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3401   Gift Escape Gift Escape Adventure Adventure Apps like Gift Escape Games2Jolly - Gift Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games2Jolly Team. Always santa give gifts for us.This time u should help to santa. Yes dude! Imagine here our santa missed his gift bags.unfortuntely he missed his room keys too... Free 12/2015
3402   Estate House Escape Estate House Escape Adventure Adventure Apps like Estate House Escape Games2Jolly - Estate House Escape is the new point and click escape game from games2jolly family. You fell asleep and in your dream you see yourself locked up in a Estate house in which you were staying. You need to escape from there ASAP before somethin... Free 12/2015
3403   Cookie Angela Cookie Angela Casual Casual Apps like Cookie Angela Download Cookie Angela for free now. It’s Fabulous!Cookie Angela is a brand new game brings a new way of match-3 fun in Cookie Game. New candies, new cookie, more divine, more star combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple sugar soda!... Free 12/2015
3404   theBall theBall Casual Casual Apps like theBall theBall... Free 12/2015
3405   Newborn baby bath care Newborn baby bath care Casual Casual Apps like Newborn baby bath care This is a really lovely baby. She is very naughty and today her mother wants to have a bathing for her. Are you willing to help her be her assistant to take care of the little baby washing? Come to inject water in the bathtub firstly and then put some bat... Free 12/2015
3406   Crazy Turret Crazy Turret Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Crazy Turret If you belong to the category of gamers who love playing highly exciting games that keep you on the edge of the seat, then Crazy Turret is for you. Crazy Turret is a game that requires all your focus. It tests resistance and features a red bouncing balls ... Free 12/2015
3407   Black Horse Racing Jump Race Black Horse Racing Jump Race Racing Racing Apps like Black Horse Racing Jump Race Live in the reality of having a realistic horse and join the world of real horse racing! This is the most adventurous racing simulation game.Are you able to ride your stallion and dodge, jump over the obstacles in the racing competitions? Steer your horse... Free 12/2015
3408   City Tow Truck Driver City Tow Truck Driver Simulation Simulation Apps like City Tow Truck Driver In City Tow Truck Driver you will start as an young tow trucker and you have to learn the job. As a young tow trucker you start the game with some parking lot excercises after you complete these exercises well you can go out on the streets of the city and... Free 12/2015
3409   sprylab kocht sprylab kocht Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like sprylab kocht Entdecken Sie die klassischen, exotischen und neu interpretierten Rezept-Schätze der sprylab Mitarbeiter im „sprylab kocht“ Magazin. Mit der Winterausgabe möchten wir uns bei allen Kunden und Geschäftspartnern für die tolle Zusammenarbeit in diesem Jahr b... Free 12/2015
3410   Bredeck-Bakker Bredeck-Bakker Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bredeck-Bakker Bredeck-Bakker Alter Gasthof Das schönste Hotel nützt nichts ohne die Menschen, die ein Konzept mit Leben füllen. Das Wesentliche an einem Ausflug ist das „Drumherum“. Bei uns passt einfach alles: Beim Essen die beste Qualität – darauf achtet unsere Chefk... Free 12/2015
3411   Delicada Kosmetikstudio Berlin Delicada Kosmetikstudio Berlin Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Delicada Kosmetikstudio Berlin A warm and welcoming beuty center in the heart of Berlin Charlottenburg. Download the app and enjoy discounts, makeup tips, special gifts. Book a seat and benefit of a unique beuty treatment. Come try a brand new Shellac and choose the color that suits yo... Free 12/2015
3412   تقويم كل مسلم تقويم كل مسلم Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like تقويم كل مسلم وهو عَمَل عِلْميّ متميّز مبنيٌّ على تبيين فضائل الأيام؛ نسبةً إلى أسمائها، وكذا الشهور، نصوصه صحيحة ليس فيه أحاديث ضعيفة. إنها مفكّرة كلِّ مسلمٍ بحقّ فهي للعلماء وطُلاّب العلم والدعاة إلى الله - تعالى- وعامّةِ الناس... ومن الأمثلة على ذلك:* حديث جابر في ب... Free 12/2015
3413   Muslim App: Prayer Time,  Quran Muslim App: Prayer Time, Quran Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Muslim App: Prayer Time, Quran Complete All in One Muslim Application With 12 Features : Prayer Times, Qibla Compass, Islamic Calendar, Ramadan TImes, Mosque Finder, Tasbeeh Counter, Hadiths, Date Converter, 5 Pillars of Islam, Daily Duas, 99 Names of Allah, Quran.Features and Requirem... Free 12/2015
3414   Business Ringtones Business Ringtones Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Business Ringtones Show how professional you are! Download Business Ringtones with new ringtones and free sounds and look professional.Looking for more serious sounds? Business Ringtones app with latest ringtones, best business ringtones and free sounds will make you look m... Free 12/2015
3415   Santa Claus Photo Editor HD Santa Claus Photo Editor HD Photography Photography Apps like Santa Claus Photo Editor HD ❅ Santa Claus Photo Editor ❅ is an application of Photo Montage made for this Christmas !Do you want to look like SANTA CLAUS ?Check this full pack of Santa Claus costumes in very high quality made specially to make you happy and the kids.Put on your St.... Free 12/2015
3416   Merry Christmas Photo Frames Merry Christmas Photo Frames Photography Photography Apps like Merry Christmas Photo Frames Merry Christmas Photo Frame in which you can share photo frame to your friends and family and lovers also.Lovely collection of Christmas photo frames, get a lot of love with Merry Christmas Photo Frames. Collect your lover’s photo from your android galler... Free 12/2015
3417   Super Chivo World 2 Super Chivo World 2 Adventure Adventure Apps like Super Chivo World 2 Action Chivo game is Jump and Run Game parody The traps are different from what you would expect from a jump and run game. Skill and a bit of imagination are needed and nerves of steel because it can be frustrating at times (which makes the game so addic... Free 12/2015
3418   Kitchen Scramble - QA Kitchen Scramble - QA Arcade Arcade Apps like Kitchen Scramble - QA You’re a brand new chef with just a food truck and a dream -- to cook your way to the top of the culinary world!-Cook hundreds of dishes, with steps based on real recipes-Serve interesting, demanding, and unique customers -Meet the Politician, the Cop, th... Free 12/2015
3419   Yandere VS Robots Yandere VS Robots Arcade Arcade Apps like Yandere VS Robots CREDITS FOR AUDIO:gunshot1.mp3 - Recorded by [RA The Sun God]gunshot2.mp3 - Recorded by [GoodSoundForYou]gunshot3.mp3 - Recorded by [gunna76]-------------------------------------------------RobotDeath1.mp3 - Recorded by [Mike Koenig]RobotShoot1.mp3-------... Free 12/2015
3420   Block Puzzle Mania Legend Block Puzzle Mania Legend Arcade Arcade Apps like Block Puzzle Mania Legend This is a classic yet innovative game!As long as you tap sideways or vertically and connected into a line can be eliminated and got scoresDownload it and you will love this game!Game Features:- Simple & Beautiful Graphics- Addictive Gameplay- Ranking Onli... Free 12/2015
3421   Escape Hospital Now! Escape Hospital Now! Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape Hospital Now! Assume that a kid wants to go the soccer match but he is stuck inside the hospital. Will you help him to escape. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles.... Free 12/2015
3422   Chess Game King Chess Game King Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Chess Game King Chess Game King is a game to install in your android, always in your pocket, aims to make the best moves in the game of chess is to beat your opponent.Game Features:- Simple two-game options * Game VS Human* Game VS Al- Other characteristics.Good luck eve... Free 12/2015
3423   Cool Maths Cool Maths Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Cool Maths This is the perfect app to have a good maths challengeHow to play:- You have only one second to choose correct answer- Reach high score- challenge your friends Enjoy the game :) ... Free 12/2015
3424   Flux Bluetooth Flux Bluetooth Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Flux Bluetooth Flux Bluetooth is a revolutionary new light bulb that changes the way you see light. Flux Bluetooth is a Bluetooth enabled smart LED light bulb that you can control with your smart phone or tablet. With the Flux Bluetooth app, you can get creative and pe... Free 12/2015
3425   Free Phone Calls Free Phone Calls Media & Video Media & Video Apps like Free Phone Calls Video calling lets you see and hear the person you are talking to on your mobile device and lets them see and hear you can make video calls, video calls and receive calls from other members. I will use video call, you must call - video capable. See a vide... Free 12/2015
