медведь - развивающие, веселые, сказочный мир для детей! Games Games Apps like Игры Маша и Медведь - развивающие, веселые, сказочный мир для детей! Watch and listen to your favorite songs and play with Masha and the Bear - all in one app for kids and their parents! Masha's World - is an application for children and parents! A fascinating game with Masha and her friends will take your child for a lon... Free 11/2015
22937   Autumn Wallpapers Autumn Wallpapers Photography Photography Apps like Autumn Wallpapers After the hot excitement of summer, there's something relaxing and lovely about a nice fall day when the air has become cool and crisp and the leaves have changed from green to a rich color palate of red, orange and yellow. It's time to pull out your sw... Free 11/2015
22938   Bird Wallpapers Bird Wallpapers Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Bird Wallpapers Every bird lover will delight in the many amazing bird species featured in these wallpapers! From a majestic bald eagle and other birds of prey to common songbirds, this app has it all. Owls, canaries, finches, seagulls and hawks await! Or maybe you’... Free 11/2015
22939   Animal Wallpapers! Animal Wallpapers! Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Animal Wallpapers! Wildlife lovers will feel right at home with these amazing animal wallpapers! You don’t have to travel around the globe to experience the diversity and beauty of the animal kingdom – now you can see animals every time you look at your phone or other devi... Free 11/2015
22940   Quay Banking Quay Banking Finance Finance Apps like Quay Banking Welcome to Quay Banking The Quay Banking App provides you with banking services on the go, anytime, anywhere. Banking when it suits you:- • View your account balance and transactions • Transfer funds • Pay your bills using BPAY® • Update your contac... Free 11/2015
22941   Tap Tap Me - The classic simon says memory game Tap Tap Me - The classic simon says memory game Games Games Apps like Tap Tap Me - The classic simon says memory game Train your brain with this simple, addictive mimic memory game! This plays like the classic Simon Says game. Simply observe a sequence of blinking lights with musical tones, and repeat the sequence in the same order. The sequence gets longer with each t... $0.99 11/2015
22942   Обои на смартфон - топ темы,  фон и картинки на айфон Обои на смартфон - топ темы, фон и картинки на айфон Utilities Utilities Apps like Обои на смартфон - топ темы, фон и картинки на айфон TOP Images and Wallpapers from around the world! Best quality in HD, exclusively for the new iOS 9! ► FLOWERS, HEARTS, CATS, LOVE. A LOT OF THAT FOR YOU! ► TOP DOWNLOADED WALLPAPERS AND PICTURES FROM VKONTAKTE AND FACEBOOK! ► THE MOST RECENT CATALOG ... Free 11/2015
22943   RescueMate App RescueMate App Medical Medical Apps like RescueMate App Om inlog gegevens te krijgen voor de RescueMate app, neem contact op met info@rescuemate.eu. De RescueMate App. verandert de veiligheid Uit recente studies (Staples januari 2015) blijkt dat 60% van de bedrijven niet volledig is voorbereid op noodsituat... Free 11/2015
22944   Zowie Evans Hairdressing Zowie Evans Hairdressing Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Zowie Evans Hairdressing An independant boutique salon combining classic hairdressing with current trends in the heart of Melbourne's Carlton North.​ When you walk into Zowie Evans Hairdressing, you can expect an outstanding experience provided by a team of exceptionally talen... Free 11/2015
22945   高卒認定 ワークブック 化学基礎【改訂版】 高卒認定 ワークブック 化学基礎【改訂版】 Education Education Apps like 高卒認定 ワークブック 化学基礎【改訂版】 「高卒認定ワークブック[改訂版]」(J-出版)に完全準拠 基礎学習スタートに最適の科目別シリーズ 高等学校卒業程度認定試験の受験対策書です。また、基礎学習を行う際の基本テキストとして活用できる「参考書+問題集」となっており、以下のように構成されています。 ・重要事項・・・・・・・・・・・・単元の重要事項をわかりやすく説明 ・基礎問題・・・・・・・・・・・・重要事項の理解度をチェックするための問題 ・レベルアップ問題(応用問題)・・・実力をアップするための発展問題 ・総合問題・・・・・・・・・・・・全章の... Free 11/2015
