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22601   Quanto Vale Quanto Vale Business Business Apps like Quanto Vale Quer saber o valor de um imóvel em uma determinada região? vai comprar ou vender um imóvel e não sabe a média praticada? O Quanto Vale é uma maneira fácil de buscar uma referência do valor do seu imóvel. Para obter um resultado confiável, integramos as ... Free 11/2015
22602   Splash Furry Splash Furry Games Games Apps like Splash Furry The Furry bunch are on a quest, they want to explore their lands and see if they can find a new homeland for their endless growth rate. Can you help them them to explore foreign lands? Play over 40 levels, with more coming soon Compete against your fri... Free 11/2015
22603   Sapa Photo Sapa Photo Photography Photography Apps like Sapa Photo Sara Photo, brand photography made accessible at your fingertips. The application allows for it’s users to easily take photos that are aligned with the Sapa Brand Image Style through a few simple steps. Point, snap, edit, export.... Free 11/2015
22604   Pearlroyale Pearlroyale Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Pearlroyale Pearl royale is an online bidding portal.... Free 11/2015
22605   Iran Travel Guide By Spod Creative Iran Travel Guide By Spod Creative Travel Travel Apps like Iran Travel Guide By Spod Creative This app helps you to have a wonderful and memorable travel to Iran. It gives you the most useful information about the Iran's cities, like attractions, museums, hotels, restaurants, historical spots, outdoor activities and etc... . --- App Feature... $0.99 11/2015
22606   Send A Ribbon Send A Ribbon Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Send A Ribbon The purpose of this app is for you to personalize a ribbon and send it to your loved ones via email and SMS. Below, we have provided a chart for different colored ribbons representing different cancers. The App also has feature to keep a journal record ... Free 11/2015
22607   Nature Wallpapers - Free nature screens Nature Wallpapers - Free nature screens Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Nature Wallpapers - Free nature screens Nature wallpapers for making your phone green theme! Check the large list of Nature background just for your phone background. Feature List : 1) Large set of Nature categories 2) Some fancy nature Wallpapers 3) Save some nature Wallpaper to Photo Galle... Free 11/2015
22608   Odin Attendance Odin Attendance Business Business Apps like Odin Attendance Do you have someone going to a trip and left them there. With this app, you are no longer forget anyone. Check in before the trip and check out before leave the trip. No one with be left or forgotten. You can charge them a ticket price when they check in... Free 11/2015
22609   Mad Truck Gunner: Road Mayhem Mad Truck Gunner: Road Mayhem Games Games Apps like Mad Truck Gunner: Road Mayhem Mad Truck Gunner: Road Mayhem is the ultimate doozy truck shooter racing game which offer you a wonderful action-packed driving experience. Ready for an intense racing combat game? Jump on your monster truck, race through enemy traffic, collect awesome... Free 11/2015
22610   全国一斉性格テストDX 全国一斉性格テストDX Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 全国一斉性格テストDX 目指せ性格“全国1位” あの『全国一斉性格テスト』がパワーアップして帰ってきた! あなたの性格の「偏差値」や「全国順位」がズバリわかります! ===================================== まずは【基本性格テスト】で全国1位を目指せ!! ===================================== 姓名判断と占いから基本性格タイプを分類し、さらに診断テストをプラスして採点! 寛容性(心の広さ)/社交性(人付き合い)/探求性(好奇心)/カリスマ性/楽観性(ポジテ... Free 11/2015
22611   Fulfil.IO Warehouse Fulfil.IO Warehouse Business Business Apps like Fulfil.IO Warehouse The Fulfil.IO warehouse app lets users control warehouse operations on the go. The features planned include the ability to manage: * Customer and Supplier Shipments, * Customer and Supplier Returns, * Cycle counting, and * Internal Shipments This ver... Free 11/2015
22612   Bomb Panic labyrinth Bomb Panic labyrinth Games Games Apps like Bomb Panic labyrinth Aim the goal within the time limit! Maze game that fits precisely because it simple! Bomb operation to be equipped with a fire in the fuse! ? Aim a goal before the bomb will explode! [Rule] The time limit is zero, or when the gauge on top of the bomb i... Free 11/2015
22613   Princess Beauty Fashion Salon - Makeup Makeover Girls Games Princess Beauty Fashion Salon - Makeup Makeover Girls Games Games Games Apps like Princess Beauty Fashion Salon - Makeup Makeover Girls Games Features of royal princess beauty fashion salon *** Choose from three royal princess, Emma, Rose & princess Barbie. *** VIP Prom party dress up. *** Elite Wedding party makeup. *** Spa for Office party in a Club. *** Wash messy hairs of beauty princess.... Free 11/2015
22614   涟漪相册 涟漪相册 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 涟漪相册 涟漪相册--记录幸福瞬间,分享点滴快乐 可与多位好友公同管理的网络相册平台,多人共同维护更新、随时互动、一同珍惜回味。 多种相册主题 亲子相册:记录宝宝成长的美好过程,回味宝宝的每一天的进步。 情侣相册:记录独属于你们的一份特别的爱情,记录从相识、相知、相恋,更或是结婚育子,回味爱情中的点滴甜蜜。 团作:记录一起的兄弟情,记录一起并肩作战的每个瞬间。 全家福:记录生活的点滴,时间的足迹,记录家庭的温暖,父母的微笑。 每一个相册都是一个未完待续的故事,是一部还有续集的电影,记录着生活的点滴瞬间,... Free 11/2015
22615   Zephyr Green Coffee Zephyr Green Coffee Business Business Apps like Zephyr Green Coffee Improving blends and bottom lines since 2006, Zephyr Green Coffee is a full-spectrum green coffee supplier focusing on consistency and value for the specialty coffee industry. Now you can experience the quality and convenience you've come to expect from... Free 11/2015
22616   TYDY - Buy & Sell FREE - Your Local Marketplace TYDY - Buy & Sell FREE - Your Local Marketplace Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like TYDY - Buy & Sell FREE - Your Local Marketplace TYDY makes buying and selling easy. On TYDY, you can buy and sell anything. You’ll find newly-released video games, phones, household items, chairs, tables, men’s and women's fashion, electronics, toys and other unique-to-you items. TYDY even ma... Free 11/2015
22617   prizeotel prizeotel Travel Travel Apps like prizeotel All-In-One Booking mit Deinem Smartphone als Zimmerschlüssel Da ist sie, unsere prizeotel App. Registrieren, Deine Daten im gesicherten Bereich hinterlegen und blitzschnell buchen. Markiere einfach Dein Lieblingshotel der prizeotel Gruppe und wähle Dei... Free 11/2015
22618   Fulfiltret Fulfiltret Utilities Utilities Apps like Fulfiltret Fulfiltret skräddarsyr ditt tangentbord genom att ersätta fula ord med fina. Svordomar, skällsord och gliringar blir komplimanger, lyckönskningar och glädjespridare. Vi på Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän kan genom vårt arbete se hur många det är... Free 11/2015
22619   Juzfood Juzfood Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Juzfood JuzFood allows users to quickly access a large database of eateries around the world, which have been contributed by the foodies of JuzFood. PERFECT FOR FOOD LOVERS: All contributions are from the JuzFood users, our Foodies. They will contribute to th... Free 11/2015
22620   治疗便秘 - 预防便秘,通便排毒 治疗便秘 - 预防便秘,通便排毒 Reference Reference Apps like 治疗便秘 - 预防便秘,通便排毒 【产品简介】 介绍治疗便秘的相关知识和资讯。通过算法猜出您的兴趣,向您推荐最适合您的治疗便秘知识,同时您也可以向医生进行咨询。 【产品特点】 特点一:海量信息资讯,有量且有质量,更新迅速来源站权威 特点二:最先进算法,完全个性化订阅,颠覆你的阅读体验,只看想看的内容 特点三:界面清爽简洁,不同人群应用更贴心 特点四:支持离线收藏,随心随时看,更省流量更小辐射更安全 特点五:随时随地询问医生,然您省去挂号排队的时间... Free 11/2015
22621   小密圈 - 分组私密朋友圈, 小圈子, 更亲密 小密圈 - 分组私密朋友圈, 小圈子, 更亲密 Productivity Productivity Apps like 小密圈 - 分组私密朋友圈, 小圈子, 更亲密 重新定义你的朋友圈,拥有真正自在、亲密的群空间。 为部门同事、同学同好、闺蜜基友、家族亲属创建不同的分类小圈子,让小团体有个清新有序的分享沟通空间。 【使用小密圈的三大理由】 相对各种群聊的干扰大、效率低,有价值的内容更方便沉淀和高效沟通与点评; 分类的朋友圈里才能更真实地畅所欲言,闺密聚会再也不会被领导看到了! 无缝兼容微信,快速导入成员与公众号图文内容; 【小密圈的主要功能】 快速创建分类朋友圈,通过微信或Email快速邀请成员; 圈子内可进行照片、图文及外链的分享,也能分享各种格式的文件文... Free 11/2015
22622   Prolink iTracking System Prolink iTracking System Productivity Productivity Apps like Prolink iTracking System Prolink iTracking System 提供博連客戶查詢提單資料與貨物狀況。 並且提供貨物追蹤用的回填貨況管道也提供海上的船舶追蹤。 1.空海運提單查詢 2.空海運貨物狀況回填 3.海運船舶定位查詢 功能特色: A. 根據不同面項查詢想要的資料 B. 空、海運貨物、貨況資料整合 C. 自由設定想看的貨況 D. 整合iPort,可查看即時的船隻位置 E. 文件整合 F. 事件、異常通知 博連資訊 Prolink Solutions CO., LTD Tel: +886... Free 11/2015
22623   GeoLocationTagger GeoLocationTagger Photography Photography Apps like GeoLocationTagger I like to take photos with some cameras that aren't equipped with a GPS receiver. It's great to view where I had taken these photos. This is only possible if the location information is stored in the metadata of the pictures. Setting the location of each... $0.99 11/2015