3426   GSKO 2016 GSKO 2016 Business Business Apps like GSKO 2016 Equinix GSKO 2016 participants will use the event app to create connection. The app is provides interactivity and engagement for participants. Content includes participant lists, instant messaging, business card exchanges, PSA pre-scheduled appointments, ... Free 12/2015
3427   Dianthus Caryophyllus Theme Dianthus Caryophyllus Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Dianthus Caryophyllus Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionDianthus Caryophyllus Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. The essence of flowers is not in the language that descripes them, it is the feeling of warmth a... Free 12/2015
3428   Gentleman Theme Gentleman Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Gentleman Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionGentleman Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. More than 30 beautiful icons and HD Wallpapers will amaze you!The theme includes application icons, wallpape... Free 12/2015
3429   Coco Theme Coco Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Coco Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionCoco Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. More than 30 beautiful icons and HD Wallpapers will amaze you!The theme includes application icons, wallpaper, fo... Free 12/2015
3430   Merry Christmas Theme Merry Christmas Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Merry Christmas Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionMerry Christmas Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. More than 30 beautiful icons and HD Wallpapers will amaze you!The theme includes application icons, wa... Free 12/2015
3431   Space Dream Theme Space Dream Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Space Dream Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionSpace Dream Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. Childlike cartoon, cute icons, pretty wallpapers and delicate hand painting shine here,calling you in the ... Free 12/2015
3432   Full House-Solo Theme Full House-Solo Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Full House-Solo Theme The Full House theme with gorgeous UI is now available!★★★Brand new Full House style,5-STARS quality★★★100+ Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icons★★★HD Full House wallpapers!★★★Totally FREE,with continuous update★★★Design for you! If you really want some... Free 12/2015
3433   Beautiful Waterfall 4K Live Beautiful Waterfall 4K Live Personalization Personalization Apps like Beautiful Waterfall 4K Live A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf.In some senses, a waterfall is the planet at its most rudimentary... Free 12/2015
3434   Winter Nature Beauty 4K Live Winter Nature Beauty 4K Live Photography Photography Apps like Winter Nature Beauty 4K Live People celebrate Christmas Day in many ways. In the days or even weeks before Christmas Day, many people decorate their homes and gardens with lights, Christmas trees and much more. It is common to organize a special meal, often consisting of turkey and a... Free 12/2015
3435   Dangerous Snakes 4K Live Dangerous Snakes 4K Live Personalization Personalization Apps like Dangerous Snakes 4K Live Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. Like all squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping... Free 12/2015
3436   Calm Sea Waves 4K Live Wallpap Calm Sea Waves 4K Live Wallpap Personalization Personalization Apps like Calm Sea Waves 4K Live Wallpap The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. However, water does not actually travel in waves. Wave... Free 12/2015
3437   El Mundo de Los Viajes El Mundo de Los Viajes Travel & Local Travel & Local Apps like El Mundo de Los Viajes Wir sind ein Reisebüro mit hohen Anforderungen an die Qualität unserer Leistungen ... Free 12/2015
3438   Ice Farm Frenzy 3 Guide Ice Farm Frenzy 3 Guide Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Ice Farm Frenzy 3 Guide Analysis: Ice age is pretty much a companion piece to American Pie. Not as complex as the main Farm Frenzy games, instead concentrating on perfecting one farm, albeit a rather strange one. Playing American Pie, for instance, could necessitate raising shee... Free 12/2015
3439   Radio Bosnian Radio Bosnian News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Radio Bosnian Bosnian Radio has collected the most popular Bosnian radio stations and let you enjoy your favorite radio wherever you go.Main features: - Background playback allows you activating other application while listening- Most popular radio stations- Station se... Free 12/2015
3440   Strategy2050 Strategy2050 News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Strategy2050 Strategy2050 is the information agency that reports about all important events of national significance in Kazakhstan. "Management", "Energy", "Ecology", "Knowledge based economy", "Human capital", "Urbanization" and "International Integration" headings i... Free 12/2015
3441   Material Palette Samples Material Palette Samples Tools Tools Apps like Material Palette Samples This application helps select the optimal palette for your material design application.... Free 12/2015
3442   Smoke Live Wallpaper Smoke Live Wallpaper Personalization Personalization Apps like Smoke Live Wallpaper Smoke Live Wallpaper – beautiful free live wallpaper with fully animated effect of steamy cinemagraph on your screen and lock screen !FEATURES:- Great Animated wallpaper with very realistic smoke effect, girl and cloud.- Animated HD background 3d photo o... Free 12/2015
3443   3D Pixel Live Wallpaper 3D Pixel Live Wallpaper Personalization Personalization Apps like 3D Pixel Live Wallpaper 3d pixel Live Wallpaper – beautiful free live wallpaper with fully animated effect of steamy cinemagraph on your screen and lock screen !FEATURES:- Great Animated wallpaper with very realistic city live effect, digital pixels , pixel art and movements.- A... Free 12/2015
3444   Essen Hintergrundbilder Essen Hintergrundbilder Personalization Personalization Apps like Essen Hintergrundbilder Essen Live Wallpaper - schöne kostenlose Live-Wallpaper mit voll animierten Effekt der dampfenden cinemagramm auf Ihrem Bildschirm und Bildschirm sperren!EIGENSCHAFTEN:- Groß Animated Wallpaper mit sehr realistisch Café Drop-Effekt, süß Eis und Dessert.- ... Free 12/2015
3445   Taj mahal launcher and theme Taj mahal launcher and theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Taj mahal launcher and theme Taj Mahal launcher and theme is a free theme specially designed for its users, including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers, which can personalize your device easily.-Here we have the most fabulous themes and wallpapers.Monuments are the prid... Free 12/2015
3446   Gold Launcher And Theme Gold Launcher And Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Gold Launcher And Theme Presenting the new Gold Theme and Launcher! This theme gives you support for many new icons as well as different wallpapers to choose from! Giving the impression of intense gold.The atmosphere is charming and upstage....The best and brand new gold launche... Free 12/2015
3447   Call Recorder Call Recorder Tools Tools Apps like Call Recorder Call Recorder provides you the simplest thanks to record all of your phone conversations and manage them.1. Record your calls mechanically whereas business.2. Organize your decision records. you'll be able to read all of your calls with choices like list ... Free 12/2015
3448   Christmas Lock Christmas Lock Tools Tools Apps like Christmas Lock Christmas Screen Lock for android, Free 3D Christmas gitf on your home screen of android smart phone. Day become came for wish christmas new year to your friends and relatives.Smart way to impress your friends and family members by show christmas screen l... Free 12/2015
3449   Shore Thing Vacation Rentals Shore Thing Vacation Rentals Travel & Local Travel & Local Apps like Shore Thing Vacation Rentals Shore Thing Vacation Rentals is designed for rental guests vacationing at properties managed by and visitors interested in finding out about what the towns of Cape Meares, Netarts, and Oceanside on the Oregon Coast has to offer while on vacation. Shore Th... Free 12/2015
3450   Locations Locations Travel & Local Travel & Local Apps like Locations This is a game for students at the University of Rhode Island. This is a scavenger hunt type game. Each player is given a riddle, once they solve the riddle they will know where to go, they go to the location and tell the game that they are there. Each ti... Free 12/2015