22946   HOLiD8 - Free Holiday Dating App HOLiD8 - Free Holiday Dating App Social Networking Social Networking Apps like HOLiD8 - Free Holiday Dating App Welcome to HOLiD8! The amazing new app that connects people on holiday BEFORE they arrive in resort! Ever met someone on the last day of your holiday wishing you’d met them on the first? Well now you can! HOLiD8 (or Holidate) is a brand new, fun dating ... Free 11/2015
22947   Track This Run Track This Run Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Track This Run Running, hiking or biking, no matter what is your favorite sport you could enjoy and share your activities with your friends online, in real time. When you stumble upon something interesting during your run, you could create Point Of Interests, add d... Free 11/2015
22948   American Word Puzzle Party Mania - new brain teasing board game American Word Puzzle Party Mania - new brain teasing board game Games Games Apps like American Word Puzzle Party Mania - new brain teasing board game *** Do you know your dictionary well? *** American Word Puzzle Party Mania is the newest most talked about word search game in the Store. It has the simplest yet most addictive gameplay. It also has nice layouts and cool sound effects so users can enjoy... Free 11/2015
22949   FreeConference FreeConference Productivity Productivity Apps like FreeConference FreeConference for iOS turns your iPhone or iPad into your mobile meeting hub so that you can start or schedule free conference calls on the go - instantly. Easily manage your meetings and connect with anyone, anywhere, for free. All the features you n... Free 11/2015
22950   C4SMOS C4SMOS Entertainment Entertainment Apps like C4SMOS Built with loving attention from the C4 team, the C4SMOS app has been designed to show how beautiful user experiences can be created with C4. C4SMOS lets you navigate through 12 celestial signs by pulling yourself through its elegant background or by z... Free 11/2015
22951   Make Your Photo Unique - best picture effects creator Make Your Photo Unique - best picture effects creator Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Make Your Photo Unique - best picture effects creator *** Stand out even more! *** Make Your Photo Unique lets you edit your photos in a jiffy. It allows you to convert your photo to a grayscale yet maintaining a certain colored area. It draws a great focus on you picture, making it more striking and mor... Free 11/2015
22952   Euro Café Euro Café Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Euro Café Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Free 11/2015
22953   Aaron 1=1 Aaron 1=1 Games Games Apps like Aaron 1=1 This game is simple, but pretty tough and definitely addictive. Tap 1button when presented number is 1. Tap 2button when presented number is 2. Tap 3button when presented number is 3. Tap 4button when presented number is 4, Tap 1button when presented... Free 11/2015
22954   CurrencyNews CurrencyNews Utilities Utilities Apps like CurrencyNews CurrencyNews, the application for currency conversion. The usage is simple, ergonomic and immediate. The currencies are up-to-date at the second. Almost all existing currencies can be selected and added. The graphics of the history of the currency conve... Free 11/2015
22955   Savills Mobile Office Savills Mobile Office Business Business Apps like Savills Mobile Office Savills Mobile Office app provides various modules for its members,   namely Property Listings, Caveat Search, HDB Transaction Search, Snap & Post, Event Calendar, Training, Facebook, About Us and Singapore Projects Informations (Includes Resident... Free 11/2015
22956   水之源 水之源 Business Business Apps like 水之源 水之源是一款涵盖了商品精选、商品分类甄选、促销活动详情发布、品牌最新动态资讯等模块的综合购物类软件,在用户选购商品的同时轻松掌握潮流信息,获取最优搭配指导资讯。... Free 11/2015
22957   Trident for GitLab Trident for GitLab Utilities Utilities Apps like Trident for GitLab Trident for GitLab A powerful GitLab client for iPhone that has been designed from the ground up for iOS. Features Multiple GitLab Hosts Trident allows you to add multiple GitLab hosts, so you can easily switch host without re-entering login details.... $0.99 11/2015
