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Awesome App (3)

  • "Goodbye Snapchat! This app is awesome."

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Yik Yak (3)

  • "Its really good Much better app than yik yak. Great user interface. Love the idea of pics. And is totally private. But one thing you should consider fixing the notifications there's something wrong woth it i dunno what it is but there's definitely something wrong with it. Other than that it's a really great app.5 stars well deserved"

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Followers still get Notified of your Posts (2)

  • "This is a great app! What bugs me though is that your followers still get notified of your posts when posting as anonymous. It's not very anonymous when someone gets notified about it. Especially if someone only follows one or two people. Makes it easy to tell who made the anonymous post. The only other issue I have is that in the account section it won't let me enter my full email address."

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Valuable App (2)

  • "A unique and valuable app Psst stands apart as a unique concept, allowing peer-peer private and unrecorded messaging. Whilst not all of us want to wear a 'tinfoil hat', the ability to communicate without the risks of a 'nosy parker' in the way or having someone look through your message history has not been presented in an app before. The interface is simple and effective and features are being..."


THIS IS NOT A DATING APP OR HOOKUP APP.The best conversations happen when like minded anonymous people come together. That's what Psst! is all about. Creating connections through great anonymous content and conversations. We are a different kind of anonymous social…

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