3451   Ghost in photo Ghost in photo Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Ghost in photo Hi friends use this "Ghost in photo" application to scare your friends by putting ghost in anypicture from your assortment .1)This app permits you to decide on pictures either from camera or gallery.2)Once you decide on the image you'll be able to add any... Free 12/2015
3452   City photograph Frames City photograph Frames Photography Photography Apps like City photograph Frames City photograph Frames area unit the simplest thanks to embellish your photos in attractive town views and build wonderful photos.City photograph Frames embrace renowned town frames like San Francisco, New York, London, metropolis area unit enclosed in to... Free 12/2015
3453   Baby Photo Frame Baby Photo Frame Photography Photography Apps like Baby Photo Frame Decorate your photos with these unbelievable frames, opt for a photograph from the gallery or take a photograph with the camera, then apply the frame that you simply like and you'll be able to save the ikon, share with friends or transfer to social networ... Free 12/2015
3454   Night photograph frames Night photograph frames Photography Photography Apps like Night photograph frames Night photograph frames has associate awe ennobling assortment of night sky pictures with fantastic themes which will merely blow your mind.With night photograph frames you'll expertise the swift magic of the enthralled night that pulls United States into... Free 12/2015
3455   Face Projector Simulator Face Projector Simulator Photography Photography Apps like Face Projector Simulator Surprise everyone! Face Projector machine Prank may be a fun joke application! See the face projection of you or your cherished ones, anyplace you want! read a face projection on the table, wall or perhaps the sky!If you're keen on sensible jokes, you may... Free 12/2015
3456   The Red Eagle The Red Eagle Personalization Personalization Apps like The Red Eagle This piece of wallpaper is the theme of the red eagle. This piece of wallpaper is on a dark blue background, an eagle on the wallpaper, color is red, very pretty, like a flame of a thing, as if to burn up.If you like this wallpaper, download it immediatel... Free 12/2015
3457   Face under the mask Face under the mask Personalization Personalization Apps like Face under the mask Man with a heavy mask, people are afraid to know and never want to know, smiley mask below what a face. Always put the mask when viewed face, but I do not know smiley face masks are often below a face with tears.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher... Free 12/2015
3458   The Crown of the Eagle The Crown of the Eagle Personalization Personalization Apps like The Crown of the Eagle This piece of wallpaper is the theme of the crown of the eagle. This piece of wallpaper is on a dark blue background, an eagle on the wallpaper, color is black, wearing a crown on the neck of the eagle, particularly good-looking.If you like this wallpaper... Free 12/2015
3459   Mask survival Mask survival Personalization Personalization Apps like Mask survival You bring a mask, resist it's only yourself. Everyone, do not want to change themselves, but also because people and forced change. In front of you hate people, have to face with a smile and friendly conversation, you will feel very fake laugh, very hypoc... Free 12/2015
3460   Code </html> Code </html> Personalization Personalization Apps like Code </html> The background is black, black background is very dark, no frills and patterns on it.Draw a black background on top of the two rows of white letters and symbols, written above the three symbols in a row and four letters, the font is relatively large, the ... Free 12/2015
3461   The domineering eagle The domineering eagle Personalization Personalization Apps like The domineering eagle This piece of wallpaper is the theme of domineering eagle. This piece of wallpaper is a dark gray background, has been the eagle God in a downward wait, as if in search of their prey as. Especially the domineering.If you like this wallpaper, download it i... Free 12/2015
3462   2G Video Calls Chat 2G Video Calls Chat Media & Video Media & Video Apps like 2G Video Calls Chat Video calling lets you see and hear the person you are talking to on your mobile device and lets them see and hear you can make video calls, video calls and receive calls from other members. I will use video call, you must call - video capable. See a vide... Free 12/2015
3463   Linda Rowsey Linda Rowsey Business Business Apps like Linda Rowsey Innovative! Practical! Just plain fun! Everything that's happening in our Mary Kay unit in the palm of your hand. Get directions. Share photos. Submit RSVPs. Invite guests. Chat together. Maps & DirectionsDirector Video MessageEvent Calendar & Det... Free 12/2015
3464   Bomber Z Bomber Z Arcade Arcade Apps like Bomber Z Bomber Z- help the hero deal with a variety of enemies in an intricate maze. Place bombs and explode your opponents. Explode all the obstacles on your way in this game for Android. Control the hero moving through levels. Place explosive traps for enemies.... Free 12/2015
3465   CARPHA CARPHA Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like CARPHA Oriented towards finding solutions for public health issues and is available on android platforms.... Free 12/2015
3466   Christine's Studio of Dance Christine's Studio of Dance Productivity Productivity Apps like Christine's Studio of Dance Christine's Studio of Dance is a non-competition, recreational dance school located in Monroeville, Salem County, NJ. We offer classes in tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, hip hop, lyrical, and modern, teaching students age 2-adult.This App features the followi... Free 12/2015
3467   Skin Care Guide Skin Care Guide Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Skin Care Guide Your skin will have to last you a lifetime!Try these steps to pamper and maintain healthy skin.Learn how to take care of your skin with these application videos featuring licensed esthetician.In this application we will help you to learn step by step How ... Free 12/2015
3468   Kh Dream Fortune Teller Kh Dream Fortune Teller Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Kh Dream Fortune Teller Kh Dream Fortune Teller is an application predicts,horoscope and astrology your dreamed.Want to know the story or details behind dreamed?If yes this application can help you!Let's Install and enjoy with it :D ... Free 12/2015
3469   DotsConnect Mouse & CheeseCake DotsConnect Mouse & CheeseCake Puzzle Puzzle Apps like DotsConnect Mouse & CheeseCake Dots Connect Mouse and Cheese Cake is game puzzle very funny and difficulty !How to play game: You choose the edge of the square so that creates a cube has the largest area. you can choose cheese cake to keep the cheese before the mice intelligence (AI).... Free 12/2015
3470   Name Photo Lock Screen Name Photo Lock Screen Personalization Personalization Apps like Name Photo Lock Screen Name Photo Lock Screen show your phone ownership by showing your name and your photo on your screen lock.Name Photo Screen Lock provides you best experience of phone lock. Feature:Slide to unlock your phoneBattery status with percentageUnread message noti... Free 12/2015
3471   Csound for Android Csound for Android Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Csound for Android Csound is an open source user-programmable software sound synthesizer of great power, originally created by Barry Vercoe at MIT in 1984. Users write instrument definitions in Csound's orchestra language to render notes written in Csound's score language, ... Free 12/2015
3472   Coran Abdullah Kandari Coran Abdullah Kandari Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Coran Abdullah Kandari Cette application vous permet d'écouter la récitation de Juz Amma, du Saint Coran par Abdullah Kandari. Ne nécessite pas de téléchargement il suffit d'installer l'application et sélectionnez le sourate écouter via internet.Tags : coran mp3, coran mp3 grat... Free 12/2015
3473   Cifras Melódicas Offline Cifras Melódicas Offline Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Cifras Melódicas Offline Muitas cifras melódicas para tocar violão,flauta,gaita,teclado,escaleta,clarinete,violino,trompete e muito mais!!!!!Cifras Melódicas de Animes, Rock, Gospel, Clássica, Games e muito mais!!Mapas de notas dos instrumentos e tutorial de como tocar cifras mel... Free 12/2015
3474   Les Barrés PRO Les Barrés PRO Productivity Productivity Apps like Les Barrés PRO L'application Les Barrés PRO est un agenda dédié à la gestion des réservations d'établissements. Elle permet aux partenaires des Barrés de traiter instantanément les demandes de réservations de leurs clients et d'en enregistrer de nouvelles facilement. Il... Free 12/2015