22958   Quest.Me - Share photo & video challenges Quest.Me - Share photo & video challenges Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Quest.Me - Share photo & video challenges Quest.me is a fun social game which provides people with a way to meet by giving and solving Quests. See the world through somebody else's eyes by following not only people you know but Quests shared by creative and inspirational people across the globe. ... Free 11/2015
22959   ZenMD ZenMD Medical Medical Apps like ZenMD Meet face-to-face with a licensed doctor using online Telehealth technology to discuss your medical condition. See a doctor from the comfort of your home - it's 100% online !... Free 11/2015
22960   Yahtzee LIVE Casino Gambling Dice Pro - grand Vegas dice betting game Yahtzee LIVE Casino Gambling Dice Pro - grand Vegas dice betting game Games Games Apps like Yahtzee LIVE Casino Gambling Dice Pro - grand Vegas dice betting game *** Yahtzee? Go LIVE with the best online players in the world! *** Yahtzee LIVE Casino Gambling Dice is the #1 live Yahtzee app that challenges every player to win the pot! It 's a great balance of skills and luck. Throw the dice that will throw you of... Free 11/2015
22961   Spencer Museum of Art - KU Spencer Museum of Art - KU Education Education Apps like Spencer Museum of Art - KU The Spencer Museum of Art app provides easy access to the Museum’s collection through images, videos, and text. Explore with audio and video tours, browse photographs of objects with multiple views, and learn more with digital label copy.... Free 11/2015
22962   SwoleMate SwoleMate Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like SwoleMate Generate a new workout every day with SwoleMate, your hand-held workout builder! SwoleMate aims to help you blast through your workout plateaus by constantly giving you fresh new workouts to keep your body from adapting to the same old exercise routines.... Free 11/2015
22963   YummyLebanese YummyLebanese Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like YummyLebanese Sito's (Grand mother) Recipe for healthy Lebanese foods.... $0.99 11/2015
22964   Faces Wars Faces Wars Games Games Apps like Faces Wars Faces Wars is a fun game, avoid falling cone, challenge higher scores, like friends quickly to try it.... Free 11/2015
22965   AROICON2015 AROICON2015 Business Business Apps like AROICON2015 The “37th Annual Conference of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India” is being organized by AROI and being hosted by Department of Radiotherapy, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, (India) during Nov. 26 – 29, 2015. The theme of the con... Free 11/2015
22966   Dineen Dineen Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Dineen Earn points and redeem free rewards using the Dineen mobile app. You can also keep up to date with the latest news, promotions, and features directly from Dineen within the mobile app. Leave your wallet at home and make payments quick and easy using t... Free 11/2015
22967   xRAPID7 xRAPID7 Medical Medical Apps like xRAPID7 PLEASE NOTE: AN xRAPID AFFILIATED MICROSCOPE AND TEST CONTRACT IS REQUIRED FOR THE USE OF THIS APPLICATION. ---- xRapid is the first iPhone app to accurately diagnose a major disease; The application diagnoses malaria automatically using an iPhone and ou... Free 11/2015
22968   Epic Legends Epic Legends Games Games Apps like Epic Legends 【GAME INTRODUCTION】 If you are thinking every day of how to perform a perfect pentakill, of hero combinations, of counter picks and stuff like this, then this game is right for you! Don't waste time, everyone is already picking their heroes and the ba... Free 11/2015