22624   SAFE TAG - (藍芽防遺失) SAFE TAG - (藍芽防遺失) Utilities Utilities Apps like SAFE TAG - (藍芽防遺失) *鑰匙手機遺失尋找 如果您的鑰匙或手機遺失的時候,可以透過藍芽感應裝置反向追蹤您的手機哦。 *遙控自拍器 可以遙控手機相機拍照喔 *遙控錄音 可以遙控手機錄音喔 *好輕巧好攜帶 輕巧的不到20g的感應裝置,毛小孩攜帶起來非常輕盈無負擔。 *低電量超省電 超長電力,最長待機時間可達1年,讓你電力問題不擔心。... Free 11/2015
22625   海南消防 海南消防 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 海南消防 海南消防是一个详细介绍海南消防情况的平台,涵盖了新闻资讯、灭火器材、防火设备、报警设备、火警探测、应急指示灯具等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的海南消防资讯服务。... Free 11/2015
22626   Beautiful Dresses For Beautiful Women Beautiful Dresses For Beautiful Women Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Beautiful Dresses For Beautiful Women This application contains collection of pictures of beautiful dresses. With this catalog you can: - Finger swipe option to change pages. - Sharing option to share your favourite Dresses on all social media websites. - Easy download option to save Dress i... Free 11/2015
22627   Synqq Synqq Business Business Apps like Synqq Supercharge your selling with Synqq - the Smart Meetings Assistant for mobile. For sales professionals, it saves time for daily meetings or calls by - deriving context from their phone and calendars to automatically organize meeting content and relevant... Free 11/2015
22628   Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm Education Education Apps like Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm Machen Sie einen virtuellen Rundgang durch die Stadt Pfaffenhofen mit all' ihren Sehenswürdigkeiten, finden Sie ansässige Unternehmen und bestaunen Sie ausgewählte Gebäude von innen. Unsere App macht es Ihnen möglich.... Free 11/2015
22629   Usic Usic Music Music Apps like Usic Choisis un bar, et deviens son DJ.... Free 11/2015
22630   Ranger Forestry Tractor Ranger Forestry Tractor Games Games Apps like Ranger Forestry Tractor Forestry Tractor are one of the most skilled and careful drivers . They have always transported heavy, unsecured goods across bumpy, hilly tracks, carefully driven along roads that feature steep climbs, sudden drops, troublesome obstacles, and more.... $0.99 11/2015
22631   High School Crush Date 3-High School Fashion Story High School Crush Date 3-High School Fashion Story Games Games Apps like High School Crush Date 3-High School Fashion Story High School Crush Date 3 is a fun-filled love date game. Do you remember the high school love story of Lisa and Nick? They have more romantic stories you don’t know! There are 6 different situations and dates. Please choose appropriate makeup, dress and ... Free 11/2015
22632   Loud Music Loud Music Music Music Apps like Loud Music Telling others about a great new album you’re into not only helps promote that Artist, but now, it can also EARN YOU MONEY! Get Into Loud. You can discover new music on the Loud featured player by tapping the Loud Music icon in the center of you navig... Free 11/2015
22633   Driver 355 Driver 355 Games Games Apps like Driver 355 Ever wanted to feel the power behind an F1 race car? Driver 355 gives you the opportunity to drive this Formula One car as well as many other types of sports cars and SUV's. We created a massively huge 3D city map with 3 sections, water, a super high ar... Free 11/2015
22634   Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Games Games Apps like Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Take up arms for the future of Suntoria! Defend your kingdom from hordes of devilish goblins in this challenging tower defense game! Summon mighty forces and head into battle right now in the epic game - Defenders of Suntoria! WAGE EPIC BATTLES Hurl back... Free 11/2015
22635   Твой модный маникюр - NailsMania,  посмотри множество модных вариантов маникюра на своей руке и выбери понравившийся! Твой модный маникюр - NailsMania, посмотри множество модных вариантов маникюра на своей руке и выбери понравившийся! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Твой модный маникюр - NailsMania, посмотри множество модных вариантов маникюра на своей руке и выбери понравившийся! Do you want your nails neat and pretty? Are you fed up with browsing tons of nail art designs and then not getting what you want, again?! See how a nail art will look on your hand, not on a picture!!! Nailsmania makes your nails look awesome! Just take... Free 11/2015
22636   4566游戏 4566游戏 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 4566游戏 ----4566游戏,最幽默的HTML5游戏资讯站---- 随着“围住神经猫”、“愚公移山”等html 5 游戏引爆移动游戏市场,越来越多优质好玩的html 5 游戏涌现。 如何从众多html 5游戏中挑选出喜欢的游戏?4566游戏竭诚为您服务。 4566游戏致力于为用户推荐最精致好玩的html 5 页面游戏,数名资深编辑多角度为用户剖析市场上最新最热的html 5游戏,满足不同用户喜好,以便用户准确找到喜欢的游戏。... Free 11/2015
22637   华亿乐购商家 华亿乐购商家 Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like 华亿乐购商家 华亿乐购APP平台是安徽本地的一个商家联盟平台,为安徽消费者提供最专业最优质的消费体验。整合同城商家以“吃、喝、玩、乐、游、购、娱”生活服务类行业为基点,打造区域化的一站式O2O服务平台。我们服务的群体主要面向与20-40岁的本地居民,提供线上下单,线下取货;线上下单,配送到家的等服务。以超市百货商品、零食商品、日常的消费用品为主,打通最后一公里物流,实现2小时的配送服务。... Free 11/2015
22638   Opioid Calculator Opioid Calculator Medical Medical Apps like Opioid Calculator This Opioid Calculator Application is a tool for the calculation of total oral Morphine Equivalent Daily Dose (oMEDD). A particular design feature of the app is that it simplifies the calculation of oMEDD in cases where combinations of opioids are used. I... Free 11/2015
22639   水路运输网 水路运输网 Business Business Apps like 水路运输网 水路运输网是由安徽富盈信息技术有限公司为广大手机用户提供的客户端。它其中包括企业会员、产品中心、保险贷款、站内搜索和一键地图等模块。... Free 11/2015
22640   ガチャPocket! ガチャPocket! Entertainment Entertainment Apps like ガチャPocket! ガチャPocket!(ガチャポケット)は1日2回無料でガチャを回してポイントを貯めれるお小遣いアプリです。貯めたポイントは好きなものに交換することが可能でお小遣い稼ぎにはもちろん有料スタンプやゲームの課金アイテムなども無料でゲットできちゃいます! 《こんな方にオススメ》 ・楽しく簡単にお小遣いを稼ぎたい ・ゲームの攻略は絶対に無課金だ!! ・有料スタンプを無料で使いたい 《アプリの使い方3STEP》 1、登録不要!!アプリを簡単インストール!初日からログインボーナスGET! 2、1日2回の『無料ガチャ... Free 11/2015
22641   Real Ace Win Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Real Ace Win Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games Games Games Apps like Real Ace Win Slots Machines - FREE Las Vegas Casino Games WIN BIG JACKPOTS ON MOBILE! PLAY Real Ace Win Slots Machines TODAY! Real Ace Win Slots Machines has HUGE JACKPOTS and TONS of thrilling features like shifting wilds, sticky wilds and random wilds! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of a Vegas C... Free 11/2015
22642   Tourscape Tourscape Travel Travel Apps like Tourscape With this app you can browse through a list of tours (created using the Tourscape website -- http://tourscape.eachscape.com) that you and others have created. A tour can be customized with images and audio and people from around the world can enjoy and us... Free 11/2015
22643   Word Mix-The Word Game Word Mix-The Word Game Education Education Apps like Word Mix-The Word Game Word Mix is an addictive anagram game where you need to form as many words possible out of jumbled letters.Guess as many words as you can to add to your score. Word Mix-The Word Game is one of the best brain teasing addictive word games on store.Word Mix... Free 11/2015
22644   Allure Beauty Lounge Allure Beauty Lounge Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Allure Beauty Lounge Allure Beauty Lounge provides a great customer experience for it’s clients with this simple and interactive app, helping them feel beautiful and look Great. App Features * Book an appointment 24/7 * Meet our team * Keep a record of your service histor... Free 11/2015
22645   Loạn Thế Cuồng Đao Loạn Thế Cuồng Đao Games Games Apps like Loạn Thế Cuồng Đao LOẠN THẾ CUỒNG ĐAO – GAME …….Concept game………… " - Vận hành bởi SohaGame - Nhà phát hành game mobile số 1 Tại Việt Nam. Luôn tiên phong mang tới người chơi các sản phẩm tân tiến, lối chơi độc đáo, cộng đồng vững mạnh. Loạn Thế Cuồng Đao 1 tựa game nhập ... Free 11/2015
22646   Otium Light Otium Light Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Otium Light 深圳讴天技术有限公司的蓝牙LED灯控制终端... Free 11/2015
22647   Checklistings Checklistings Business Business Apps like Checklistings Checklistings is a Real Estate system designed to enhance the home buying experience for clients while optimizing the sales process for the agent. So long are the days of never ending emails and phone calls. • With Checklistings, communicating with you... Free 11/2015
22648   清新墙纸,屏保-雪峰雪景 清新墙纸,屏保-雪峰雪景 Entertainment Entertainment Apps like 清新墙纸,屏保-雪峰雪景 Listen you loved songs, watch beautiful scenery, save the scenery as wallpaper. This App's default theme is Snow Mountain! These sceneries are from Everest, Chogori, Annapurna, Parbat, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Eiger, the Matterhorn, Vinson... Free 11/2015
