Discover the best home security apps for iPad

1. SlingPlayer for iPad

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sling media

SlingPlayer for iPad
  • 4.0
  • 8169

"My Slingbox 500 is the third Slingbox I've owned in about 8 years. I had…"
Rob Reider

Love Love

  • "Love my Slingbox with this app."

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Awesome Awesome

  • "Set up slingboox500, hard wired to internet. In San Francisco area. Picture around San Francisco a little fuzzy even with wifi. In London, with any wifi, even on a bus to Oxford picture was superb, loads a little slow periodically but overall five stars. Works on iPad , iPad mini, I phone , and MacBook Pro. Useful I think to have. aVPN working, will try the Chunnel, and France next. Awesome Jnw"

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Watch TV

  • "Went from 5 cable boxes to 1. All my tv's had a Apple TV at them already for Netflix so why not leverage my setup to reduce my cable bill? Now, I can watch my football games wherever I'd like without having to pay $15 a month for each box. In addition, when on the go I still can watch my favorite teams kick butt on my phone. The box has worked great once I got the component cable setup. That's my..."


Sling Player

  • "I sure like it!!!!! But, you do have to have a sling player."

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Slingplayer App

  • "...your jobs just one time since the existence of the SlingPlayer App. Update the App within days after a new Apple operating system is introduced (FAIL). Also, the audacity by upper management, deciding to give LONG time Slingbox users/customers the middle finger by making upgrades to the App, yet not giving older sling models the same ability. The day a comparable device comes out I will be..."

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Good App

  • "...more buffering, no matter how good the connection..."

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Great Product

  • "Love my Slingbox with this app."

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2. Manything home security webcam with motion detector, alerts, and remote presence

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Manything home security webcam with motion detector, alerts, and remote presence
  • 4.0
  • 308

"The app is very simple to learn and use. Straight forward controls let…"

Great Work

  • " smart, easy, versatile and FREE. You can view clips on your iPhone or watch live but go to your PC and bam you have access to review your video in a very high tech way. I work in a field where video monitoring is critical - this App allowed me in a matter of minutes to set up a system that is impressive and for that I thank you."

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Security Camera

  • "Incredible app for home security. Easy to use and can add numerous devices. I had a camera previously that I viewed on my tv but now I can view my camera wherever I am. OMG and it's free too."

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Amazing App

  • "I can't believe this app is completly free!"

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Incredible App

  • "So glad that I discovered this app before buying an expensive baby monitor. If you have an old iPhone laying around this app makes for the perfect baby monitor. Even if you don't I think it would be worthwhile to buy an old iPhone just to use with this app. I am so impressed with the quality, ease of use, and features. Also the glif makes a great tripod mount."

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Outstanding App

  • "This is a wonderful app. It lets those of us who can't afford dropcams the ability to see what's going on at home, or wherever the other device is. It's easy to set up the best part is thats it's free! Outstanding app!! 5 stars!"

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Works Flawlessly

  • "Fantastic app that works flawlessly on my iPhone 5 and iPod 4th Generation!"

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iOS Devices

  • "This app is incredible. I'm shocked the other reviews aren't high. This is a sleeper hit. Used an old iphone 3G and an iPad 2, they both work like a charm. Simple setup, takes less than a minute. No complicated network configuration. This is going to be huge when the Dropcam crowd realizes they can use old ios devices with better results (i am a former dropcam user)"

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Great Idea Great App

  • "This is seriously the best idea I've heard of in a long time. Apps works great and I can keep an eye on the dog while at work."

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3. Rockland Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking

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rockland federal credit union

Rockland Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking
  • 4.5
  • 254

"This app rules! Transferring money, checking account balances, cashing…"

Love this App

  • "Great app. Makes banking much easier."

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App is Easy

  • "The RFCU app is easy to use. It performs all the necessary functions for banking and eliminates the guesswork."

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Easy and Convenient

  • "Love it"

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Easy and Efficient

  • "Great app. Easy to use and efficient. Does everything you need it to do."

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Account Balances

  • "This app is awesome. My husband and I are extremely busy so it's nice to deposit our checks on the run. That could use some updating but overall it's good. And of course it's even better to balance your account any time of day."

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Didn't have to Leave

  • "Just deposited my first check with my iPhone. Super convenient!! Didn't have to leave my office."

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4. Cox Homelife

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cox communications, inc.

Cox Homelife
  • 4.0
  • 245

"Wow, this update has VASTLY IMPROVED from the previous version. While the…"

App Easy

  • "We love having the ability to home ride and set the alarm as we are leaving from our phones and check cameras anytime we are away! Very easy and no issues ever!"

