Discover the best favorite videos apps for Android

1. YouTube

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google inc.

  • 4.1
  • 4936828

"Thank you for fixing the freezing video bug. Now videos don't buffer or…"
John Olsen

720p or 1080p

  • "...that happens I'll give a 5 star rating...that's the main issue for me other than the video quality only going to 720p won't allow u to select 1080p anymore...I have the Samsung Note 4 which is surprising since this phone can play a 4k video resolution"

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Work for the Past Couple of Weeks

  • "Doesn't work For the past couple of weeks this app has not worked. Every time I try to watch a video I receive a cannot connect to server error. This error also happens when I try to play a video in my browser on my phone. In order for me to get a functional app I need to uninstall the updates and re-log in. Please have someone fit it or get rid of the updated application on the Google store."

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2. Firefox Browser for Android

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Firefox Browser for Android
  • 4.4
  • 1277091

"I liked firefox......but one thing lacks.....while downloading…"
Ravi Singh


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espn inc

  • 4.2
  • 391111

"Better than the other highly rated sports apps out there that I have…"
Ryan S

Good App

  • "Good App Better than the other highly rated sports apps out there that I have tried. At times, it can be a bit difficult to find the content I want, so it gets 4 stars."

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Score Updates

  • "Such a disgrace to sports fans! Horrible app! Very slow with updates. It will change your alerts to sports you don't want to get alerts from. Score mobile is way better. I've sent so many emails about this! It works fine on my ipod touch but my s5 it has problems!"

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4. SongPop

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  • 4.5
  • 349403

"Great game, but some of the glitches can cause you, to loose a game.…"
Scott Brown

Song Pop

  • "Put biggie smalls music I love the game like west coast and tupac and and old hip hop..... I wont biggie small music.....I give song pop 5 stars"

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5. Dailymotion

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  • 4.2
  • 295050

"The video will jam after the phone is switch off for a while and need to…"
Lim Wen Gin

Good App

  • "Very Good App... Its good, but it can be better if developers introduce a better in-app player, forwarding and reversing is a bit itchy, no good tools in player..."

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6. Glide - Video Chat Messenger

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Glide - Video Chat Messenger
  • 4.3
  • 224115

"I love this app I swear. Somehow I feel as if it makes me closer to my…"
Syida Huggins

Great App

  • "Great app Very user friendly except for first time use. Didn't know the red recorded button would send my video to everyone!! Lol"

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7. Moco - Chat, Meet People

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jnj mobile, inc

Moco - Chat, Meet People
  • 4.2
  • 147145

"Is this only happening to me or is it happening to everyone? ....…"
ahmed benselma

8. Hulu

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  • 4.0
  • 93264

"Offers a large amount of shows, including new series (available the day…"
Zann Zepar

Netflix is Working just Fine

  • "Doesn't work Won't connect to Chromecast. The cast icon disappears when you touch it. Netflix is working just fine..."

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Video Quality

  • "Can't choose video quality anymore Since the latest upgrade the only option available to me when I tap the settings gear is Captions. How do I change to a different video quality?"

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9. VideoFX Music Video Maker

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VideoFX Music Video Maker
  • 4.0
  • 83408

"I like this app a lot and will be using it to record my crews dance…"
Osaze Tate


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perry street software, inc.

  • 4.2
  • 54304

"I totally dig using Scruff. It beats Grindr by a long shot! However I…"
Zachary Bandy

Love this App

  • "Wonderful Love the app...lots of gorgeous sexy guys"

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Load Times

  • "Variable Quite often the photos don't load no matter how many times you click on them, and now it spams you with push notifications which are not messages from other scruff users but advertising or "news". It used to be much better but rapidly going downhill lately"

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Age Filter

  • "Useless Can't even have a basic age filter without paying. This feature and many others should be free like in other apps."

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Really Good App

  • "Good but not great Pro membership is needed to really utilize this app at its best. Unfortunately it costs $100 year. That aside, the men here are increasingly hairless, and twinkish, which deviates from the objective of being a tool for scruffy guys to meet up. Grindr is better suited to the twinkish demo."

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Sucks no one Talks

  • "Sucks No one talks people just set on there hands, so lame I can't even delete my own account"

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11. SonyLIV:TV Shows Movies Sports

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multi screen media pvt. ltd.

SonyLIV:TV Shows Movies Sports
  • 4.1
  • 42498

"application because we cannot watch latest shows..It keeps saying This…"
Abdul Mannan

Video is not Available

  • "Problem I have a issue it is saying that the video is not available in my region I live in Pakistan.. I luv this app but why all this problems occurring... plzzz fix it is my favorite app"

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