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1. Vivint Classic

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Vivint Classic
  • 4.0
  • 1779

"So far the only issues I've had are when it can't/won't connect to…"

Arm Disarm

  • "This app is terrible. Maybe half the time it works. Other half its either delayed a few minutes or doesn't register my setting: disarm/arm My internet is amazingly fast and I can't be far from Vivint range living within dallas city limits near west plano. Doesn't make sense. Fix the app"

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New App

  • "It's 4:30 a.m. and I am sitting here in my car reviewing the Vivant security app on my iPhone. I am doing so because I am unable to disarm my home security system after three failed requests were made through this app. Since this app's most recent upgrade my cellular requests have taken up to 12 minutes to be received by Vivant. At least this review was received quickly."


Issues with the App

  • " need NOW. The last update totally messed up a perfect app. The thermostat shows as being set to 4 degrees at all times. Even when you change it nothing happens. Sending a lock or unlock signal takes minutes, not seconds. Sometime it never sends the signal either. It won't send a signal to turn on a lamp module either. We use it for feeding our cat on a timer. In a nut shell the only..."

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App Crashes

  • "The previous version of this app worked fine. I can't even open this update. It opens for a millisecond then crashes. Please fix it!"

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Apple Watch

  • "I can control my shop system on my iPhone and Apple Watch thru the app, but the Vivint app doesn't support Watch, so I can't control my home. Reversing the apps didn't work. Please make the Vivint app support Watch!"

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Control Panel

  • "The main function for this app is inoperable. I can't set or disarm my alarm system, and when I set it from the control panel it doesn't update on the app. Please fix asap. This is one of the main reason I chose Vivint and now looking into other alarm systems."

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2. Vivint Sky

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Vivint Sky
  • 4.0
  • 1473

"A door to door salesman came to my house at 9:30 at night and I thought…"

App Crashes

  • "This app never works keeps crashing"

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App is Amazing

  • "This app really is amazing. I can do all sorts of things, like arm my security system, view cameras in my home, view clips those cameras have recorded, turn lights on and off, etc. It gives me peace of mind to know I can check in on my kids any time we need to, like with the baby sitter. I love how the app looks! They did a lot of little things, like how the backgrounds change to match the time..."

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Doorbell Camera

  • "Love the latest update. The ability to speak through the doorbell from the app is a game changer."

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Feels Like

  • "I just got Vivint security as after surveying the market they appear to be the most forward thinking and have some of the best technology. Having developed apps, it feels like there are a lot of bugs that should have been caught here with pretty standard user testing. I am hoping they get there."

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Sound Notifications

  • "another update and STILL NO SOUND WITH NOTIFICATIONS with iphone 5s and above!!!! is anyone there hello!!!!"

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Custom Rules

  • "This app works great and can do so many amazing things now! I love how you can create completely custom automation actions and set up "rules" to do things for you!! Now that there is a DOORBELL CAMERA, garage door control, and dedicated outdoor cameras Vivint is untouchable!"

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Love Sky Control

  • "This company is awesome. The app is so much different than other alarm apps I've used. I love sky control!"

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3. Geofency Time Tracking - Automatic location-based Time Recording!

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karl heinz herbel

Geofency Time Tracking - Automatic location-based Time Recording!
  • 4.5
  • 1104

"I found geofency during one of my periodic app binges. While I love…"

Love this App

  • "...try. Even though I have over 100 apps on my phone I have only made room on my home screen for one non-stock apple app: Geofency."

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Like this App

  • "...the increased risk of my personal data being exploited for their gain). The developer of Geofency has assured me that they care about customer privacy, so they don't collect/share any personal or location information. I would like to see additional features, however, like a unified timeline with skimmable details like Moves has. On that timeline I'd want to choose which locations would be..."

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Easy to Edit or Merge Time Entries

  • "Nice automatic tracking of time spent at the locations you specify without a huge battery drain. Easy to set up and easy to edit or merge time entries."

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Frequent Location

  • "Use This privacy --> Location Service --> System Service --> Frequent Location --> History"

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Helping you to Remember when you Arrived

  • "This app is very useful. It keeps records where you have been, helping you to remember when you arrived or left these places."

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Works Like a Charm

  • "Sometimes it gets into a weird state but killing the app and relaunching solves that in most cases."

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Huge Relief Knowing I have Backup Info

  • "Never have to guess or give up OT again. Geofency tells me exactly what time I arrive and leave work. Our time management system at work is iffy so it's a huge relief knowing I have backup info!!"