22649   千金大小姐 - 女生爱玩游戏,换装养成做千金,免费小游戏 千金大小姐 - 女生爱玩游戏,换装养成做千金,免费小游戏 Games Games Apps like 千金大小姐 - 女生爱玩游戏,换装养成做千金,免费小游戏 Come and enjoy Beautiful Girl Dressup game! Please help the beautiful girl pick up the best makeover and clothes! Have fun! How to play: Touch the screen to enter the main interface, you will find gift boxes through the upper left button. Click to unloc... Free 11/2015
22650   明星晚会装扮 - 众星云集,女生,换装养成 明星晚会装扮 - 众星云集,女生,换装养成 Games Games Apps like 明星晚会装扮 - 众星云集,女生,换装养成 It is a one of biggest events held in the world. Many famous stars and ladies are invited to attend this event including you. So now you have to dress yourself to make sure you are the shiniest star in this party. Come on baby. How to play: Touch the s... Free 11/2015
22651   炫酷美少女 - 美美哒,萌萌哒,女孩游戏 炫酷美少女 - 美美哒,萌萌哒,女孩游戏 Games Games Apps like 炫酷美少女 - 美美哒,萌萌哒,女孩游戏 This cutie is a young girl who's crazy about fashion, style and shopping. Right now she is out for shopping and she wants to look really really cool, everyone should turn to see her passing on the street. Be her stylist and create a hot cool look for he... Free 11/2015
22652   沙滩美人 - 阳光,海水,运动,男女生都爱玩的小游戏 沙滩美人 - 阳光,海水,运动,男女生都爱玩的小游戏 Games Games Apps like 沙滩美人 - 阳光,海水,运动,男女生都爱玩的小游戏 Hot summer is coming. Going out to the beach is a good choice and this girl can't wait to go to there this weekend, please help her dress up! How to play: Touch the screen to enter the main interface, you will find gift boxes through the upper left but... Free 11/2015
22653   女神归来 - 女皇风范,换装养成,女孩子爱玩的免费游戏 女神归来 - 女皇风范,换装养成,女孩子爱玩的免费游戏 Games Games Apps like 女神归来 - 女皇风范,换装养成,女孩子爱玩的免费游戏 Hot summer is coming. Going out to the countryside is a good choice and this girl can't wait to go to there this weekend, please help her dress up! How to play: Touch the screen to enter the main interface, you will find gift boxes through the upper le... Free 11/2015
22654   Guess The Serial Guess The Serial Games Games Apps like Guess The Serial Guess the serial is the only true guessing game that challenges your guessing ability. This game takes you from simple guesses to higher levels where your guesses have to be accurate. Not to worry, you will have access to limited hints to help you along... Free 11/2015
22655   发现深圳 发现深圳 News News Apps like 发现深圳 于1991年1月2日复刊的《深圳商报》,是深圳报业集团旗下一张重要的综合大报。秉承“ 经济视野、文化追求”的办报宗旨,深圳商报推出的发现深圳app移动客户端立足深圳,以“阅读深圳”+“分享深圳”+“乐活深圳”为主旨,在满足用户新闻资讯获取需求的基础上,深挖深圳市民本地生活服务消费类需求。... Free 11/2015
22656   Maha Ganapathi Vol-2 Maha Ganapathi Vol-2 Music Music Apps like Maha Ganapathi Vol-2 Tamil Devotional Songs on Vinayagar Sung by Mahanadhi Shobana Music by Kanmani Raja and lyrics by Panappakkam Sivakumar. Songs from Maha Ganapathi album produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp.... Free 11/2015
22657   预防支气管炎 - 帮您告别支气管炎、哮喘 预防支气管炎 - 帮您告别支气管炎、哮喘 Medical Medical Apps like 预防支气管炎 - 帮您告别支气管炎、哮喘 【产品简介】 介绍支气管炎的相关知识和资讯。通过算法猜出您的兴趣,向您推荐最适合您的支气管炎知识,同时您也可以向医生进行咨询。 【产品特点】 特点一:海量信息资讯,有量且有质量,更新迅速来源站权威 特点二:最先进算法,完全个性化订阅,颠覆你的阅读体验,只看想看的内容 特点三:界面清爽简洁,不同人群应用更贴心 特点四:支持离线收藏,随心随时看,更省流量更小辐射更安全 特点五:随时随地询问医生,然您省去挂号排队的时间... Free 11/2015
22658   Periday for iPhone Periday for iPhone Productivity Productivity Apps like Periday for iPhone The Periday app allows users to prepare for their meetings, helps them in their meetings and allows them to take notes and follow a guided process to get to close. The Periday app is meant for sales personnel to be more effective in their roles. For mo... Free 11/2015
22659   星享加 星享加 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 星享加 达人带你尽享全球好货! 海外直采 星享加自营 100%正品 所有商品均采取直营,直达全球货源地采购,品牌授权、确保正品,为您提供品质保障和最有优势的价格。 任性包邮 新用户首单包邮。 每日限时特卖 每日10点开抢,极致低价,绝对好货,数量有限,买到就是赚到。 精选好货 一目了然 全球好货分类大放送,件件都会让您心动!美妆、护肤、母婴、美食下单就能买买买。 专业达人帮你选购 星享加达人遍布全球各个领域,分享最热门好货,全球好货他们通过产品试用,进行产品推荐,让你轻松找到最适合自己的那一款。   即刻... Free 11/2015
22660   Cromis Cromis Games Games Apps like Cromis Move colored segments around the circle to form matching groups. Multi-colored segments match both colors. This brain-bending puzzle experience will test your strategic thinking abilities and keep you coming back for more. ⌘ Challenge your mind and battl... Free 11/2015
22661   Practice Theory Exams for Barbers - Mastering Barbering Practice Theory Exams for Barbers - Mastering Barbering Education Education Apps like Practice Theory Exams for Barbers - Mastering Barbering Studying for your state barbering license? Let our app help you ace the theory exam. We have 450 questions at the ready, waiting to test your knowledge. Unleash the learning. Subjects you'll be tested on: - Trichology - Client Consultation - Draping ... $4.99 11/2015
22662   最爱雷电战机 最爱雷电战机 Games Games Apps like 最爱雷电战机 2015年度巨献,雷电射击飞行系列精品,官方正统A+级游戏《最爱雷电战机(豪华版)》强势来袭。拥有HD高清画面、超多游戏模式及最为酷炫的弹幕,传承经典街机玩法,创新的驾驶员系统,让您随意组合最强战队,还原激情快感,给您带来震撼的飞行射击体验。参与活动还有手机、话费任您领取!!... Free 11/2015
22663   nanolink nanolink Business Business Apps like nanolink Denne App er en mobil klient & udvidelse af Nanolink's Fuldautomatiske Sporingssystem, der udelukkende kun benyttes sammen med et firma abonnement hos Nanolink ApS. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease bat... Free 11/2015
22664   Jack Greens Jack Greens Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Jack Greens Welcome to Jack Greens's online ordering app. Create and customise your order from our delicious menu directly from your phone.... Free 11/2015
22665   PersadaKita PersadaKita Travel Travel Apps like PersadaKita Persada Indonesia adalah salah satu perusahaan tour travel dan umrah yg telah lama lahir di bumi Indonesia. Kami meyakini pengalaman adalah guru terbaik bagi kita semua, pengalaman yang buruk maupun pengalaman yang baik. Jatuh bangun sudah kami alami da... Free 11/2015
22666   Musican Puzzle Musican Puzzle Games Games Apps like Musican Puzzle Welcome to Musican Puzzle Play free imitation guitar. Train your precision reflexes help of this unique and fun game. After tapping the drives and precision timing and rhythm get score. You have to catch the stars rushing to beat. Enjoy beautiful grap... Free 11/2015
22667   LWEST朗文斯汀 LWEST朗文斯汀 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like LWEST朗文斯汀 LWEST朗文斯汀APP客户端向你介绍了相关的时尚品牌信息及时尚品牌资讯信息,有时装展示,品牌介绍,新闻资讯,店铺展示,天猫商城,企业文化,服装相册,联系我们,在线咨询等相关栏目介绍,每个栏目都有相关的信息,欢迎大家前来下载使用,了解LWEST朗文斯汀APP的最新动态。注意:拨打电话功能需额外付费!... Free 11/2015
22668   河南化工平台 河南化工平台 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 河南化工平台 河南化工平台是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括最新产品、特价产品、热销产品、最聚人气、最新上架、其他, 一目了然,下载完全免费。... Free 11/2015
22669   商贸 商贸 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 商贸 是一个详细介绍商贸情况的平台,涵盖了新闻资讯、招商代理、展会、本地美食、本地小吃等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的商贸资讯服务。... Free 11/2015
22670   Rollin' Tomato Rollin' Tomato Games Games Apps like Rollin' Tomato Rollin' tomato - игра в которой главный герой Помидорчик пытается сбежать от тяжелой участи многих овощей-стать ингредиентом завтрака, обеда или ужина. Помогите Помидорчик добраться до самого верха, увернуться от злобных инструментов и не разбиться о по... Free 11/2015
22671   Vedic Mantras & Slokas in Sanskrit Vedic Mantras & Slokas in Sanskrit Music Music Apps like Vedic Mantras & Slokas in Sanskrit This App comes with the most powerful Hindu Vedic Mantras and Slokas. The Vedic Mantras in audio form with this App include Atharvashirsha - Ganapati, Mahanyasam, Arunam Rudra Namakam Chamakam, Shri Suktam, Punita Stotram, Taittiriya Brahmana Mantra... Free 11/2015
22672   简印---更聪明的照片书、台历制作应用 简印---更聪明的照片书、台历制作应用 Photography Photography Apps like 简印---更聪明的照片书、台历制作应用 简印是一个智能化照片书、台历、照片卡制作的应用。 首创采用照片讲故事的模式,通过智能算法对照片的拍摄时间、地点、天气等进行智能分析,实现智能化的排版。用户只需从手机相册选择照片,即可一键成册。 【3分钟制作照片书】 支持批量上传照片,从24张到50张相片都可以智能生成照片书,最快仅需3分钟就能搞定一本照片书。 【贴心的排序功能】 照片书通过智能算法排序,并主动实现智能填充每张照片的拍摄时间、地点、天气,让你的照片故事完美呈现。 【社交分享棒棒哒】 除冲印外,所有产品都支持一键分享微信朋友圈、微信好友... Free 11/2015
22673   MiRhino MiRhino Utilities Utilities Apps like MiRhino The MiRhino app lets you monitor and control your home/work security panel conveniently through your smartphone device! With features including zone bypassing and alarm notifications pushed from the app, your security concerns can be monitored from anywh... Free 11/2015
22674   Property Values Property Values Business Business Apps like Property Values Enjoy your stroll through my app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with my Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as I pride myself in being available 24/7 on your mobile device.... Free 11/2015