22969   Sunstone Fitness Sunstone Fitness Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Sunstone Fitness Download the Sunstone Fitness app and get easy access to our studio schedules, class information, contact information, and a convenient tool to find the next available class near you! Receive information on promotions, workshops, and exciting news a... Free 11/2015
22970   Touch Me Now! Touch Me Now! Games Games Apps like Touch Me Now! Its a arcade game about timing and your reflects. Lets download and see your talent . Have a good time .... Free 11/2015
22971   Funky Skater Boy City Racer Pro - new virtual speed racing game Funky Skater Boy City Racer Pro - new virtual speed racing game Games Games Apps like Funky Skater Boy City Racer Pro - new virtual speed racing game *** Kickflip! Kickflip! Score score score! *** Funky Skater Boy City Racer highlights speedy and awesome skaters that is battling out to be the #1 fastest player. Beat great players wordlwide and help him overcome obstacles. With it 's awesome display an... Free 11/2015
22972   Heroes Curse Heroes Curse Games Games Apps like Heroes Curse Heroes Curse combines elements from classic RPGs with hack and slash gameplay. Battle through multiple levels to gain character experience and rank up your Hero. Choose Heroes wisely as each has their own special abilities and flaws. Featuring randomize... $1.99 11/2015
22973   A Stick Hurdle Sport A Stick Hurdle Sport Games Games Apps like A Stick Hurdle Sport Everyone needs to make a good concentration… Unleash your inner craziness as you avoid the obstacles to score as many points as possible!!! Help the Stick Man to jump from building to building... [ How to play ] - tap screen to jump - tap again to doubl... Free 11/2015
22974   Travian: Kingdoms. Battle for the throne and crown yourself king! Travian: Kingdoms. Battle for the throne and crown yourself king! Games Games Apps like Travian: Kingdoms. Battle for the throne and crown yourself king! Found a village and build a mighty KINGDOM from it. Forge ALLIANCES, manage diplomatic relations or wage WAR. Your aim? An EMPIRE! - The strategy classic in an app! New features • KING or GOVERNOR: You decide how you wish to play • Upgrade villages to f... Free 11/2015
22975   Spoof Balls: Champions Spoof Balls: Champions Games Games Apps like Spoof Balls: Champions The war for Spoof World continues. Battle lines have been drawn and it's time to take sides. Pick your warrior and engage other champions to help your faction seize control of Spoof World.... Free 11/2015
22976   Fire Truck Simulator – Real 3D Firefighter Simulation Game Fire Truck Simulator – Real 3D Firefighter Simulation Game Games Games Apps like Fire Truck Simulator – Real 3D Firefighter Simulation Game We’ve just received an emergency call regarding a building on fire, rush towards the incident, spot the fire and extinguish it before it gets worse. This Fire truck games is all about dealing with emergency calls, Play as the firefighter simulator driv... Free 11/2015
22977   Lekka - Бесплатные медицинские консультации и оперативная расшифровка анализов Lekka - Бесплатные медицинские консультации и оперативная расшифровка анализов Medical Medical Apps like Lekka - Бесплатные медицинские консультации и оперативная расшифровка анализов Lekka позволяет получать профессиональные консультации в режиме реального времени по вопросам связанным с состоянием вашего здоровья. - Наш сервис будет полезен при расшифровке результатов анализов. - Подскажет, как действовать в экстренной ситуации, ... Free 11/2015
22978   Poply Poply Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Poply Poply makes your friends' phones ring uncontrollably with the sound of your choice. 1. Sync it with your contacts or add your friends thanks to their in-app usernames 2. Pick the pop you like from our 300+ free sounds library 3. Make them pop Notificati... Free 11/2015