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4. Control4 MyHome - iPad version

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Control4 MyHome - iPad version
  • 4.0
  • 972

"This app helps me more than I think. It helps me turn the tv on if I…"

App Crashes

  • "Ever since two updates ago, I cannot even open the app."

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Control4 System

  • "We just got the control4 home automation installed. The system and app are very easy to navigate, even for non-technical persons like me. Thanks for such a great product at a fair price. I would not buy the control4 hand controllers, the iPad is the best method to operate the whole house automation. I do have 2 wall mounted controllers that work really well."

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Great Product

  • "This is a truly great product! The hardware is not cheap but works as advertised. We are able to use our iPhones and iPads to run our entertainment system. It's quick and responsive which is always a plus and just makes us smile to be able to use our phone to run the TV, Directv, Apple TV and Playstation... :-)!"

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iPhone Version

  • "Control4 is a great system. The iPhone version seems better than the iPad version, but this is still a good app and works well overall."

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Apple TV

  • "This version of the iPad app is blazing fast, especially when teamed with the new C4 OS. I would have gone five stars if C4 would let me control my own icons. Oddly, the only down side to this app is the ability to use it with an Apple TV. There is no 2 way communication with the Apple TV, so it makes it virtually impossible to use."


Wake up Feature

  • "...of the app. Now it is gone. I have talked to my installer and he has received dozens of complaints. Please fix with new..."

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Step Backward

  • "The update is terrible!!! The keypad is now on a separate screen and the graphics are a step backward. DO NOT UPGRADE! The previous version is far superior and worked perfectly. I hope they change it back the way it was, but I don't know to whom to complain. If others feel the same, let's do what we can to get it changed."

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5. pocket control HM for HomeMatic iPad version

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ralf penzler

pocket control HM for HomeMatic iPad version
  • 4.5
  • 163

"Concept is good, but a lot of improvements needed. Latest version crashes…"


6. MobiLinc HD Home Automation Controller

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mobile integrated solutions, llc

MobiLinc HD Home Automation Controller
  • 4.5
  • 158

"The short form: If you have an ISY controller and have it configured and…"
Robert Bartel

MobiLinc HD

  • "...are unbeatable. I have ISY 994i with ZW and I'm looking forward to see an update of Mobilinc I highly recommend MobiLinc HD to all ISY -ELK users"

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Great Application

  • "...and set alarm when both iPhones are away from home and works flawlessly. I can also easily turn on/off lights when on vacation so house looks lived in. The iPad app looks great, and very polished... it's clear that the devloper has spent a lot of time using his own application and is constantly tuning and adding more features."

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New Features

  • "The new version with voice module ($10 extra) really takes my insteon system to a new level. Voice control in the past has been unworkable, but MobiLinc has managed to finally make it practical. Overall version 4.0 is stable and fast."

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Awesome App

  • "I've been using MobiLinc for about a year now with my ISY and ELK security. I just added the camera viewer and it works well also. Very few problems but if you do have any, customer service is very responsive and helpful. Just read through the MobiLinc forum if you want to see for yourself."

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Worth the Investment

  • " that it's up and running for several years now...well worth the investment. It works well with my ISY99i... I just pointed the app to the ISY99i IP and it pulled down the entire configuration with no problem. I was blown away when I had made some changes (favorites, etc) on one iPhone... and then copying them another iphone took just a few seconds. Status of the devices appears in almost..."

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Interface Running

  • "I have a mix of x10, insteon devices, and various cameras. The app does a great job of integrating all my technologies through a common interface. I use macros extensively to keep the house running on "auto pilot"."

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Long Felt Guilty for Investing the Time

  • "...I expect they're working hard to improve it. I do not have the thermostat, energy or weather modules and cannot review the support for them. I also don't have any cameras hooked up. I have used Mobilinc HD mostly on my iPad, but just recently noticed the major overhaul on the iPhone in their version 4. It looks as though the company got the services of a good/great iOS UI designer, and..."

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7. VeraMate Premium

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cyapse ltd

VeraMate Premium
  • 4.5
  • 135

"This app works very well. He interface is super snappy, even when off the…"

Voice Control

  • "Love the voice control but wished they provided device control phrases"

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Vera Mate

  • "I have tried all the apps to control Vera and Vera mate is by far the best. I especially love the upcoming schedule button."