22675   绿色氧气 绿色氧气 Games Games Apps like 绿色氧气 绿色氧气是一款超好玩的游戏,清新可爱的高清画质,玩法简单易上手,轻松滑动手指即可操作,有惊喜有挑战,难度逐步升级,挑战你的极限,是您平常休闲娱乐、打发时间的最佳选择,绝对让您爱不释手! 游戏画面清新亮丽,音乐动听;关卡丰富,挑战多多,不断冲击新乐趣。 让我们一起随着游戏消除所有的烦恼,让快乐伴随我们身边,加油!加油!... Free 11/2015
22676   Zooper ABC Animals Zooper ABC Animals Education Education Apps like Zooper ABC Animals Zooper ABC Animals—including Bubble Blowing Bees and Disco Dancing Dogs—provides animation, rhymes, sound effects, letter tracing, guessing games and phonics. As an extra treat, it also offers 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—hilarious outtakes for each ani... $2.99 11/2015
22677   黑眼圈 - 卓越的产品&设计从模仿优秀开始 黑眼圈 - 卓越的产品&设计从模仿优秀开始 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 黑眼圈 - 卓越的产品&设计从模仿优秀开始 黑眼圈是一款面向设计师以及产品经理的学习工具,里面有非常多的行业设计可供参考。 设计师与产品经理的必备神器。... Free 11/2015
22678   Jai Ganeshaa Jai Ganeshaa Music Music Apps like Jai Ganeshaa Tamil Devotional Songs on Vinayagar Sung by S.P.Balasubramaniyam, Mahanadhi Shobana, Meerakrishna & Master Adithya, Music by Veeramanikannan and lyrics by V.Sriramsharma .Songs from Jai Ganesha album produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp.... Free 11/2015
22679   PassMan PassMan Productivity Productivity Apps like PassMan PassMan as the name suggests is a password manager that saves passwords. So what's unique about it? - It requires NO INTERNET connection, this ensures that no one can hack your passwords over the network - Passwords are never stored anywhere a... Free 11/2015
22680   勞工博物館 語音導覽 勞工博物館 語音導覽 Education Education Apps like 勞工博物館 語音導覽 Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government established a Museum of Labor that was a brand-new innovation in Taiwan. It kept the value of labor culture, builds a unique style of Kaohsiung City and shared the stories of labors with the whole country... Free 11/2015
22681   Sage Live Sage Live Business Business Apps like Sage Live Sage Live combines the performance of the world’s first real-time accounting engine on the market leading Salesforce1 cloud platform. It’s the always-on app built for the way business works. Keep your teams connected to what’s really happening across your... Free 11/2015
22682   Themify - Themes for iPhone with Wallpapers,  Lock Screens & Keyboards. Themify - Themes for iPhone with Wallpapers, Lock Screens & Keyboards. Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Themify - Themes for iPhone with Wallpapers, Lock Screens & Keyboards. Refresh your device by giving it an FULL BODY MAKEOVER with Themify. Match designs of Lock, Home and Keyboard styles! Impress everyone! Things to enjoy in our app: - Premium designer content optimized for iPhones screens - Innovative preview Screen... Free 11/2015
22683   Doji Star Doji Star Finance Finance Apps like Doji Star The First and Only Mobile Application of its kind that gives you the power of candlestick analysis for success in the stock market. Doji Star gathers the data from hundreds of stocks being traded and uses the seasoned method of candlestick charting and an... Free 11/2015
22684   A Abbies Hilton Executive Slots Casino A Abbies Hilton Executive Slots Casino Games Games Apps like A Abbies Hilton Executive Slots Casino Download the best Slot experience for free today! Fun, excitement and entertainment! These slots play just like a dream - exciting to play and easy to understand! Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sou... Free 11/2015
22685   iWorld News - World's Breaking News Platform iWorld News - World's Breaking News Platform News News Apps like iWorld News - World's Breaking News Platform iWorld News (iWN) is a best iOS application for trending news, events and stories. This iOS app will fetch latest news from world’s most popular news channels. Users can read breaking news of current affairs, entertainment, technology, politics, inte... Free 11/2015
22686   Fan Repair Shop – Little kids fix the electrical accessories in this mechanic game Fan Repair Shop – Little kids fix the electrical accessories in this mechanic game Games Games Apps like Fan Repair Shop – Little kids fix the electrical accessories in this mechanic game Little kids be a professional repairman and fix the electrical appliances in this fun game. Customers are facing problems with their electric fans and wanted to repair & fit it. No worries expert fan repair shop is now opened in your town. Bring the fan i... Free 11/2015
22687   LemonCities LemonCities Entertainment Entertainment Apps like LemonCities Aplicación de la web www.lemoncities.com Desde esta APP podrá ver todos los Eventos, Ofertas, Sorteos y concursos. Muchas gracias por confiar en LemonCities !!!!... Free 11/2015
22688   PSA Mobile Time PSA Mobile Time Productivity Productivity Apps like PSA Mobile Time FinancialForce PSA Mobile Time Mobile Timecard entry for FinancialForce PSA customers: http://www.financialforce.com/products/professional-services-automation/overview Prerequisites: Mobile Timecard entry for FinancialForce PSA V11.0 or later. Require... Free 11/2015
22689   Hapibelly Hapibelly Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Hapibelly **Happy Hour and Daily Special coverage includes the San Diego and San Francisco areas. Discover happy hours, daily specials and popular menu items with Hapibelly. Going to a new place shouldn’t feel like a hit or miss situation. Hapibelly lets you ... Free 11/2015
22690   SIMM Notaris-PPAT SIMM Notaris-PPAT Business Business Apps like SIMM Notaris-PPAT Aplikasi ini merupakan launcher yang berguna untuk mempermudah mengakses SIMM Notaris-PPAT. Apa itu SIMM Notaris-PPAT ? SIMM Notaris-PPAT, System Information Management Monitoring khusus untuk Kantor Notaris - PPAT adalah Software Aplikasi Desktop dan ... Free 11/2015
22691   Dialer Pro Dialer Pro Productivity Productivity Apps like Dialer Pro Introducing our simple T9 smart dialler. Just like a classic watch it is designed to do one task and thats to get you connected with the person you need with fewer clicks as possible. Whether you are stationary or on the go, whether you are one hand gu... $0.99 11/2015
22692   Tasktic - manage your tasks,  not a task manager Tasktic - manage your tasks, not a task manager Productivity Productivity Apps like Tasktic - manage your tasks, not a task manager Tasktic: a powerful task manager that is easy to use, made for busy people who love to get things done, but are still human beings that sometimes can't remember everything. Do you ever forget something you should do at home, at work or at school? Ca... Free 11/2015
22693   WonderWe WonderWe Business Business Apps like WonderWe Create action and raise money for social impact. WonderWe is the social network with virtue... Free 11/2015
22694   Rabbit Save The World Rabbit Save The World Games Games Apps like Rabbit Save The World Rabbit Save The World is a really interesting game! A mysterious disaster has arrived, and the carrots spread all over the earth. luckily,here is a angel creature on the word, that is rabbit! Now , Rabbit save The World and need your help -cut the rope a... $0.99 11/2015
22695   中国电气安装 中国电气安装 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 中国电气安装 中国电气安装是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括中国电气安装产品、新闻资讯,技术应用等一目了然,下载完全免费。...... Free 11/2015
22696   帝国盒子 帝国盒子 Reference Reference Apps like 帝国盒子 一款《帝国时代2》游戏介绍的应用 国家队比赛直播 国家队比赛视频 玩家社区... Free 11/2015
22697   广西建材商城 广西建材商城 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 广西建材商城 广西建材商城是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括 建材材料、建筑工程、建筑机械、建筑建材、建材家居、水电五金 ,一目了然,下载完全免费。... Free 11/2015
22698   Desentis Joyeria Desentis Joyeria Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Desentis Joyeria Diseño, calidad y servicio que garantizan la mejor experiencia de compra. En Desentis reconocemos el valor de nuestros clientes, la importancia de su inversión y crecimiento, y nos esforzamos por tener siempre diseños vanguardistas y la honestidad en... Free 11/2015
22699   Smart.Guru - teste de personalidade e grau de afinidade entre amigos - grátis! Smart.Guru - teste de personalidade e grau de afinidade entre amigos - grátis! Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Smart.Guru - teste de personalidade e grau de afinidade entre amigos - grátis! O Smart.Guru é um gênio dos tempos modernos. Totalmente antenado, todo trabalhado nas redes sociais, cheio de bom humor e sacadas geniais, ele vai descobrir quem você é em poucos segundos. Sempre com uma hashtag divertida, sabe qual é o seu perfil e... Free 11/2015