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Love Having

  • "We love having the ability to home ride and set the alarm as we are leaving from our phones and check cameras anytime we are away! Very easy and no issues ever!"

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Cox Security

  • "If you can't log in, click on Settings, then change the login server by clicking on Cox Home Security, which should then display a green check mark next to it. The app seems to default to the Demo server, which is a pretty basic mistake. Once you log in though, the app works well."

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Nice App

  • "I've been using this app for almost a year and have been happy with it. It is quick and easy to use. The security hardware that this app actually controls needs to keep maturing, however. You guys need to add more camera types (indoor/outdoor, IR lighting, motion detection for event triggers and control) along with electronic keyless lock controls and interfacing. Keep innovating please. Thanks."

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Control my Thermostat

  • "...on the road. Took some pictures of my cat doing crazy stuff while i was on the road and posted it right on facebook. The thermostat upgrade is super easy to use, and my lighting control is also super easy to use. Finally, it is nice to be able to arm or disarm the system and turn of the lights while i am in bed. Love it!"

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Great Service

  • "The application it's extremely easy to use. I love how smooth the application feels. Everything works really good. The thermostat ability is extremely cool, and the logs could be a useful feature to have. Thank you Cox Communication for developing a great service and application."

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Switched from ADT

  • "I can't say enough I have everything the thermostat, cameras and the phone app is the best."

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Error Connecting to Server

  • "It say error connecting to server and I cannot login it at all."

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5. OceanFirst Bank - Mobile Banking

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oceanfirst bank - mobile banking

OceanFirst Bank - Mobile Banking
  • 5.0
  • 95

"Easy to use, great on the go, nice to check the account to see when bills…"
Christopher DuQuesnay

Love this App

  • "I have been using app for quite a while and love it. Easy to use."

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Awesome App

  • "Awesome and easy to use. I make a lot of use out of this and their text banking service. Only reason it's not a 5 star is because of one problem that's happens every once in a while. I type in my password and it'll reset and not say anything. No i didn't spell it right because I've done copy an paste before to see if it would still do it and it does. 5 star otherwise!!"

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Check my Accounts

  • "Very easy to transfer money between my accounts. Easier then calling numbers to check balances and bills paid! Overall very happy with the app!"

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Pay my Bills

  • "This app makes my bill paying, and account tracking easy."

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Easy and Convenient

App Works Great

  • "OceanFirst app works great! Very responsive & accurate!"

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Finger Tips

  • "Love this app. All my banking info at my finger tips when i need it"

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6. Sunlogin remote control software - remote monitor, remote desktop, remote wakeup, camera monitor

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shanghai best oray information technology co., ltd.

Sunlogin remote control software - remote monitor, remote desktop, remote wakeup, camera monitor
  • 4.5
  • 86

"Omg I never thought that you could access your laptop from a iPad and…"

Great App

  • "A solid remote desktop app, works great, very useful!"

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Remote Control

  • "Lots of remote control solution I can pick, but none of them is fit my needs except this one! This is great remote control soft,must have!"

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Nice for a Lazy Guy

Works Great

7. Lifedomus

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  • 4.5
  • 43

"With Lifedomus : You control your home easily from home and from a…"
Original Store Description



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  • 4.0
  • 39

"Excellent! Use it to control my outside LED lighting and waterfall pump,…"

Great App

  • "This a great app and it works as expected. I have been using this app for a while now and i never experienced any issue so far. Thanks!"

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Love the New

  • "Love the UI and overall user experience."

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Work on iPhone

  • "This app is useless. Doesn't let me sign in on my iPhone 5. It works on iPhones 4 only. Are you kidding me Comcast?? Fix it!!!"

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9. BSB Mobile

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belmont savings bank

BSB Mobile
  • 4.0
  • 32

"Just switched to Belmont Savings Bank and they are fantastic. The best…"
Chenster in Boston

Belmont Savings Bank

  • "What a great application! I can check my accounts on the road and do my banking quickly. Nice work by Belmont Savings!"

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Able to Deposit Checks with my Phone

10. IP Cam Soft Pro

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IP Cam Soft Pro
  • 4.0
  • 21

"It doesn't tell you in the description, but you can view no more than 20…"

Tech Support

  • "While I was testing the lite version, tech support worked with me on solving a pan and tilt issue. They added the drivers I needed and this was all before I even purchased the official app. The communication was swift and concise. You can't get any better than this! Setting up ip cams are tricky and a lot of trial and error has to happen before you get it right."

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Excellent Ip cam App

  • "This app has the best user interface . Simple and easy to understand . The video recording feature is great . Runs smoothy on iphone 5 and ipad."

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