22979   Miner Free Miner Free Games Games Apps like Miner Free Prepare yourself for an 8-bit adventure underground. Drill through the earth and search for valuable metals and precious stones. Buy upgrades for your vehicle along the way, to drill even deeper. The game includes: - 8 types of valuable material - some ... Free 11/2015
22980   Miner Premium Miner Premium Games Games Apps like Miner Premium Prepare yourself for an 8-bit adventure underground. Drill through the earth and search for valuable metals and precious stones. Buy upgrades for your vehicle along the way, to drill even deeper. The game includes: - 8 types of valuable material - some ... $0.99 11/2015
22981   TLMVPSP (Tout Le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place),  le jeu officiel de France 2 TLMVPSP (Tout Le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place), le jeu officiel de France 2 Games Games Apps like TLMVPSP (Tout Le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place), le jeu officiel de France 2 Le Quizz TV préféré des français enfin disponible sur mobiles et tablettes ! CULTURE GENERALE, STRATEGIE ET FUN, REDECOUVREZ LE JEU WEB QUI A DEJA SEDUIT DES MILLIONS DE JOUEURS ! Venez vivre l’aventure TLMVPSP pour un maximum de plaisir et de diverti... Free 11/2015
22982   OiTEZ eScope OiTEZ eScope Utilities Utilities Apps like OiTEZ eScope “OiTEZ eScope” Application is used for “OiTEZ” WiFi microscope. User can connect IOS device to the “OiTEZ” WiFi microscope's WiFi network. This is a powerful application which can take picture, record video, edit operation. Moreover, there are ca... Free 11/2015
22983   slammee slammee Social Networking Social Networking Apps like slammee slammee is a free app for friends, family, and all users to “share the party” with a short video or photo. Your other social media apps are for the family pic-nic, slammee is for your night out. Still images and videos up to 45-seconds can easily be ... Free 11/2015
22984   Bubble Shooter - Shoot Balls Bubble Shooter - Shoot Balls Games Games Apps like Bubble Shooter - Shoot Balls Bubble Shooter - an exciting game, where you will ochischit playing field balls by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color, thus moving to the next level. Fun and addictive bubble shoot game! Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them bu... Free 11/2015
22985   Motoring & The Law Motoring & The Law Reference Reference Apps like Motoring & The Law Motoring & The Law provides the answers to a wealth of road traffic related questions. Answers are enhanced by appropriate legal content and knowledge acquired by the Police National Legal Database (PNLD) over the last 20 years. Created in an effort to... $2.99 11/2015
22986   Marv Marv Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Marv Marv will find the best rated activities to experience for any location from start to finish. Start your day with an amazing breakfast and end with a movie. You control the type of activities. The time of day doesn't matter. Simply provide your location... Free 11/2015
22987   小精灵 SmartPI 小精灵 SmartPI Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 小精灵 SmartPI 小精灵 Smart 是一款玲珑,多彩,实用的防丢自拍神器,这是对应的IOS APP。 小精灵 Smart基于低功耗蓝牙技术,主要功能是自拍、双向寻找和防丢。... Free 11/2015
22988   FIT Riding – epaper ist das  Magazin für gesundheitsorientierte Reiter vom Verlag Hausburg & Co. Marketing mit den Rubriken FIT Reiter,  FIT Pferd,  Mental,  Food & Abenteuer und mehr FIT Riding – epaper ist das Magazin für gesundheitsorientierte Reiter vom Verlag Hausburg & Co. Marketing mit den Rubriken FIT Reiter, FIT Pferd, Mental, Food & Abenteuer und mehr Sports Sports Apps like FIT Riding – epaper ist das Magazin für gesundheitsorientierte Reiter vom Verlag Hausburg & Co. Marketing mit den Rubriken FIT Reiter, FIT Pferd, Mental, Food & Abenteuer und mehr FIT Riding - epaper, aus dem Verlag Hausburg & Co. Marketing, zeigt Euch in den Rubriken FIT Reiter, FIT Pferd, Mental und Food wie Ihr Euch und Eure Pferde fit und gesund haltet. Wir ziehen Experten zu Rate und stellen die neuesten Trainingsmethoden ... Free 11/2015