22700   Fight Pug Fight Pug Games Games Apps like Fight Pug Take your Pudgy Pug into the Boxing Gym and get him in shape. Gain points for precision and quick reactions on the speed bag. Become the ultimate Pug Pugilist and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Download Fight Pug for FREE now! ********************... Free 11/2015
22701   Hi绵阳 Hi绵阳 News News Apps like Hi绵阳 口号:离我最近的新闻 平台:iOS 来源:绵阳日报社官方客户端 主界面功能介绍: 1、读报:绵阳日报电子版 2、新闻:绵阳本地最新最热新闻资讯,包括头条、时政、县市区、热点、社会、人文、视觉、旅游栏目 3、政务:绵阳各政务部门直达车 4、生活服务:提供天气、出行、交通违章、火车飞机信息等及时查询通道 5、搜索:直接输入想要找的新闻标题或关键词,快速查找新闻或信息 侧边栏功能介绍: 1、个人中心:可免费注册为Hi绵阳的订阅用户,注册后可收藏、发起或参与投票活动等,之后将开启更多会员权限 2、投票:参与由Hi... Free 11/2015
22702   iVBasic Pro for iPhone iVBasic Pro for iPhone Business Business Apps like iVBasic Pro for iPhone iVBasic Pro for iPhone Ever want to easily create your own iPhone Program for your home or small business? Now you can with iVBasic Pro for iPhone! ***** You can visually create and run your very own program, right on your iPhone! ***** ***** iVBasic a... $14.99 11/2015
22703   V-BANKING V-BANKING Finance Finance Apps like V-BANKING Используйте преимущества мобильного банкинга в своем смартфоне. V-BANKING – это легкий и быстрый способ управлять своими банковскими карточками, оплачивать различные услуги и товары, переводить деньги с карты на карту. Теперь для этих операций не нужно... Free 11/2015
22704   YoutubeSync YoutubeSync Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like YoutubeSync "YoutubeSync" allows you to watch videos simultaneously on your iPhone and iPad. You can sync your favorite Youtube videos with any friends near you. Play, stop, timing of the play position; all these functions and more are at your fingertips. It is s... Free 11/2015
22705   Whopping Jackhammer Fight Whopping Jackhammer Fight Games Games Apps like Whopping Jackhammer Fight This addicting Jackhammer Fight game follows the laws of Demolition. Ok Champ, can you handle that? Good luck!... $0.99 11/2015
22706   Flight Simulator Real Plane Flight Simulator Real Plane Games Games Apps like Flight Simulator Real Plane Build Your Plane… Fly As Far As Possible… Upgrade Your Plane To More Modern Version As You Gain Experience… Outfit Your Plane With Better Engines, Weapons And More… It’s Up To You To Become The Top Wing. Enjoy the flight... Fun for kids and all ages...... Free 11/2015
22707   皂事经销商 皂事经销商 Utilities Utilities Apps like 皂事经销商 主要用于企业的经销商管理,包括经销商的注册,产品销售,经销级别管理等。... Free 11/2015
22708   الإشتراك بخدمة بنت جبيل الإخبارية الإشتراك بخدمة بنت جبيل الإخبارية Social Networking Social Networking Apps like الإشتراك بخدمة بنت جبيل الإخبارية تطبيق يتيح الاشتراك بخدمة بنت جبيل الاخبارية ومتابعة آخر الأخبار من خلال التطبيق... Free 11/2015
22709   Jump by tap - running Jump by tap - running Games Games Apps like Jump by tap - running Tap tap tap, jump jump jump, keep running and have fun with Mr Tipler - The big challenge that you should win yourself - Let people know how far do you get with Mr Tipler - Support all of the screens: iPad, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus... Free 11/2015
22710   安徽物业 安徽物业 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 安徽物业 安徽物业是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括,行业新闻,最新动态,焦点新闻,独家报道,一目了然,下载完全免费。.... Free 11/2015
22711   Wordiamo Wordiamo Games Games Apps like Wordiamo Wordiamo: Just play great words! • Play words anywhere—connected to other words or not. • Build bridges between words to earn bonuses. • Play and score 8 letters to win by knockout. • Go for long words. The number of letters played determines point bonus... Free 11/2015
22712   The Incredible Baron The Incredible Baron Games Games Apps like The Incredible Baron The Incredible Baron combines real-time strategy gameplay with 50 collectible animal species in a tale of exploration, science, and betrayal. As Baron, players explore an uncharted island, documenting its species and using their unique abilities to de... Free 11/2015
22713   Cell Infex Cell Infex Games Games Apps like Cell Infex An alien virus has contaminated most of the population. You have to inject a single genetically modified/infected cell into various locations in a patients body to cure them. Any cell which touches your engineered cell will itself become infected. Any tha... Free 11/2015
22714   ARennes Concerts ARennes Concerts Music Music Apps like ARennes Concerts Les concerts à Rennes sont sur ARennes ! L'application indispensable pour connaître tous les concerts et les infos musique de la ville. - Agenda des concerts de tous les styles musicaux & tous les lieux - Descriptif des concerts, artistes en écoute - Pl... Free 11/2015
22715   FinTalk FinTalk Finance Finance Apps like FinTalk Join Scott McClymonds of CEO Velocity for lively discussions about the latest in FinTech and banking software. Focus groups of your peers... Credit Union and Community Bank execs... engage in conversation about the most important topics facing the Finance... Free 11/2015
22716   Donate Crowdfunding Donate Crowdfunding Business Business Apps like Donate Crowdfunding Agriya® Donate Crowdfunding is the complete crowdfunding software that helps you to run your own crowdfunding site. Fundraising is a revolutionary and a recession free online business, which assist users to raise funds for their Next Big Idea. Raise a... Free 11/2015
22717   Great App for Six Flags New England Great App for Six Flags New England Travel Travel Apps like Great App for Six Flags New England The premier Six Flags New England Guide app includes visitor info, rides, theme parks, water parks, kids rides, shows, hotels, shopping, dining, park hours, attractions, photo gallery, poi search, translator, world clock. Highlights : * GE... $2.99 11/2015
22718   广西贸易 广西贸易 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 广西贸易 电力设备平台是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括电力设备、电力资讯等内容一目了然,下载完全免费。... Free 11/2015
22719   Drone Simulator Drone Simulator Games Games Apps like Drone Simulator Drone Simulator is the premier drone, quadcopter and UAV simulation game available on mobile. Pilot a wide and varied range of drones, from tiny micro quadcopter drones, hexacopters and racing drones to full scale professional grade drones. Drone simul... Free 11/2015
22720   Chilla App Chilla App Photography Photography Apps like Chilla App Chilla is a local news app that shows you stories happening around you. To create a story, simply take a picture, add a caption and select the location. Enjoy!... Free 11/2015
22721   Great App for Six Flags Great Adventure Great App for Six Flags Great Adventure Travel Travel Apps like Great App for Six Flags Great Adventure The premier Six Flags Great Adventure Guide app includes visitor info, rides, theme parks, water parks, kids rides, shows, hotels, shopping, dining, park hours, attractions, photo gallery, poi search, translator, world clock. Highlights : ... $2.99 11/2015
22722   不等贷 不等贷 Finance Finance Apps like 不等贷 要成功  不等贷 免担保无抵押纯信用贷款,日息最低可至万分之三,额度最高可至100万;无论您是创业伊始、小本经营还是扩大规模, 不等贷帮您解决资金需求。   【产品特色】 门槛低:0担保,0抵押,有POS机或银行卡流水等交易记录即可申请; 手续少:无需开户,申请材料简单; 审批快:当天申请,次日放款; 成本低:贷款利率低,按日计息,随借随还,无其他任何费用。   【授信额度及授信利率】 客户最高可贷100万,最低可贷5万。授信利率目前在10%-17.4 %之间,日息最低可至万分之三。   【授信期限及用款... Free 11/2015
22723   The Highway Code & Theory Test Practice Questions (UK) The Highway Code & Theory Test Practice Questions (UK) Education Education Apps like The Highway Code & Theory Test Practice Questions (UK) Complete and up-to-date Highway Code Book (applies to England, Scotland and Wales) - Read the entire book and track your progress - Up to date with 307 Rules, 21 Chapters, and 8 Annexes - Practice answering sign and knowledge questions with mock tests... $1.99 11/2015
22724   XEO XEO Games Games Apps like XEO Are you ready to guide XEO and his spaceship through 20 challenging levels in this first act. It's all about tapping, timing and maybe a bit of luck. Collect coins to unlock levels, upgrade your ship or to remove in-game ads. Compete with other player... Free 11/2015
22725   Ciudapp Ciudapp Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Ciudapp Ciudapp es una herramienta que te permite chequear la movida de tu ciudad, visualizar promociones y descargarlas con el fin de que organices tus compras, encuentra en esta herramienta una alternativa de búsqueda para planes, productos, turismo y servi... Free 11/2015
