Discover the best remote control apps for iPad

1. White Noise

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White Noise
  • 4.0
  • 30471

"Pros - 1. Low power drain, you can run it all night and still make phone…"

Helps me Sleep

  • "I absolutely love this App! I downloaded it after moving into a new apartment that had elephants as upstairs neighbors. It helps me get to sleep and stay asleep and helps block out so much noise from the neighbors and city traffic. There's tons of different sounds to choose from."

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App Helps

  • "I'm much more productive when using this app."

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Good App

  • "It has had several very nice improvements since it first hit the App Store. I use it when I am visiting somewhere where there's a background noise."

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Awesome App

  • "This app is updated frequently with new high quality sounds. The developers are responsive and dedicated to their work. I have purchased this on 3 systems. Completely worth it."

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Excellent App

  • "When I read to my students, I use this app to add the ambient noise for the narrative. Excellent!"

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Night to Fall Asleep

  • "This a really great app. I use EVERY night to fall asleep. Even if you don't use any other feature, it worth the price."

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Nice App

  • "Easy to use. Nice mix of sounds. And a sleep mode. Perfect."

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Life Saver

  • "Update seems fine so far! Can't sleep without this app on! I use it every single night! It's a life saver and a great deal!"

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2. Ignition

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logmein, inc.

  • 4.5
  • 15463

"I have been using this LogMeIn on my home computer (MacBook Pro) to get…"
A Coren

Works Great

  • "The LogMeIn Ignition app is terrific for LogMeIn users. Other RDP clients could take a page from their mouse/touch UI integration. Very stable, and lets me routinely access multiple monitor, high-resolution displays with ease and get my work done."

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Love this App

  • "Love this app! One of the best ones I own"

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Remote Access

  • "Logmein is the global standard for remote access. Microsoft tech support uses them. Speak ill about the company if you will, they're ranked 34 in the Fortune 500. Nuff said."

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Great Product

  • "I use LogMeIn ignition when I'm on the road and I thank LogMeIn for making such a great product. I can support all my clients and log in from any device and any location using my LogMeIn central subscription."

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Desktop Version

  • "Just like the desktop version. Must have."

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Able to Log

  • "I use this app everyday because I'm able to log onto my desktop computer and my laptop while at home or traveling. It is simply awesome!"

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Paid 30

  • "Paid $30 for this over a year ago. Worked great until the company decided to extort money and make remote login a paid service. Very underhanded! Switched to the absolutely free Google Chrome Remote Desktop, works as good or better than Ignition and, no extortion. Don't waste time on this."

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3. Xbox 360 SmartGlass

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microsoft corporation

Xbox 360 SmartGlass
  • 4.0
  • 10581

"You need ios 7 and a 'smartglass compatible' Xbox 360 or Xbox one! (Ios 8…"
Honest reviewer guy

Says it can't Connect

  • "This app doesn't even work. You try to connect but it always ends up saying " couldn't find your Xbox". Just ridiculous."

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Smart Glass

  • "Its cool and i like it but we want the features that (xbox one smart glass" had like chat head messages etc.."

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Listen to Voice Messages

  • "This app is so cool!! Although they should update the app so you can listen to voice messages ✌️✌️"

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Great Features

  • "...and send it through the Xbox? If you can do that, it would make the app even more..."

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Reach Service

  • "When i go into the app it says "cant reach the service. Try again later.""

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4. Quran Majeed Free Edition - Muslim Prayer Times - Qibla Compass Islam - القرآن

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pakistan data management services

Quran Majeed Free Edition - Muslim Prayer Times - Qibla Compass Islam - القرآن
  • 4.5
  • 8624

"The developers are always updating, fixing, and improving this app. I've…"

Quran App

  • "Mashallah! Feels like the actual mushaf of the Quran"

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Great App

  • "Great app! It has become so handy for me in Ramadan. I love it. May Allah reward the developers."

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Good App

  • "This app is very very good"

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Excellent App

  • "Best app for Quran. Very easy to use and hold your place"

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الله خير

  • "جزى الله من صمم هذا المصحف كل خير سهل التعامل معه من ناحية الوصول للسور أو الآيات كذلك التحكم بحجم تاخط حتى لا يتعب النظر"

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Nice App

  • "It is recommended"

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Amazing App

  • "Really helpful and useful app the beat"

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Islamic App

  • "This is an amazing app due to the greatness of Allah! Thank you Allah for making these people to make this app to help me follow the one and only greatest religion ever ISLAM."

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5. F18 Carrier Landing Lite

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rortos srl

F18 Carrier Landing Lite
  • 4.0
  • 8588

"I love the game it is way fun. I have a suggestion that would help with…"

Good Game

  • "Takes some practice, and the tutorial could be a little more detailed, but lots of fun."

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Great Game

  • "I actually saw my cousin playing this on his phone and got quite intrigued. I really got addicted on this game trying to land on aircraft carriers and on land. Few games on the AppStore can match this when it comes to flight simulation. Great job developers!!"

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Ads Ads

  • "Great game but oppressively long video ads in the game."