3475   Backup and Restore Backup and Restore Tools Tools Apps like Backup and Restore Backup and RestoreBackup and Restore is a friendly application that can quickly and easily back up most of the data you keep on your Android device: Backup and Restore File is easy to learn, and each step is accompanied by a tip. Backup & Restore : Pictur... Free 12/2015
3476   Apps and Backup Apps and Backup Tools Tools Apps like Apps and Backup Apps and BackupBackup and Restore app for Android.This app will backup and restore files from your device stored in the SD CardYou can choose position to save and if you have other backups done choose which backup to restore! Apps and Backup is the easie... Free 12/2015
3477   CKD Go! CKD Go! Medical Medical Apps like CKD Go! This app allows you to view a personalised action plan based on the eGFR and urine albumin:creatinine ratio. Action plans and staging criteria have been adapted from CKD Management in General Practice, Kidney Health Australia.This guide is based upon the ... Free 12/2015
3478   Bike Spot Bike Spot Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Bike Spot Bike Spot displays stolen bike locations and bike docks in Montreal. This way, you can see the safest place to lock your bicycle. You can see your location on the map. You can switch between markers of stolen bike locations (area you should avoid!) and bi... Free 12/2015
3479   biorhythm. biorhythm. Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like biorhythm. With this app you can let you show all your friends biorhythms. ... Free 12/2015
3480   make24. make24. Puzzle Puzzle Apps like make24. The aim of the game is to manage four digit numbers by elementary arithmetic operations, to generate the result of 24.The numbers are generated randomly.Each of the random numbers must be used 1x and only 1x.Allowed are only elementary arithmetic operatio... Free 12/2015
3481   Info-Consult Rythmologie Info-Consult Rythmologie Medical Medical Apps like Info-Consult Rythmologie Cette application met à disposition des médecins un outil d'information qui se veut simple et moderne.Les schémas et les vidéos affichés en temps réel sur l'écranont pour vocation de remplacer le bon vieux croquis fait en consultation.Puisse cet outil fav... Free 12/2015
3482   Watstime Watstime Communication Communication Apps like Watstime We’re here to change the way you think alarms work.Watstime is the world’s first alarm messenger! Despite a ton of alarm apps around, most just have a revamped UI and nothing else; Watstime concentrates on functionality.Set your Watstime with custom attac... Free 12/2015
3483   Spring Branch ISD Spring Branch ISD Education Education Apps like Spring Branch ISD With the Spring Branch ISD mobile app, your school district comes alive with the touch of a button. Easily navigate through current news and events or check out the latest updates with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Quickly retrieve contact infor... Free 12/2015
3484   UCAE App UCAE App Education Education Apps like UCAE App UNC Charlotte University Center for Academic Excellence- The purpose of this App is to provide easily accessible information to the students about academic support services offered by UNC Charlotte University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE) and othe... Free 12/2015
3485   Everman ISD Everman ISD Education Education Apps like Everman ISD Everman ISD mobile app, your school district comes alive with the touch of a button. Easily navigate through current news and events or check out the latest updates with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Quickly retrieve contact information, sportin... Free 12/2015
3486   Warrensburg CSD Warrensburg CSD Education Education Apps like Warrensburg CSD With the Warrensburg CSD mobile app, your school district comes alive with the touch of a button. Easily navigate through current news and events or check out the latest updates with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Quickly retrieve contact informa... Free 12/2015
3487   Fethetme Rehberi Fethetme Rehberi Education Education Apps like Fethetme Rehberi Oyunda çıkan soruları Google'da aramak yerine bu uygulamada arayarak cevaba daha çabuk ulaşabilirsiniz.Au lieu de chercher sur Google plus rapidement, vous pouvez répondre aux questions dans le jeu en appelant cette application.... Free 12/2015
3488   Taji Clark Agent App Taji Clark Agent App Finance Finance Apps like Taji Clark Agent App Taji Clark's real estate mobile app provides tools that will help you purchase, sell or rent homes.Features+ Request about purchasing, selling or renting homes.+ Mortgage Calculator+ Inquire about every home concierge+ Community News+ Form Resources+ Mort... Free 12/2015
3489   S20 S20 Action Action Apps like S20 Hold on for 20 seconds to be a HERO!!... Free 12/2015
3490   Floppy Baby Floppy Baby Adventure Adventure Apps like Floppy Baby It's the most Adventurous and Thriller ever !!!How about if I summarise the whole game strategy through a poem,dramatically ?"How should you play ?I'm gonna say.Tap the baby,Let it fly.Don't let cry.It'll die":) Features:-One Touch Control.-Friendly Graph... Free 12/2015
3491   Alamgir Alamgir Education Education Apps like Alamgir This app has articles from different domains like; Sports, Weather, Economics, History, Education, etc. The articles are in Urdu language, the articles are mostly related to Pakistan. Users who want themselves to get updated will find this app very intere... Free 12/2015
3492   candy Weihnachtsparadies candy Weihnachtsparadies Puzzle Puzzle Apps like candy Weihnachtsparadies candy WeihnachtsparadiesEinfach nur genießen und nicht das Gehirn, um jede Saga Mission zu lösen jammen. Sehen Sie, wie Sie aus einer epischen Kettenreaktion von Süßigkeiten im Garten Paradies gesetzt. Wünsche Ihnen viel Glück, um den Sieg zu genießen! Un... Free 12/2015
3493   HH HH Strategy Strategy Apps like HH Game is all about "focus" and "target". You have to be on spot during playing and fill the hollow dots with colour dots , if you'll miss even a single dot or you collide already filled got , you'll lose. Game includes unlimited levels to play , as long as... Free 12/2015
3494   Bible 101 : Merry Christmas Bible 101 : Merry Christmas Trivia Trivia Apps like Bible 101 : Merry Christmas How much do you know about the Christmas vocabulary ?Why do we celebrate Christmas? Can you precisely recognize all the decorations on your Christmas trees? How many words in our daily life are relevant to Christmas? Trinity Games has created an interesti... Free 12/2015
3495   Christmas Fools Christmas Fools Casual Casual Apps like Christmas Fools This is the perfect little game to cheer you up during the winter holidays. You will play as the Christmas spirit trying to impress Santa by helping and protecting the characters in some ridiculous, funny and awkward situations.Unlock over 14 different ch... Free 12/2015
3496   Super Mariano Super Mariano Casual Casual Apps like Super Mariano Conviertete en el mandamas del país, y endulza la vida de sus habitantes con tu elocuencia, tus reformas y con las IVA. Cierra colegios, vende hospitales y explayate con lo tuyo que esta to pagao!!Become the boss of the country, and sweetens the life of i... Free 12/2015
3497   Crazy Farm Pig Legacy FREE Crazy Farm Pig Legacy FREE Casual Casual Apps like Crazy Farm Pig Legacy FREE The most addictive, funny, crazy and totally insane mobile game for coming 2016!Legendary "swinetist" (swine-scientist) "Prof E. Will Swinestein" has started a new experiment! He just invented a magic bit of "swine-science" that shall make the "regular fa... Free 12/2015
3498   caftan marocain قفطان مغربي caftan marocain قفطان مغربي Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like caftan marocain قفطان مغربي القفطان المغربي يصنع من الأثواب الرفيعة، ويمتد حتى الكاحل، ويتخذ شكل جلابة ذات كمين من غير غطاء رأس ولا طوق مفتوح من الأمام إما على طوله أو إلى منطقة الحزام، ويتم تطريزه بالخيوط الذهبية أو الفضية أو بهما معا، وهو إلى اليوم لباس الحفلات لا ينازعه في المكان... Free 12/2015
3499   Christmas Coloring pages game Christmas Coloring pages game Educational Educational Apps like Christmas Coloring pages game Coloring Christmas is a game with lots of Christmas coloring on your smartphone or tablet.It is one of the most fun games for children and is completely free !!! You can select a Christmas picture and color it in any way you want, choosing from hundreds o... Free 12/2015
3500   Living Room Furniture Ideas Living Room Furniture Ideas Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Living Room Furniture Ideas Living Room Furniture Ideas for you and your room or home. You can save and share all living room decorating photos. This application shows you the galleries of beautiful living room decoration ideas, designs, themes, painting for your home, room or apart... Free 12/2015
3501   Don’t trash my Rio Don’t trash my Rio Casual Casual Apps like Don’t trash my Rio Game aims to teach and encourage selective garbage disposal in Rio de Janeiro ... Free 12/2015