22989   Newtype公式アプリ 「アニ・メーター」 Newtype公式アプリ 「アニ・メーター」 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Newtype公式アプリ 「アニ・メーター」 「アニ・メーター」は、あなたが観たいアニメ番組を登録管理できるサービス!! あなたの登録したアニメが指定した時間になったら、声優ボイスでアニメ視聴をリマインドしてくれます。 ボイスは、男女のデフォルトボイスのほか、特定のアニメでしか聴くことができない特別なキャラボイスを用意。あなたのアニメライフをハッピーに便利に彩ります! ■マイページはTwitter連携でラクラク管理 ■「観たい」に登録したアニメは、ダッシュボードで一括管理 ■「観たい」に登録したアニメが時間になると、ボイスでお知らせ ■ボイスは... Free 11/2015
22990   全球未解之谜 全球未解之谜 News News Apps like 全球未解之谜 全球未解之谜APP主要关注ufo事件、UFO图片、外星人以及宇宙和地球所有灵异、神奇的事物、探索未知世界、让您普及科学知识。 该APP为热衷于ufo,外星人等未知事件的发烧友提供资讯服务,目前人类的科学知识,无法解释一些地外文明和灵异等前沿未知事件,而国内主流科学界对此现象持忽视态度。但在国外,已有专业的科研部门对此进行独立的学术研究, 国外相关领域的民间协会也为数众多。 APP内容的定位:介绍外星文明,考古发现,科学天文,未解之谜等话题。... Free 11/2015
22991   Asteroid Fire Galaxy Star Nations - Machine of Fun Game Free Asteroid Fire Galaxy Star Nations - Machine of Fun Game Free Games Games Apps like Asteroid Fire Galaxy Star Nations - Machine of Fun Game Free Download this action-packed game now! Avoid the obstacles, show your skills and win! Challenge your friends! Download NOW!!!... Free 11/2015
22992   SPIG Dry Cooling SPIG Dry Cooling Business Business Apps like SPIG Dry Cooling SPIG's ACC app will allow users to size up an air cooled condenser based on steam turbine exhaust conditions. Users can select noise level, fan size, and motor rating based on the plant needs. Off-design feature allows users to predict the performance... Free 11/2015
22993   myKIDIO – Filme,  TV-Serien und Hörbücher speziell für Kinder von 3-13 Jahren myKIDIO – Filme, TV-Serien und Hörbücher speziell für Kinder von 3-13 Jahren Entertainment Entertainment Apps like myKIDIO – Filme, TV-Serien und Hörbücher speziell für Kinder von 3-13 Jahren myKIDIO ist das volle Programm für Kinder: Filme, TV-Serien und Hörbücher – ausgewählt von TV Spielfilm – als Flatrate für Smartphone und Tablet. Wenn Du bereits bei myKIDIO angemeldet bist, kannst Du direkt die kostenlose App herunterladen und hast ... Free 11/2015
22994   Postal Slime Postal Slime Games Games Apps like Postal Slime Postal Slime is a hybrid infinite runner / defense game where you defend a slime mailman against a variety of adventurers who are out to slay him for his XP and loot! Use a combination of taps and swipes to rack up combo points and advance to the next tow... $0.99 11/2015
22995   CCTV CCTV Utilities Utilities Apps like CCTV CCTV is a simple yet effective MJPEG security camera viewer. Supporting up to 16 channels.... Free 11/2015
22996   Кандалакша Кандалакша Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Кандалакша Первый мобильный портал города Кандалакша. Мобильное приложение "Вся Кандалакша" содержит справочную информацию о предприятиях и учреждениях : адреса, телефоны, виды деятельности, поэтому постоянно востребовано среди организаций, предпринимателей и жи... Free 11/2015
22997   ABSatellite ABSatellite Business Business Apps like ABSatellite ABS is a fast growing global satellite operator. Headquarters in Bermuda, ABS has offices and executives in the United States, Dubai, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. ABS offers a complete range of solutions including Di... Free 11/2015
22998   Discolored (Ad Free) Discolored (Ad Free) Games Games Apps like Discolored (Ad Free) Press the button that matches the word, not the color. It's harder than you think. This version doesn't contain any advertising.... $1.99 11/2015
22999   Discolored Discolored Games Games Apps like Discolored Press the button that matches the word, not the color. It's harder than you think.... Free 11/2015
23000   e-VOITURE e-VOITURE Travel Travel Apps like e-VOITURE Cette application est réservée aux ressortissants du ministère de la Défense. Pour l’utiliser vous devez être inscrit par votre bureau transport de rattachement. ------------------------ ATTENTION : Cette application est un test concernant 40 véhicules ... Free 11/2015

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