Carrier Landing

  • "I completed Historical Landings ( Did not receive the award as yet, but I will figure it out.) and was so pleased with that game that I downloaded F 18 Carrier landings. I am so far NOT disappointed with this game. I will go so far in saying that it is even better than Historical Landings. Keep up the good work and looking forward in my next game!"

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Fun and Realistic

  • "Fun and realistic flying action. I recommend this game to all."

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6. Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) - RDP / VNC

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phase five systems

Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) - RDP / VNC
  • 4.5
  • 6363

"After using a number of remote desktop apps on my iPhone that I generally…"

Works Great

  • "Lives up to the part about being simple and responsive. And no monthly fees. It works great on mac or PC. Able to see if all the computers I manage are online at a glance. I've used logmein for a few years but when they started charging per computer I started looking and this is better than logmein because you can really double click and the mouse pointer is very intuitive."

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  • "Excellent app for all your remote management needs. I use it for a variety of connection types (RDP,VNC,SSH Tunnel) works like a charm. I haven't found a function I can't perform."


Cool App

  • "Have automatic configuration enabled and use it to manage my PCs (ultimate and home premium) and Mac from anywhere. Don't need to worry about firewalls or remembering ip addresses. Everything is controlled using my email address. Cool app."

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Choose to do Work with Windows-based Applications

  • "Jump Desktop has become the primary way I choose to do work with Windows-based applications. I can take my iPad with me to visit clients, and be able to seamlessly switch between network diagnostics and accessing their virtual machines. Top-notch."

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Keyboard and Mouse Support Work much Better

  • "...Jump does pretty much everything better. For starters, keyboard and mouse support work much better than in the alternatives. You can do all the weird special and modifier keys needed to control Windows, combine them with mouse clicks, the works. The virtual mouse is precise and intuitive, with touch-and-hold right-click, double-tap-and-hold dragging, two-finger swipe scroll wheel emulation, and..."

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7. BuddyTV Guide for Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and More: Movie, TV Listings with Remote Control

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BuddyTV Guide for Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and More: Movie, TV Listings with Remote Control
  • 4.5
  • 6146

"Serves its purpose well and I love the option of sending notifications…"
John & Holly Parnaby Apple ID

Love this App

  • "I love this app, would give it 10 stars if I could. More accurate than the guide on the TV."

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TV Guide

  • "So easy! Love it."


Buddy TV

  • "I don't use Buddy TV to its capacity. But for what I need, it's very quick and accurate."


Great TV App

  • "I spend week after week traveling to different cities in different states. Buddy TV makes it so easy to keep up with my favorite shows, no matter shat city I'm in. Thanks for a great App!"

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Easy Easy

  • "I don't use Buddy TV to its capacity. But for what I need, it's very quick and accurate."

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App Like

  • "I thought as usual this thing isn't gonna work another bumm app I need to uninstall but ...... , NO I down loaded the app... Opened it and it more or less did everything like a dream easy easy easy"

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Awesome App

  • "It's a great app!!"

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Nice App

  • "Useful and easy to use"

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8. SlideShark Presentation App

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brainshark, inc.

SlideShark Presentation App
  • 4.5
  • 5376

"I have always wanted an app that cut the cord from my desk in my…"
Michael Greenhoe

Works Great

  • "This is a awesome app for homework presentations and office work I love it!!!!"

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Awesome App

  • "This is a awesome app for homework presentations and office work I love it!!!!"

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Doing Presentations

  • "This is thee best app for doing presentations. Mine are pretty simple and do not include videos but I do like the laser pointer and the ability the write on the slides."

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Great Tool

  • "I use SlideShark for song lyrics and am able to use them on my iPad to perform with. I mount my iPad on my microphone stand and it makes it very easy to use."

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Power Point

  • "This is a awesome app for homework presentations and office work I love it!!!!"

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Amazing App

  • "This app is amazing. I use my iPad to teach lessons and present PP presentations. It's a hassle to switch back and fourth from different devices. This app helps me present my PP presentations with ease!!!!!"

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Really Great

  • "This app is really great for PDF and Powerpoint presentations. Simple to use too!"

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9. FitStar Personal Trainer — Burn Calories & Lose Weight with Video Fitness Workouts Led by Football Legend Tony Gonzalez

INFOS Download

fitstar, inc.

FitStar Personal Trainer — Burn Calories & Lose Weight with Video Fitness Workouts Led by Football Legend Tony Gonzalez
  • 4.5
  • 4902

"Going to the gym is awesome. But let's face it, unless you live very…"

Exercise App

  • "Let the soothing sound of Tony Gonzales's voice whip your rear end into shape! This app is very well done, from the instruction of exercises down to the great production. Synced to My Fitness Pal app and keep track of when I use this app. I recommend this app and Tony Gonzales sounds very genuine and appears to want to help melt the fat away!"

