Discover the best media servers apps for iPad

1. AirPlayer

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app_icon $4.99


  • 4.0
  • 633

"I first got this for my 3rd generation iPad & the HDHomeRun Prime.…"

Great App

  • "Great app"

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DLNA Player

  • "Plays *.mpg and none of the other ones play this format correctly. Plays files off the NAS. Wonderful app. It's worth the price."


HD Streams

  • "...about it until December. I opened the app by mistake and find my HDHRP listed in the device list....ITS STREAMING my cable card! The iPad can't handle the HD channels but it does just fine for the regular cable channels. I adjusted the buffer size to 40MB after noticing some lag and that was just what I needed for a consistent streaming. Only thing missing for me is a cable lineup guide to know..."

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PS3 Media Server

  • "I use this in conjunction with PS3 Media Server and it works flawlessly. Love the app!"

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Media Streamer

Poor Performance

2. DeRemote for Denon and Marantz

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frans bouwmeester

DeRemote for Denon and Marantz
  • 4.0
  • 229


Love Love

  • " volume, zone 2 source select, surround sound, radio, Sirius sat ect... This app can do just about everything that you do with the remote and going online to the IP address of the radio... I love it and use it over the original... It may not be as simple as the original because it has more functions on it.. This is a great purchase to compliment the marantz... I'm using the marantz..."

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Bought this App

  • "Bought this app because the denon app takes 20 seconds to connect after opening. This one is instant. Please update the horrible looking icon though."

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Works Perfectly

  • "Can't live without this app. Almost perfect interface and works reliably for all my zones. Quick to respond and rapidly executes complete functionality of my AVR4810."

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Better than the Official Denon App

  • "Great app. Better than the official denon app. Both iphone and ipad versions are great. Easy to use, great features."

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Highly Recommended

  • "...Well worth the money. I can't see how anyone can give this app a bad review (must be user error). I highly recommend!"

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Audyssey Settings

  • "I wanted this app so I could manipulate my receiver without turning on the tv (music listening). It works nicely! Good job. Interface is very slick."

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Exceeded Expectations and they have Great Support

  • " in relation to the Marantz AV8801. They too thought it was a "must have" and a steal at the price. I don't usually buy apps (or write reviews for that matter) but this one exceeded expectations and they have great support too. Really opens up the processor to make the inner workings very accessible. Tremendous help to have so much adjustment and on the fly control in an easy to use..."

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3. Multiroom Music/Radio Player by WHAALE for AirPlay(TM) speakers

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logit ltd.

Multiroom Music/Radio Player by WHAALE for AirPlay(TM) speakers
  • 4.5
  • 215

"This is probably the best app purchase I have made. I can finally stream…"

Works Great

  • "...hooked up to various stereos throughout my home and this app works great with them. I love that I can stream local content from my phone or my music library from my NAS. Very nice to have a stand alone app that does not mirror from a PC or Mac that I would have to have running. Could use a little more polish, but all in all a very good app at a reasonable price with knowledgeable and..."

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Airplay Devices

  • "Glitches in previous versions are gone! Using iOS 8.02 and airplay speakers are always present now. Slick interface to control volume of each device. Really creative and applied in a useful way. Isn't just flair. Devs are definitely intuitive on how apps should work and look."

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Volume Controls

  • "Glitches in previous versions are gone! Using iOS 8.02 and airplay speakers are always present now. Slick interface to control volume of each device. Really creative and applied in a useful way. Isn't just flair. Devs are definitely intuitive on how apps should work and look."

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Like Pandora

  • "Thankfully, an app willing To give what airplay will not A terrific app, just needs A few add ins like a music Steamer or two.... Pandora and slacker Would do nicely !! Once that option is Included a sure 5 star rating will be made."

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Waste your Money

  • "Doesn't work. Waste of time and money"

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Awful Interface

  • "WARNING ONLY WORKS WITH ITUNES! Will not work with other programs like Pandora. Awful interface. Save your money for something else."

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4. AirAV

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  • 4.0
  • 185

"This is a great .avi streaming app, streams my 720p .avi files perfectly!…"

Great App

  • "Would be 5 stars if we can add front / back artwork with full coverflow support. ps: Full support for the jawbone Icon HD would be helpful too. (skip/pause/play)"

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Media Player

  • "Work on Windows Media Player. Won't play .wma or .wtw"

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Great DLNA

  • "Paid user of AirAV for a few months now and works well with my Netgear NAS (UPnp) and DLNA Thanks."


Avi Files

  • "This app rocks for avi, mp4 files but it cannot handle a 6 gig mkv file. The file just buffers and stops playing. I hope the developers can put a fix for this issue."

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Photos App

  • "There is no "Open in" available for saving to the photos app. I have to save it to win zip and then to the photos app. That is not cool. I'll give this 5 stars if this is fixed."

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Wonderful App

  • "The best and wonderful app for playing in home sharing networks"

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5. Xtreme Xplorer

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Xtreme Xplorer
  • 4.5
  • 56

"With this app, I could delete my regular dropbox, box, and Gdrive app,…"

Great App

  • "Great app but some times force close"

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File Manager

  • "best file manager ever used"

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Cloud Services I can Copy Directly

Cloud Sotrage

  • "Accessing cloud sotrage hasn’t been easy before I got this app.Its very helpful"

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File Explorer

  • "It is the only file explorer which has all kind of file search under one platform. Liked the addition of BOX cloud storage, keep adding new features."

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Google Drive

  • "Good file browser. Saves a lot of space by not needing separate apps for dropbox, google drive, etc."

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New UI

  • "Actually i like the new UI, since the old version is very distinguished"


6. NAStify

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sylver bruneau

  • 4.0
  • 40

"bug report: vlc cant play media file on ftp server with port other than…"