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IP Cameras

  • "If you have IP cameras, don't expect to see them with this app. Wasted my money."

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GUI was a Bit Sexier Like Revo

  • "This is a very nice app companion for my vera. I wish the GUI was a bit sexier like revo or smart things app but overall it's one of the best apps for vera / micasaverde."

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House Ready for Bed

  • "I'm using this with the Vera Edge and I love the voice control, especially while I have my phone plugged in at night with iOS8, I can say "Hey Siri, launch Veramate" and then I have Veramate set with the keyword "Please", so I can say "Please turn off all the lights" and it gets my whole house ready for bed. Awesome app, I hope the developers keep up with it and continue to improve on it."

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Paid Version

  • "I started with the free version and it connected to my Vera 3 without a problem. Updated to the paid version as my Vera 3 system grew and this app has handled the changes admirably. I love the customization of the icons and the ease of operation. Well worth the price for this app and the developers appear to be on top of identified bugs as well as iOS changes. Keep up the great work."

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Remove PIN Numbers for your Locks

  • "Out of all of the available apps that support z-wave and Ivera platform this is the best!!!!! Now if they can find a way to allow you to add / remove PIN numbers for your locks I would give 6 stars"

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8. VeraMate Free

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cyapse ltd

VeraMate Free
  • 4.5
  • 129

"This is the breakthrough app that I have been looking for to integrate my…"

Vera App I have Used

  • "Great app. Easy to use. Works great on my Vera 3 running UI5."

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Vera System

  • "This app has everything you expected to control your Vera system. Developer is very good. It's always improving the app and taking care of any issue it presents"

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Love this App

  • "This is a great app! The developer continues to improve and add features at an incredible pace. This app has long been a superior mobile extension of the UI, but with the recent introduction of the GeoFence capability, this app steps out into its own light. Love it!"

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Vera User

  • " invest in since I can see how it continues to be developed. The writer is extremely responsive to the comments and suggestions on the Vera forum. I only hope that the new vera user interfaces don't distract him because I know that is going to be a significant transition. Thanks so much to the developer for this beautiful effort."

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iPad and iPhone

  • "Great app,only problems, we're self imposed, great with iPad and iPhone , great support from VeraMate."

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Great Job

  • "Control almost the entire home with my iPhone"

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Great Updates from the Developer

9. Zodianet

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zodianet home robotics

  • 4.0
  • 94

"For home owners or businesses that are looking to remotely control, …"
Original Store Description

10. eKeypad Pro

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ekeypad mobile solutions llc

eKeypad Pro
  • 4.5
  • 85

"I toiled for weeks before I bought this, thinking that $99.00 was WAY too…"
Shon D.

Awesome App

  • "This app is great and works well with an Elk M1Gold. Had some trouble getting the camera to work and the support was incredible in helping me resolve. The app isn't cheap, but it's functionality and exceptional support makes it certainly worth it. Jayson has been great with upgrades and fixes. I highly recommend. Michael"

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Excellent App

  • "This integrates very well with my system and gives all the necessary features and customizations without the silly fees. The app developer is very responsive to features and troubleshooting and makes things easy for a DIYer. Wife likes the interface and can easily use it on her phone. Big purchase but absolutely no regrets. Nice job guys..."

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Alarm System

  • " control a remote observatory. It works great over my local network or the cellular data network. No problem operating a roll off roof, reading temperature sensors, alarming/disarming security system, video surveillance and light control. An excellent value for remote access through iPhone and iPad. Highly recommended."

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IP Cameras

  • "...this app knowing that i would later expand my system to include IP cameras and possibly an ELK security system. The app has a great deal of flexibility allowing you to set it up just how you want it. it communicates seamlessly with my ISY, and setup was nice and easy. A well constructed favorites page allows immediate access to devices you use a lot, if you have a lot of devices they can be..."

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Outstanding App

  • "This app works seamlessly with the Elk M-1! Appreciate the continuing updates - thank you!"

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Fantastic App

  • "Jason your work and dedication makes this the BEST ALARM APP EVER!! Not to mention all the features you continue to put in the app. Thanks for your continuing support on this fantastic app."

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Really Good

  • "This app is really good, worth the money and love turning the heater on using ekeypad before I get home."

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11. FHEM-Remote

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mirco vitr

  • 4.0
  • 84

"FHEM-Remote is an app that allows to query status information and to…"
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