3502   Top Christmas Ringtones 2016 Top Christmas Ringtones 2016 Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Top Christmas Ringtones 2016 * Top Christmas Ringtones 2016 This App Get into the holiday spirit with Ringtones Christmas Apple Sons applications! Sounds of Christmas is a fun box resonance application and free Christmas and winter theme full of effects and sound clips Christmas fun ... Free 12/2015
3503   Wild Eagle Treasures Slots Wild Eagle Treasures Slots Casino Casino Apps like Wild Eagle Treasures Slots Get ready to have fun and Win Mega Jackpot the most incredible Vegas-Style Slot Machine! Enjoy an exciting gambling experience playing in the Wild Eagle Slots, and see if you are lucky enough today to win, spinning the machine and waiting to see which pri... Free 12/2015
3504   Piplana Mahatmay Piplana Mahatmay Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Piplana Mahatmay Its all about Nilkanth Varni, Ramanand Swami related to Piplana Village.Full description of Nilkanth Varni.Features- Offline reading, allowing it to work without an internet connection - In Hindi Version- Change Font Size for ease of reading ... Free 12/2015
3505   Milan Patri - Piplana Milan Patri - Piplana Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Milan Patri - Piplana Milan Patri is the Part of Bhakt Chintamani. When Ramanand Swami and Nilkanth Varni first time meet in Piplana village is called Milan Patri. Milan Patri is Prakaran Number 42 to 46 of Bhakt Chintamani.Features- Offline reading, allowing it to work withou... Free 12/2015
3506   GunatitanandSwaminiVato-Piplan GunatitanandSwaminiVato-Piplan Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like GunatitanandSwaminiVato-Piplan Gunatitanand Swamini Vato is a condensation of the numerous discourses given by Gunatitanand Swami over the course of his life. “The importance of Swadharma, Atmagnana, futility of sensual pleasures and detachment and devotion with the knowledge of the gl... Free 12/2015
3507   Psalms Jesus Bible Verses FREE Psalms Jesus Bible Verses FREE Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Psalms Jesus Bible Verses FREE Daily Holy Bible verses free app will give you one Bible inspirational quotes daily in the morning. You will get Bible verse for encouragement and inspirational Bible quotes daily. You can make daily Bible reading plans based in these Holy Bible quotes. C... Free 12/2015
3508   Happy Christmas Carols 2016 Happy Christmas Carols 2016 Media & Video Media & Video Apps like Happy Christmas Carols 2016 Welcome to the world of excitement filled with magical Christmas carols and songs to make your Christmas day more fantastic.Here we introduced an App for making your time double happy through a nice collection of related songs with lyrics. Songs and poetr... Free 12/2015
3509   La Hora Del Té La Hora Del Té Entertainment Entertainment Apps like La Hora Del Té Carlos Acosta y Fernando Varela te dan la bienvenida al app del talkshow radial más escuchado en Honduras: ¡La Hora del Té! Aquí podrás escuchar el show en vivo o los programas anteriores que más te hayan gustado. También podrás participar en todas nuestr... Free 12/2015
3510   Countdown - Far Cry Primal Countdown - Far Cry Primal Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Countdown - Far Cry Primal Discover how much time is left before Far Cry Primal is in the stores. This is a fan app, made by fans for fans ! Far Cry rights are owned by Ubisoft. ... Free 12/2015
3511   Gargenville Gargenville Communication Communication Apps like Gargenville Des informations en temps réel, des numéros utiles, des annuaires, de l'histoire...retrouvez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur votre ville avec l'appli Gargenville.Real-time information, useful numbers, yearbooks, history ... find all you need to know abo... Free 12/2015
3512   LearnInnov 2015 LearnInnov 2015 Education Education Apps like LearnInnov 2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------La LEARNING EXPERIENCE du mecredi 9 décembre 2015chez Bpifrance-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 grands thèmes- 16 ateliers- 1 ... Free 12/2015
3513   Wedding Dress - Perfect Outfit Wedding Dress - Perfect Outfit Casual Casual Apps like Wedding Dress - Perfect Outfit A new chapter in the romantic and economy game mix - Wedding Dress! Play now and make your little wedding salon the most popular place in the town. Become a magical fairy for every bride. In this version you will work with new customers, have a new supply... Free 12/2015
3514   Christmas Celebrations Christmas Celebrations Social Social Apps like Christmas Celebrations Know how world celebrating christmas. ... Free 12/2015
3515   India TV sat info India TV sat info Media & Video Media & Video Apps like India TV sat info Here you find all information needed to watch all free satellite TV channels of India .This application contains all necessary and actual information to adjust your satellite receiver. For each channel the following important information is provided, such... Free 12/2015
3516   MyPic Bubble LiveWallpaper MyPic Bubble LiveWallpaper Personalization Personalization Apps like MyPic Bubble LiveWallpaper ~ If you enjoy Bubbles probably you will enjoy viewing cool Bubbles Live Wallpaper.~ You can find lots of awesome pictures about Bubbles and then you can set them as wallpapers with a help of this app. ~ You can choose from lots of different background... Free 12/2015
3517   Urdu Active Learning Urdu Active Learning Education Education Apps like Urdu Active Learning Urdu Active Learning App is an interactive learning app to learn urdu alphabets with ease. Its an interactive way of Urdu learning that uses passive learning technique. Its a comprehensive Urdu quiz exercise for anyone who wants to start learning Urdu. R... Free 12/2015
3518   Spider Bubble Boy Spider Bubble Boy Arcade Arcade Apps like Spider Bubble Boy Classical game that has been played for years. Come back with new design and game style, very interesting!This is really a simple game, player just need to shoot the colorful balls or bubbles to some area which has the same bubbles color. Pop them all!Sui... Free 12/2015
3519   christmas zipper locke screen christmas zipper locke screen Tools Tools Apps like christmas zipper locke screen The Christmas season is near for this we present a beautiful picture of a christmas your phone's lock screen. Christmas Zipper Locke is a locking application. If you were a fan of Santa Claus and you wait for him to present for your Christmas then this Ap... Free 12/2015
3520   Satellite Azerbaijan Info TV Satellite Azerbaijan Info TV Media & Video Media & Video Apps like Satellite Azerbaijan Info TV Satellite Azerbaijan Info TVAll the info you need to set up your satellite receiver to watch free TV channels from Azerbaijan.In App you can get more everything and this topic below.1. ANS TV2. AzTV3. Azad TV4. Azadliq Radiosu TV5. CBC and more....Importa... Free 12/2015
3521   Alphabet Alphabet Education Education Apps like Alphabet This app is designed for children from three years, which for the first time to find letters of the alphabet. Bright and natural pictures of animals will help to memorize the Alphabet in a light, playful way. When learning the Alphabet with the help of th... Free 12/2015
3522   Magic Style - Girls Salon Magic Style - Girls Salon Casual Casual Apps like Magic Style - Girls Salon Magic Style - Girls Salon is a new makeover game for kids in which contains best ideas of makeup and stylish look for the girls! Immerse yourself in the world of illusion and magic, and visit a trendy salon with lovely fairy! Apply a great makeup for the ... Free 12/2015
3523   The Very Scary Game Vol. 2 The Very Scary Game Vol. 2 Adventure Adventure Apps like The Very Scary Game Vol. 2 The Very Scary Game Volume 2 is an interactive horror adventure that will make you jump and cringe with every twist and turn. You decide the outcome of each episode.This second volume includes the following episodes: Holiday Feast - Teddy is invited as a ... $0.99 12/2015
3524   PinPong PinPong Arcade Arcade Apps like PinPong Pong Ping is the first official Android Game by Bdadley Games. This game is a mix of both pong, and pinball, along with a few "special touches" of my own. The goal is to simply gain as many points at possible and land yourself on the hi-score board. Simpl... $0.99 12/2015
3525   Brili Routines Brili Routines Productivity Productivity Apps like Brili Routines Brili is the first app designed to make daily routines stress-free for families. ... $6.99 12/2015
3526   Meditations for Kids Meditations for Kids Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Meditations for Kids Think back to your childhood: wouldn't it have been wonderful to learn how to relax and stay calm in stressful situations when you were growing up? You can give your children this gift by meditating with them. If you're new to meditation, it may be intimi... $1.00 12/2015