  • VIEW ALL 10 "Exercise App" COMMENTS

Awesome App

  • "My wife and I work out 5 days a week at least. We have both been platoued for a while, but continuing on searching for that last piece we are missing. We both took our fitness test and did our first workout. Judging by how we each felt after our workout I would say we might have found that missing piece. Awesome app. Thank you Scott"

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App Makes

  • "Great for staying and combined with my fitness app makes an unstoppable combo"

  • VIEW ALL 8 "App Makes" COMMENTS

Amazing App

  • "It's just what I needed it. It's amazing how I'm getting a better Healy life ;)"

  • VIEW ALL 10 "Amazing App" COMMENTS

Great Way

  • "This app will kick your butt in all the right ways. I've tried a few app based workouts and this is my favorit so far"

  • VIEW ALL 4 "Great Way" COMMENTS

Highly Recommend

  • "These workouts are designed around your individual strengths! And you still break a sweat with every workout. I love this app! It's great for reshaping your body and toning, weight loss and increasing endurance! I highly recommend! :-)"

  • VIEW ALL 5 "Highly Recommend" COMMENTS

Really Helps

  • "Teenager that wasn't used to doing much exercise and decided it was time this app really helps??"

  • VIEW ALL 4 "Really Helps" COMMENTS

Times per Session

  • " Being a teenager who doesn't really always enjoy doing exercise, this app motivates, encourages, and empowers me to do it and it's completely portable. On my own time I get to work out with basically a personal trainer while I enjoy the surroundings of my home. I highly recommend to get this app and ALSO the fit star yoga. One session in each app makes for a great healthy day. Overall..."

  • VIEW ALL 2 "Times per Session" COMMENTS

10. F18 Carrier Landing

INFOS Download

rortos srl

F18 Carrier Landing
  • 4.5
  • 4552

"The app overall is fun, but it could use some improvements! Here are my…"

Awesome Game

  • "As a cert. flt. Instr. and an Air Force vet let me tell you if you want to see how well you THINK you can fly try this game. Very realistic. Controlling optimum air speed is critical while landing in this game and in actual flying. Awesome game...."

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Fun Game

  • "I have fun playing this game, but as someone who only has an iPad 1, it would be nice to have a few additional planes since I can't download newer versions of the game."

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Carrier Landings

  • "...challenging load aircraft on rough terrain. I know this is about carrier landings, but boxcar starts way out and is so slow. I usually just crash it and hope for better plane. The others are great. Also I never get great scores on landing F-22 and the Harrier. What do I need to do to get better scores on vertical T/O and landing planes both at airports and on carriers? This is much a training..."

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Flight Simulator

  • "This game is the best flight simulator I have ever played get the lite version first so you know if you like it or not"

  • VIEW ALL 4 "Flight Simulator" COMMENTS

Amazing Game

  • "I love this game, and I continue to use it not as a fad, but as an extremely fun game. I just wish there was the F22 and F15 loaded on the game. Otherwise it is the best game ever played!"

  • VIEW ALL 3 "Amazing Game" COMMENTS

Good Stuff

  • "I greatly enjoy this game. Have had it since it came out. It has come a long way and each time, it gets better. Only complaint I have is the same version isn't available on my phone and Laptop so I can't use the phone as my flight controller. Good stuff!!!"

  • VIEW ALL 2 "Good Stuff" COMMENTS

Info on how to Score

  • "Terrific game with real challenges. I love it Would like to know how to get better scores on landing each aircraft. I know third wire landings on carrier score best. I don't like the boxcar plane - how about a more challenging load aircraft on rough terrain. I know this is about carrier landings, but boxcar starts way out and is so slow. I usually just crash it and hope for better plane. The..."

  • VIEW ALL 2 "Info on how to Score" COMMENTS

11. Rowmote Pro: Remote Control for Mac

INFOS Download

evan schoenberg

Rowmote Pro: Remote Control for Mac
  • 4.0
  • 4550

"I really like this app. If we use our Mac to stream a movie or TV…"

Works Perfectly

  • "This app works perfectly!!!"

  • VIEW ALL 8 "Works Perfectly" COMMENTS

Fantastic App

  • "Same as other reviewers, I use it to control a Mac mini running EyeTV connected to my TV. It works great."

  • VIEW ALL 5 "Fantastic App" COMMENTS

Remote Control

  • "My Mac Mini is hooked up to my TV and rowmote lets me control it with ease. Best app for the job."

  • VIEW ALL 6 "Remote Control" COMMENTS

iPad or iPhone

  • "I use this app all the time on my iPhone and iPad. So handy, convenient and very useful. Reliable, works great in trackpad mode and remote mode. Love it. Developer did a great job!"

  • VIEW ALL 4 "iPad or iPhone" COMMENTS

Apple Remote

  • "This app is great - particularly for those with MacBook Air laptops. Since they don't work with an Apple remote this app is a must-have for those of us who use Keynote. It's easy to set up and has several other nuances that make it worth every penny."

  • VIEW ALL 4 "Apple Remote" COMMENTS

Star App

  • "....."

  • VIEW ALL 3 "Star App" COMMENTS

Excellent App

  • "This app is super easy to use and set up!"

  • VIEW ALL 3 "Excellent App" COMMENTS

Media Center

  • "I use it to control my Mac mini media center. It's a brilliant app. The developer should be proud of their work here."

  • VIEW ALL 3 "Media Center" COMMENTS