22726   Super 8 Pinetop Super 8 Pinetop Travel Travel Apps like Super 8 Pinetop Download our mobile app to make your travel experience even better. It gives you mobile access to all the property amenities and services, and is loaded with features and information on local stores, services, entertainment, and attractions. It become... Free 11/2015
22727   童话故事宝宝-卡通动漫神话成语语言儿歌童谣动画视频 童话故事宝宝-卡通动漫神话成语语言儿歌童谣动画视频 Education Education Apps like 童话故事宝宝-卡通动漫神话成语语言儿歌童谣动画视频 Highlight: 1. Continuously updated more HD video 3. More mini Games 精选最耳熟能详、最易唱诵的经典儿歌。优美动听的旋律,生动有趣的卡通动画,在这样轻松愉快的环境下,宝宝可以零距离聆听、吟唱趣味益智的经典儿歌,享受音乐带来的无限欢乐。让宝宝在律动的音乐中开启语言智能、启迪智力、激发潜能,使宝宝在音乐的熏陶下快乐健康地成长。 儿歌视频中是小朋友的精彩舞蹈,还可以从小激发小朋友学习舞蹈的兴趣。 APP亮点: 1. 持续更新更多高清视频... Free 11/2015
22728   CROSS-点亮你的留学生活 CROSS-点亮你的留学生活 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like CROSS-点亮你的留学生活 CROSS APP·点亮你的留学生活 英国首款面向华人群体的生活信息类APP,致力于打造第一个留学生生活全方面信息的平台,提供留学生及华人吃喝住行各方面的信息,让初到国外的留学生们不再感觉异国他乡的陌生与枯燥。带你体验最全面, 最便捷, 最及时的英伦生活! APP板块介绍 【热点】:本周最IN活动推荐 【校内活动】:校内一手活动/新闻 【剧场】:电影/歌剧/展览/演唱会推荐 【派对】:最热门最好玩的party活动 【二手平台】:求购/转闲置/租房 还等什么,加入cross,点亮你的留学生... Free 11/2015
22729   美业直聘 - 最好用的美业招聘利器 美业直聘 - 最好用的美业招聘利器 Social Networking Social Networking Apps like 美业直聘 - 最好用的美业招聘利器 美业直聘是一个针对美容美发行业内的专业性招聘软件 美业直聘给美容店、美发店或者美甲店的老板提供一个快捷扁平的人才市场。 美业直聘给美业达人一个避开中介直接与老板沟通的机会。 美业直聘附带最流行的即时聊天功能,方便达人于老板的沟通。 美业直聘的所有内容专注于中国的美容美发行业。 美业直聘满足各类美业人士的招工和找工作的需求。 美业直聘向美业达人提供简单快速的简历生成方式。 美业直聘向美业人士提供最新的美业行业专业资讯。 美业直聘免费分享最流行的美容美发专业技术视频。 美业直聘让达人和boss可以零距离接触,... Free 11/2015
22730   IPG Connect IPG Connect Business Business Apps like IPG Connect The APP shows the overall monthly status of the IPG Connect company. You can find summary, monthly, daily and weekly so you can find a description of all the work in progress. You can find graphs for the budgets, sales and revenue. You have to conta... Free 11/2015
22731   Casino App Casino App Games Games Apps like Casino App We bring you a table of the best and most recommended casino apps. Casino app hits the mark every time with our updated table of the absolutely most attractive and trustworthy casino apps. ... Free 11/2015
22732   PK air PK air Utilities Utilities Apps like PK air This application allows to access to the content of the PK K'ard air (wireless storage of up to 400GB, from PKparis) from 15 smartphones/tablets/Mac within 10meters around. It is a smart and simple way to view / save / share / edit any files (video, ph... Free 11/2015
22733   goodfind goodfind Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like goodfind 1, one for children and parents to design hardware and software products, through worn on the child's wrist, binding on mobile applications, mobile phones and hand ring easily achieve relevance, accurate positioning of the child's location 2, by wea... Free 11/2015
22734   中国事务所 中国事务所 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 中国事务所 中国事务所网是一个详细介绍事务所情况的平台,涵盖了事务所资讯、侦探事务所、律师事务所、税务师事务所、会计事务所等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的各类事务所资讯服务。... Free 11/2015
22735   PlayerSpace Mobile PlayerSpace Mobile Sports Sports Apps like PlayerSpace Mobile Beautiful, simple, and completely integrated describe the PLAYERSPACE mobile statistics app. Designed with accuracy and “the game” in mind, stat keepers can quickly identify players, easily update their statistics, and sync them to their website for... Free 11/2015
22736   Crazy Text Crazy Text Utilities Utilities Apps like Crazy Text Express your individuality by creating awesome messages and comment. You can use Crazy Text everywhere, just copy and paste your text. Impress your followers to get more likes! How to use: - Pick one of over 90 cool fonts - Type your message - Use Copy ... $0.99 11/2015
22737   Domus Dashboard Domus Dashboard Business Business Apps like Domus Dashboard Conheça em tempo real os indicadores de sua organização. Com o Domus Dashboard é possível realizar a gestão a vista, rapidamente tomar decisões estratégicas e acompanhar a evolução dos números. Ágil e flexível, permite a configuração dos indicadores ... Free 11/2015
22738   老玩童 老玩童 Music Music Apps like 老玩童 老玩童——中国第一家中老年视听阅读、社交服务平台。我们用声音和文字传递快乐、健康、优雅的生活态度。该应用内一切抽奖活动规则均为本app服务商所定,非苹果官方赞助,特此声明,谢谢。... Free 11/2015
22739   云南美食平台 云南美食平台 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 云南美食平台 云南美食网是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括美食商城、美食资讯等内容一目了然,下载完全免费。...... Free 11/2015
22740   Split My Bill - Simple Bill Splitter & Tip Calculator Split My Bill - Simple Bill Splitter & Tip Calculator Utilities Utilities Apps like Split My Bill - Simple Bill Splitter & Tip Calculator With its simple interface and designated keypad, Split My Bill allows you to split the cost of your bill, while also giving you the option to add a tip. Split My Bill's interface is clean, attractive, fast and most importantly easy to use. Though, ... Free 11/2015
22741   Troll Jumper - The Ogre Game Troll Jumper - The Ogre Game Games Games Apps like Troll Jumper - The Ogre Game The nastiest ogre on the planet have gotten himself into a bit of trouble. He is now stuck on a tiny mountain cliff. Well being the creature that he is he has some rather "un"natural advantages, a kind of special power if you may... Help the ogre jump fr... Free 11/2015
22742   móvilEx móvilEx Travel Travel Apps like móvilEx APP de taxi seguro y auto ejecutivo Just go! Solicita tu traslado desde nuestra APP con 2 ó 3 clicks, de forma automática se te asignará la unidad disponible más cercana. Define el tipo de unidad más cercana: Taxi o unidad más cercana. Auto ejecutivo o ... Free 11/2015
22743   Ricci e Capricci Ricci e Capricci Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Ricci e Capricci Benvenuti nel mio salone di parrucchiere, mi presento sono Nunziata Giuseppe e gestisco Ricci e Capricci con sede ad Inzago in provincia di Milano. Da anni mi occupo di rendere più belli e splendenti i vostri capelli che siate uomini o donne, eseguendo ... Free 11/2015
22744   Fashion Boutique - Dream Shop Fashion Boutique - Dream Shop Games Games Apps like Fashion Boutique - Dream Shop What an exciting job! Be your very own fashion designer in this Boutique Shop - Fashion Dream game where you can jump-start your own fashion career! Start by cleaning up your store and getting everything ready for your designs. Wash the windows, sweep ... Free 11/2015
22745   SHAKIN" SHAKIN" Entertainment Entertainment Apps like SHAKIN" SHAKIN is a smartphone app which connects you and the performer at the event. Find an event and share the time and place of an event that you went to with SHAKIN! **Check out demo movie** https://youtu.be/A38wZALRSdk — Features — - The concept is to co... Free 11/2015
22746   TickTalk! TickTalk! Entertainment Entertainment Apps like TickTalk! TickTalk gives you a new way to waste time – anonymously. * A random app-generated question sparks/starts off the conversation between an anonymous user and yourself. * Be spontaneous! You only get 25 seconds to reply during your turn before the conve... Free 11/2015
22747   医疗服务 医疗服务 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 医疗服务 医疗服务是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括美容整形、中医保健、医疗器械、医疗咨询、健康体检、社区医疗,一目了然,下载完全免费。..... Free 11/2015
22748   Voluntary Tracker Voluntary Tracker Productivity Productivity Apps like Voluntary Tracker The Voluntary Tracker App is location tracking application that allows users to submit their activity to another user via email. You have the ability to hide or delete items you do not want to share with others. This application does use the always allo... $9.99 11/2015
22749   Jing Si Aphorism Jing Si Aphorism Education Education Apps like Jing Si Aphorism The Jing Si Aphorism app contains eighty-eight Jing Si Aphorisms--valuable phrases that combine Master Chen Yen's wisdom with the modern world. We've made this app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This app is optimized for iOS 9 multitask... Free 11/2015
22750   OneClickRadio OneClickRadio Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like OneClickRadio Aplicativo oficial do programa "One Click Radio" do Pr. Edson Bruno. 1 clique e Desfrute Deus!... Free 11/2015
22751   MatchUp Padel MatchUp Padel Utilities Utilities Apps like MatchUp Padel Organize and find new padel matches, save all your data and statistics of your game and keep the score while playing all in one app. Create your club or follow other clubs and organize or find matches easily. Help the members of your padel club to sign ... Free 11/2015