3527   Adafruit Circuit Playground Adafruit Circuit Playground Education Education Apps like Adafruit Circuit Playground Circuit Playground simplifies common electronics calculations ... $2.99 12/2015
3528   Spoof Call Spoof Call Communication Communication Apps like Spoof Call Fake Number Spoof Call is easy to use caller if faker.You can fake your phone number and initiate a spoof call( hide number feature ) with a press of a button:1. Enter your real phone number. Don't worry, the app will fake and hide the number - we need i... Free 12/2015
3529   4x4 Logging Truck Real Driver 4x4 Logging Truck Real Driver Simulation Simulation Apps like 4x4 Logging Truck Real Driver Experience the most challenging truck driving on offroad terrain. Play 4x4 Logging Truck Real Driver, the newest 3D simulator game to transport tree logs and cargo containers on hilly areas. Drive the oil tanker on top of mountains for refueling vehicles... Free 12/2015
3530   City Car Driver 3D City Car Driver 3D Racing Racing Apps like City Car Driver 3D Вашему вниманию предлагаем увлекательную игру, в которой вам доступно все, без каких либо ограниченийв игре вас ждет настоящий открытый мир, садитесь за руль самых крутых машин всех поколений и живите по своемуВ игре вас ждут внедорожники, гоночные машины... Free 12/2015
3531   BREAK YO FACE! BREAK YO FACE! Casual Casual Apps like BREAK YO FACE! Wreck the faces of your ex, boss, and smelly cat with this smash hit!With inspirations from the classic break-a-plate carnival game, fire curveballs and bombs at your foe's faces and watch them explode with slow motion replays. Upload and destroy any face... $0.99 12/2015
3532   HexSaw - Harbors HexSaw - Harbors Puzzle Puzzle Apps like HexSaw - Harbors Addicting Jigsaw like puzzle game. ... $1.99 12/2015
3533   Hidden Object Wedding Premium Hidden Object Wedding Premium Casual Casual Apps like Hidden Object Wedding Premium Follow Mary's adventure as she quits her day job as an Accountant to become a truly inspired Wedding Planner!This brand new game has all the twists and tricks you love from your favorite games: it has Hidden Object session, quick Match 3 games and lots of... $1.99 12/2015
3534   Roof Jumping Car Parking Games Roof Jumping Car Parking Games Racing Racing Apps like Roof Jumping Car Parking Games Take your driving to new heights!! Master the MOST Extreme Driving and Parking Missions you’ve EVER experienced. Jump between rooftops, race over raised platforms and avoid crazy traffic to complete the Stunt Driving Courses as fast as you can. Speed, dri... Free 12/2015
3535   BBTAN BBTAN Arcade Arcade Apps like BBTAN BBTAN!!!Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!The angle is key point!This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game.How long can you survive on the BBTAN?BBTAN by 111% Game Features:- Unlock 35 balls, including some unique ball, simple ball... Free 12/2015
3536   Escape Psychiatric Hospital Escape Psychiatric Hospital Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Escape Psychiatric Hospital During his US trip, a tourist trapped inside the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital.There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out.Enjoy with eightgames!!!!!!!! +++ Instant A... Free 12/2015
3537   Smart Doku mobil & easy Smart Doku mobil & easy Business Business Apps like Smart Doku mobil & easy + Fotos, Notizen & Sprachmemos am Smartphone erfassen+ Alle Daten auf Knopfdruck am PC speichern, strukturieren und wiederfinden+ Fertige Berichte weiterverarbeiten, senden und druckenMit der intuitiv-einfachen Smartphone-App erfassen Sie vor Ort Fotos, T... Free 12/2015
3538   Baustelle 4.0 Baustelle 4.0 Business Business Apps like Baustelle 4.0 Mit dieser App können Sie sämtliche Geschehnisse auf der Baustelle via Android-Gerät (Tablet/Smartphone) erfassen, dokumentieren, miteinander verknüpfen, wiederfinden, bearbeiten, weiterleiten,…Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Sie Ihre gesamten Baupläne ... Free 12/2015
3539   RiseUp Summit RiseUp Summit Business Business Apps like RiseUp Summit #RiseUp15 is a 2-day event happening on Dec 12 - 13th 2015 at the Greek Campus and other venus around downtown Cairo. RiseUp Summit is packed with knowledge-sharing sessions, big pitching competitions, entertainment, a Startup Station for entrepreneurs to... Free 12/2015
3540   Seriöse Gewinnspiele Seriöse Gewinnspiele Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Seriöse Gewinnspiele Magst Du Gewinnspiele? Möchtest Du auch einmal zu den Gewinnern gehören?Dann ist diese App genau die richtige für Dich. Wir suchen im Internet die besten Gewinnspiele und bauen sie dann in unsere Gewinnspiel Übersicht ein. Hier findest du eine sehr große ... Free 12/2015
3541   Best Facetime Conference Advis Best Facetime Conference Advis Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Best Facetime Conference Advis Today every one can talk with another people and now Android smartphones have advanced to make mobile video calls accessible to everyone. For a long time video calls where limited to desk top computers and laptops but smartphone apps have brought video ca... Free 12/2015
3542   Snow Excavator Crane Operator Snow Excavator Crane Operator Simulation Simulation Apps like Snow Excavator Crane Operator Get your hands on hydraulics machines, drive dumper truck and operate excavator cranes to clear the uphill roads after heavy snowfall. Play Snow Excavator Crane Operator, newest 3D simulator game to rescue cars stuck after a blizzard snowstorm in metropo... Free 12/2015
3543   Sonnerie Portable Mafia Sonnerie Portable Mafia Music & Audio Music & Audio Apps like Sonnerie Portable Mafia Voulez-vous avoir sonnerie mafia que votre sonnerie portable personnalisée? Dans Sonnerie Portable Mafia application gratuite pour Android vous trouverez sons et musique de gangster que vous pouvez définir comme sonnerie mobile!★ Télécharger meilleure app... Free 12/2015
3544   Prince and Princess Games Prince and Princess Games Casual Casual Apps like Prince and Princess Games Hi girls. Do you like fairy tales? Here, in this new girl game you will meet a prince and princess couple who love each other and tonight they are going to the ball together. This ball is the most important event of this year and everyone should look awes... Free 12/2015
3545   The Card Shop : Greeting Cards The Card Shop : Greeting Cards Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like The Card Shop : Greeting Cards Connect instantly with the ones that matter most with personalized ecards you can send via email, Facebook, and mobile. Welcome to The Card Shop, your ultimate, one stop solution to sending a personalized card to your loved ones and never again missing a ... Free 12/2015
3546   Demo Theme Demo Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Demo Theme ☆☆☆☆☆Theme IntroductionDemo Solo Theme is a customized theme application for Solo Launcher which developed by Solo Launcher development team. More than 30 beautiful icons and HD Wallpapers will amaze you!The theme includes application icons, wallpaper, fo... Free 12/2015
3547   Christmas Lockscreen iOS9 Christmas Lockscreen iOS9 Tools Tools Apps like Christmas Lockscreen iOS9 The new Christmas lockscreen iPhone 6s iOS 9 style for this holiday season. Experience the combination of iOs9 and Christmas right now on your phone. With this Christmas Lock Screen iOS 9 style iphone 6s, you can have a beautiful Xmas decoration for your ... Free 12/2015
3548   Flow Mania Flow Mania Puzzle Puzzle Apps like Flow Mania Flow Mania is a classic color matching game.It’s an amazing brain game, its looks simple but you need to use your full brain to solve the puzzle. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow Mania Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve... Free 12/2015
3549   Easy Guide Kill Shot Bravo Easy Guide Kill Shot Bravo Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Easy Guide Kill Shot Bravo Look out for men armedwith knives. They will rush at you and stab you mercilessly. Thankfully, timewill slow down when you confront one. Take advantage of this and eliminate Legal disclaimer: This is an unofficial guide for th is not an official guide and... Free 12/2015
3550   Shades - RRO/Layers Theme Shades - RRO/Layers Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Shades - RRO/Layers Theme Needs a RRO/Layers supported ROM.A Mixture of holo blue and black, a perfect synergy. Whats themed?Check out the theme, Sure you will love it. Initial release, Please email first for any issues before rating bad.Thank you. ... $1.00 12/2015
