Discover the best streaming music apps for iPad

1. Rdio Music

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Rdio Music
  • 4.0
  • 14210

"Update 11/21/14 Thank you for improving stability. Still want to see the…"

Great App

  • "Great App"

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Love Rdio

  • "I use it all the time. I DJ bike rides and it works great. Offline mode is key for good battery usage."

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App Crashes

  • "I like the app but honestly I think it's best if you guys look into the whole crashing thing . It keeps crashing on me I will start it up and then not even 5 mins later it crashes . The past few updates have made this app a pain in the butt and less like able ."

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Better than Spotify

  • "I Love This App. They Inform You If The Album Is Explicit Or Clean & They Have Most Of The Music I Look For. Recommendation Related To The Music I Listen To Plus What Popular Sites Are Listening To (Pitchfork, PMA & Spin)."

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Album or Song

  • "This is the worst app ever! You have to upgrade it just to get better quality. Limited skips and it doesn't even play the tight songs or albums!"

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Amazing App

  • "I love this app so much, it suits all my music needs. This app is for the people who enjoy taking time to find new and amazing music. 10 times better than any other music app"

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Favorite App

  • "320kbps streaming and downloads! The app sounds great. Scrolling the the home feed has surfaced lots of great new music and stations to check out."

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2. FitStar Personal Trainer — Burn Calories & Lose Weight with Video Fitness Workouts Led by Football Legend Tony Gonzalez

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fitstar, inc.

FitStar Personal Trainer — Burn Calories & Lose Weight with Video Fitness Workouts Led by Football Legend Tony Gonzalez
  • 4.5
  • 4902

"Going to the gym is awesome. But let's face it, unless you live very…"

Exercise App

  • "Let the soothing sound of Tony Gonzales's voice whip your rear end into shape! This app is very well done, from the instruction of exercises down to the great production. Synced to My Fitness Pal app and keep track of when I use this app. I recommend this app and Tony Gonzales sounds very genuine and appears to want to help melt the fat away!"

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Awesome App

  • "My wife and I work out 5 days a week at least. We have both been platoued for a while, but continuing on searching for that last piece we are missing. We both took our fitness test and did our first workout. Judging by how we each felt after our workout I would say we might have found that missing piece. Awesome app. Thank you Scott"

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App Makes

  • "Great for staying and combined with my fitness app makes an unstoppable combo"

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Amazing App

  • "It's just what I needed it. It's amazing how I'm getting a better Healy life ;)"

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Great Way

  • "This app will kick your butt in all the right ways. I've tried a few app based workouts and this is my favorit so far"

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Highly Recommend

  • "These workouts are designed around your individual strengths! And you still break a sweat with every workout. I love this app! It's great for reshaping your body and toning, weight loss and increasing endurance! I highly recommend! :-)"

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Really Helps

  • "Teenager that wasn't used to doing much exercise and decided it was time this app really helps??"

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Times per Session

  • " Being a teenager who doesn't really always enjoy doing exercise, this app motivates, encourages, and empowers me to do it and it's completely portable. On my own time I get to work out with basically a personal trainer while I enjoy the surroundings of my home. I highly recommend to get this app and ALSO the fit star yoga. One session in each app makes for a great healthy day. Overall..."

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3. Napster

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rhapsody international s.a.r.l

  • 4.0
  • 1527

"One App –  Many ways to enjoy music.  Play all the music you want with…"
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4. MouseWorld Radio

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eric conner

MouseWorld Radio
  • 4.5
  • 1500

"Great reminder of the Disney Parks to put you in the mood when you can't…"

Great Disney Music

  • "Disney music that keeps WDW with you all year round?!"

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Mouseworld Radio

  • "I love listening to the Music of the parks - almost like being there."

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Disney Fans

  • "We constantly listen to Mouseworld Radio and this app is such a convenient way. We are a family of Disney Parks fans and can't get enough. Thanks Mouseworld!"

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Disney Magic

  • "Bring home some Disney Magic"

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Feels Like

  • "Download this app! Great music and song selections from every decade of WDW. Even recordings of those beloved attractions and shows that we've lost!"

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Perfect App

  • "This is the perfect app to have on in the background to inject a little Disney magic in to your day!"

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Country to have Dinner

  • "It just takes you back to when your biggest decision of the day is what attraction to go on next, what country to have dinner, or just sit on a bench and listen. Always calms me down during stressful days at work"

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Fix between Visits

  • "Great app that gives you great Disney music all day long. Gives us that great Disney fix between visits."

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5. File Hub (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager)

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gu jing

File Hub (Powerful & Intuitive File Manager)
  • 4.5
  • 799

"Third update: Dev listens to suggestions. This fine tuning update is the…"

Good App

  • "It do very good all thing"

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Love this App

  • "I consider FileHub one of the most valuable iPad apps. "Money Well Spent !" One comment though: I wish the pop up for wifi transfer was not so large and did not obscure the uploaded file list. LOVE !"

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File Hub

  • "...can wi-Fi transfer from iDevice to iDevice by using Mercury Browser as the client. 300mb files in 10 seconds. Open in File Hub on receiving device. Bam. Done."

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Browser to Download

  • "After downloading and using various file managers this one has all the features I was looking for and more, While also remaining easy and quick to use.. it works very well with apple's default software, (such as photos and music) and allows operations not offered by any other app.. the only thing it's is missing is a web browser, in all other respects its perfect.. Well deserving of 5 stars"

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Bluetooth Device

  • "Whoever wrote the code for the Bluetooth file transfer is an IDIOT! It is written in such a way that you can only perform Bluetooth transfers between Apple products. That is STUPID! Bluetooth is a Standard that is multi-platform and as such the coder should have written the standard interface so two bluetooth device can talk to each other. FIX THE INTERFACE!"

