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Speed Limits (3)

  • "Outdated road information This app has a big number of errors in speed limits and fuel station locations on the way from Sydney to Brisbane. Several times it has lead to places in Sydney where recommended turn is forbidden or does not exist at all."

Rating green

Lane Guidance (2)

  • "Install problem fix Worked out how to fix install problem. Go to Application Monitor and find MetroView. Delete the cache and data, then open the app. Lane guidance and speed alerts work. Knows about school zones. I bought it because it'll probably save me at least a speed camera fine in the future, if not more, and it works offline. Plus it's Australian!"

Rating green

Love this App (2)

  • "Update Love this app but when your on the road and go to use it it tells you there is a map upgrade and you need to be connected to WiFi,, can't it tell me this with a pop up message when it detects I'm connected to WiFi ?? This problem needs to be resolved as it makes the app unusable when it needs a upgrade and you have no WiFi, how about a option maybe to remind me later so I can still use it..."

Rating green

Speed Zones (2)

  • "Great app Navigation is second to none. With the latest updates speed zones and cameras locations are really good. This navigation app is second to none - highly recommended. Galaxy Note 3"

Rating red

Map Crashes (2)

  • "Pathetic.. App crashes, won't update. Updates crash at several stages. Need to keep force closing and trying again, still no luck, not to mention the update takes up to 20 minutes, what a joke. An amateur app that's very poorly implemented. Makes Navigon look good. Google Maps Ftw. Waste of my money."


Australia's number 1 iPhone GPS navigation app with Aus and NZ offline maps!

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