3551   Sign Sign Productivity Productivity Apps like Sign *** Only just started working on this app, very early stages -- I don't advise purchasing it yet at this point ***Give the app a URL, and it will only show that (allow the user to scroll through it) and nothing else. Eventually the app will trap any event... $0.99 12/2015
3552   Barbapapa and the numbers Barbapapa and the numbers Educational Educational Apps like Barbapapa and the numbers One, two, three, four, five sheeps are leaping in the field ; six, seven, eight, nine Barbapapas have transformed. You can count everything in this book…provided you know the numbers. But don’t worry, every number has its dedicated page. You will only fin... $4.44 12/2015
3553   Kuponmatik - Betting Tips Kuponmatik - Betting Tips Sports Sports Apps like Kuponmatik - Betting Tips Finally, tipsters of free app "Best Bet Picks for Soccer" publishes the new app in which they will try to make you win with bet coupons of odds 2.0-3.0 or may be more each week for 2015-2016 season. There will be higher odds, value coupons, additionally.Y... $1.83 12/2015
3554   Best Love Poems Best Love Poems Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Best Love Poems By this app everyone can read best love poems of famous writer. This is one kind of love poem app or valobasar kobita app.... Free 12/2015
3555   New Year 2016 SMS Collection New Year 2016 SMS Collection Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like New Year 2016 SMS Collection This App contains world largest collection of New Year 2016 SMS, Christmas Wishes, Hindi SMS, Hindi Shayari, Hindi Status And Hindi Quotes.This app is free for every one. Lots of Categories are in one app.There are 100+ different categories.Categories in ... Free 12/2015
3556   GopalanandSwaminiVaato-Piplana GopalanandSwaminiVaato-Piplana Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like GopalanandSwaminiVaato-Piplana Lord Shree Swaminarayan's spiritual heir, Sadguru Shree Gopalanand Swami revealed numerous divine feats throughout his human life; these are narrated in this scripture. His scholastic prowess was unparalleled, and explained the complex philosophy of the L... Free 12/2015
3557   Freddy's World Wallpapers Freddy's World Wallpapers Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Freddy's World Wallpapers Spice up the background of your android device with this Freddy's World Wallpapers app!Special thanks and credits go to: HeroGollum, Qutiix, SmashingRenders and TalonDang (you can find them on deviantart) for giving permission to use their FNAF World wal... Free 12/2015
3558   Sagittarius Keyboard Theme Sagittarius Keyboard Theme Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Sagittarius Keyboard Theme ♐️Sagittarius is a well adjusted person with no emotional problems holding them back. They just want to explore the world and not fret about emotions and feelings. ♐️Date range: November 22 - December 21 Sagittarius Strength Keywords:- Independence★ Notic... Free 12/2015
3559   Lights! Lights! Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Lights! Every holiday we find ourselves trekking around the same old neighborhoods, searching for the same old Christmas lights. This Christmas, we shed light on the universal beauty of the season. With the ‘Lights!’ mobile app, you can locate the nearest Christm... Free 12/2015
3560   Windsor Assets Windsor Assets Finance Finance Apps like Windsor Assets Welcome to the newest innovation in financial services. With our new app you can reach out anytime with questions, concerns and comments. Need an appointment? Schedule it easily here. Have a question about an investment or a concern about your portfolio? ... Free 12/2015
3561   Safadômetro Safadômetro Comics Comics Apps like Safadômetro Anjo ou Vagabundo?Divirta-se e calcule com esse verificador do Wesley Safadão. Eu sou 99% anjo e 1% vagabundo, e você? [Esta é uma homenagem ao Wesley e aos artistas compositores da obra, todos os direitos reservados aos mesmos]Angel or Bum?Have fun and c... Free 12/2015
3562   Safadômetro Safadômetro Comics Comics Apps like Safadômetro Wesley Safadao, Safadômetro, nível de safadeza, teste de personalidade.Você é anjo ou vagabundo? Com o nosso safadômetro você descobrirá o seu nível de safadeza ou então descobrirá o quão anjo você é. Para descobrir, coloque a sua data de nascimento ou de... Free 12/2015
3563   Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2 Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2 Educational Educational Apps like Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2 Who are these adorable Santa's helpers? Holiday season is here and Sweet Baby Girl with her best friends are getting ready for Christmas! Join them and have tons of fun in Santa's village. Decorate fireplace, draw Christmas cards, bake ginger cookies, dre... Free 12/2015
3564   Jump for KLWP Jump for KLWP Personalization Personalization Apps like Jump for KLWP ***PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION TO AVOID ISSUES******This app requires KUSTOM LWP PRO to be installed on your device to be able to use it.*** Instructions to add a wallpaper: - Install Kustom LWP Pro- Install Walled for KLWP- Open Kustom and select "l... $1.14 12/2015
3565   Origami-Waffe Origami-Waffe Education Education Apps like Origami-Waffe Origami-Waffe Video. Haben Sie Verständnis Origami suchen? ... Free 12/2015
3566   Military Flashlight Military Flashlight Tools Tools Apps like Military Flashlight The name Military Flashlight says it all. Hooah! Hooyah! Oorah! ... $0.99 12/2015
3567   Christmas Toy Factory for Kids Christmas Toy Factory for Kids Educational Educational Apps like Christmas Toy Factory for Kids Boys & Girls Join Santa’s Christmas preparations and build cool toys. Fun learning games for 3-4-5 year olds kids - preschool & kindergarten. Try first 3 toys for FREE!Help Santa build cool toys for all the kids in his Toy Factory. Girls and Boys are invi... Free 12/2015
3568   Archer Shoots Apple For Child Archer Shoots Apple For Child Adventure Adventure Apps like Archer Shoots Apple For Child Play Real Archer Apple Shooter in 3D for archery lovers. Drag your screen to aim the apple under which the child is exclusively waiting for the apple to come down in his basket and your bow will be ready to cut the apple in pieces. When you have cut one a... Free 12/2015
3569   Evil Snowman 2016 Evil Snowman 2016 Adventure Adventure Apps like Evil Snowman 2016 Evil Snowman 2016fb39ec12faSchlechter Schneemann 2016fb39ec12fa... Free 12/2015
3570   Black Ninja Adventure Black Ninja Adventure Adventure Adventure Apps like Black Ninja Adventure Play the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store. Be a ninja for a day and RACE through the city!, Swipe to ESCAPE from obstacles, also bowling game with obstacles and obstacles course games, block obstacles games.then Put your ninja skills to the tes... Free 12/2015
3571   Bible eCard App Bible eCard App Social Social Apps like Bible eCard App Send religious inspired eCards to your friends and loved ones through Text Message, Instant Message, e-mail, Facebook & More! Choose from 100's of ecards to send on this FREE app for many different occasions.Sending eCards (especially religious ones) has... Free 12/2015
3572   Plane Jumper Plane Jumper Casual Casual Apps like Plane Jumper Avid the water as a cat in this epic jumping game. Jump from chair to chair in the sinking plane cinatit.... Free 12/2015
3573   Web Web Board Board Apps like Web A fusion of Go and Chess with a pinch of Shogi. I have improved on Chess, it's much better now. Place your pieces anywhere on the board. Buy pieces with points, kill pieces to gain points and overwhelm your enemy. Surround pieces to kill groups.... Free 12/2015
3574   Sentinel Security Camera Sentinel Security Camera Tools Tools Apps like Sentinel Security Camera Turn your phone into a security/spy camera which takes pictures at detected movement and sends them by email .Various alarm types, time scheduler, stealth mode and more settings to protect your home or office.... Free 12/2015
3575   The cool wings The cool wings Personalization Personalization Apps like The cool wings This piece of wallpaper is the theme of cool wings. The background of this wallpaper is pale pink, a girl carrying a body, back with a pair of wings, black wings special cool.If you like this wallpaper, download it immediately.Cobo Themes are designed for... Free 12/2015
3576   Bible VRX Lite Bible VRX Lite Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Bible VRX Lite Bible VRX - The Bible Virtual Reality Experience is an exciting new virtual reality Bible app. With this app we allow you to experience scenes from the Bible in full 360 degrees of virtual 3D space. Download this app, and place your Android device in any ... Free 12/2015