22752   Base9 Dilemma Base9 Dilemma Social Networking Social Networking Apps like Base9 Dilemma Base9 Dilemma – The Anonymous Social Network Why just ask your friends when you can reach out to the whole world? Post a dilemma anonymously and get the helpful advice of the crowd. Help others make their decisions by answering their dilemmas. Posting... Free 11/2015
22753   Go Go Sync Go Go Sync Navigation Navigation Apps like Go Go Sync Navigating the LA Metrolink system has never been easier! This app keeps you up do date by combining system updates with real-time updates from your fellow riders. Now you can know instantly if a train is late, cancelled and if there has been a change to... Free 11/2015
22754   nugs.net nugs.net Music Music Apps like nugs.net Fire up the nugs.net app to listen to last night's show from your favorite bands. Come on board nugs.net's curated live music service to stream thousands of professionally recorded and officially released concerts. Listen to full shows on demand, make ... Free 11/2015
22755   Trip Tracker GPS Trip Tracker GPS Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Trip Tracker GPS Whether you are a passionate outdoor person who likes jogging, hiking, running or cycling; or you are a small business owner who wants to track your business travel records; or you are a frequent traveler who wants to record your journeys; or you want t... Free 11/2015
22756   Tuts Niles Run: Sin City Slotmania Crusaders! Tuts Niles Run: Sin City Slotmania Crusaders! Games Games Apps like Tuts Niles Run: Sin City Slotmania Crusaders! Enjoy Tuts slot madness! With huge bonuses and great jackpot wins FREE to play! Free updates with all slot games No internet required! Play your favorite slots everywhere you go. Unique bonus rounds and free rounds to play Exciting graphics Some... Free 11/2015
22757   Progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobson Progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobson Medical Medical Apps like Progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobson Entspannen – Ausruhen – Kraft tanken Progressive Muskelentspannung (PME) nach Jacobson ist eine wirksame und anerkannte Entspannungsmethode. Die alltagstauglichen und leicht erlernbaren Übungen lösen körperliche und seelische Anspannungen auf und schenk... $4.99 11/2015
22758   Rádio Transamerica Hits 94, 1 Rádio Transamerica Hits 94, 1 Music Music Apps like Rádio Transamerica Hits 94, 1 A Transamérica Hits, em pesquisa realizada pelo Jornal Meio e Mensagem durante 7 anos consecutivos, foi considerada um dos veículos de comunicação mais admirados do Brasil e em Porto Velho não está sendo diferente. Em pouco tempo, já podemos observar ... Free 11/2015
22759   "Моем.Авто" - клуб любителей чистых машин - http://moemauto.club/ "Моем.Авто" - клуб любителей чистых машин - http://moemauto.club/ Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like "Моем.Авто" - клуб любителей чистых машин - http://moemauto.club/ Приложением "Моем.Авто" поможет автовладельцам записаться на ближайшую автомойку на удобное время и сразу же выбрать и оплатить необходимые услуги - http://moemauto.club/... Free 11/2015
22760   Ejazza Travels Ejazza Travels Travel Travel Apps like Ejazza Travels "Simplicity of booking is our target. Our new application makes your trips even simpler." Ejazza Travel was established in 1981. Over the years our company has well developed to cater the high demands & needs of the Kuwait Travel Market. Our services are... Free 11/2015
22761   Dextra. Личный кабинет клиента Dextra. Личный кабинет клиента Business Business Apps like Dextra. Личный кабинет клиента Приложение предназначено для оперативного мониторинга и оценки продвижения проектов в сети интернет. Позволяет детально видеть позиции сайта в разрезе городов, мониторить их за разные периоды, связываться с менеджером компании Dextra для решения операти... Free 11/2015
22762   Wonderland Date Club Wonderland Date Club Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Wonderland Date Club Quality Lifestyle Listings for Married & Dating Couples. Real People! Real Fun! For the open minded, the WONDERLAND DATE CLUB is a social meeting ground for adventurous, married, singles and/or dating couples to meet new friends. Assuming you've had t... Free 11/2015
22763   Properly - A Visual Checklist To Manage Guest Turnovers Properly - A Visual Checklist To Manage Guest Turnovers Business Business Apps like Properly - A Visual Checklist To Manage Guest Turnovers Are you a vacation rental owner or home-sharing host? Very particular about your home’s setup? Do you work hard to ensure every hospitality detail is perfect for your guests? Properly is a new visual checklist tool that lets you easily share your cleaning... Free 11/2015
22764   Formative Formative Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Formative A communication tool for family caregivers of people with dementia. -Stay connected with family, close friends and paid care help. -Share the care needs of your loved one with dementia. -Record and save moments of joy. -Browse effective strategies f... Free 11/2015
22765   Cycle for Men Cycle for Men Education Education Apps like Cycle for Men "Cycle for Men" é um app lúdico e informativo, feito para que homens possam ter informações básica sobre como funciona o ciclo menstrual feminino e receber alertas quando os períodos mudarem. Utilize-o para se divertir com sua esposa e aprender mais sob... Free 11/2015
22766   DrBond DrBond Medical Medical Apps like DrBond DrBond - In this information era, data splurge has resulted in more misinformed patients rather than well informed patients. Doctors are trying their best to find a balance between their personal life and professional life, but this is balance being ske... Free 11/2015
22767   S 토익스피킹 Level7 S 토익스피킹 Level7 Education Education Apps like S 토익스피킹 Level7 "여러분의 꿈과 열정에 도전하세요!" S 토익스피킹 Level7 모바일 교육 앱은 읽기/ 듣기/ 말하기를 병행하여 토익스피킹 학습에 대비할 수 있는 중급 과정입니다. ■ 특징 - 학습강의 -> (질문) 배속별 연습 -> (질문) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> (답변) 배속별 연습 -> (답변) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> 스크립트 작성 및 음성 답변 제출의 순서로 최적의 방법을 순서별로 제공합니다. - 학습에 들어가시기 ... Free 11/2015
22768   S 토익스피킹 Level6 S 토익스피킹 Level6 Education Education Apps like S 토익스피킹 Level6 "여러분의 꿈과 열정에 도전하세요!" S 토익스피킹 Level6 모바일 교육 앱은 읽기/ 듣기/ 말하기를 병행하여 토익스피킹 학습에 대비할 수 있는 중급 과정입니다. ■ 특징 - 학습강의 -> (질문) 배속별 연습 -> (질문) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> (답변) 배속별 연습 -> (답변) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> 스크립트 작성 및 음성 답변 제출의 순서로 최적의 방법을 순서별로 제공합니다. - 학습에 들어가시기 ... Free 11/2015
22769   S 토익스피킹 Level5 S 토익스피킹 Level5 Education Education Apps like S 토익스피킹 Level5 "여러분의 꿈과 열정에 도전하세요!" S 토익스피킹 Level5 모바일 교육 앱은 읽기/ 듣기/ 말하기를 병행하여 토익스피킹 학습에 대비할 수 있는 중급 과정입니다. ■ 특징 - 학습강의 -> (질문) 배속별 연습 -> (질문) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> (답변) 배속별 연습 -> (답변) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> 스크립트 작성 및 음성 답변 제출의 순서로 최적의 방법을 순서별로 제공합니다. - 학습에 들어가시기 ... Free 11/2015
22770   S 토익스피킹 Level4 S 토익스피킹 Level4 Education Education Apps like S 토익스피킹 Level4 "여러분의 꿈과 열정에 도전하세요!" S 토익스피킹 Level4 모바일 교육 앱은 읽기/ 듣기/ 말하기를 병행하여 토익스피킹 학습에 대비할 수 있는 초급 과정입니다. ■ 특징 - 학습강의 -> (질문) 배속별 연습 -> (질문) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> (답변) 배속별 연습 -> (답변) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> 스크립트 작성 및 음성 답변 제출의 순서로 최적의 방법을 순서별로 제공합니다. - 학습에 들어가시기 ... Free 11/2015
22771   S 토익스피킹 Start up S 토익스피킹 Start up Education Education Apps like S 토익스피킹 Start up "여러분의 꿈과 열정에 도전하세요!" S 토익스피킹 Start up 모바일 교육 앱은 읽기/ 듣기/ 말하기를 병행하여 토익스피킹 학습에 대비할 수 있는 입문 과정입니다. ■ 특징 - 학습강의 -> (질문) 배속별 연습 -> (질문) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> (답변) 배속별 연습 -> (답변) 배속별 따라 말하고 녹음 및 발음비교 -> 스크립트 작성 및 음성 답변 제출의 순서로 최적의 방법을 순서별로 제공합니다. - 학습에 들어가시... Free 11/2015
22772   St. Margaret's Episcopal School's Tartan Exchange St. Margaret's Episcopal School's Tartan Exchange Education Education Apps like St. Margaret's Episcopal School's Tartan Exchange The St. Margaret's Episcopal School's Tartan Exchange app is the official community app that puts St. Margaret's and the St. Margaret's family at your fingertips. Get more out of being a Tartan that ever before: * Receive curated St. Margaret's news bas... Free 11/2015
22773   学业自评 学业自评 Education Education Apps like 学业自评 “学业自评”是基于一套智慧学习方案的一款展示学生成绩波动的服务类软件。配合该套智慧学习方案的实施,帮助学生看到自己的差距,自己的潜力,自己的问题所在,自己的变化规律,帮助学生学会自我分析与自我控制。... Free 11/2015