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Download Manager

  • "After downloading and using various file managers this one has all the features I was looking for and more, While also remaining easy and quick to use.. it works very well with apple's default software, (such as photos and music) and allows operations not offered by any other app.. the only thing it's is missing is a web browser, in all other respects its perfect.. Well deserving of 5 stars"

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Nice and Simple

  • "This is best!nice and simple and its workin very good I like"

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6. AirPlayer

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  • 4.0
  • 633

"I first got this for my 3rd generation iPad & the HDHomeRun Prime.…"

Great App

  • "Great app"

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DLNA Player

  • "Plays *.mpg and none of the other ones play this format correctly. Plays files off the NAS. Wonderful app. It's worth the price."


HD Streams

  • "...about it until December. I opened the app by mistake and find my HDHRP listed in the device list....ITS STREAMING my cable card! The iPad can't handle the HD channels but it does just fine for the regular cable channels. I adjusted the buffer size to 40MB after noticing some lag and that was just what I needed for a consistent streaming. Only thing missing for me is a cable lineup guide to know..."

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PS3 Media Server

  • "I use this in conjunction with PS3 Media Server and it works flawlessly. Love the app!"

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Media Streamer

Poor Performance

7. Pop Music Game

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Pop Music Game
  • 4.5
  • 632

"I like this game a lot but when you get stuck on a level it is hard to…"

Fun Game

  • "Love the game!"

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Love this Game

  • "I love this game and it's song choice! The new update made it even better!"

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Game is Awesome

  • "Best game ever"

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Like this Game

  • "Best game ever if you like pop music..they play your favorite songs just for you !!"

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Pop Music

  • "Best game ever if you like pop music..they play your favorite songs just for you !!"

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Great App

Lots of Fun

  • "This app is a lot of fun"

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8. FitStar Yoga

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fitstar, inc.

FitStar Yoga
  • 4.0
  • 610

"As a former professional dancer, I've done my fair share of yoga. I'm a…"

Like this App

  • "I love the other Fitstar app, and wanted to try doing more yoga. Overall, I'm not sure what to think. I've only tried the free session so far, and it's not bad. I would like a little more instruction though, including when to change poses and how to breathe (when to inhale, exhale). Maybe I missed something, I'll continue to keep trying it out."

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FitStar App

  • " & some poses are not held long enough. Before I can completely execute one pose the voice over is instructing me to move into another. I also have the regular FitStar App so I can do cardio as well. Since I use both Apps I would appreciate a bundle package for the premium option of both Apps."

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Great Workout

  • "I started with the basic free set up, but after two days I'm now a premium member. I love that you can adjust the workout to your level. I've practice yoga for a while now and like how each routine has a target area that you will feel the next day. I would recommend this app to anyone interested in trying yoga or wanting to mix up their practice."

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Good App

  • "Good app. Can adjust the difficulty of the various poses during the session by touching the screen. One issue -after mirroring to AirPlay the image is upside down in the TV. Makes no sense. No other app does this."

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App so Far

  • "Due to the constant video poses changing this app seems to push me more than others. Love it"

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Loading Poses

  • "Poses won't load. I wasted time sitting & waiting. What a shame because it looked so good."

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9. Record Run

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Record Run
  • 4.0
  • 426

"In the process of trying to develop my own endless runner game, this was…"

Love Playing

  • "I love this game so much. My only annoyance is the requirement of Facebook for challenging friends. I don't have a facebook account and will never make one for obvious reasons. If there was another way to play with friends it would be awesome. Thanks for making this awesome and fun game!"

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Song Slots

  • "I love the game, it's kind've addicting but, paying for the new slots to add songs is alot of work. I don't want to keep having to play my other songs to complete missions and get more records. It gets really repetative."

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Doesnt even Work

  • "It's a really great concept but the controls could use some work. Also from the point of view it is played from it just makes things more messy. Often when swiping, its doesnt even work."

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New Stages

  • "If it has to have a cost to get new songs from your library added, which is a ridiculous in my opinion in the first place, then they shouldn't have an escalating cost. The game isn't fun if it makes me hate my favorite music because I don't have enough back stage passes to add more. 2 is reasonable. 14 isn't."

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10. Bowers & Wilkins Control

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equity (usa), inc.

Bowers & Wilkins Control
  • 4.5
  • 334

"The speakers have never needed firmware update nor has anything in the…"

Easy Setup

  • "Very simple steps to setup any of our B&W AirPlay speakers"

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Bowers Wilkins

  • "OMG.. This is the best remote I have ever had on my iPhone 5... So nice to see an app that keeps all it's promises and then some.. GREAT JOB!!!! ...AAAAAA++++++"

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Control App

  • "Easy to control via app and great using experience"

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Super Easy

  • "Super easy and idiot-proof."

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Good Job

  • "Good job"

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11. Anime Free Music-OtaccoMusic

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Anime Free Music-OtaccoMusic
  • 4.5
  • 300

"This is a very good app for listening to anime music. It background plays…"

Love this App

  • "You'll love it"

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Great App

  • "It's awesome great app"

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Really Good

  • "I've downloaded many music apps mostly wanted to see j-pop and anime songs. This app serves my craving for japanese music!"

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Nice App

Pretty Awesome

Listen to my Favorite Anime Songs

Really Cool

  • "I love it, it's really cool"

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Really Like

  • "This app has helped me solve my need for more anime music in my lifeeee!"

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