3577   Hungry Ant (yallo) Hungry Ant (yallo) Casual Casual Apps like Hungry Ant (yallo) La petite fourmi affamée doit attraper autant de fruits que possible pour se préparer son jus de fruit, mais attention aux chutes de pierres! Glissez tout simplement votre doigt dans toutes les directions pour déplacer la petite fourmi afin d’attraper le ... Free 12/2015
3578   1010 Animals 1010 Animals Puzzle Puzzle Apps like 1010 Animals If you want to have cheer and test your acumen? Reining formation blocks with animals and get praise for his compliment, what joy you have kindness only when the foot dog will present you a chalice victory! Unique and cheer ideas for the development of ... Free 12/2015
3579   Santa Keyboard Theme Santa Keyboard Theme Personalization Personalization Apps like Santa Keyboard Theme Simple yet beautiful American Keyboard theme. Enjoy!Santa Keyboard Theme is a keyboard theme that works only with American Keyboard installed on your device. American Keyboard is a simple app that replaces your standard keypad and improves your typing exp... Free 12/2015
3580   Valley Forge Ed. Services Valley Forge Ed. Services Education Education Apps like Valley Forge Ed. Services Put the latest school news and events in the palm of your hand.With the district app, you can keep up-to-date with relevant school news right from your mobile device. With just a touch of your finger, you can see: • Announcements• Headline news and inform... Free 12/2015
3581   Beer Deer Beer Deer Strategy Strategy Apps like Beer Deer BEER DEER is a free “Whack-A-Mole” type strategy game for iPhone & iPad. Instead of pesky little moles, we have Angry Deer wielding axes, chainsaws and rifles -- and instead of whacking those Angry Deer, your goal is to give them a beer, or to "beer-bop" ... Free 12/2015
3582   Free Fun Trivia For Kids Quiz Free Fun Trivia For Kids Quiz Trivia Trivia Apps like Free Fun Trivia For Kids Quiz Hello, kids! Do you like to have fun while studying and to study while having fun? If you do, “Free Fun Trivia For Kids Quiz” is simply made for you! “Biology, history, animals, sport, space, famous people” are now here at the same place! This is an ideal... Free 12/2015
3583   Hemet Valley Baptist Church Hemet Valley Baptist Church Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Hemet Valley Baptist Church Connect and engage with our community through the Hemet Valley Baptist Church app!... Free 12/2015
3584   Impact Life Church Joplin Impact Life Church Joplin Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Impact Life Church Joplin Impact Life Church is a people who believe in giving LIFE and breathing PASSION through Jesus Christ in a simple way.We want to lead others to Jesus Christ! We want to see families restored! We want to see the Body of Christ unified! We’re excited to int... Free 12/2015
3585   Jolie Cartes de Noël Jolie Cartes de Noël Entertainment Entertainment Apps like Jolie Cartes de Noël ???? Noël est une saison de don et de partage. Célébrez la magie des fêtes de Noël avec notre belle application de retouche photo voeux ❣ Jolie Cartes de Noël ❣ et de créer une carte de voeux de Noël personnalisé avec vos photos souvenirs préférés. Ajoute... Free 12/2015
3586   Arms Workout Biceps Triceps Arms Workout Biceps Triceps Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Apps like Arms Workout Biceps Triceps Start off your home or gym exercise with the best arms workout trainer. Get stronger arms and more toned biceps that look muscular. This 30 day arm workout challenge app is suitable for arm workout for men or women.Get ready to sweat with this killer bice... Free 12/2015
3587   Christmas Front Porch DIY Christmas Front Porch DIY Lifestyle Lifestyle Apps like Christmas Front Porch DIY Christmas Front Porch DIY is a gallery app to give you inspiration to decor your house in order to make your Christmas amazing. You can use these ideas and create your home front porches decoration for Christmas.Christmas is coming, you must have been exp... Free 12/2015
3588   Behler-Young Training & Events Behler-Young Training & Events Business Business Apps like Behler-Young Training & Events Get all of the latest information on:-Behler-Young training classes-dealer meetings-trade shows-promotions and field tools like heat loss/gain calculators and more.Sign your employees up for NATE testing, Bryant training, HVAC equipment training and so mu... Free 12/2015
3589   Truck & Bus Series Truck & Bus Series Business Business Apps like Truck & Bus Series Truck & Bus Series is Daimler Truck Financial's signature dealer event in Huntington Beach, CA at the Hyatt Regency on February 23-25, 2016. The audience is Freightliner, Western Star and Thomas Built bus dealerships. The purpose of this event is to prov... Free 12/2015
3590   230 Peachtree 230 Peachtree Business Business Apps like 230 Peachtree 230 Peachtree is a transit-oriented, mixed-use development located in Downtown Atlanta. The building features a 206-room Hotel Indigo® hotel topped with 17 floors of premium office space.Download this app for instant access to our latest news and events a... Free 12/2015
3591   Toll Free Numbers Toll Free Numbers Communication Communication Apps like Toll Free Numbers Toll Free Numbers in India for FREE calls from Mobile and Landlines for Emergency Numbers, Cusutomer care and Helpline Numbers. Important Numbers are provided in following 50 Toll Free Numbers category such as Emergency Numbers, Airlines, Automobiles, Ban... Free 12/2015
3592   Dua e Aman Dua e Aman Books & Reference Books & Reference Apps like Dua e Aman Dua Aman is a excellent cure of bad dreams Whoever reads Dua e aman after every Fraz prayer, his past sins will be forgiven.Dua Aman est un excellent remède de mauvais rêves que celui qui lit Dua e aman après chaque prière Fraz, ses péchés passés lui sero... Free 12/2015
3593   Christmas Runner:Santa Claus Christmas Runner:Santa Claus Arcade Arcade Apps like Christmas Runner:Santa Claus " Christmas Runner - Santa Claus " –Christmas time is almost upon us and we all are eagerly waiting for 25 December because its gift collection time. Toddlers love to see their favorite character Santa in these days. Kids look more happy in these days bec... Free 12/2015
3594   Diner Story - Restaurant Chef Diner Story - Restaurant Chef Casual Casual Apps like Diner Story - Restaurant Chef Christmas game is here! Diner Story – Restaurant Chef is a delicious blend of mobile Kitchen & Cooking and Restaurant business tycoon game. Addictive restaurant diner business game especially designed for girls, boys & kids. Time to release the chef insid... Free 12/2015
3595   All Nigeria News & Newspapers All Nigeria News & Newspapers News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like All Nigeria News & Newspapers The current, trending and latest news in Nigeria. Breaking news, information, local and international updates from the best online TV news channels, sources, tabloids and top newspapers in Nigeria. Get daily info on happenings in Naija, Africa and the Wor... Free 12/2015
3596   Nigeria Newspapers Nigeria Newspapers News & Magazines News & Magazines Apps like Nigeria Newspapers This Newspapers and blog site gives you latest news and keep you current all the timeChannels tv live newsAit tv live newsNta24 live news360nobsLinda ikeji blogGist usVanguard PunchGuardianTribuneSunNational mirrorThis day Sahara reportersThe NationComple... Free 12/2015
3597   The Eagle Fly The Eagle Fly Personalization Personalization Apps like The Eagle Fly This piece of wallpaper is the theme of the eagle fly. This piece of wallpaper is blue sky, a bright eagle, flying in the sky, very cool.If you like this wallpaper, download it immediately.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.What do Cobo Themes ha... Free 12/2015
3598   The Black Wings The Black Wings Personalization Personalization Apps like The Black Wings The theme of the wallpaper is black wings. The background is white, a girl wearing high heels, the back of a pair of wings, a special look good in black wings.If you like this wallpaper, download it immediately.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.... Free 12/2015
3599   The Black Eagle The Black Eagle Personalization Personalization Apps like The Black Eagle This piece of wallpaper is the theme of the black eagle. This piece of wallpaper is light gray background, a black eagle occupy the entire wallpaper center. Super cool.If you like this wallpaper, download it immediately.Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo ... Free 12/2015
3600   Clips and Clicks Clips and Clicks Photography Photography Apps like Clips and Clicks Check availability, Schedule appointments, check out haircut ideas, review your barber and more with the Clips and Clicks app. Clips and Clicks owner is a barber and photographer. Experience great guaranteed service. Take advantage of the new loyalty prog... Free 12/2015

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