22774   家居元 家居元 Business Business Apps like 家居元 家居元是家居全产业链数据集成服务平台,汇集了花色汇,板材汇,五金汇,家具汇,直通号等功能板块,为家居全产业链用户提供智能化采购、全平台营销解决方案。... Free 11/2015
22775   广西特色产品网 广西特色产品网 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 广西特色产品网 广西特色产品一个详细介绍广西特产情况的平台,涵盖了特色产品、动态资讯、招商代理、企业库、供求商机、行情价格、品牌榜、展览展会、图库等,阅读简便,信息丰富,能更优质的为广大访客提供丰富的广西特产资讯服务。... Free 11/2015
22776   Don’t Thieve  Me Don’t Thieve Me Games Games Apps like Don’t Thieve Me Don’t Thieve Me is a quick game of skill. You are hired to watch over a rich person's home for the day. His home is a prime place for burglars, your job is to monitor the three floors of the home by swiping side to side. You have five seconds to tap and ... Free 11/2015
22777   Fir4sGamer Fir4sGamer Photography Photography Apps like Fir4sGamer تابع آخر حلقات فراس قيمر على اليوتيوب جميع الحقوق محفوظة ل فراس الجهني، وهو المؤلف الأصلي لجميع مقاطع الفيديو و هذا البرنامج هو مجرد تعبير عن إعجابي بمقاطع فيديو فراس الجهني و خصوصا لعبة ماينكرافت.... Free 11/2015
22778   Sexy Black fling - lonely strangers talk,  meet & match Sexy Black fling - lonely strangers talk, meet & match Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Sexy Black fling - lonely strangers talk, meet & match Find love, romance, and companionship with this app from Sexy Black fling. Download for Free and seeking some hot chicks to flirt with tonight? Sexy Black fling is a top social discovery mobile dating app where you can Chat with black singles, Meet ne... Free 11/2015
22779   Colorgram - Coloring Book for Adults - Free Colorgram - Coloring Book for Adults - Free Games Games Apps like Colorgram - Coloring Book for Adults - Free Coloring book now on your mobile! Best stress reliever! Beautiful and unique illustrations of Colorgram will provide you Relaxation. Just tap to color! - Lovely illustrations : Floral, Famous Painting, Mandala, Animals, Sea, Architecture, Pattern... Free 11/2015
22780   酒友会 酒友会 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 酒友会 酒友会涵盖了行业资讯、推荐招商、热销产品、酒水展示、酒文化、健康养生、鉴别品评等,阅读简便,信息丰富,欢迎免费下载。... Free 11/2015
22781   Olent Ottica Olent Ottica Utilities Utilities Apps like Olent Ottica L’applicazione consente di tenere sempre aggiornati, tramite l’ottico di fiducia, i vostri dati inerenti ad Occhiali e Lenti a Contatto; vi verranno segnalate eventuali problematiche legate a situazioni meteo particolari come irraggiamento U.V. ( se fuo... Free 11/2015
22782   学点点——关心桥个性化学习作业好帮手 学点点——关心桥个性化学习作业好帮手 Education Education Apps like 学点点——关心桥个性化学习作业好帮手 学点点是一款辅助学生学习,加强家校联系的平台。其主要功能有: 1、通知公告 学校老师快捷发送通知公告,家长实时接收信息。 2、推送学习内容 老师个性化的向学生推送学习内容,学生随时学习。 3、问答 学生随时向老师提问,老师则实时帮助学生答疑解惑。 4、家长学校 安全、家庭教育、心理等随时自主学习内容。... Free 11/2015
22783   Beyond Light Beyond Light Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Beyond Light Beyond TIme LED Music Light BT3 is the ultimate in terms of providing entertainment in one compact device. Install this app on your phone and party on the go.... The app helps connect to the LED Bulb (Beyond TIme LED Music Light BT3) via bluetooth which ... Free 11/2015
22784   MySelf MySelf Photography Photography Apps like MySelf Now you can make a perfect selfie with the back of your cell phone camera. With MySelf you will have all the quality and characteristics of the rear camera. This program is a key part of MySelf accessory (see the myselfmobile.net site). Agora você pode f... Free 11/2015
22785   VoiceLegacy VoiceLegacy Entertainment Entertainment Apps like VoiceLegacy Have you ever wondered how many fascinating histories elders have? All those lifelong experiences can change people’s lives, improving our decision-making skills. Their experience is, without doubts, mankind’s biggest treasure! Voice Legacy is the wis... Free 11/2015
22786   小动作 小动作 Utilities Utilities Apps like 小动作 ----- 简 介 ----- 小动作是一款小巧、简单、易用的GIF制作软件,可以拍摄超好玩的动态照片,制作真人QQ表情或DIY广告图片,并一键分享到主流社交平台。 -----主要功能----- ·录制GIF:可用手机或iPad的摄像头录制一段视频来生成GIF文件; ·自定义GIF:可选择本地图片,自定义像素生成GIF文件; ·个性化GIF:可选择需要涂鸦的单帧进行修改,设置GIF播放速度,倒序生成GIF文件; ·一键分享:可把生成的GIF文件分享到主流社交平台。 -----联系我们----- 如在... Free 11/2015
22787   SLOTS Fruits Jackpot Casino Pro - Game Slots 2015 SLOTS Fruits Jackpot Casino Pro - Game Slots 2015 Games Games Apps like SLOTS Fruits Jackpot Casino Pro - Game Slots 2015 Spin to win the Jackpot and Amazing Bonus Games Enjoy to play the best slots machine with stunning graphic, smooth animations. This game is designed to give you the same experience as you are in the real casino. Features: - Tons of Free coins. - Simula... $2.99 11/2015
22788   ZumapaloozaTEN 2015 ZumapaloozaTEN 2015 Business Business Apps like ZumapaloozaTEN 2015 This is the official app for ZumapaloozaTEN 2015.... Free 11/2015
22789   Molcajete Taqueria Molcajete Taqueria Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like Molcajete Taqueria Introducing our Mobile Ordering; the quickest way to place an order from any of our locations and menus!... Free 11/2015
22790   Meredith Village Savings Bank - Mobile Meredith Village Savings Bank - Mobile Finance Finance Apps like Meredith Village Savings Bank - Mobile Meredith Village Savings Bank's FREE Mobile Banking Application - optimized for iPhone and iPad devices.* FEATURES OF MVSB MOBILE BANKING • Review account balances and transactions • Transfer funds between accounts • Pay bills** • View copies of cleared ... Free 11/2015
22791   Open Badge Academy Open Badge Academy Education Education Apps like Open Badge Academy Evidence your skills on the move and earn employer endorsed digital badges from Open Badge Academy. Capture video, photo and audio wherever you are and add them as badge evidence. Build a profile of your badge achievements and share with employers and t... Free 11/2015
22792   CookTyme CookTyme Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like CookTyme Showcase your amazing cooking to family, friends and everyone. Connect with awesome chefs and learn about new recipes.... Free 11/2015
22793   中蜂 中蜂 Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like 中蜂 中蜂网是一款手机APP,软件界面操作明细便捷,清晰,帮助用户在最短的时间做到最优质的服务,软件分类清晰包括:槐花蜜、橙花蜜、枣花蜜、蜂花粉、蜂胶、蜂蜡等一目了然,下载完全免费。... Free 11/2015
22794   myBETAapp™ myBETAapp™ Medical Medical Apps like myBETAapp™ "myBETAapp™ is designed to assist you with managing your injections. It provides you with tools to record injection information either manually entered or automatically by connecting the BETACONNECT™ autoinjector. It provides options for enabling third pa... Free 11/2015
22795   Mafia City Parking Mafia City Parking Games Games Apps like Mafia City Parking In Mafia City Parking you will receive some missions to see if you are good enough to take part of their "family". Get behind the wheels of some of the most exquisite vehicles you ever touched and try to follow the instructions closely. There is a lot o... Free 11/2015
22796   澳門博彩資訊 澳門博彩資訊 Business Business Apps like 澳門博彩資訊 澳門博彩資訊協會成立於2014年9月,是由多位資深的博彩從業員及中介人組成,他們都對博彩業含有相當豐富的經驗。各成員對業界貢獻良多,在業內無人不曉及具影響力。最後,本會的使命是建立一個業界的平台讓世界名地的博彩從業員認識澳門博彩業的發展,也能透過這本平台互相交流博彩資訊,促使博彩業健康發展。... Free 11/2015
22797   Speeq Learn Languages Quicker Speeq Learn Languages Quicker Education Education Apps like Speeq Learn Languages Quicker • Probably the quickest way of learning vocabulary! • English, Spanish, German, French, Polish • Select language and level free of charge Thousands of words and phrases in 5 languages • Three perfect learning modes Memorizing, Spelling, Listening... Free 11/2015
22798   万马能效管理平台 万马能效管理平台 Productivity Productivity Apps like 万马能效管理平台 能效管理平台为机构、企业、园区、物业等能源管理单位提供一个基于互联网的服务平台 ,帮助企业推进能源管理与节能减排工作。让客户以很少的投入就能得到专业运维团队管理的 能源管理系统与专家服务。 平台集数据采集、统计分析、移动应用、专业服务、信息互动于一身,支持分项计量、电费分析、需量管理、功率因数分析、谐波分析等高级应用功能等。平台所采用的各种表计与采集设备均符合电力、能源行业相关国家标准。... Free 11/2015
22799   江苏纸业网[官] 江苏纸业网[官] Business Business Apps like 江苏纸业网[官] 江苏纸业网 是一款集供求信息、最新报价、纸业分类、纸业资讯、院校机构、产业链、企业名录、政策法规、纸业人才、展会信息等为一体的手机应用软件。全面整合江苏纸业网的供求信息、最新报价、纸业分类、纸业资讯、院校机构、产业链、企业名录、政策法规、纸业人才、展会信息等相关行业信息。 应用特色 1. 内容全面丰富,涵盖江苏纸业网相关最新报价、纸业分类、产业链等资讯。 2. 界面以清晰明了为主体设计风格,给用户一种看着舒心,用着顺心之感! 整洁:排版先后有序,分布简洁时尚; 专业:定位江苏纸业网,信息服务专业全面; ... Free 11/2015
22800   McMenamins McMenamins Food & Drink Food & Drink Apps like McMenamins The official McMenamins for iPhone and iPod Touch app provides a quick reference to our Northwest destinations, music & events, movies, and our popular McMenamins Passport—for every Cosmic Tripster. Locate the nearest McMenamins, discover our drink a... Free 11/2015

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